Thursday, 2022-08-04

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JaMavmeson: pushed another result with cpu regulation enabled, swap spike seems even smaller now, so it seems working and just a few minutes extra, now triggering the same build without any swap to see if it survives now00:24
vmesonJaMa: Progress! We'll reveiw the situation in the morning.00:27
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:35
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stuomHi, yocto live coding video inspired me to try the extensible SDK. I have a problem that it seems to install "rpm" that depends on "db", and that installs a header with same name I already have from another package. My question is, is RPM needed for/by the eSDK? Can it be disabled? I have always used OPKG before in "regular" builds and have not had08:30
stuomthis issue.08:30
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LetoThe2ndstuom: you mean, it builds AND installs rpm even if you set package_ipk?08:33
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stuomyes I have package_ipk and I get do_sdk_depends: The file /usr/include/db.h is installed by both myproject and db, aborting. I don't know does it mean it installs RPM but it seems to install its dependency db?08:53
stuomIf I remove the db.h in a bbappend, rpm fails to build08:54
stuomSo I thought my options are either to rename that header all over in my project, or see if RPM can be removed from the process08:55
LetoThe2ndstuom: well to be honest - if your project is installing such a generic header name to the top level include path, improving that to avoid clashes might be a good idea anyways.08:58
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RPoh wow. rust is deadlocking pseudo in malloc :(09:00
stuomLetoThe2nd yes that is true. I was hoping to find a less disruptive way to solve this. I can suggest the renaming if RPM is really needed09:02
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LetoThe2ndstuom: well its not exactly about rpm, but more like the name clashing with berkeley db as i understand it. some it will collide whenever somebody wants to use your code on a system that also has db installed.09:05
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agherzanHi all. There seems to be a change in behavior of how we error/warn for bbappend. dunfell was erroring out on dangling bbappends while kirkstone only warns on this. I know there is a BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY variable for it but was this change of behavior expected?09:37
JaMaagherzan: it's configureable and some layers had it in layer.conf09:38
agherzanSo was that expected. Did we want to change that?09:38
JaMae.g. BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = "true" in meta-arm-toolchain/conf/layer.conf09:38
agherzanHaving it in layer.conf doesn't sound great either09:38
agherzanBecause it again means that importing a layer will change parsing behaviour09:39
JaMain meta-arm it's already removed in master branch09:39
JaMaif that's the reason for you as well, we can poke rburton again to cherry-pick it to kirkstone09:39
agherzanBut again, my question is about the intend of this. Was this expected to be a migration item or is it a bug?09:39
agherzanI'm not sure I get it.09:40
agherzanAre you talking about core now?09:40
JaMait's toxic behavoir of that layer, that's why I've reported it to ross09:40
agherzanIs was it enabled by default in master?09:40
JaMano it's not by default, but you might include some layer like meta-arm-toolchain which does that for you, check your bitbake -e09:41
agherzanSo does the core now default to BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = 0 ?09:41
agherzanOK, so we have a bug, and in theory oe-core should default to BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = 0 , right?09:41
RPagherzan: core has never set it. We can't control other layers :(09:42
JaMarburton: please cherry-pick 232dc039d09267e6d27e60931d0355d308bdbbf4 to kirkstone branch as well09:42
agherzanTrue, but bitbake changed behaviour09:42
RPJaMa: rburton is away09:42
RPagherzan: bitbake did not change behaviour09:42
RPJaMa: try jonmason09:43
JaMasent it over e-mail09:43
JaMato both09:43
agherzanOh I see. I think I got you now09:43
* RP wishes people wouldn't blame poor old bitbake for everything09:43
agherzanMakes sense now.09:44
agherzanI'll take the blame here.09:44
agherzanSorry, bitbake!09:44
agherzanThanks JaMa it is from meta-arm indeed09:44
JaMapoor old bitbake not written in rust :)09:44
