Friday, 2022-09-02

khemyou need to replace `ssl rehash` to `ssl certhash` maybe00:08
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khemvvn:  perhaps look into `-B` option of mkimage00:25
sotaoverridekhem: will that work wuth openssl 1.0.2.u?00:26
sotaoverridekhem: maybe help me understand where ca-cert even makes these rehash call, so I can make a patch.00:27
khemthere are some python scripts in ca-certificates package IIRC00:27
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sotaoverrideapparently the recipe for ca-certificates pulls from this repo I cant find any python scripts etc there with rehash calls...00:44
sotaoverrideDont see any python scripts actually!00:44
SunInDuskHello everyone, has anyone encountered this situation? I use yocto dunfell version, gcc is 9.3.0. Sometimes the code compiles with an error, but I can't find the reason for the error in the compiled log file. Anyone encountered this situation? I googled a lot and didn't find any information.00:46
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mckoangood morning06:43
LetoThe2ndyo dudX, yo mckoan06:44
ykronsHi all07:16
ykronsI'm working with Dunfell for iMX8 machine where I have activated multilib support to be able to build 32bit applications. Everything went fine and I'm able to build 32bit application running on my 64bit BSP with the generated BSP.07:17
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ykronsHowever libusb in 32bit version is missing, so I have added lib32-libusb1 to my IMAGE_INSTALL. Since that change I have an error when I generated the SDK "WARNING: eagle-image-1.0-r0 do_populate_sdk: Manifest /workdir/oe-core/build/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-lib32-wayland-protocols.package_write_ipk not found in 1388_imx8x aarch64-mx8 armv7at2hf-neon armv7ahf-neon armv7at2hf-vfp armv7ahf-vfp armv6thf-vfp armv6hf-vfp armv5tehf-vfp07:19
ykronsarmv5ehf-vfp armv5thf-vfp armv5hf-vfp allarch x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk (variant 'lib32')?"07:19
ykronsI can't find the relation between adding the libusb and wayland-protocol and why this can break manifest generation. Did someone have an idea what can be wrong ?07:20
kanavin_ykrons, you should not have to add any library explicitly, it usually gets pulled in via package dependencies07:26
kanavin_if that doesn't happen, then nothing depends on the library, and then why install it?07:27
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ykronskanavin_: I know that point, but I need to build the application out of yocto with only the SDK and I have not yet done the corresponding recipe. I'm expecting adding lib32-libusb1 would have the same impact as a RDEPENDS on it07:39
ykronsI will draft a empty recipe with only this dependencies to see if it is better07:40
ykrons-RDEPENDS -> DEPENDS07:42
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abellonikanavin_: the templateconf series broke metrics:
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kanavin_abelloni, I'll take a look07:54
brwareHi guys. I'm new to yoctoproject and I generated a minimal image but when I try to run It as live the filesystem come as read only. Is there anyone that help me to switch the rootfs in write/read mode. Thanks in advance07:57
LetoThe2ndbrware: by default the created images are rw, so the question is which documentation you followed.07:58
brwareI don't find informations about this08:00
brwareLetoThe2nd you suggest me a documentation that help me about this?08:03
LetoThe2ndbrware: how did you start?08:03
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LetoThe2ndbrware: because if you ran the generic yocto getting started, then you have a rw rootfs.08:04
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brwareLetoThe2nd Yes, if I install It the filesystem is rw but if lunch the live it is ro08:05
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kanavin_abelloni, patch to yocto-autobuilder-helper sent08:06
LetoThe2ndbrware: what is "the live"? what is "the install"?08:06
brwareLetoThe2nd I generate a bootable iso and the options that can you choose are: Graphics console boot and Graphics console boot08:07
brwareI mean Graphics console boot08:07
LetoThe2ndbrware: see, so far you totally left out that we are talking about an ISO image. that was the missing piece.08:08
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LetoThe2ndbrware: don't know then, never used it.08:08
brwareLetoThe2nd Do you have a custom boot loader? I build image for the genericx86-6408:09
LetoThe2ndbrware: no, i also don't do x86, sorry.08:10
milkylainenTotal noob/basic question. Tried passing an extramake to a package containing a path to a file. Variable is passed correctly. But that path is relative and is not found from the package source. $THISDIR/files?08:11
milkylainenSo how do I pass an absolute path when building a package, or where do I place files the source can find?08:12
