Tuesday, 2023-02-14

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mckoangood morning07:46
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JaMaccf: Cau, it's kept by default unless you inherit rm_work or reuse it from sstate, if you want to force rebuilding something (without sstate) you can use -C compile or -c cleansstate and rebuild07:55
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mcfrisk_Broken pipe[Errno 32] Broken pipe[Errno 32] Broken pipe[Errno 32] Broken pipe[Errno 32] Broken pipe[Errno 32]... "bitbake -e core-image-minimal | less" goes crazy after some time09:03
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JaMamcfrisk_: looks like you need good plumber :)09:17
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shoraganis there a mechanism to keep the user ids allocated via USERADD_PARAM static over a longer term?09:43
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knicklichtHello all, I added DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED = "pulseaudio" to my distro config to exclude any pulseaudio components that are present in an alsa package group that I enabled in my build. Now I get an error when building: "configure: error: not using libltdl; cannot load alsa dynamically" in sox_14.4.2.bb recipe. I did not explicitly add09:45
knicklichtsox. I tried adding libltdl/libtool to my built but it does not fix the error. How do I: 1. find the recipe that adds this dependency, 2. Add the needed dependencies to built sox?09:46
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yoctonknicklicht: You can get a dependency graph with "bitbake -g <you image>"10:07
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knicklichtyocton: Thanks, I will try it out.10:10
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Saur[m]shoragan: Yes, there is. This is what we use in our configuration: https://pastebin.com/tvszSXH0. Then in the `files/static-ids` file, we list all users/groups and their IDs as `<name>::<id>`. One note, we make sure to use the same ID for both user and group with the same name. Otherwise you would have to have separate files.10:28
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ptsnevesI am so confused with how git lfs works in yocto. There is no documentation for it, and there are actually 3 states, lfs=0, lfs=1 and undefined lfs parameter in the SRC_URI but lfs=1 and undefined lfs parameters use different code paths10:57
RPptsneves: I've relied on patches from people so I'm not really sure either :(10:58
RPptsneves: is there anything in the git commits related to it which helps?10:58
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ptsneves@RP Yes, and some context as well. The thing is that git filter handling, which is what git-lfs is, is something done transparently by git. With lfs=1 we just make sure that the git filter does not happen in the do_unpack task but at the do_fetch part. With the lfs URI parameter unset and with a git lfs repository, git may fetch git lfs blobs in every unpack due to the filters running on git checkout11:02
JaMaptsneves: it gets even worse when gitsm:// is involved as it's not clear if lfs param should propagate also to submodules, see https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1493811:03
LetoThe2ndyo dudX11:04
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JaMaptsneves: if you have lfs enabled in .gitconfig bitbake fetcher will be affected by it as well11:04
ptsneves@RP So my suggestions is that we add git-lfs to the auto builder and use an actual git lfs repository instead of the current one which is a dummy non-git lfs repo11:04
ptsnevesJaMa: exactly!11:05
RPptsneves: we're not adding git-lfs to the autobuilder, the dependencies are horrendous11:07
ptsnevesRP: git-lfs is a go binary, which can be built statically if i am not wrong?11:08
RPptsneves: remember that we have all different flavours of distros as autobuilder workers. We'd have to have something that would work for all of them. The systems are also supposed to have minimal installs11:09
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ptsnevesthen we should re-do the lfs specific logic into general git filter handling logic. Basically we would look for any gitattributes related to filters in the fetch, and if any, do the tempdir checkout on do_fetch to run the filters. We could also look at the smudge/process filter command and do a which on it. If not found do a warning.11:16
ptsnevesThis would be testable without git-lfs specifically and would cover git-lfs implicitly11:16
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RPptsneves: that sounds reasonable to me without knowing much about any of the details :)11:16