RPJaMa: thankfully!09:44
agherzanAlso freeartos distro does it09:45
agherzanThat's a bit annoying now.09:45
RPagherzan: I'm not very happy about that particularly behaviour :(09:46
agherzanMe neither. It sounds orthogonal  to layer.conf (at least)09:47
agherzanAnyway - at least now I'm clear and I can fix things around. I'll also propose to freeartos to drop it09:47
JaMaI was hit by the same before bugging Ross to remove it
agherzanIt broke some of my CI because this was a safely net we assumed for handling dangling bbappends09:49
agherzanI'll have to make sure this is always set now to not risk having layers or distros override it09:50
RPagherzan: forcevariable it to what you want ;-)09:50
agherzanCheers guys. All set now. I'll go shoot some patches09:51
RPWe need to do something better with it. Maybe someone could open a bug about the poor behaviour?09:51
agherzanI feel that should be me09:52
agherzanI'll do it09:52
JaMamaybe make it more like BBMASK, so that it would list only the .bbappends which might be dangling?09:55
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RPJaMa: or maybe just make it apply to the layer09:55
RPagherzan: thanks09:56
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JaMabut even inside one layer you might only some bbappend which is allowed to be dangling, while you still want to error for others, well I never really needed it, always could rename bbappend or use DYNAMIC or something to prevent this09:57
agherzan^ that. No idea why you would need this.09:58
agherzanI think it is a path that would lead to issues.09:58
JaMathen it might be some variable inside the .bbappend itself for easier use09:58
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JaMahmm I take it back as someone might need BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY to work around some external (unmodified) layer to parse in his build10:00
JaMabut then I would probably use BBMASK anyway10:01
RPremoving it entirely is kind of tempting10:01
JaMayou don't want to see how creatively some people use BBMASK in lge :/10:01
RPJaMa: no, I suspect I really don't! :)10:02
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agherzanMy eyes were exposed.10:10
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agherzanJaMa: Did you say you already proposed a backport in meta-arm for kirkstone? If not, I will do it now10:13
JaMayes, sent it in e-mail10:19
agherzanAwesome. Thanks JaMa10:22
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agherzanRP: here it is
RPagherzan: thanks10:38
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ThomasRoos[m]what is the correct way to send an updated version of a patch?11:52
ThomasRoos[m]- where to set [PATCH v2] ? should this be done in patch git commit comment?11:52
ThomasRoos[m]- respond to the email of the original send patch? to have it in the thread?11:52
otavioHello all; I am building an SDK where I am adding wxwidgets. It builds fine but it doesn't install wx-config in native sysroot. Does I need to create a wrapper for it?11:54
qschulzThomasRoos[m]: git format-patch -v2 adds the v2 in the right place for you11:56
qschulzThomasRoos[m]: send the v2 in a new thread, so just use git send-email but do not give the original message-id when asked11:57
qschulzotavio: are you adding the native version of wxwidgets to your SDK or the target one (or both)?11:57
qschulzotavio: because to have something in the native sysroot, you need the native version of a recipe, not the target11:58
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qschulz(so, in DEPENDS have a recipe that ends with -native, don't know how you add native tools to an SDK though, TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK maybe?)11:59
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otavioqschulz: in target12:00
qschulzotavio: if you want to be able to use wx-config on the host, you need the native recipe in your SDK12:01
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otavioqschulz: but it shoud have a cross wx-config12:08
otavioto allow linking with it12:08
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agherzanDrop source seems to have been unavailable for a good while for me. Is it something we are aware of it?12:10
qschulzotavio: I think there's a misunderstanding, probably based around "wx-config in native sysroot"12:11
qschulzcan you clearly explain what you're trying to do, what you have done so far, what you expected to happen and what is the issue?12:12
qschulzagherzan: wayback machine had something for the 12th of July12:14
