Wednesday, 2023-01-18

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mckoangood morning07:47
landgrafmckoan  (^_^)/07:52
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:53
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alessioigor\me waves all08:14
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rob_wis there a way to safe the actual download sources used by a image build08:57
qschulzthe sources will be in DL_DIR08:58
ejoerns[m]Hi together, is it expected that when using DEPENDS:append = " something" together with BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" the native package will have a dependency on both 'something-native' *and* 'something'? When using "+=" it works fine (only 'something-native' ends up in dependecies), thus it seems like :append kicks in twice?08:59
qschulzejoerns[m]: that seems incorrect. Can you check with bitbake-getvar -r your-recipe DEPENDS and check that something-native and something comes from the same line?09:00
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rob_wqschulz:  thx will test it right away09:00
ejoerns[m]qschulz: 'something-native' comes from map_dependencies of native.bbclass (this is the part that I would expect), 'something' is only listed in an :append line before. The expanded value then contains both. So it seems like it is already in the list when native rewriting happens, but added again after09:04
ejoerns[m](poky, kirkstone 4.05)09:05
qschulzejoerns[m]: I believe it does not matter, because something dependency for a native build would be the same as something-native09:09
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ejoerns[m]qschulz: It should give a native package depending on a target package, which in most cases really isn't what you want.09:14
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ejoerns[m]Since I can reproduce this with another random poky setup I guess this is some 'normal' behavior of bitbake parsing that I haven't been aware of (and didn't want to be, anyway 😏)09:17
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qschulzejoerns[m]: no because for a "native" package, the "target" architecture is actually the native architecture09:25
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qschulzejoerns[m]: I guess you can fill a bug on our bugzilla to ask if this is expected? If you could provide a very simple recipe on top of vanilla poky, that'd be the best09:27
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qschulzit doesn't need to compile, just needs to parse I guess09:27
qschulzRP: maybe you know ^ DEPENDS:append = "something" BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" adds both something and something-native to DEPENDS of the native recipe09:27
ejoerns[m]qschulz: yes, submitting a bug would be my next step, but I wanted to make sure that I do not hit something very well known ;) Thx for your guidance!09:46
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qschulzejoerns[m]: I'm as surprised as you are, but I don't think it brings the MACHINE architecture's recipe variant in the dependencies of the native recipe (you could always check in the recipe-sysroot* directories and check that no MACHINE architecture's binaries/shlibs are available there)09:47
RPqschulz: I'm not entirely surprised but that wasn't likely the design intent09:52
RPqschulz: I can guess why, the write of DEPENDS back doesn't cancel the append?09:52
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qschulznmcli returns some weird characters instead of colors, does anyone know what is the culprit?10:09
qschulzNO_COLOR=1 works fine but obviously I would expect something on the system level10:09
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landgrafqschulz: I got your point :) just was worried why I've not seen the missed branch warning10:19
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PoppyI don't know but on kirkstone branch I got this warning "do_rootfs: QA Issue: The license listed GPL-2.0-or-later was not in the licenses collected for recipe libpam [license-file-missing] " for libxau/ libxdmcp / libx11 any tips to solve that ?10:21
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ejoerns[m]RP: if an append can be canceled there, this sounds pretty much like what it should do, yes (also see my original question above)10:26
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qschulzlandgraf: :)10:31
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RPejoerns[m]: it is possible, just hard10:33
RPejoerns[m]: the problem is in native.bbclass, the map_dependencies() function and the "parsing=True" to the setVar call10:35
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RPejoerns[m]: introduced in
RP"The implementation uses datastore/parser parameters to ensure that the variable overrides are not overwritten when calling setVar which is appropriate for a function as close to the core as this one is."10:39
ejoerns[m]RP: I see10:40
RPejoerns[m]: there are some overrides we want to preserve and some we don't (:append is an unconditional override)10:40
ejoerns[m]RP: so this assumption was wrong? Or is it still true and additional handling needs to be established?10:40
RPejoerns[m]: there is an unforeseen edge case10:41
ejoerns[m]RP: I understand that e.g. class-specific overrides should be preserved there, yes10:42
RPejoerns[m]: we don't have any way to say "preserve these overrides but not those ones"10:42