LetoThe2ndit might be my age showing, but my brain always reads: "Git Linux From Scratch"11:17
ptsnevesLetoThe2nd: ahah me too. It is so strongly burned on me that I need to make a mental tai-chi to let it go11:17
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LetoThe2ndptsneves: tell me if it works. i tried drinking, but no success.11:18
shoraganSaur[m], ah, excellent!11:18
ptsnevesRP: Do you know who could help me validate my understanding on the subject?11:19
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RPptsneves: not really :(11:20
ptsnevesRP: That is not great as my understanding of the current behavior keeps changing.11:24
ptsneveshttps://pastebin.com/gXktRex0 is a patch of real git-lfs checkout where lfs=1 and lfs unset both work, but the fetcher code paths are different11:24
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RPptsneves: we should probably add those and ensure it shows a warning if lfs is used without lfs=1 being set?11:35
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ptsnevesRP: We cannot add it because they actually require git-lfs to be in the autobuilder, or they need to be disabled in the autobuilder.11:39
ptsnevesRegarding the warning i agree.11:39
ptsneves@RP at least according to your statement that we cannot have git-lfs in the autobuilder11:39
JaMaptsneves: my understanding is also quite limited and when I've asked in RFC on ML what is the expected behavior I got no reply, but please update the ticket with your understanding and link it from your future changes11:40
RPptsneves: we can skip the tests if it isn't present. Having the tests would be better than not11:40
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RPptsneves: we do already skip tests if we can't reasonably run them11:41
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ptsnevesJaMa: You know, i was skimming the ticket and the reason i started this investigation was because I found an issue with the exact same error message, except it was not on git submodule. Fixing the filters, fixed the issue. By the way you can make git ignore system and global gitconfig by setting11:43
LetoThe2ndwho's the current masterbrain for wic+plugins?11:44
ptsneves1 self.d.setVar('FETCHCMD_git', "export GIT_CONFIG_SYSTEM=/dev/null;"11:44
ptsneves1         "export GIT_CONFIG_GLOBAL=/dev/null;"11:44
ptsneves1         "git")11:44
JaMaptsneves: that's true, but I need the rest of my .gitconfig :)11:45
JaMaso blocking the system config helps a bit, but still doesn't prevent different results on different users (which might have lfs enabled in user's .gitconfig like I had)11:46
ptsnevesJaMa: Yes then you are in the worst scenario.  You cannot really disable git-lfs with git -c filter.lfs.process= does not disable the filter.11:50
ptsnevesThat is why i say the way to go is to have a generic scan of .gitattributes and a sanity check of the filters that bitbake will implicitly run through git. So that missing filters can at least cause a warning, and existing filters can be logged in notes.11:50
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phako[m]I am having FILES:${PN}-cruft += "${libdir}/foo/ " which makes ${libdir}/foo/cruft/* appear in the package, but not ${libdir}/foo/cruft/data or anything within data. is that expected?11:58
RPLetoThe2nd: we don't have one :(11:59
LetoThe2ndRP: a brain, or a master?11:59
qschulzphako[m]: it's probably matched by another package before ${PN}-cruft is created12:00
qschulzoe-pkgdata-util find-path '/usr/lib/foo/cruft/data' or something like that12:01
phako[m]er wait, sorry. its in the correct packages-split path12:01
qschulzand then you can figure out which FILES variable to modify12:01
phako[m]why isn't in the target12:01
qschulzare you installting PN-cruft?12:01
RPLetoThe2nd: either, it is an area that is struggling :(12:02
phako[m]qschulz: yes, I am stupid, I confused myself by the package hierarchy12:02
phako[m]sorry folder, not package12:02
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LetoThe2ndRP: can I quote you that we are struggling with brains? ;-)12:15
RPLetoThe2nd: I did wonder if you were trying to set me up but decided to play along anyway :)12:23
RPLetoThe2nd: given how I'm feeling today, mine definitely is struggling...12:23
LetoThe2ndRP: i did not intentionally, but playing along is appreciated.12:23
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: is a jester a jester if people aren't in on the joke?12:26
qschulzwe gotta preserve your important (though self-proclaimed) title!12:26
LetoThe2ndqschulz: :-)12:48
ptsnevesqschulz: agree!12:48
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ptsnevescan anybody provide me with the docs on SHELL? I searched the glossary of bitbake manual and poky and cannot find it. I only see that it is default assigned to bash on the terminal.bbclass13:36
