Monday, 2023-01-09

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mckoangood morning07:51
kanavinJaMa, your patch is fine with me. The reason it wasn't defined is that I don't want to define things that aren't proven necessary :-) in my testing and on the AB it was not necessary.07:53
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lamm1wrong terminal hehehe07:58
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:07
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LetoThe2ndanybody happen to know why python3 and nodejs by now depend on bash? IIRC that wasn't the case some time ago.08:29
JaMalet me grep it for you:08:30
JaMameta/recipes-devtools/python/${PN}-tests:append:class-target = " ${MLPREFIX}bash"08:30
JaMameta/recipes-devtools/python/${PN}-tests:append:class-nativesdk = " ${MLPREFIX}bash"08:30
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LetoThe2ndJaMa: yeah I found that too, but I'm not talking about the -tests package08:31
JaMahow the hell I'm supposed to guess what you're talking about? "depend on bash" sounds like build time dependency08:32
LetoThe2ndJaMa: ok, apologies. my mindset is "unless explicitly stated otherwise, refers to runtime".08:33
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LetoThe2ndso, try to improve: why does installing python3 or nodejs cause bash to also be installed? this did not use to be the case some time ago, and I cannot easily spot the reason.08:34
JaMaLetoThe2nd: then it's just not true in my builds, python3 is empty package and nodejs doesn't depend on bash (only nodejs-npm does)08:35
LetoThe2ndJaMa: hmm interesting. which release?08:35
JaMamaster from Sunday08:35
LetoThe2ndJaMa: distro?08:35
JaMathe same in langdale and kirkstone08:35
JaManodistro, LuneOS, webOS..08:36
LetoThe2ndJaMa: okay thanks. then needs more digging obviously  :(08:36 is your friend08:37
LetoThe2ndi know, but oe-depends-dot also just confirmed the chain without naming the reason.08:37
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mcfriskRDEPENDS only? one of them including a #!/bin/bash script somewhere08:42
mcfriskno yocto in !?08:46
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RPmcfrisk: I don't know of anyone invited10:00
RPmcfrisk: sounds very systemd centric10:00
kanavinRP: if you're seeing gdk-pixbuf fails, I'm looking into that10:08
kanavinRP: one of the build hosts is using ivy bridge, and after moving to v3 that revealed an erroneous use of target .so with native executable in that recipe --> illegal instruction crash10:15
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RPkanavin: I hadn't got there yet but handy to know, thanks! :)10:24
RPabelloni: ^^^10:25
RPkanavin: I'm a bit worried we have another bitbake lockup :(10:25
kanavinRP: if that leads to something I did, I can try to help10:30
RPkanavin: it is almost certainly my threading changes10:34
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kanavinRP, abelloni: I'll also check what happens in qemu on that host. It'll probably crash as well, and so needs to be excluded from kvm workers.10:43
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qschulzi'm trying to get a or whatever I can get for finding out which package brings in a package I don't want10:59
qschulzbitbake -g does not seem to be doing the trick10:59
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qschulzmmmm the file does not exist since 3.0, so we should remove this from the help section of some tools :)11:03
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kanavinRP: where does the AB get the list of its workers from? I'm looking at, and it doesn't seem to match reality, e.g. fedora36 is not there.11:20
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RPkanavin: the config on the controller is slightly out of sync11:35
RPkanavin: mostly for passwords and so on11:36
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rfriedIs there a good way to prevent update-rc.d from running in bbappend ?11:48
rfriedI have some packages I want to install, but I don't want them starting automatically.11:48
rfriedBut I can't find a proper way of disabling it via bbappend.11:48
rfriedLooks like the updaterc.d is launched as part of the inherit of update-rc.d11:48
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RPrfried: do you want to disable update-rc.d for all packages or just one package in particular ?11:52
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rfriedRP: just one package in particular11:54
RPrfried: you could set INITSCRIPT_PACKAGES explicitly?11:58