ejoerns[m]RP: So it's a "Dont' use (unconditional) :append for DEPENDS etc. " first of all?10:43
RPejoerns[m]: I don't like that. I think we should add some API to bitbake to allow unconditional overrides to be cleared10:44
RPejoerns[m]: the other option would be to implement the "filter" code I've talked with JPEW about,
ejoerns[m]RP: me neither, but I don't feel deep enough into this, yet to propose a working solution :D10:45
RPif we added filters around variables, this problem goes away10:45
RPejoerns[m]: at the very least can you write a bug report for this so we can document what we've worked out10:46
ejoerns[m]@RP sure!10:47
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ysshCan I build a yocto project(sample project as given on the yocto website:
ysshthrough a bootable USB - which has kali linux live ?11:14
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rburtonyssh: if kali has the build depends (as listed in the quick start) and you have access to a large, fast disk, then sure.  Both of those might be problems though.  If you're asking because you've a windows machine and a bootable usb stick gives you linux, then you can build using WSL2 on windows.11:17
ysshrburton My system(linux installed) doesn't seems to be able to build yocto project - AGL ,11:23
ysshThat's why I wanted to build it on my friend's computer using a live usb.11:23
rburtonwhy doesn't your system work?11:24
ysshMy system has less memory(4gb) so during build time getting error: running out of memory...11:24
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rburtonyou can add more swap if you're desperate.  or buy more ram...11:25
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ysshSo then I extended my SWAP(32gb) but don't know why but still getting same error!11:26
ysshBut my SWAP file working fine.11:26
ysshI tested SWAP by opening multiple tabs.11:27
rburtonyou test swap by running 'swapon -s'11:27
ysshSWAP is working except for the yocto build.11:27
rburtoncan you prove that swap is working by running 'swapon -s'11:28
yssh`/swapfile                              file    335544280-`11:29
ysshsudo swapon -s --^ above output.11:30
rburtonok, and what actual error do you get when building?11:30
rburtoni mean recipe, task, copy-and-paste of the error message11:31
ysshLet me try to build It again.11:32
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ysshrburton Currently the build is running-Downloading files.11:55
ysshBut last time this was the error (from my browser history...):11:56
yssh` traps: init[1] trap invaild opcode ip:7f739c1482ba sp:7ffea56c7a50 error:0 in[7f739c136000+6000] `11:56
rburtonthat isn't an out of memory error11:58
ysshOhhh, sorry about this this is I think it's from the AGL build.11:58
ysshOhh.. build failed.11:59
ysshThis is the Error:12:00
yssh` ERROR: Failed to spawn fakeroot worker to run /home/bullbust/Work/OSP/Yocto/poky/meta/recipes-core/base-files/ [Errno 32] Broken pipe `12:00
rburtondisk full?12:00
rburtonpastebin the *full* log for base-files do_install12:00
ysshrburton I think I didn't understand what you are asked.12:04
ysshWhat exactly I should do? I am a beginner...12:04
rburtonpastebin tmp/work/[target arch]/base-files/3.0.14/temp/log.do_install12:04
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ysshrburton there is no log.do_install file in this directory!12:13
ysshThere is log.do_compile, log.do_fetch, etc etc12:14
rburtonok pastebin the full output of what was on screen to start12:14
rburtoni mean what bitbake said12:17
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rburtonok, now bitbake-cookerdaemon.log please12:20
granjowHi guys, is there somewhere a bit of information about .wic (where to get tools to work with them, what the connection with .wks and kickstart is, what the file format looks like)? Everything seems to point to pykickstart which to me appears to use a plaintext configuration file and which can write images for floppy disks and CD-ROM.12:21
qschulzgranjow: did you have a look at our documentation already?
qschulzthe wic file can be dd'ed directly to an sd card or emmc usually12:23
sudip also has some details12:24
rburtonyssh: private or pending moderation12:25
ysshPending moderation12:27
granjowOkay, so .wks defines the partition layout and contents of the .wic file which is a deployable (bmaptool/dd) disk image. Can wic be compiled outside of yocto? Is this a yocto built-in tool, or does it have something like a GitHub repo with code and docs and stuff?12:30
landgrafyssh: try
rburtonpseudo: CPU ISA level is lower than required12:33
rburtonwhat CPU do you have?12:33
landgrafgranjow: wic is part of oe-core12:33
landgrafTIL: wic was called mic before...12:34
rburtonyeah once upon a time it was a fork of the moblin image creator12:36
rburtonyssh: cat /proc/cpuinfo, please12:36
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ysshrburton ?12:39
rburtonyssh: i'm guessing the uninative tarball contains binaries that refuse to run on your machine.  delete the build tree (tmp/) and add INHERIT:remove = "uninative" to local.conf, then try again12:39
rburtonjust tmp, no need to delete downloads or sstate-cache12:40
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rburtonyssh: your build is going to take a very, very long time.12:42
lousonlandgraf: hello. I have troubles to pass the ssh test. I have added dropbear but I get a permission denied. I have added the empty-root-password image feature but that does not set the password. How can I do that without modifying the layers ?12:45