rburtonptsneves: man login? what about it specifically.13:37
ptsnevesI mean the bitbake SHELL as in https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/meta/classes/terminal.bbclass#n1613:38
rburtonits the shell the terminal opens13:42
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ptsnevesYeah, but this variable is available in non terminal related recipes through transient dependencies. For example through patch.bbclass13:54
RPptsneves: it is more of a terminal/unix thing13:57
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ptsnevesRP: Yes that is my understanding. My question is because in private I see users using that variable in non terminal tasks, and i wanted to know if this variable's use is recommended.13:58
RPptsneves: bitbake nor OE really care about it afaik14:02
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TRO[m]Hi, who knows about the autobuilder infrastructure used? (e.g. AWS instance type etc.)14:37
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angmanHi. I'm investigating how to create spdx files with our yocto build system (dunfell). I have already tried the following two ways, but there are some challenges.14:39
angmanUsing meta-spdxscanner is the easiest way. But I found that it takes too much time to create spdx files. I need a faster way to create them.14:39
angmanUsing create-spdx.bbclass is the best I can do. I have found that create-spdx.bbclass works with updating, adding or modifying some poky/meta files. But I think this is a hacky way.14:39
angmanDo you have any idea how to create spdx files with dunfell?14:39
angmanThanks a lot!14:39
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qschulzangman: did you follow the documentation? https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/common-tasks.html#creating-a-software-bill-of-materials14:45
qschulzbecause I don't quite understand what you mean by "works with updating, adding or modifying some poky/meta files."14:45
angmanTo be precise, no. I want to create spdx in Dunfell's poky, but the method of using create-spdx described in the linked manual instructions is only supported from kirkstone....14:47
angmanThus, when I used create-spdx on my build system (dunfell), it means that I updated or added some files in the meta layer to match kirkstone's poky.14:48
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@pc.renesas.eu> has joined #yocto14:48
angmanHowever, I don't think this is a good approach and am looking for other methods.14:48
qschulzI don't know exactly how good the support for SBOM creation is in Dunfell, so summoning JPEW :)14:49
JPEWI don't think we backported it, but the class is pretty straight forward so I think you could copy it back? We get that request a lot....14:50
angmanYes, and I already tried it and succeded. 😊14:52
angmanBut I feel that this is not a very appropriate method, so I asked if there is another way.14:52
qschulzangman: update to kirkstone :D ?14:52
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qschulzangman: you could always have the new create-spdx class from kirkstone in your own layer and setup BBPATH appropriately14:53
angmanYes, but only a few files becuase I used a bsp provided by other board vendor, and it includes dunfell poky...14:53
qschulzbut that is definitely not best practice14:53
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angmanYes, that's right. But I guess I'll have to bring the create-spdx related files from kirkstone for now.14:57
angmanJust knowing that was very helpful. Thanks!😁14:57
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JPEWkeep an eye on master, we are working on a few other SPDX fix15:03
JPEWAh, they left15:03
mcfrisk_How to get to https://www.yoctoproject.org/2022-a-year-in-review/ on https://www.yoctoproject.org/ ? I can't find "news" or similar links from drop down menu bar15:08
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qschulzndec: LetoThe2nd this is for you I guess? ^15:38
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RPmcfrisk_: I asked that same question recently. There is a news on the bottom bar15:48
RPmcfrisk_: there is a redesign in progress FWIW15:48
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Guest40Hi, i'm having trouble adding the e2fsprogs of meta-openembedded on a yocto project (morty), I append it on the image .bb file "IMAGE_INSTALL += "\16:11
Guest40Hi, i'm having trouble adding the e2fsprogs of meta-openembedded on a yocto project (morty), I append it on the image .bb file "IMAGE_INSTALL += "\16:12
Guest40the alsa-lib packet is correctly added but no clue what happened to the e2fsprogs16:12