rfriedit fails because then it runs update-rc.d -r /work/ramon/bsp/bsp/build/tmp/work/aspen-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs11:59
rfriedBasically it removed the two arguments and updare-rc.d fails.12:00
rfriedbasename and default is missing, that's why it fails.12:01
rfriedRP: ^12:01
RPrfried: I don't really understand what you've done or how it would result in that :/12:06
rfriedRP: the package I'm working on is ntp12:06
rfriedI created ntp_%.bbappend with the following content:12:07
rfried# Override initscripts to disable autoloading12:07
rfriedINITSCRIPT_NAME = ""12:07
rfriedINITSCRIPT_PARAMS = ""12:07
rfriedThat's it./12:07
rburtonjust set INITSCRIPT_PARAMS=disable12:09
rburtondefault is "defaults" which is enabling12:09
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rfriedrburton: works.12:24
rfriedthanks RB  rburton12:24
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elayeHi, I'm having trouble building a recipe for a Rust private crate. I generated the recipe with `cargo-bitbake`. Bitbake successfully fetches the private repo and it's private dependencies via SSH however when bitbake invokes `cargo build`, cargo is unable to fetch the private repos anymore. I adapted my recipe based on this similar issue for Go13:38
elaye,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,82558905 but to no avail. Here is the error log: and here is my recipe:
qschulzelaye: it seems your host was not able to resolve
elayeqschulz: yes that's what the cargo error seems to imply however I can build the crate on the same host outside of the bitbake environment, and bitbake is also able to fetch the crate from the private gitlab repo13:43
rburtonnetwork is disabled in do_compile, so it must be going to fetch. why can't you fetch everything via SRC_URI?13:44
elayerburton: ah I see that would make sense. Everything is actually fetched via SRC_URI, and this works since I can see the repos cloned in the build/tmp directory. So I guess the issue comes from cargo not being able to use the crates fetched by SRC_URI13:47
RPrburton: any idea what this means from debuginfod: ? :/13:51
RPrburton:  it is also spewing all those warnings which makes the logs really really annoying13:51
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qschulzmoto-timo: how bad is it to have [PATCH meta-python 0/2] instead of [meta-python][PATCH 0/2]?15:43
qschulzmoto-timo: I think b4 only supports generating patches with the first pattern15:43
qschulzjust to know if I should just edit the headers by hand/work with b4 to have something match your worflow15:43
rburtonRP: hm, give me a minute and i'll page that knowledge back in15:45
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rburtonRP: reliably failing or intermittent15:47
RPrburton: intermittent, naturally. I think the long logs are consistent though, just hidden if nothing fails in that thread15:54
rburtoni wonder if its getting mixed up with multiple testimages happening at once15:54
RPrburton: they'd be in separate build directories15:56
rburtonits a network operation to the host15:56
rburtonso it might be hitting the wrong debuginfod socket15:56
rburtonfairly easily tested, give me a bit15:57
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moto-timoqschulz: that is a question for khem, as he is the one staging patches16:04
rburtonRP: the locked database thing is weird as its using an in-memory db for the selftest16:06
RPrburton: yes, I don't understand it but I've not looked :/16:07
rburton[Mon 09 Jan 2023 11:18:44 AM GMT] (3773146/3773146): upstream debuginfod servers:
rburtonwell i doubt that's the problem but that's stupid :)16:09
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rburtonah i wonder if its grabbing that from the environment somehow16:10
rburtonyes, interesting16:11
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qschulzmoto-timo: your mail address is outdated here:
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:06
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rburtonRP: ffs try to replicate and it just fails [Mon Jan  9 17:07:21 2023] (2119034/2119034): libmicrohttpd error: Failed to create worker inter-thread communication channel: Too many open files17:10
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RPrburton: sounds very strange17:11
rburton$ sysctl fs.file-nr17:12
rburtonfs.file-nr = 1385606553617:12
moto-timoqschulz:  no, that is a valid email address for non-work FOSS17:12
victoridaho[m]Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve "Error: Could not find class file for '" when trying to add "perf" to the build? Not even sure why "perf" needs java.17:12