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ykronskanavin_: I have added a recipe for my apps with libusb1 in DEPENDS and I got the same error during SDK generation when I had my lib32-myapp to IMAGE_INSTALL08:53
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mrybczyn[m]JPEW RP: will someone working on the spdx class be in Dublin at ELC? There's an interesting new functionality in the works and a chat could be useful09:41
RPmrybczyn[m]: I'm not sure. I won't be there unfortunately :(09:54
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LetoThe2nddoes anybody happen to have a x86 harddisk image build around for download? core-image-minimal or such?10:15
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DvorkinDmitryproblem building the libtalloc in latest dunfell: part1: part2:
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RPLetoThe2nd: release builds from YP?10:46
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landgrafRP: abelloni: Hi. I've sent patch few days ago to address dropbear-openssh conflicts (and got nice msg id :) ) . It's not in any repos atm. Should I rework/resend it?11:37
RPlandgraf: I suspect abelloni just missed it11:37
landgrafyeah. that's why I've pinged him too.11:38
landgrafthought it may be because of feature freeze or something like that11:38
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RPlandgraf: we're just struggling with a few issues causing many build failures11:39
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RPinfrastructure fetching issue, ruby/webkit issue that suddenly appeared and so on11:39
landgrafRP: yup. I know. Something for me to work on? I have plenty of free time now...11:40
JPEWmrybczyn[m]: I don't think so unfortunately11:52
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SmoothBrainHi all, anyone ever figured out a way to make kas less verbose?12:21
SmoothBrainIt's printing INFO logs by default. And there is only a DEBUG flag as a CLI parameter to enable more logs12:21
JPEWmrybczyn[m]: you could bring it up at the dev meeting on Tuesday?12:25
mrybczyn[m]JPEW: will start from a ml post and then we'll come yo a Tuesday meeting, deal12:29
RPlandgraf: there are lots of small things to tidy up now I think. I'm waiting on a rust fix and the current patch queue testing and then I think we'll build M312:33
* RP remembers about the broken nativesdk-gcc12:34
JPEWmrybczyn[m]: sounds good :)12:34
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eirikb[m]Hi. Can I ask about application development environments here?13:03
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mckoaneirikb[m]: if is related to Yocto or the SDK yes13:19
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eirikb[m]mckoan: Yes. Kind of. I'm thinking about creating a docker image which could both run and build our application. The application is not hardware dependent, and I believe this could greatly improve the development process.13:22
eirikb[m]I'm able to build a docker runtime image of our yocto image, but I'm not able use any build tools. I have not tried including the SDK yet, as I hoped I wouldn't need to13:22
qschulzeirikb[m]: what about using qemu for running your application?13:22
qschulzbased of an SDK running on your host directly13:22
eirikb[m]We use CLion, and remote development against docker in CLion is very very good, so I would hope to not use that13:24
ykronsWith MULTILIB enabled, it seems Yocto generates a manifest for lib32-wayland-protocols that it is not able to find during SDK generation. The manifest name is built with manifest-<32bit arch>-<MACHINE_SOCARCH>... whereas populate_sdk is looking for manifest-<32bit arch>... . I think it is related to "fsl-dynamic-packagearch" mechanism but I'm a bit lost at that point. Does someone already faced similar issue or have an hint to track this one ?13:27
* eirikb[m] uploaded an image: (56KiB) < >13:39
eirikb[m]I tried adding `packagegroup-core-buildessential` to my runtime image, but when I try to compile something I get this ^13:39
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mckoaneirikb[m]: please try calling : make ok13:55
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kanavin_RP: I've written a little announcement on linkedin about the layer setup, and people went crazy with the likes
kanavin_This looks like something a lot of folks would like to have, I hope the actual ui and functionality withstands the 'real world'14:01
RPkanavin_: nice. We've known this was an issue for years. This is a first good step14:02
kanavin_RP: yes, towards something of a holy grail: an official turnkey cicd solution14:03
RPkanavin_: I'm kind of sad I'm still not carving out time to work on bits of it14:03
mckoankanavin_: a use case or a small doc or post would help to understand it quickly14:09
kanavin_mckoan, yes, I plan to write more on linkedin about it, and fix documentation and manuals throughout14:10