qschulzGuest40: which binary are you expecting in your image?16:13
qschulzGuest40: https://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs_1.43.bb?h=morty#n8816:14
qschulzthe package is named e2fsprogs-tune2fs16:14
qschulzif you were on a decently recent release of yocto I would have suggested to use oe-pkgdata-util find-path 'tune2fs' and you'd have known directly without reading the recipe :)16:15
qschulzGuest40: also, morty... EOL for almost 5 years now, time to upgrade :)16:15
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has joined #yocto16:17
linex[m]if I bbappend and modify a variable, will it have the access to the variables from its initial context ?16:19
linex[m]e.g. VAR = "$PREV_CONTEXT_VAR $MY_ADDITION"16:20
Saur[m]@linex: VAR += "${MY_ADDITION}"16:21
rburtonVAR = "$VAR FOO" does what you want, but += is neater16:21
Saur[m]Or: VAR:append = " ${MY_ADDITION}"16:21
Guest40qschulz the documentation of https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/53502/ it is said that the e2fsprogs package (which contains tune2fs) has version 1.43 for yocot morty in the meta-openembedded layer, why is it not added in my tune2fs image if I add e2fsprogs in the same way as alsa-lib?16:21
linex[m]but in my actual use-case I'm not just adding to it I'm modifying it16:21
Saur[m]That was not what you asked for. ;)16:22
qschulzGuest40: because the e2fsprogs **recipe** produces multiple **packages**16:22
Guest40qschulz i've just tried to add the "e2fsprogs-tune2fs" packet but same result as adding only e2fsprogs16:22
qschulzand it happens that the e2fsprogs-tune2fs package has the binary you're interested int16:22
qschulzGuest40: make sure you're modifying the same image recipe you're building16:23
linex[m]better example VAR = "$PREV_CONTEXT_VAR1 -P $PREV_CONTEXT_VAR2"16:23
Saur[m]linex: You can reference the old `${VAR}` when defining VAR if you use `VAR := "foo ${VAR} bar"16:24
linex[m]hmm,  meaning what I wanted to do won't work easily16:24
linex[m]unless I inherit the original file, to get access to those vars16:25
linex[m]thanks ! :)16:26
rburtona bbappend has access to the original variables because it is evaluated at the same time as the recipe is parsed16:27
qschulzlinex[m]: not sure exactly what you mean by PREV_CONTEXT_VAR1 and I feel there may be some logic misunderstanding here16:27
Guest40qschulz i've only got one image , so it's sure i'm modifying the same recipe i'm building, problem is if i don't add the "e2fsprogs" or "e2fsprogs-tune2fs" line to the .bb file , i bitbake and 3008 tasks are needed to "build" and when i modified the .bb file same numbre of tasks are needed (when i add a diferent packet more tasks are needed), is16:28
Guest40like it doesn't load anything16:28
phako[m]can I enable ccache for just one recipe? I am fighting with some installation issues and each change to cmake or bb causes a full recompile and that takes ages -.-16:29
phako[m]*full recompile of that recipe16:29
rburtonphako[m]: yes, just inherit ccache in the recipe16:31
phako[m]\o/ it looked like somethign that applies to the whole distro16:31
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phako[m]at least its only 7 minutes with gcc 11 and not the full 25 with gcc 916:32
qschulzGuest40: if you're adding a different package from the same recipe, the whole recipe will still be built16:32
qschulzGuest40: it's expected that little changes in that scenario16:32
qschulzat least in terms of tasks to be done for your image to be built16:32
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@pc.renesas.eu> has joined #yocto16:33
Guest40ok, thank you qschulz16:36
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zeddiitlwoerner, I missed your reply 2 days ago on my feedback. do you still want / need a reply ?16:57
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fabatera[m]Hi, is there a big advantage on using zst compressed rootfs?17:13
rburtonfabatera[m]: https://facebook.github.io/zstd/ explains the tradeoffs17:14
tlwoernerzeddii: i'm good, your feedback was perfect. i have an update to dtc to 1.7.0 and adding support to build pylibfdt in the same recipe17:14
zeddiiawesome. I can try dropping my vendor'd pylibfdt in the lopper repository and see how it works. I had done that vendoring due to the pypi lagging, etc.17:16
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Guest1085hi all, I'm trying to build https://github.com/the-modem-distro/pinephone_modem_sdk, but there seems to be an issue when processing the yocto gnu_config_git recipe, here's the error log -> https://pastebin.com/YnYVYj9k17:18
Guest1085according to the error message it seems that the git clone fails, but if I execute it manually (copy&paste from the log) it works17:18
