Friday, 2022-10-07

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roussinm actually something like this, but not this because this seems to create cycle with the line just above.00:54
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mckoangood morning06:47
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chryshrburton: Thanks, that makes a lot of sense! And when are -dbg ipks added? When you enable that in EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES?08:05
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inisiderhello. could you please tell me if i can to do stuff similar to #if #else in C. I would like to do PACKAGECONFIG_remove="pam" in recipe just in case when VAR1==release. Is it possible?08:28
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qschulzinisider: PACKAGECONFIG_remove = ${@'pam' if d.getVar("VAR1") == 'release' else ''}08:35
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:46
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kanavininisider, it's better to conditionally add pam where it is added in the first place09:15
kanavinthe more things like this, the harder it becomes to understand how your distro is constructed, and where mysterious fails come from09:15
kaljHey, If I add a new layer in bblayers.conf - Should bitbake pick that out without deleting some directories (e.g. tmp) ?09:17
kaljI.e. rebuild everything that was affected?09:18
mckoankalj: depends(TM)09:18
LetoThe2ndmckoan: sometimes it rdepends(TM)09:18
mckoankalj: if in the new layer you have anything impacting the underlying latyers09:18
mckoanLetoThe2nd: LOL09:19
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kaljIf the new layer includes something in my MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS which wasn't previously available09:20
LetoThe2ndkalj: lets put it like that. a properly constructed and well-behaving layer (e.g., yocto project compatible) must not have any effect by just being added. as such, it should be properly picked up once you start enabling things in the layer.09:20
LetoThe2ndkalj: MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS should be strongly tied to a specific MACHINE, and therefor unproblematic, AFAICS09:21
kaljOkay, I am making some experiments now.09:21
kaljSecond question, if I change by local.conf, by adding a DISTRO_FEATURES:append entry, should bitbake rebuild everything affected too?09:22
inisiderkanavin: thanks. the issue is actually that weston is built with PAM by default but in my distro was decided to disable login so pam isn't available any more so that's why the dicsion of removing 'pam' from PACKAGECONFIG of weston was made.09:23
inisiderqschulz: thanks09:23
kanavininisider, then it's better to reset PACKAGECONFIG completely, not use _remove09:23
LetoThe2ndkalj: it should unless somebody did something dirty somewhere.09:23
kaljLetoThe2nd: Interesting.09:24
LetoThe2ndkalj: are you seeing something unexpected?09:25
kaljYeah, maybe :)  I am trying to build a custom image based on core-image-base for raspberrypi3 using meta-raspberrypi09:27
kaljI am trying to see what enables wifi support. I think DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " wifi"  and/or MACHINE_FEATURES:append = " wifi" is necessary09:27
kaljBut bitbake doesn't seem to pick that up.09:27
qschulzinisider: is it? because the recipe seems to only add pam if pam is in DISTRO_FEATURES, c.f.