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jackos888[m]How can I generate an SDCard image with LUKS rootfs?15:18
jackos888[m]within yocto15:18
qschulzkanavin_: any chance this makes it to kirkstone? I guess too big of a feature to add it to an LTS right?15:35
qschulzkanavin_: asking because when I find time I'll finally update from honister to kirkstone but we're currently using kas15:36
kanavin_qschulz, maybe15:37
kanavin_it's tooling not content15:37
kanavin_the template location stuff, certainly not though15:37
RPwe're not backporting this15:49
qschulzack, thx :)15:55
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kanavin_qschulz, it's probably one of those where you have to maintain backports on top of kirkstone fork if you really want it16:23
chrysheasy yocto question for 10 points: How can I change the python version that is used for boost? This file uses the env variable PYTHON_BASEVERSION, but overwriting it in my image does not have any effect on the version (I checked by looking into the output of bitbake -e boost)16:28
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chrysh(I mean, I can obviously directly change it in the file, but I bet there is a more yocto way)16:31
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mckoan /IMAWAY16:38
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qschulzkanavin_: not worth it for a very small BSP but otherwise yes :)16:51
qschulzchrysh: recipe data is local to the recipe16:52
qschulzso changing it in the image is not going to change it in the boost recipe16:52
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qschulzand I guess you'd want to upgrade the python recipe to use the version you want?16:53
chryshqschulz: true, the yocto chant. yes, I would like to use a more recent python version16:56
chryshso changing it in the recipe is actually the right way to go?16:56
qschulzit's not clear why yuou want a different python version and if it's related to boost only?16:57
qschulzchrysh: just import a newer version of python and then PREFERRED_VERSION_python = "3.10%" in (likely) your distro conf file16:58
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mischieffinding that during dunfell->kirkstone my kernel modules are now stripped and unloadable. any idea about that?16:59
qschulzlikely _python316:59
kanavin_chrysh, supporting more than one version of python in a single build is basically impossible17:00
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chryshkanavin_: It's just that our software stack is compiled with python 3.8, and that's what I would like to use, also globally.17:17
kanavin_chrysh, I think you are subscribing for a world of pain if you try to replace what your yocto prescribes in oe-core17:18
chryshqschulz: Why? Because that's what the application programmers decided to use at some point. Currently, I see an error when compiling boost related code, but I would also be happy to have it globally17:19
chryshkanavin_: is it not just a matter of checking out a new bitbake recipe? Or can I just update oe-core or so?17:19
kanavin_chrysh, you can attempt to backport a newer python onto an older yocto, but this may quickly unravel into build errors and compatibility issues at runtime, and the need to backport many additional pieces17:20
kanavin_you better update yocto itself to a newer version17:20
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chryshkanavin_: We have a vendor easy is it to update yocto itself?17:24
vvnwhat is the best way to disable getty@tty1.service in an image?17:30
kanavin_chrysh, depends on how big the delta is between what you have and where you want to be17:30
kanavin_chrysh, and whether all of the layers, including the BSP vendor one are actively maintained to support the desired target version17:31
RPJPEW: really struggling to reproduce this unix domain socket issue. I put a ping(), close(). ping() call in bitbake-worker from task context and ran it up with BB_NUMBER_THREADS="1000" bitbake world -n but couldn't break it17:32
JPEWRP: hmm17:33
RPJPEW: perhaps it needs to be server context17:34
chryshkanavin_: qschulz: Thank you, I will give it a thought during the weekend17:36
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RPJPEW: although I know it is the client context since the pids change17:39
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JPEWRP: I forgot the actual error you were seeing17:43
vvnin other words how to I prevent the enable vendor preset for getty@tty1.service for my images?17:43
RPJPEW: I need to write that bug17:43
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RPJPEW: is it possible this is happening if the hashserv is somehow slow to startup?18:17
RPJPEW: i.e. it really hadn't created the socket yet18:18
JPEWya, that could be18:21
JPEWMaybe you can add a loop to poll in the main bitbake until it's actually created?18:21
JPEW(or some timeout)18:21
JPEWThat would certianlly explain the "File not Found" error18:22
