Friday, 2023-02-17

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Guest7519for some reason yocto won't download files00:15
Guest7519ERROR: xcb-util-0.4.0-r0 do_unpack: Bitbake Fetcher Error: UnpackError('Unpack command PATH="/home/build/yocto-dev/poky/scripts:/home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/aarch64-oe-linux:/home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/00:15
Guest7519home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/bin:/home/build/yocto-dev/poky/bitbake/bin:/home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/hosttools" bzip2 -dc /home/jenkins/yocto-downloads/xcb-util-0.4.0.tar.bz2 | tar --extract --no-same-owner -f - failed with return value 2',00:15
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Guest7519NOTE: Unpacking /home/jenkins/yocto-downloads/xcb-util-0.4.0.tar.bz2 to /home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/00:16
Guest7519bzip2: Can't open input file /home/jenkins/yocto-downloads/xcb-util-0.4.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory.00:16
Guest7519tar: This does not look like a tar archive00:16
Guest7519tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors00:16
Guest7519ERROR: Bitbake Fetcher Error: UnpackError('Unpack command PATH="/home/build/yocto-dev/poky/scripts:/home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/aarch64-oe-linux:/home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/bin/crossscripts:/home/bu00:16
Guest7519p-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/xcb-util/0.4.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/bin:/home/build/yocto-dev/poky/bitbake/bin:/home/build/yocto-dev/build/tmp-glibc/hosttools" bzip2 -dc /home/jenkins/yocto-downloads/xcb-util-0.4.0.tar.bz2 | tar --extract --no-same-owner -f - failed with return value 2', '')00:16
Guest7519DEBUG: Python function base_do_unpack finished00:16
Guest7519DEBUG: Python function do_unpack finished00:16
Guest7519when i added new package00:16
Guest7519if i do bitbake -f xcb-util -c fetch it works00:19
JaMamaybe you had xcb-util-0.4.0.tar.bz2.done file in your DL_DIR and the archive itself removed (or e.g. broken symlink somewhere else)?00:35
Guest7519if i delete the .done files does that mean that it will redownload the files?00:41
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tlwoernerinside the build-appliance rust-native fails02:11
tlwoernerwhen it tries to run tmp/work/x86_64-linux/rust-native/1.66.1-r0/rust-snapshot/bin/cargo it fails02:11
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tlwoerner-sh: tmp/work/x86_64-linux/rust-native/1.66.1-r0/rust-snapshot/bin/cargo: cannot execute: required file not found02:12
tlwoernerldd doesn't show any missing libraries02:12
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tlwoernerand if i run it as follows, it works perfectly fine:02:12
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tlwoerner /lib/ tmp/work/x86_64-linux/rust-native/1.66.1-r0/rust-snapshot/bin/cargo02:13
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tlwoerner"ah", he said 2.5 hours later, "i need a /lib64 → /lib symlink"04:49
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mcfrisk_need coffee: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'bitbake'07:36
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:45
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk_: not salmiakki07:46
JaMamcfrisk_: how did you get coffee? I got ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'coffee'07:46
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mcfrisk_no preferred providers, have to make my own. bitbake can only bake... And too early for salmiakki or liquorice, but it's friday so liquor might slip into the coffeee07:52
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phako[m]It is always 4pm somewhere.09:03
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ptsnevesGood morning all :)09:37
ptsneveshas anybody ever live streamed some bitbake-devel hacking on twitch or youtube?09:38
landgrafptsneves: for some bitbake hacking pornhub is better place09:45
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fabatera[m]Hi, could you give a direction on how to get iwlwifi latest drivers from meta-intel in my image?09:49
fabatera[m]Do I need to install backport-iwlwifi package?09:49
landgraffabatera[m]: yes. or add it to machine recommends09:54
ptsneveslandgraf: ahahah. Yesterday @JaMa complaining his state cache allowance was bigger than his porn one, and now pornhub live streaming of bitbake hacking. Honestly the idea of bitbake code on pornhub makes me giggle.09:55
fabatera[m]<landgraf> "fabatera: yes. or add it to..." <- Thanks! How to install the firmware files from here?10:00
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fabatera[m]What I'm looking for is to get the latest driver and firmware for AX201 wireless card installed10:07
landgraffabatera[m]: backport-iwlwifi depends on firmware10:10
landgrafshould be installed as dependency10:10
LetoThe2ndptsneves: well... we have fans, so it should maybe on onlyfans?10:25
ptsnevesLetoThe2nd: Perhaps you could do a onlyfans channel for yocto? It would be a funny a stunt to get the project and community some visibility through humor. Bonus points if it would be about known dirty code the community needs help with. I digress. I tried to make a twitch stream of my git lfs hacking but setting up the stream cast took longer than bitbake work and I let it go10:28
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linex[m]I'm adding a hash password for a user that contains $ characters, but it seems even after escaping the $ chars, the target has a wrong hash, without the $'s11:10
linex[m]okay I think I just need to to \$11:16