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agherzanAwful typo on my side12:15
agherzanDropbear source seems to have been unavailable for a good while for me. Is it something we are aware of it?12:15
agherzanqschulz: ^12:15
qschulzagherzan: seems to be where the development is going on12:16
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qschulzso maybe just change for this one?12:16
qschulzindicates there's a mirror12:16
qschulzso maybe just change for the mirror?12:16
agherzanYes :) I am aware of that. I'm just wondering if anyone saw this and maybe knows an official project change there12:16
agherzanWiki for example still points to the unavailable source12:17
otavioqschulz: user need to link to wx and usually we use pkg-config; wx doesn't offer it. It offers wx-config script.12:17
qschulzagherzan: I think the issue is that we have PREMIRRORS set to yocto's, so people probably didn't notice?12:17
agherzanMakes sense.12:17
agherzanEven point to the broken website in the description12:18
agherzanI'll ask on GitHub12:18
qschulzagherzan: that was wwhat I was about to suggest :)12:19
qschulzotavio: so wx-config runs on the host but should check in the target sysroot right?12:20
qschulzagherzan: :+1:12:22
otavioqschulz: yep12:27
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qschulzotavio: then you need a dependency on the native version of the recipe that provides wx-config12:35
qschulzand you need to configure it correctly so that it does cross-configuration12:35
qschulzwhich might not be supported and then you'll have to work on adding support12:36
qschulzor use the hammer solution which is to use qemu on the target wx-config12:36
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JPEWJust out of curiosity, the mkstemp() race I was seeing was happening when I had 200-400 parallel builds; is anyone else doing builds at that scale?13:20
JaMajonmason: yes, it was request for backport to kirkstone, what other e-mail format do you expect for backports?13:21
JaMajonmason: using [branch] in subject seems to be the common practise for all layers I'm using13:21
jonmasonJaMa: it wasn't obvious to me what was being asked, since the patch didn't come from you13:22
jonmasonIt's early in the morning, brain fog :)13:22
jonmasonJaMa: I have the patch in my kirkstone-next branch (for running CI)13:24
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jonmasonNow I just need denix to ack pulling it back to dunfell13:24
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LetoThe2nddenix: howdy! do you happen to be aware of a usable BSP for the TDA4VM (orwhatsitcalled) thing on the BBAI-64?13:40
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bigendianhi, i have 5 machines.conf, in a recipe i want to append to SRC_URI some patches only for 2 of them, shoudl i duplicate all patches lists in two SRC_URI_append_xxx or there is a better way ?13:55
qschulzbigendian: use a MACHINEOVERRIDES for this if it makes sense13:55
qschulzyou add it to your two machines and then use SRC_URI_append_machine-override13:56
qschulz(machine-override replaced by whatever you added to MACHINEOVERRIDES)13:56
bigendianqschulz: thanks a lot !13:56
RP"Use syscall(2) rather than {open,read,close}(2) when possible to avoid reentry during bootstrapping if another library has interposed system call wrappers." - except we wrap syscall() :/14:00
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otavioqschulz: on OE env it works ... wx-config ends in bindir_crossscripts and binconfig class does the trick14:11
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RPJPEW: we've seen very occasional issues like that on the autobuilder, it could explain a few things14:20
RPJPEW: I wonder if the code in sstate.bbclass has the same issue though?14:20
RPJPEW: we use a non-linux NAS on the autobuilder FWIW14:20
JPEWDo you happen to know what it is?14:21
JPEWI don't think the NAS would matter so much as the NFS server14:21
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RPJPEW: well, the NFS server runs on the NAS. I think it may be TrueNAS, BSD based14:22
JaMawe had similar scale before with servers accessing sstate over NFS and people over CIFS, but it was on old RedHat with 2.6 kernel, so it probably worked just by happy coincidence14:24
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JPEWJaMa: I _think_ that the Linux Kernel NFS would be immune to the problem14:25
JPEWNFS server that is14:25
JaMaah I've read only your last message, didn't know the context14:26