qschulzkalj: check with bitbake-getvar -r recipe DISTRO_FEATURES to see if wifi is actually part of DISTRO_FEATURES or not09:28
LetoThe2ndkalj: nah, i don't think the wifi flag has an effect there. those DISTRO_FEATURES are sometimes rather outdated.... and what qschulz said.09:29
kaljqschulz LetoThe2nd are you saying that adding " wifi" to DISTRO_FEATURES is a no op?09:33
qschulzkalj: it does something, do a git grep in poky to see the lines of DISTRO_FEATURES with wifi in it09:34
LetoThe2ndkalj: its not a no op, but its not guaranteed to magically enable wifi. because a lot of MACHINES and recipes just don't look at it.09:35
qschulzkalj: however from a quickl look, there does not seem to be any user of wifi in MACHINE_FEATURES09:36
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LetoThe2ndah ya, its also MACHINE_FEATURES, not DISTRO_FEATURES09:39
qschulzLetoThe2nd: no, wifi is used when in DISTRO_FEATURES, but not in MACHINEFEATURES09:40
kaljHow can I learn what having "wifi" in these _FEATURES  affect ? I tried grepping in poky, but got a bit overwhelmed09:42
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qschulzkalj: git grep "DISTRO_FEATURES.*wifi" does not return too much09:44
qschulzkalj: very quickly, it enables rfkill support in busybox/systemd, adds wifi support to conmnan, adds runtime dependency of wpa-supplicant to neard and add the wifi packagegroup to your image if it includes packagegroup-base already09:46
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kaljAh, yeah thanks.09:47
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kaljThat makes sense09:47
kaljWhat does wifi in MACHINE_FEATURES do then ?09:48
kaljthat really doesn't show much relevant neither in poky nor in meta-raspberrypi09:50
qschulzkalj: nothing09:50
qschulzkalj: nothing in the core, don't know about third party layers09:50
kaljPerfect, strange that it is listed here though:09:51
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qschulzkalj: leftovers :) can you send a patch to yocto-docs to remove it?09:53
qschulzwe actually have one machine that sets it up: meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine/include/genericx86-common.inc09:54
qschulzbut this was added 9 years ago with the introducing commit, so don't know :/09:55
qschulzi would still remove it from the docs as it does not seem to be used (at least obviously) as opposed to apmor acpi09:56
kaljHeh does seem like leftovers indeed. But since nothing else uses it, does it do anyting?09:57
kaljBTW, how do I submit a patch? Can do a PR somewhere or how does it work?09:58
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kaljNo, I just tried here now. If I do the following:10:54
kalj1. Build my image without "wifi" in DISTRO_FEATURES10:54
kalj2. Then add it in local.conf10:54
kalj3. Rerun bitbake, it does not produce a noticible difference.10:54
kaljNow gonna try cleaning tmp and sstate-cache now10:54
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DennisEHi, I'm pretty new to the yocto project so bear with me if these are trivial problems :/11:01
DennisEI followed this( tutorial and was able to compile a minimal yocto image, flash that image to a SD card and run it on a raspberrypi3.11:01
DennisEMy next goal is to add the azure device update layer(
DennisEI cloned the repository to the sources directory and tried to add this layer via bitbake. Since LAYERSERIES_COMPAT in layer.conf was set to "warrior" this failed. I changed that variable to "kirkstone" and updated the syntax in all bb files, basically changing *_append/*_prepend to *:append/*:prepend.11:01
DennisE Now when I try to run bitbake adu-image-base I get this error:11:01
DennisE ERROR: No recipes in default available for:11:01
DennisE  $MYWORKDIR/sources/meta-azure-device-update/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-fw-utils_%.bbappend11:01
DennisEI searched for this error and found out that sometimes there are "dangling appends". As I found out a fix for that could be to set "BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY ?= "true"" in the layer.conf.11:01
DennisEAfter running bitbake adu-base-image again the next error is:11:01
DennisEERROR: adu-base-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf.11:01
DennisENo match for argument: adu-agent-service11:01
DennisEError: Unable to find a match: adu-agent11:01