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rburtonRP: we should check that the new buildtools doesn't have an overly-optimistic ISA level requirement12:46
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yoctonlouson: does'nt dropbear disable Empty root password access by default?12:53
yoctonlouson: You may want to use EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks" instead of "empty-root-password"12:55
yoctonlouson: see poky/meta/classes-recipe/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass:1312:55
Poppyafter adding multiple SRC_URI in image recipe I got "sx512-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs:QA Issue: The license listed GPL-2.0-or-later was not in the licenses collected for recipe libpam [license-file-missing]"  any tips to remove the warning ?12:56
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RPrburton: hmm, true13:05
RPrburton: I wonder what we assume? :/13:06
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* RP thinks he's found a patch people will hate him for 13:07
* JaMa grumbles in expectation :)13:08
RPJaMa: you will find it annoying but probably like it overall :)13:08
JaMayeah, I like your commits, I just grumble about everything :)13:10
* RP is thinking about
RPPerhaps I'm pushing the defaults a little there, not sure13:13
rburtonlike it :)13:13
JaMaI like it already :) I've suggested it after ffmpeg patch-fuzz landed in last kirkstone update, it does cause do_patch to fail, right?13:14
RPJaMa: it was that issue which made me want to go and investigate this13:14
RPrburton: I'll remind you when meta-arm explodes13:16
JaMawe have all WARN_QA in ERROR_QA already in webOS builds (including patch-fuzz), so this won't cause any more work for me and will actually save a bit (as similar issue happened recently in our internal component and was "hidden" by retriggering the verification build)13:17
lousonyocton: thanks, I misread the documentation. I also needed allow-empty-password and allow-root-login (or debug-tweaks)13:18
RPJaMa: the bigger question is do all your patches have Upstream-Status?13:18
JaMano, will keep that one in WARN_QA (together with buildpaths :/)13:19
rburtonRP: our internal CI has fatal warnings :)13:20
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RPJaMa: fair enough13:25
RPThis change probably is the right thing to do, it just won't make me popular13:25
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JaMaagreed with the first part (already cherry-picked to my builds)13:27
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JaMaeven meta-ros had very crude check for Upstream-Status (sadly with many Pending), but even Pending is better than no information at all13:29
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ysshrburton Again failed! the build with same error:13:34
yssh` ERROR: Failed to spawn fakeroot worker to run /home/bullbust/Work/OSP/Yocto/poky/meta/recipes-core/base-files/ [Errno 32] Broken pipe `13:34
rburtonyssh: what does NATIVELSBSTRING = say at the top of the bitbake output?13:36
ysshNATIVELSBSTRING      = "debian-11"13:37
rburtontry deleting sstate-cache and tmp, maybe there's a subtle issue there.13:38
rburtonyou can just bitbake base-files to speed things up a little13:39
rburtonand i'm assuming you've not done anything to local.conf13:39
ysshno I don't13:39
JaMakhem: with I'm seeing target binutils failing with (with 1.40 as well as 1.39 and with ld-is-gold as well as without), have you seen that as well?13:40
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ysshrburton here is local.conf file :
ysshI have made some changes at first as shown in the docs.13:49
rburtonyssh: comment out BB_HASHSERVE_UPSTREAM and SSTATE_MIRRORS again, just to be sure that they're not tainting your build13:54
JaMahmm what would prevent pseudo-native to be reused from SSTATE_MIRRORS from some other debian-11 with higher ISA?13:56
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RPJaMa: is uninative active?14:03
RPJaMa: older bitbakes did have issues pulling pseudo-native from sstate too14:03
JaMaI was thinking about yssh's case14:04
ysshCan I ask what is exactly pseudo-native?14:04
RPyssh: it is a fakeroot emulator which lets us pretend to do things as root yet not be14:05
JaMathat with or without uninative we don't prevent host's native toolchain to pass e.g. some -march14:05
RPyssh: fakeroot tasks run under pseudo so the fact the fakeroot worker is failing to start suggests a problem in pseudo14:05
ysshohh... sounds like it a hacking tool14:08
RPyssh: it can only ever do anything your user can do, it is all just an illusion :)14:10
ysshRP Ok,14:11
JaMayssh: it will be great to discover what's the issue, but after that building on AMD C-70 will be a bit painful, unless you're paid by hour and this laptop was provided by company to do OE builds :)14:12
*** yssh66 <yssh66!~yssh@2401:4900:519d:b052:45d4:3e9d:d770:c5f4> has joined #yocto14:12
landgrafsounds like dream job14:13
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JaMalandgraf: yeah, but you cannot play solitaire on the same laptop when build is running14:13
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manuel1985Can xfce run under xwayland?14:17
*** yssh <yssh!~yssh@2401:4900:519d:b052:45d4:3e9d:d770:c5f4> has joined #yocto14:17
RPheh, rouge bisect checked out a bitbake from 2015, couldn't find "python" and I got very confused14:18