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bigendianis it possible to set some variables in a class depending on the machine type ?14:47
qschulzbigendian: depends excactly what you want to do but FOO:machine-type = "something" replaces FOO14:49
qschulzfor machine-type14:49
qschulzsome slides on operators in Bitbake14:50
bigendianqschulz: ok thanks !14:50
qschulzand this should be tackled with the *multiple* gotchas around them14:50
qschulzthis should tackle*14:50
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whuang0389Hi, I have a recipe to build a javascript app. I'm trying to append to the compile process: do_compile_append() { echo "test" }, but I get a syntax error: echo "test" SyntaxError: invalid syntax. Not sure what's going on here15:09
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!> has joined #yocto15:11
LetoThe2ndwhuang0389: if i had to guess, then linebreaks and spacing.15:11
whuang0389I tried copying over a compile_append from another recipe that works. I get the same issue. Not sure if it has something to do with inheriting from npm?15:17
RPvmeson: - pseudo work around for the rust install issues15:18
RPvmeson: it is horrific :(15:18
LetoThe2ndwhuang0389: can you pastebin the recipe somewhere?15:21
LetoThe2ndwhuang0389: plus, the complete error log - not only the last line.15:22
jsbronderwhuang0389: add a semi-colon after "test".  do_compile_append() { echo "test"; }15:23
whuang0389error:   recipe:
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denixjonmason: it should be fine for kirkstone and dunfell15:49
denixLetoThe2nd: j721e-evm in meta-ti15:50
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rfs613whuang0389: it looks like the npm package uses python function (not shell) for building. So in your append, you would also need to use (correctly indented) python.16:14
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RPJaMa: Do you know much about how the upstream ROS community view YP/OE ?16:21
JaMaRP: meta-ros wasn't updated since my last changes in December 2021, then LGE left OSRF TSC ( some people offered to maintain it or help maintaining it, but the few PRs which were created still weren't reviewed and merged, so it just bitrots for last 9 months and nobody seems to care enough to revive it16:31
RPJaMa: right, so there isn't direct interest upstream it was you/LGE that were driving it? :(16:34
JaMafrom actual users of meta-ros I never got much feedback, there were only a few people ever submitting some PRs, more people submitting issue tickets, but ROS is very "wide" a lot of recipes in multiple different distributions, so I wasn't ever able to test any significant portion of that (other than build testing) and the users on the other hand were just picking smaller random pieces they needed for their16:35
JaMaproject (which might work perfectly fine for them or maybe they just copied the recipes to their layer and never reported back)16:35
JaMaI think OSRF itself was interested to get it supported on another platform and LGE was willing to do that to fullfil its TSC membership16:37
whuang0389rfs613 ah thanks that makes sense!16:37
JaMaRP: OE was listed as one of 5-6 officially supported platforms in, but last ROS Release Humble Hawskbill shouldn't list that support anymore as there is only this pending PR which doesn't even target final kirkstone release16:40
JaMaI'm still following some OE related topics on their discourse, but there wasn't any traffic in last months (either they don't tag it as openembedded anymore or really no update)16:41
RPJaMa: seems a little sad it is languishing like that :(16:42
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)16:44
JaMaagreed, but honestly I don't miss working on it too much, as it's just too many quickly changing parts for 1 person to keep at least buildable (and with small confidence about working at all in runtime)16:45
JaMa7610 recipes (mostly generated with superflore tool) which get upgraded every few weeks16:46
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RPJaMa: right, if there isn't an interested group it would be too hard :(16:48
moto-timoyeah, I contemplated picking it up, but it's a larger matrix than I want to tackle for customers that only need one or two versions.16:48
moto-timoof course, if someone wants to contract Konsulko to maintain it, that is a different story16:49
moto-timoalso, their licenses are all old style and not SPDX yet16:49
moto-timothe dreaded "BSD"... which one? random16:50
JaMaBSD is at least a license, they also use "WTF" "TBA" "Check author's email" as well :)16:51