DennisESo I'm pretty stuck here. I think that the dangling appends are the reason for that error - the adu-agent-service isnt build so cannot be packed in the image, for me this makes sense since the root_fs is part of the OTA functionality. My approach would be to revert the "BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY" change and get this layer to build properly, but11:01
DennisEI'm struggling to debug this further.11:01
DennisEAs said. I'm a beginner with yocto, so it would be nice if you can give me some pointers how to figure out this problem and help me to solve that for myself. :)11:01
DennisEP.S if the proposed layer is utterly broken and there is no easy way to get this to work with the kirkstone release a hint would be great :P11:01
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kaljShouldn't you check out the corresponding "warrior" branch of poky etc rather than changing what meta-azure-device-update specifies?11:07
kalj(should probably add that I am a beginner too)11:08
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DennisEThe custom distro is for my company which produces vending machines. There is no way to work with a deprecated release with EOL support.11:12
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jclsnSo another deparment of ours wants to buy an Apple M1 Ultra build server for building Yocto in Docker containers. Do you think that is a good idea? :D11:13
jclsnThey haven't evaluated it yet. I am really curious to see their results. I mean if they are Apple fanboys, they have to do this I guess. But I would never...11:14
rburtonjclsn: a studio would possibly be a better bet11:15
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rburtonI've done builds on a M1 MPB in a container, and it's very fast considering it's a laptop11:16
rburtonyou can spend the same amount of money on an amd workstation and get a lot faster builds though11:16
jclsnrburton: Yeah I would guess the same11:17
rburtoncompromise being full size tower vs laptop, obviously11:17
jclsnI think it is supposed to be a build server, so it can be a tower11:17
rburton <-- i've done a core-image-sato on a 32-core p620 in 27 minutes, and that includes seven minutes of waiting for rust-native to finish11:17
kaljDennisE That makes sense, then I am out of luck.11:18
jclsnrburton: Yeah I suggested one of those about a year. My boss didn't want to spend the money. It's been a year now and our pipelines are still not running xD11:19
rburtonbut they want a ultra mpb?11:19
jclsnThat is another department, where they are not as stingy11:20
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rburtoni mean, offer to trial a Studio with a M1 Ultra, i'm curious :)11:21
jclsnYep me too. I will definitely present the results here ^^11:22
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rburtonfwiw my ghetto benchmark is a a clean poky clone, kirkstone branch, bitbake core-image-sato --runall fetch; time bitbake core-image-sato11:29
jclsnghetto benchmark? :D11:30
rburton27 minutes on the p620 (32-core, nvme storage, 32gb ram).  from a empty tmp but full sstate in 48s.11:30
jclsnDoes it include chromium?11:31
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rburtonno, core-image-sato11:31
jclsnA test with chromium would be nice11:31
jclsnI would guess it to be like three ours11:31
rburtoni can test if you'd like :)11:31
jclsnMy boss is still clinging to it unfortunately11:31
jclsnYeah that would be great11:31
rburtoni wonder if i still have access to the machine11:32
rburtoni do, and its idle11:32
rburtonjclsn: are you happy with just how long chromium takes to build?11:33
jclsnI hate it from the bottom of my heart11:34
rburtoni mean are you happy with me telling you how long just chromium takes11:34
jclsnOh for me Chromium takes like 4 hours on my P15 Gen 111:35
jclsnand that is only Chromium...11:35
jclsnTotal build is like 6 hours11:35
jclsnLet me have a look at the Pipeline on our EPYC server11:35
rburtonok its just building clang so give me a bit11:36
jclsn288 minutes and 16 seconds11:36
jclsnSo like 4 hourse and 48 minutes I guess11:36
jclsnOn the biggest processor available on the market11:37
rburtonare you aware you can lock sstate and stop it rebuilding11:37
jclsnYeah we have all cache turned off atm11:37
jclsnShort on performant storage11:38
rburtonyou can lock specific recipes to specific sstate hashes, so things never get rebuild11:38
jclsnI used the gitlab cache for sstate and downloads before and rebuilds were down to 6 minutes or so11:38