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RPJaMa: that second patch I've sent should help your case show errors properly. I have no idea what some of this bitbake code was doing with exceptions, its horrendous :(12:41
RPJaMa: it says something my patches just delete things12:41
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JaMaRP: accidentaly I've found another case where even with both your patches no output is shown, will share details later12:53
RPJaMa: thanks, I'm curious. I was hoping with those we'd be in better shape generally :/12:54
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JaManeed to figure out what the error was or where it ended, because this is just some hacked-in build directory and even python3 -v -v -v doesn't show anything useful
RPJaMa: very strange :/13:05
JaMa$ mv conf/bblayers.conf conf/bblayers.conf-blah13:08
JaMa^ reproduces it13:08
JaMabitbake 2.2 with langdale does the same (no output)13:12
RPJaMa: just tried that and I get ERROR: Unable to parse conf/bitbake.conf: [Errno 2] file conf/bitbake.conf not found in /media/build/poky/build13:12
JaMaconf/bitbake.conf or bblayers.conf?13:13
RP$ mv conf/bblayers.conf conf/bblayers.conf113:13
RPJaMa: it is just falling back to bitbake.conf if bblayers.conf isn't presence which is backwards compatibility to the old pre layers days13:13
JaMaok, will continue checking what causes it in our env, but I was able to reproduce it with kirkstone and 2.0 as well13:14
RPJaMa: this was with master with my patches applied but I'm not sure much has changed there13:15
JaMaI first got it with master in that strange build dir, then applied your 2 patches (assuming that real error will show), then mine change as well (just in case)13:16
JaMabut now I've tried this in "regular" webOS builds with kirkstone and langdale and it behaved the same (no idea since when yet)13:16
JaMawith dunfell it works like your13:17
JaMawebos/dunfell $ bitbake13:17
JaMaERROR: Unable to find conf/bblayers.conf or conf/bitbake.conf. BBPATH is unset and/or not in a build directory?13:17
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RPJaMa: in, commenting out the if exc and ("BBHandledException" in exc or "SystemExit" in exc): might show more information13:19
RPJaMa: worth a look anyway...13:20
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JaMaRP: yes after commenting it out I got output
RPJaMa: wants a login to view that :/13:24
JaMasorry, let me use another one (I've used "pastebinit" cli)13:24
RPJaMa: that is from SystemExit() with a message. I'm not sure if that is meant to work13:27
RP"if it has another type (such as a string), the object’s value is printed and the exit status is one."13:28
RPJaMa: that probably breaks with the client/server so I'll patch it13:29
JaMaI'm bisecting bitbake to see when it started happening if it helps13:29
JaMaRevert "server/process: Handle error in heartbeat funciton in OOM case" shows at least "NOTE: Reconnecting to bitbake server..." :)13:31
RPJaMa: this code is such a mess, too much retrofitting over the years :(13:33
JaMapst.. before someone decides to rewrite it in rust or go :)13:33
RPJaMa: that would obviously solve all the problems :)13:34
JaMaand replace them with some other problems :)13:38
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JaMaRP: it looks like side effect of for us (our setup scripts do have TOPDIR set differently and there were some issues related to it long time ago)13:46
RPJaMa: ah, that explains why you see something differently. I think the answer is to sort out that SystemExit13:48
JaMaRP: we export TOPDIR in our oe-init-build-env13:48
JaMa this is what I probably remembered about our TOPDIR setting differenly13:52
JaMaor rather
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JaMazeddii: small update for that docker-moby issue I've mentioned yesterday, it seems to come from CGO_C{,XX}FLAGS set in src/import/hack/make/.binary, but that didn't change since beta, so I'm still investigating what else changed14:06
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RPJaMa: patch sent for the SystemExit issue. I could reproduce if I "unset BBPATH"15:01
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JaMaRP: thanks, all 3 patches work good in my environment as well15:12
JaMasakoman: would be nice for 2.2 and 2.0 as well, do you want me to send it after some soak time in master?15:13
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sakomanJaMa: yes, please do!15:37
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kriscHello all - Almalinux as a supported target is version 8.5, however I cant download those ISOs any more - only 8.7 and above.  Are we testing specifically on 8.5, or also later versions of the 8.x series?15:45
neverpanicI'm curious why 8.5 was ever a target, considering that RHEL 8.5 is only supported for 6 months (or was it a year?), while longer term support is available for 8.6 and 8.815:47
neverpanicBut since Red Hat doesn't break binary compatibility in minor releases, a newer 8.x should work just fine.15:48
kriscneverpanic: Thanks.  Testing for our release to ensure compatibility, but without that version I get warnings of unsupported version.  I have other build issues that could be related, or maybe not :-)15:50
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Guest9anyone know about yocto?16:25
LetoThe2ndGuest9: probably. please state your case of emergency and wait for rescue!16:28
linex[m]is there an easy way to change the version of the go builder on dunfell for example ? can't find a recipe that specifies the go version16:30
Guest9im getting do_unpack error in one of package in my first quick buil, its not giving any other info, and i am newbie i couldnt figure out16:31
linex[m]oh it's in the devtools!16:32
LetoThe2ndlinex[m]: isn't it just straight this?