moto-timogood point ;)16:52
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RPkhem: any ideas how to fix ?16:54
RPkhem: I added -lssp_nonshared to LDFLAGS but it isn't helping :(16:55
JaMaI've tried to use SPDX where the mapping was possible: and to update the tooling to use better default than "BSD" and warn when value isn't valid SPDX
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JaMaBTW in current built time benchmark I've noticed in webkit-gtk log.do_compile, unfortunately build reprodcibility probably won't catch these as the build servers might not have gstreamer installed, cc1plus: warning: include location "/usr/include/gstreamer-1.0" is unsafe for cross-compilation [-Wpoison-system-directories]17:04
JaMadidn't we have a QA check grepping the logs for unsafe which made this fatal error?17:06
JaMahmm it's in meta/classes/insane.bbclass but only for config.log when autotools is used17:08
JaMashould I add similar check to do_install[postfuncs] and do_compile[postfuncs]?17:10
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JaMahmm that was removed by Ross..17:24
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JaMavmeson: RP: finished building with cpu regulation, but without -l 64 in PARALLEL_MAKE, results uploaded with some overview of impact will let my builded to cool down now :)19:22
vmesonJaMa: thanks. A well-deserved break! ;-)  Nice:  minimal impact on build time for 64 bitbake threads 2:13:36 vs 2:14:4219:31
vmesonand of course no OOMK, less swap usage19:32
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RPJaMa: looks like you've found a good balance :)20:08
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MarkKonnov[m]Hey guys,20:35
MarkKonnov[m]I'm now trying to find the layer set or maybe the yocto-based SDK for AMD for [this]( board.20:35
MarkKonnov[m]Any suggestions ?20:35
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JaMaRP: vmeson: now I'm importing all pressure data from these builds buildstats to Excel to see how it changes (and if there is some expression we can use to find optimal threshold - maximum doesn't work well, but maybe some top percentile or something might be interesting)20:55
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JaMaI still don't understand why we regulate based on the difference in total pressure instead of the total value (my understanding is that this regulates against steep spikes, not against high pressure in general), so there is steep spike at the beginning of the build (because it's from 0 and we shouldn't limit this one) while when it is really busy already even small increase in pressure is bad20:58
JaMabut I haven't read yet, so I might just understand it all wrong20:59
RPJaMa: the value increments over time, it never goes down21:03
*** GregWildonLindbe <GregWildonLindbe!~GregWildo@> has joined #yocto21:03
RPJaMa: the averages weren't reactive enough for us which is why we use the raw data21:03
JaMaah it's not total pressure, but total absolute stall time (in us), so the difference is the "pressure"21:05
JaMayes, I should have read it first :)21:05
GregWildonLindbeI would like to set up a mariadb login user in Yocto and I don't even know if it is possible, is there anyone here who understands the mariadb configuration well enough to be able to help me?21:06
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vmesonJaMa: RP: See the Max Total Pressure build times graph:
vmesonOh and agupta1_ and I were just looking at how the current delta total simple algorithm referencing the previous second isn't ideal. I'd expect it'll let more work start than one could or should.21:08
vmesonIt's still better than nothing but we're trying to tune it without making it lag too much like it did with avg10.21:09
JaMaI don't understand the last graph, why is it showing only the values during 2nd hour of the build time? (starting from 3400s to 5000s)?21:10
RPInitialising tasks...done.21:12
RPBitbake still alive (no events for 600s). Active tasks:21:12
RPhow can it sit like that for 600s :/21:13
RPvmeson: wonder what the pressure is on :)21:13
vmesonJaMa: the last graph with the blue boxes, has a Y axis that is the total build time for core-image-minimal on a modest 24 core? machine as a function of the pressure regulation on the x axis.21:14
vmesonRP: pheh, it's a new distro that is causing your 600s with no active tasks...21:15
* vmeson takes a look at the worker briefly for fun.21:15
RPvmeson: 1200s now!21:16
vmesonsome pressure is 0 to a few percent.21:16