rburtoni've used it when poking at recipes low in the stack and don't want to rebuild the world, but you can use it to pin chromium and just let it rebuild every week or whatever11:39
jclsnchromium gets rebuilts when its dependencies change11:39
rburton*unless you lock the sstate* :)11:39
jclsnHow to do that?11:39
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rburtonbitbake chromium -S none, then look in for the chromium line.  put that in your local.conf and voila, chromium will never rebuild11:40
rburtonoh you might need to set SIGGEN_LOCKEDSIGS_TASKSIG_CHECK = "" too11:40
qschulzkalj: if you already have built the applications (because they are needed by something else for example, e.g. a runtime dependency on wpa-supplicant), then you won't notice anything because there's nothing to build. If you have built them in the past, it can have been already in the cache and rebuilding the image just puts those packages in without needing to rebuild the m11:40
rburtonjclsn: is a very bad tool i wrote11:41
rburtonurgh why is binutils re-fetching slowly11:41
qschulzDennisE: there's no u-boot-fw-utils anymore, it's called libubootenv now11:42
vvnHi there -- Back to package exclusion, PACKAGE_EXCLUDE += "kernel-devicetree" excludes all kernel-module-* as well. I fail to find where this implicit dependency is defined11:42
qschulzyou need your layers to be in sync. If you're using an outdated layer with no newer release, you need to do some fixups or port it yourself to support newer releases11:42
jclsnI can't find a locked-sigs.inc11:43
qschulzDennisE: the layer has a dunfell branch which doesn't have this bbappend anymore, so try with that one for starters11:43
qschulzif you need some (possibly paid) advice about mender, LetoThe2nd is likely a good first point of contact on this chat11:44
jclsnSo grepped it11:44
jclsnGot this chromium-ozone-wayland                      :101.0.4951.54-r011:44
jclsnSyntax for local.conf?11:44
jclsnPREFERRED_VERSION_chromium-ozone-wayland ?11:45
rburtonjclsn: it gets written into conf/11:45
jclsnPREFERRED_VERSION_chromium-ozone-wayland = "101.0.4951.54-r011:45
rburtonbitbake -S none ...11:45
rburtonWriting locked sigs to /yocto/ross/build/locked-sigs.inc11:45
rburtonSIGGEN_LOCKEDSIGS_t-aarch64 = "\11:46
rburton    acl-native:do_compile:5673401ffb9b735ab40595aa1154644b1cca88c8474e837129c0f19eb419217d \11:46
rburton    acl-native:do_configure:580f64616f5bbce18efab64b269e2f4c11732f13fcb04173242a53329ede8380 \11:46
jclsnI don't have that file11:46
jclsnAh okay11:46
jclsnGet it11:46
jclsnHmm how to integrate that with kas?11:47
jclsnI don't check in my local.conf11:47
jclsnor build directory11:47
jclsnOkay no I don't get it11:48
jclsnWhere to get that hash from?11:48
rburtonits all in the file the bitbake -S none says it wrote to11:52
jclsnDoesn' work for me11:54
rburtonnot literal ..., your targets11:54
jclsnAh okay11:55
prabhakarladHi, is there a way i can install tslib package without graphics (x11)? just enabling tslib isnt installing the tools/tests in file system (when using core-image-minimal)11:55
jclsnDo I need to put all the buid septs or only configure and compile?11:56
rburtonprabhakarlad: define "enable"?11:56
rburtonjclsn: to be honest, do_build might be sufficient.  can't remember.11:57
prabhakarladsorry for not being clear, I meant "IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " tslib"11:57
jclsnOkay thanks11:58
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rburtonprabhakarlad: the tslib recipe says PACKAGES =+ "tslib-conf tslib-tests tslib-calibrate tslib-uinput"12:00
rburtonprabhakarlad: so it's done what you asked: installed the library.  if you want the tests, install the tests.12:01
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto12:01
rburtonjclsn: ok clang built, i'll time chromium now12:03
jclsnNice thanks12:04
rburtonok so my benchmark for clarity is bitbake chromium -c configure ; rm tmp ; time bitbake chromium12:05
rburtonso this is literally just how fast chromium builds with nothing else12:05
rburtonhm of course dependencies are weird and now its building more pieces. huh. lets see if they can finish before chromium is done unpacking.12:06
prabhakarladrburton: thanks, that did the trick!12:06
rburtonlol odds are good it will actually12:06
rburtonterrified to look at how big the chromium repo is considering it took 90 seconds to unpack on nvme12:07