landgrafmanuel1985: No, afaik14:18
manuel1985landgraf: Thanks14:18
qschulzmanuel1985: they are planning to do it one day, but doesn't seem to be atm no14:21
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto14:27
JaMaRP: does it say "NAMELESS FILE" in the error or is it just empty ''?14:29
manuel1985Hope theres no misunderstanding, I'm talking about XWayland. X! Which emulates a xserver as far as I know.14:29
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:30
manuel1985So I thought there is a fair chance xfce doesn't even know it's not running below Xorg.14:30
manuel1985Dunno, perhaps xfce is using some Xorg-only extensions or whatnot. Or the xserver implemented by xwayland is not 100% complete.14:31
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* RP is waiting for someone to complain that "NAMELESS FILE" doesn't package correctly with pseudo14:38
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JaMaRP: thanks14:39
RPJaMa: it is an internal token within pseudo14:41
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Poppysomeone here use whitesource / mend to scan sources ?14:53
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rburtonmanuel_: my understanding is that xwayland is for running X *apps* under a primarily wayland session, not a whole window manager15:49
rburtonweston is the wm, in xwayland15:50
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JaMa203 patch-status-noncore WARN_QA in almost complete build - bad but I was expecting worse16:45
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rburtonRP: so our 4.1.2 build tools says x86 ISA used: x86-64-baseline, x86-64-v2, x86-64-v3, x86-64-v416:54
rburtonthat seems a little keen?17:00
rburtonor am I misunderstanding17:00
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JaMakhem: I've used wrong link, should be and the versions should be 2.39 and 2.40 as you probably guessed, I see that RP reported the same failures on ML as well17:06
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rburtonurh downloads.yocto is on strike again17:44
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RPrburton: does halstead know?17:59
rburtonnot yet17:59
halsteadI don't. But I do now..17:59
rburtoni was downloading at 100kbps which gets boring when its a huge buildtools18:00
halsteadI'm currently tracking down some packet loss issues on that network18:00
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halsteadrburton: Do you happen to have the url of the buildtools in question handy?18:11
ysshThe build was successful `bitbake base-files`.18:12
ysshNow what should I do next : `bitbake core-image-sato`  ?18:12
rburtonif that's what you want to build, yes18:13
rburtoni was just saying do base-files as that was where it broke first18:13
ysshOh, Ok18:14
halsteadrburton: Can you do a speed check on and let me know how much better it is?18:14
rburtoni'll test the original link again18:15
rburtonthe yocto URL is coming down at anything between 100kb/s and 5mb/s18:15
rburtoni think its going to average at about 200kb/s18:16
halsteadThanks rburton . Sounds like if I can get mirror redirection working for you that will help a lot.18:16
rburtonyes :)18:16
rburtonyp server finally finished at 500kb/s on average18:17
halsteadrburton: Did the kernel mirror link finish out at 60Mb/s or did it drop off a bunch?18:18
rburtonit dropped back to 16mb/s on average18:19
halsteadNot too bad. Okay. That helps. Thank you for the data points rburton .18:19
rfs613those kernel guys, never sharing their gigabits with other friends... ;-)18:32
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lhembed[m]Is this the place to ask questions if I'm having problems building something?19:34
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JaMalhembed[m]: you can try19:36
lhembed[m]I'm having problem building host SDK containing grpc... (full message at <>)19:47
*** Starfoxxes <Starfoxxes!~Starfoxxe@2a02:8070:5380:54c0:c689:e7da:9388:b2f6> has joined #yocto19:48
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lhembed[m]Seems like an updated recipe from master was the problem inside langdale. Sorry for spam.21:24
lhembed[m](I copied it prevously for troubleshooting)21:24
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denix$ wget
denix--2023-01-18 23:12:02--
denixResolving (
denixConnecting to (||:443... connected.23:13
denixERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by ‘CN=R3,O=Let's Encrypt,C=US’:23:13
denix  Issued certificate has expired.23:13
denixTo connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.23:13
denixhalstead: ^^^23:14
halsteaddenix: Interesting. :\23:14
*** demirok <demirok!~bell@user/demirok> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)23:14
denixExpires OnWednesday, January 18, 2023 at 6:05:58 PM23:15
denix10 minutes since expired23:15
halsteaddenix: The renewals have been failing and I've solved it. Now to find out why the failures didn't email the team. Thank you for reporting.23:18
halsteaddenix: I was looking at that server this morning too.23:18
denixhalstead: thanks!23:18
halsteadThank you!23:19
*** starblue <starblue!> has joined #yocto23:37
* moto-timo imagines denix in a tiny box, watching a screen to see if certs have expired yet or not23:45
moto-timodenix's cat23:45
moto-timoaka frumkin for those that follow critical role23:49

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