Guest1085has anyone experienced this issue too or know how to resolve it?17:18
rburtonGuest1085: expired pastebin17:19
fabatera[m]rburton: Thanks. I read this before asking but wondering if there was any consideration / benchmark in the yocto side (that lead to the decision of using zst).17:19
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rburtonfabatera[m]: the metrics on that site really.  its faster than algorithms like gzip, which is 30 years old now.17:21
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Guest1085rburton not sure why that happened, I set expiration to 1 week, here's a new one: https://pastebin.com/2VKi1S4C17:27
rburton"This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff."17:28
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Guest1085yeah its weird, I heres a different link/host: https://rentry.co/x8ikr17:31
rburtonlooks like your missing the git-upload-pack binary17:34
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Guest1085you mean in the OS? its definitely installed and exists in my PATH17:37
Guest1085and as I said, the same command from the log works if I execute i manually17:37
rburtontry adding HOSTTOOLS += "git-upload-pack" to your local.conf17:37
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Guest1085rburton thanks, that seems to have worked :)17:50
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rburtonGuest1085: annoying.  i wonder why that is.17:50
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Guest1085is it a known issue? otherwise it might be distro specific? I'm using void linux17:51
rburtonmight be, that's not a supported distro17:51
Guest1085yeah, but I have been able to build it once on the same system, it was a few months ago though17:52
rburtonnever seen that before, so it might be a weird thing in how git is packaged in void17:53
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roussinmIs there a way to specify wheels to download? Something like in the documentation here: https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/cli/pip_download/ where I can specify platform, python version, etc. I wanted a quick workaround to install https://github.com/wlav/cppyy in our image. At the moment I'm going to install pip in the image for the time being, but this project doesn't make it easy to integrate in yocto.19:29
roussinmJust installing x86 binary for python3.10 would be fine for now.19:29
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rburtonroussinm: it would be fairly trivial to write a class that just does a 'pip install'20:13
rburton(or recipe, if you don't care about generalising)20:13
rburton(build-appliance-image already does)20:14
roussinmI tried something like that, but I must missed something because pip was never available when trying to do that.20:14
roussinmmaybe I didn't try depending on this: python3-pip-native that must be it20:15
rburtonyeah you don't have pip if you don't depend on pip20:18
roussinmisn't there something that prevent downloading stuff during configure/compile phase?20:24
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tlwoernerd'oh! i completely forgot do add the "changes from v2/1" sections on my patches21:10
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yoctonroussinm: You're thinking of the "network" task flag maybe ? https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev/migration-guides/migration-4.0.html?highlight=network#fetching-changes21:44
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kevinrowlandHow exactly do the files in tmp/deploy/images/*/ get removed when I clean the recipe that puts them there? Is it the magic of the sstate machinery? I'm trying to write my own BBCLASS that deploys some special test results to tmp/deploy/tests/. So far I mimicked deploy.bbclass so that my_task[sstate-inputdirs] is a directory relative to WORKDIR,22:31
kevinrowlandwhere I place the results, and then my_stask[sstate-outputdirs] is basically ${DEPLOY_DIR}/tests/. That actually works, and my results magically show up in ${DEPLOY_DIR}/tests/. Now I want those results to be removed when I clean the recipe, but it's not working.22:31
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kevinrowlandHmm, I've just discovered the manifest file in tmp/sstate-control/ -- and I see the sstate_clean_manifest function  in sstate.bbclass.. still when I run :do_cleanall the files in the manifest aren't removed22:37
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kevinrowlandI also see that do_clean should call all of the functions in CLEANFUNCS, which includes sstate_cleanall, which calls sstate_clean_manifest. Doesn't help that I can't see the do_clean logs after running it22:44
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