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*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto12:14
roussinm So I would like to restore this behavior but in the correct way, since I don't think creating a cycle like that works. Does doing something like this: `RDEPENDS:libgles3-mesa += "libgles3-mesa-dev"` makes sense?12:25
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*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@> has joined #yocto12:29
rburtonyou really don't want libgles3-mesa depending on the -dev package12:29
rburtonthe change that was reverted was making the gles2 -dev depend on the gles3-dev12:30
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)12:30
jclsnrburton: What if chromium is updated now? Then the signatures will change and I will need to update the signatures, don't I?12:32
roussinmthe main package doesn't provide anything. the gles-3 provides headers and headers are never installed into the SDK when virtual/libgles3 is present inside a DEPENDS of a recipe.12:32
rburtonjclsn: one you lock the sstate hash then it will never rebuild.  if you wanted a weekly build then you can remove the lock, build, and re-lock with the new hash12:32
jclsnrburton: So it will always pull the right chromium-ozone-wayland version, no matter what commit the meta-browser is on?12:34
rburtonit will just grab from sstate the hash that you'd told it12:34
jclsnBut what if the sstate was cleaned?12:34
rburtonthen you get a file not found12:34
jclsnYeah that is unfortunate12:35
jclsnSo you can't use this and build from scratch12:35
roussinmrburton: The current problem is that Qt is built with the support of opengles32 and when a developer does a targetted build through the target SDK, qt3d can't find the gl32.h header. gl2.h is present tho.12:35
roussinmI can add libgles3-mesa-dev to our meta-toolchain, but that seemed not correct.12:36
rburtonjclsn: worth a test to see if my guess was right12:38
jclsnWill do12:39
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rburtonjclsn: 41 minutes for chromium recipe to build12:53
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jclsnI need that machine12:58
jclsnThreadripper with 64 cores?12:58
vvnrburton: looks like you have about 32 cores as well :)12:58
jclsnYes, but why is it so slow then12:59
rburton32 core13:00
vvn~30min is about what the 5950X needs for qtwebengine for me13:00
* roussinm cry with 4 core13:01
jclsnProbably because that server is part of a Kubernets cluster and many other people are building on it13:01
rburtonthis is AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX 32-Cores13:01
jclsnI was asking for a dedicated Yocto machine then13:02
rburtonthe best practise is to work out how long you spend waiting for a build and multiply it by your hourly pay13:05
rburtonif a £5K machine does builds in a quarter of the time, that can pay for itself fairly quickly13:06
roussinmrburton: do you have any idea on the issue above for the `libgles3-mesa-dev` package why it wouldn't install even if qt depends on `virtual/libgles3`13:07
roussinminstall inside the target sdk.13:07
SchillerGreetings, i have a general Question to Buildbot/Autobuilder. I try to use the E-Mail-Notifier in the Python-Skript from the Autobuilder. It finds the E-Mail-Server. But there it just hangs. E-Mail-Server says <Lost connection after STLS>. Maybe someone experienced a similar behavior and knows the reasoning.13:08
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roussinmOne thing I tried to understand is why the libgles2-mesa-dev is installed inside the sdk when someone depends on it. Apparently it's part of the complimentary packages, but if a recipe depends on virtual/libgles3 it doesn't look like the libgles3-mesa-dev is part of the complimentary packages. Maybe something to do with the fact that the libgles3-mesa package is empty?13:23
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rburtonyeah, complementary -dev installation is basically "list all packages installed, add -dev to each, install those"14:20
roussinmbut libgles3-mesa-dev isn't listed. Is it because libgles3-mesa is empty?14:21
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roussinmDuring the invocation of dnf, libgles3-mesa isn't showed either.14:23
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rburtonso if libgles3-mesa isn't installed then the -dev package won't be either14:26