rburtoni'll push that up maybe it needs more17:12
rburtonvictoridaho[m]: perf doesn't17:13
rburton(i built perf and don't even have java installed or meta-java added)17:13
victoridaho[m]rburton: I think it has to do with creating debug symbols etc.17:13
qschulzmoto-timo: got rejected by your mail provider then17:14
rburtonah hm perf does have some java poking17:14
rburtonso it probably found java on your host and tried to use it17:14
victoridaho[m]It's running "/workdir/build-shasta-dev/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/icedtea7-native/2.1.3-r1.0/icedtea-2.1.3/build/bootstrap/jdk1.6.0/bin/java"17:14
qschulzmoto-timo: and I stupidly deleted the mails so can't say, will try with a simple mail instead17:14
rburtonvictoridaho[m]: so our perf recipe turns off java support17:15
rburtonvictoridaho[m]: but you're enabling it as its building icedtea, so you shoud talk to the meta-java maintainers17:16
victoridaho[m]How do I find who are the maintainers?17:16
rburtonmeta-java's readme file17:16
qschulzmoto-timo: k my bad, got a reject from spam assassin or simialr17:18
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qschulzmoto-timo: PEBKAC, sorry17:20
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rburtonRP: would be easier to strace if debuginfod didn't spawn literally 1000 threads17:27
rburtonstrace -ff resulted in 1018 log files17:27
RPrburton: that sounds a bit crazy :/17:27
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rburtonRP: its opening a silly number of epoll sockets and hitting the limit on this machine (the 256 core one...)17:33
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kanavinrburton,   -c, --concurrency=NUM      Limit scanning thread concurrency to NUM,17:53
kanavin                             default=#CPUs.17:53
kanavin  -C, --connection-pool[=NUM]   Use webapi connection pool with NUM threads,17:53
kanavin                             default=unlim.17:53
kanavinrelevant maybe?17:53
rburtonyeah just wondering why its trying to open 1000+ epoll sockets18:02
kanavinhalstead, how many pre-haswell build machines are there on the AB? I found at least one (fedora36-ty-1) with 'E5-2697 v2' - v2 is ivy bridge, and just one version short. There's a change in oe-core that requires at least haswell hardware when running qemu with kvm.18:08
kanavinRP: ^^^. I fixed gdk-pixbuf, but runqemu kvm does crash on that machine, it's just one generation too old.18:08
kanavinRP: I'd hope there is not a lot of those, we'd be seeing a lot more crashes if it was so.18:10
halsteadkanavin: I think there are quite a few ivybridge machines as well as a few ARM64 machines. I can get a count. Which AMD chips are supported?18:10
kanavinhalstead, intel: haswell and newer, amd: excavator and newer18:11
kanavinarm64 is not affected18:12
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moto-timoqschulz: your patches aren't being picked up by lore nor patchwork... perhaps you need to use 'b4 prep --set-prefixes' differently?
moto-timoqschulz: I haven't tried using b4 to send patches yet18:45
halsteadkanavin: I emailed you the list of CPUs. It does appear everything else is haswell or newer.18:47
halsteadkanavin: Oh and is also an E5-2697 v2. Do we use qemu on the perf workers?18:49
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kanavinhalstead, thanks. perf workers are not affected either.19:06
halsteadkanavin: So do we need to limit builds on fedora36-ty-1 or retire the hardware?19:07
kanavinhalstead, I'm not sure what's best, but maybe you have a spare CPU you could swap in, or simply disable the worker.19:07
kanavinhalstead, I don't think we can easily filter builds at the moment by whether they need kvm or not, so it can't run anything from a-full or a-quck19:08
halsteadkanavin: I think we are out of spare CPUs. I can double check. We might have to retire that worker and make it a perf machine or something.19:09
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto19:10
kanavinhalstead, thanks, I don't have any particular suggestions.19:11
kanavinhalstead, not sure if you're aware, it's due to enabling level 3 instructions:
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)19:13
kanavinlevel 4 will not be happening anytime soon (or probably not so soon either)19:14
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kanavin(the table is slightly out of date, qemu does support level 3 since one month ago)19:15
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RPkanavin: we might just have to drop back a tune level, we really need the hardware we have21:16