RPJPEW: I'm struggling to see how this could stall out for as long though18:22
RPJPEW: can't be, there are log entries in cooker before this saying "unihash changed to"18:24
JPEWMaybe CWD is changing?18:24
RPoh, this is async of course18:25
RPI bet that is it18:25
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RPJPEW: the failing logs always show the connect being deferred to report_unihash time so that makes sense18:34
JPEWOK, well at least that's a simple fix :)18:34
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RPJPEW: it is already calling self.loop.run_until_complete() on the connect() call18:57
RPJPEW: it is probably as the connect call is coming from send_wrapper18:59
* RP is a bit lost in the maze19:00
JPEWYa, that is synchnronous (it will block the calling thread)19:03
JPEWIs it possible a different thread changes the CWD?19:03
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JPEWRP: I guess the simple test would be to temporarily bypass the AF_UNIX path length work around and thereby remove the chdir19:05
JPEWIf that fixes it, at least we know that is the problem19:05
JPEWIf that's the case, maybe it's the lazy creation of the client that's burning us here (and some unscrupulous threads); maybe we can make the client up front instead of being lazy about it19:09
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RPJPEW: reproducer and root cause in the bug19:53
RPJPEW: it is a bit twisted19:54
JPEWRP: Got it19:56
JPEWI think if we move the os.chdir() stuff down into AsyncClient::connect_unix::connect_sock() it would fix it19:57
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JPEWOr switch to abstract sockets19:57
RPJPEW: yes, I think you're right19:57
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RPJPEW: does AsyncClient have access to a loop to execute it in though?20:03
RPasyncio.get_running_loop() maybe20:05
JPEWAH, I see20:06
JPEWYou must have some error talking to the server, which makes the client try to reconnect?20:06
JPEW(and that fails outright because CWD has changed20:06
RPJPEW: right. I don't know why the connections die but they must do20:07
RPJPEW: it is the only way I can explain what happens (and there is a server side log of connections resetting)20:08
JPEWYa, that makes sense20:08
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eirikb[m]<mckoan> "eirikb: please try calling..." <- Same error.20:18
eirikb[m]I tried creating a new runtime image including the SDK. This works, also in CLion, but I need to set up CLion to use an environment file, and hard code paths to cmake etc. Best to not have the toolchain20:18
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RPJPEW: you can't next event loops :/20:26
JPEWI don't remember, why?20:27
RPJPEW: specifically disallowed by python asyncio20:28
RPException: RuntimeError: This event loop is already running20:28
JPEWSure, why do you want to nest them?20:29
RPJPEW: in the middle of connect_unix, which is being run in a event loop, how do I force the connect async call to run?20:29
JPEWThe AsyncClient.connect() ?20:31
JPEWI think you want `await self.connect()`20:31
JPEWIf your already in an event loop (e.g. a `async def` function, you just call await20:31
RPJPEW: that won't allow it to go off and do other things?20:31
JPEWAh, I see. Yes it would20:32
JPEWBascially, I don't think you can solve the path length unix domain socket limit with a chdir()20:33
RPJPEW: I think asyncio has some annoying limitations20:34
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JPEWA few, but it's really the best async option of all the ones out there20:34
RPJPEW: right :/.20:35
JPEWAh, there might be a simpler way to work around this reading the documentation20:36
RPJPEW: which documentation?20:37
RPJPEW: ah, pass in a sock?20:40
JPEWRight, open the socket "normally" (non-async) then pass it as the sock argument20:40
JPEWIt means you'll block all your async tasks while that's happening, but that's probably not a problem20:40
JPEWall of them on this event loop that is20:41
RPJPEW: right, I don't really care about that :)20:41
JPEWYa, as long as we don't change the TCP connection (used by hash-equiv server) it won't matter in practice20:41
JPEWRP: I think20:50
RP :)20:52
JPEWHey, that looks familiar20:53
RPJPEW: I was just testing that! :)20:53
RPJPEW: you win though as you have a commit message20:53
JPEWI think non-async connect_unix can actually be completely removed and it can be added to the downcall method list in __init__ also, but I can do that in a later patch20:54
RPJPEW: I did try that but it exploded and I didn't get to the downcall part20:55
JPEWRP: I'll do it later, it's not a big deal20:56
RPJPEW: I'm just happy we have an idea why this was breaking and I don't need an exorcist for the build server :)20:57
JPEWI mean, I know some of those too if you really want to try20:59
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