roussinmright, but if my recipe depends on it, shouldn't be installed? Maybe it's not installed because it's empty?14:26
rburtondoes your recipe DEPEND on RDEPEND14:27
roussinmDEPENDS = "virtual/libgles3"14:27
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!> has joined #yocto14:31
rburtonif libgles3-mesa is empty then you won't be automatically rdepending on it14:32
roussinmok does setting ALLOW_EMPTY to 1 would help here?14:32
roussinmfor that package.14:32
rburtonyou still won't be rdepending on it14:33
rburtonpresumably you rdepend at some point on some GL libraries14:33
roussinmCurrently the only recipe that I installed inside the sdk, for testing purpose, is the kmscube.14:34
vvnif you were using a generic sound capable board, but for a product not intended to use sound, would you remove 'sound' from MACHINE_FEATURES in your product's machine definition, or would you remove the resulting packages by other means? (because let's say you assume that one could plug a USB sound device for some reason and you expect this to work)14:34
roussinmwhich as a DEPENDS = "virtual/libgles3", but no RDEPENDS.14:34
roussinmok so `RDEPENDS:libgles3-mesa-dev += "libgles2-mesa-dev"` you are saying that when I depends on libgles3 that rdepends installs the libgles2, ok yes that makes sense.14:37
roussinmbut how someone would get the libgles3-mesa-dev without directly specifying it inside a RDEPENDS from a packagegroup-sdk-target.14:38
rburtontypically, there's just a single -dev package which makes things easier14:39
rburtonmesa has lots for some reason14:39
rburtonyou could make gles2-dev depend on gles3-dev, on the grounds that the library is the same and its just headers14:39
roussinmwhen I build mesa, the packages-split directory is mostly empty which is weird.14:40
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roussinmthe libgles{2-3}-mesa-dev are empty for some reason.14:40
roussinmdepend or rdepends?14:40
rburtonthey're not empty14:41
rburtonif they're empty, what value can they bring?14:41
rburton^ my mesa build14:41
roussinmthe packages themselves are not empty but they are empty in the directory structure, I do not understand how the recipe work honestly its so different14:41
roussinmIs that from the packages-split directory?14:42
rburtonno, because that could be empty if a build was from sstate14:42
rburtonits from oe-pkgdata-util14:42
roussinmok yes, I get the same thing.14:43
roussinmWondering that if we do install the gles3 headers, with the depends, but that the hardware doesn't support it. Is that an issue?14:45
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vvnhum, answering to myself, you would remove 'alsa' from the DISTRO_FEATURES, not MACHINE_FEATURES, so that packagegroup-base-also isn't pulled in.14:47
vvnshould that be an image feature instead?14:48
rburtonnot really14:49
rburtonroussinm: just headers, doesn't matter.14:49
rburtonok anyone understand eSDKs here?14:49
roussinmrburton: would you go with RDEPENDS here or: `RRECOMMENDS:libgles2-mesa-dev += "libgles3-mesa-dev"`14:50
rburtondepends, as complementary are installed with recommends disabled...14:51
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roussinmDoesn't it looks weird like a circular dependency if `RDEPENDS:libgles3-mesa-dev += "libgles2-mesa-dev"` is present and `RDEPENDS:libgles2-mesa-dev += "libgles3-mesa-dev"` is present too?14:53
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vvnrburton: correct, the distro really is what must be customized for a product, even though I would intuitively customize the machine configuration or the image recipe for some reason14:58
rburtonroussinm: should be fine14:59
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roussinmDoes the change: was reverted because of the wrong syntax solely?15:05
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vvnI still don't understand why PACKAGE_EXCLUDE += "kernel-devicetree" pulls out all kernel-module-* as well (-:17:23
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rburtonvvn: try
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prabhakarladHi All, anyone using meta-riscv?20:14
prabhakarladreason I ask, I am seeing issues with ldconfig (fails with illegal instruction). I was wondering if anyone else has seen such issue.20:14
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prabhakarladive checked in #riscv not many.20:14
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