RPvmeson: I was also looking, doesn't seem that high21:17
vmesonRight, not high. There is a bit of memory pressure which I try to avoid... or at least I don't see much of it on the machines I use directly.21:18
vmesonRP: the flood gates seem to have opened and that box is bitbaking like mad now.21:19
RPit is very slowly stating files on the nas21:19
RPvmeson: the edgerouter build isn't21:19
vmesonI have a complex graph to make...  priorities!21:20
RPhalstead: is the nas ok?21:21
halsteadRP: Checking.21:22
halsteadRP: No data errors. IO is quite high right now.21:23
RPhalstead: [pokybuild@fedora36-ty-3 ~]$ strace -p 2281051 shows it taking around half a second per file stat on the NAS :/21:24
RPhalstead: could be it is just heavily loaded, just seems unusual. I've never seen a build spend 1800 seconds and not start building anything!21:26
halsteadRP: nfs is certainly working hard. yocto-autobuilder-helper/scripts/ is running on the NAS an using a lot of IO as well.21:26
RPhalstead: ah, that could be slowing everything down21:27
RPhalstead: build is away now21:27
halsteadRP: I'm going to stop it and see if that helps.21:28
RPhalstead: I'm afraid I lost my illustration of the problem now!21:28
halsteadRP: io pressure is still very high without the index generation running.21:32
vmesonpics added to that folder - I'll explain when I"m back from an errand.21:33
RPhalstead: I guess we're just putting the system under a lot of load. I thought I'd better mention in case it was useful/interesting to look at it live21:37
halsteadRP: nfs is doing about 10000 transactions per second which is pretty high and about 800mbps in read-write throughput which isn't an issue.21:40
diamondmanI would like to better understand the BBEXTENDS behavior, but I don't know how to debug the native_virtclass_handler etc event handlers in the bbclasses to see how they work. I can hack some stuff together to write out results in a directory I can introspect, but I have to assume there is a better way to handle this than shots in the dark or gross hacks. Does anyone have suggestions?21:45
RPhalstead: Interesting. I'd think it should be calming down a bit now21:45
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)21:47
halsteadRP: it is much calmer. between 30% and 80% busy instead of 80%-95%21:47
JaMavmeson: pushed pressure data in spreadsheet, but no useful graphs yet
halsteadRP: I need to visit the data center to replace the debian perf worker's HDD.21:48
RPhalstead: it can wait until maint tomorrow if that helps21:48
halsteadRP: If it can wait, I'll do it tonight after traffic dies down.21:49
RPhalstead: that should be fine. I just wanted to flag it needed attention21:49
RPhalstead: sorry to distract but it is useful to know we're loading the nas that heavily :/21:50
JaMavmeson: ah I see, so X is BB_PRESSURE_MAX_CPU value used in the build (not the collected pressure values from /proc/pressure nor their diff values)21:50
halsteadRP: It is often at a fairly high load. I do want to know when stats are taking  .5s each though.21:51
JaMaand that's from where the 1000 magic number came from as the lowest value (highest regulation) without causing too significant build time increase21:52
RPhalstead: that did seem surprisingly slow :/21:54
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JaMaOF: git(hu|la)b => (github|gitlab) => git(lab|hub) => last 3 letters in bold with yellow background, "Site from where your code Come"
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vmesonJaMa: right22:27
* vmeson <-- experimentalist not a theoretician.22:27
vmesonso if anyone is interested, the "Delta Pressure over 1 second epoch" graphs reflect how (poorly?) the current algorithm works, we just use 1 fixed reference from 'the previous second' so the delta time is > 0 < 1  in theory22:30
vmesonin pracice there are some times when delta T is > 1 second - not much to do in the build then maybe.22:31
vmesonI don't understand the 1/10 of a second banding but I don't think it's that important22:32
vmesonRather than a fix reference, we need a sliding window ? More tomorrow.22:32
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JaMavmeson: that's for right?22:46
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vmesonJaMa: that's the context. This data includes that patch. The current approach works but may need some tuning. I think we need- more averaging but not so much that we end up close to the avg10 high latency response.23:34
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