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RPhalstead: We can probably go back to an older tune for a while as I suspect if we're hitting this, too many others will as well21:23
halsteadRP, the uninative is ready.21:24
halsteadRP, can we select the tune adaptively?21:24
RPhalstead: I saw, thanks for the that. I'll be happy if we can fix some issues with that!21:25
RPhalstead: no, this is the CPU optimisation the target binaries are built for so it needs to be the same for qemux86-64 everywhere21:25
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:29
halsteadI suppose this is an example of our diverse build lab helping certain users.21:30
RPhalstead: right, I think that is the best way to look at it21:32
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JaMaFWIW: I've changed DEFAULTTUNE to corei7-64 (instead of the original core2-64), because of VirtualBox and all seems to work
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paulgI don't know where to look to answer this - can anyone say if qemu ppc64 boot tests are still run as part of autobuild coverage?21:44
RPpaulg: I was talking to vvmeson about this last week. We don't build or boot ppc64 at all at the moment21:51
RPpaulg: no qemuppc64 on
RPwell, not active21:52
vvmesonpaulg: Yeah, we need to convince RP and the YP TSC to drop something (mips64!) and add ppc64. I had assumed that ppc64 was being tested.21:53
paulgok - thanks - good to know.21:53
paulgand no.  I won't support adding ppc64.21:54
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paulgwe (RP and I) talked about this over a year ago when ppc32 was becoming problematic emulating a 1998 turd.21:55
*** jooli <jooli!> has joined #yocto21:55
vvmesonpaulg: but I bet you wouldn't mind if we drop mips64!21:55
paulgYes, I want all old crap dropped.  It is no secret.21:56
paulgIt is how software survives.21:56
paulgI'm sure RP would be thrilled to see a release blocked for a yocto-on-Amiga bug.21:57
RPpaulg: I'd be surprised it worked there in the first place :D21:59
abellonichallenge accepted!21:59
paulgyocti, tell vmeson ppc64 and mips64 should die together like Thelma and Louise.21:59
yoctipaulg: Error: I haven't seen vmeson, I'll let you do the telling.21:59
* RP does have YP building images for his AVR microcontrollers 22:00
paulgyocti, tell vvmeson ppc64 and mips64 should die together like Thelma and Louise.22:00
yoctipaulg: The operation succeeded.22:00
RPThe scary bit of my AVR support is it builds a gcc on target cross compiler :D22:00
paulgI should know better by now to simply trust tab completion on IRC nicks.22:01
RPAn x86-64 host building a cross compiler to run on an arm board generating AVR binaries22:02
paulgI might actually be able to get behind AVR since there are a zillion wifi LED bulbs out there that could run it.22:02
paulgI'm sure I own a bunch....22:03
* vvmeson waits for his ghost /nick to drift into the ether...22:03
abelloniRP: which version of gcc are you using for that? :)22:03
RPabelloni: it was a while ago22:03
paulgabelloni, don't go there.  ;-)  You'll never come back.22:03
paulgthings I call "time thief" or "slave to your possessions"22:04
abelloniI ripped out avr from the kernel so I know ;)22:04
*** jooli65 <jooli65!> has joined #yocto22:04
RPabelloni: it was for firmware for microcontrollers, not linux22:05
*** jooli65 is now known as jooli51222:05
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*** jooli512 is now known as jooli22:06
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abelloniaren't we ready for avr128? :)22:09
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RPabelloni: skip to 256 ;-)22:24
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*** vvmeson is now known as vmeson22:26
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RPJPEW: are you around atm? I've found another threading issue. I think I know the answer but...22:32
JPEWSure, I've got a little time22:32
RPJPEW: I think we have a problem with the idle condition we added in that there are actually two things needed for the condition - no idle functions *and* the async command is None22:33
RPWe don't put any locking around the current async command22:33
RPJPEW: this currentAsyncCommand in command.py22:33
RPJPEW: I think the code races at the moment since the idle functions can be empty but the command hasn't been cleared22:34
JPEWAh `# FIXME Add a lock for this`22:34
RPJPEW: heh, yes22:35
RPJPEW: this was a failing log:
RPJPEW: note the second last "Registering idle function" with no "Removing idle function"22:36