Guest9maybe deleting the package and downloading it again will solve issue but i dont know how to do it16:32
LetoThe2ndlinex[m]: and no, changing it is probably not that easy. you can copy back things from a newer release might work, but might need some work.16:32
LetoThe2ndGuest9: can you maybe pastebin the whole error message?16:32
linex[m]yeah I'm trying to backport a recipe and go is breaking since it needs a newer version16:33
LetoThe2ndlinex[m]: there are newer go versions in newer releases that you can try to also backport, but it sounds like pain.16:34
Guest9it is in docker16:35
linex[m]LetoThe2nd: it does seem like pain ^^, especially since I'm new to yocto And have no experience with go16:36
LetoThe2ndGuest9: the file should be in /workdir/poky/build/downloads unless you did something "clever"16:37
Guest9no its not there i checked it16:37
LetoThe2ndlinex[m]: honest advice: either hire somebody to do it, or find another strategy16:37
Guest9i didnt change anything but i regularly got do_fetch errors, i dont know if it corrupted something16:38
RPkrisc: I suspect we updated and didn't realise we needed to change the versions16:39
linex[m]maybe moving to kirkstone would be easier, I think the recipe should build on kirkstone16:39
LetoThe2ndGuest9: maybe the docker setup is giving you trouble, or being behind some "secure" network setup?16:39
LetoThe2ndlinex[m]: if you can, kirkstone is a good choice16:39
mcfrisk_IMAGE_CLASSES += "testimage" in local.conf doesn't work anymore. How is testimage.bbclass used on master?16:40
Guest9about do_fetch errors, i dont think there is problem in network, because i was trying the source links by hand and i can access the links, but about docker i dont know. i dont have ubuntu so used docker. anyway, you got any advices for do_unpack error16:41
Guest9installing this to my downloads dir maybe ?
Guest9i cloned it to downloads dir but still same error16:45
LetoThe2ndGuest9: manually cloning there won't do the trick16:45
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LetoThe2ndGuest9: and just being able to access a link doesn't tell you much about the network quality. my gut feeling says, try it without docker.16:46
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LetoThe2ndGuest9: what OS do you have?16:48
Guest9is arch linux eligible for this operation since i use arch16:48
Guest9or ubuntu on virtual machine? or directly installing ubuntu to my pc?16:48
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto16:48
LetoThe2ndGuest9: arch should work, just the names of packages to install as prerequisites will probably be a little bit different.16:49
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LetoThe2nd(off now, sorry=16:49
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JaMaGuest9: the log is strange, it says it's trying to clone from /workdir/poky/build/downloads/git2/ what's in your SRC_URI?16:50
Guest9ok thanks i will try16:50
JaMabitbake-getvar -r libcomps SRC_URI16:51
Guest9SRC_URI = "git://;branch=master;protocol=https \16:51
Guest9           file://0002-Do-not-set-PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR-by-running-python.patch \16:51
Guest9           "16:51
Guest9in /workdir/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/libcomps/ this file16:52
JaMaok, try bitbake -c cleanall libcomps; bitbake libcomps which will re-dowload it16:52
JaMaif it still fails, share log.do_fetch file16:52
JaMain pastebin16:52
* JaMa didn't notice that it was do_unpack not do_fetch failure16:53
Guest9running "bitbake libcomps" just doing libcomps related things right? its on progress right now16:55
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Guest9thank you, it finished without any error. now i run bitbake core-image-sato again17:02
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kriscRP: Thanks - yes, if 8.5 is no longer available, it would be great to have offical word on this in the supported OS list, of course after checking it all builds and is fine on 8.x17:14
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JaMaheh I used to have colleagues always using "aaa" as commit message until the minimal length was increased to 5 (after which they were always using "aaaaa"), but this is another level unless it counts as SEO :)18:57
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JaMaI might be putting too many details in commit messages, but everytime I omit something clear (at that time) I end wondering about those details later18:59
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Guest9now my built finished on docker19:24
Guest9how can i run it on qemu?19:24
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