RPJPEW: I think we may be able to roll this all under the same lock/condition22:37
JPEWYa, you would want to use the same lock22:38
JPEWFortunately, the condition can be as complex as you need, so you don't necessarily have to _leave_ it locked all the time22:38
RPthe condition is easy, we just check for it being None22:39
JPEWcurrentAsyncCommand == None ?22:39
JPEWerr, `is None`22:39
JPEWI write python, I swear22:39
RPheh, yes, that :)22:40
RPJPEW: should make the code a bit easier to follow too22:40
* RP remembers why we did this and is happy it isn't needed now22:40
JPEWOh, ya, this can be simplifed a lot22:41
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JPEWRP: Yes, it needs to all be under the same condition variable; it's a little annoying that the state is split between they two classes; that makes it really hard to follow22:52
RPJPEW: yes, I was just cursing that a bit :/22:52
JPEWI was moving currentAsyncCommand to be under ProcessServer() with atomic get/set/clear functions, but I don't know how to get that object in all the calls in `class Command`22:53
JPEWPassed as an argument in runCommand... but not the others22:54
RPJPEW: I think with my patch above we can make it appear to runAsyncCommand as well22:54
RPJPEW: finishAsyncCommand is harder22:57
JPEWRP: I see that22:57
RPJPEW:  is     "buildTargets.needcache = True" the best way to put information against these functions?22:58
RPI was wondering about marking the functions which had return codes or shouldn't have finishAsyncCommand called22:58
JPEWOh, ya, you could put a boolean flag in there like that22:59'll probably need them to return their return code in that case23:01
JPEWRP: Also... buildTargets and buildFile are the only two that *don't* need it?23:01
RPJPEW: right, it isn't straightforward :/. I think we just add the process server to command.Command()23:02
JPEWin __init__ ?23:02
RPJPEW: right, those two are the only ones that don't need it but there is a return code on another23:02
JPEW(as a member)23:02
RPJPEW: yes23:02
JPEWYa, I wasn't sure if that was OK in this case, but that would be the most straight forward way23:02
RPJPEW: there were reasons it once wasn't possible. Not sure now23:02
JPEW... why don't those two call finishAsyncCommand?23:04
RPJPEW: they trigger their own idle loop handlers to be added23:05
RPJPEW: grep for idle in cooker.py23:05
JPEWAh, I see23:05
JPEWAh, and the idle function call finishAsyncCommand when they are done23:06
JPEW.... intersting23:06
RPJPEW: this is what you get to retrofitting server/client split onto really old code23:06
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JPEWRP: I have to go, but if you get a change, I can review it, otherwise I can try to cook up something tomorrow23:07
RPJPEW: thanks. I'll see what I can come up with. You at least agree it is likely currently quite broken? :/23:09
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JPEWRP: Seems so23:20
RPJPEW: is my attempt at a patch so far23:21
RPJPEW: there is a ton of cleanup I think we can do elsewhere but I'm not cluttering this change with it23:21
RPJPEW: I've put them on bitbake master-next23:24
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:31
zeddiiRP: strange question. I updated master to work on my next series. After I did a bitbake core-image-minimal to get a baseline, like I normally do. Whenever I do it again, it is always finding something to build and package. I assume it is related to your latest bitbake changes and maybe something I don't have in my local.conf now ?23:34
RPzeddii: it sounds like a bug :(23:35
*** azcraft <azcraft!~AzCraft@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)23:35
RPzeddii: always something different or the same thing each time?23:35
zeddiiI can answer that in a bit. I'll let it complete this time and do it again.23:36
RPzeddii: it isn't anything I'm aware of. There was one cache reparsing issue but that was just the cache and reparsing when it shouldn't, not rebuilding23:36
zeddiimaybe the image didn't really complete the first time ? it dropped me back to the prompt. I'll have to watch for that s well.23:37
zeddiisince this is what it found on the 2nd bitbake core-image-minimal23:37
zeddiiwhich seems like a lot.23:37
RPzeddii: you should have a history of build logs in tmp/log/cooker/<MACHINE> FWIW23:39
RPzeddii: those will say what happened in each previous build23:39
RPzeddii: knowing which task is the first to rebuild is the data point we need23:41
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