Tuesday, 2023-02-21

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Entei[m]Hey guys, I have a project to build a RISC-V_64 (with rpm support) image for qemu. I am starting with x86_64 to learn with Yocto for now. I wish to learn how to configure all the layers and packages that would be installed. I have watched many youtube videos on the topic, but nothing much comes up regarding configuration.00:09
Entei[m]So far I just did `bitbake core-image-full-commandline`, and got a very barebone image. I'd like it to have packages like `rpmbuild, systemd, gcc` etc.00:09
Entei[m]Could you guys help with some links or tutorials? This is my first time developing Linux distro.00:09
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khemRP: https://github.com/facebookexperimental/reverie seems an interesting option for pseudo04:59
khemEntei: build  something like core-image-weston-sdk or core-image-sato-sdk if you want X1105:01
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JaMaabelloni: "e9f4bff7d1 insane.bbclass: make patch-fuzz a warning again" should be dropped from your contrib/abelloni/master-next as you added "54cf52189c devtool: ignore patch-fuzz errors when extracting source" which replaces it, right?06:33
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landgrafWhat's the "best/proper" way of building configuration file (boot.scr to be precise) and place it into IMAGE_BOOT_FILES. It depends on few other recipes (xen, qemu-helper and few native recipes). I've done it with bbclass and -config-native.bb recipe and both approaches work but neither way looks good :-/07:06
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Entei[m]<khem> "Entei: build  something like..." <- That's still a reference image. I need to customize as per my needs.07:28
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:42
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_kaariHey guys, I've started playing with yocto. Steep learning curve! Anyway, I know this has been asked a lot of times before, but why the well does the kernel take so long to fetch ?? DL speed is 1Mbps and it's been 30 hours, still at 50%. Any idea to optimize this ? What is it downloading exactly ? I hope not the whole git tree.07:53
LetoThe2nd_kaari: well the kernel is HUGE! ;-) and this seems to be a connection problem then, most kernel mirrors can provide much more than that.07:54
LetoThe2nd_kaari: are you using some board that maybe points to a non-standard or custom repository?07:55
landgraf_kaari: you can try to change the recipe to use shallow clone but it depends on the recipe/kernel's vendor/etc  30 hours is way to much07:59
_kaariThx for the response guys :D  I'm merely building a standard poky with systemd, on my dev machine in a docker container. I'd like to try the shallow clone / depth=1 but I'm not sure how, could you please point me to the right direction ?08:01
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RPkhem: interesting. I'd just worry about the overhead of ptrace in our workloads08:08
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mckoangood morning08:34
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ptsnevesDid anybody get to look at the git-lfs patches i sent in https://lore.kernel.org/bitbake-devel/20230217170009.58707-1-paulo@myneves.com/T/#t10:10
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linex[m]If I have 2 instances of a package, both are named package_git.bb,10:50
linex[m]I'm not sure how to tell them apart with `PREFERRED_VERSION_package`, any pointer ?10:50
rburtonput the git sha in the PV10:51
rburton(in the recipe)10:51
rburtonlots of examples in oe-core10:51
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linex[m]yea I'd have to change/specify PV, thanks!10:53
linex[m]I was thinking there might be other ways to deal with this :p10:53
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rburtongrep for SRCPV and you'll see the idion10:59
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p34nuts[m]RP: HI, as for the json data structure for upstream source tracing, what about using a simple one like:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/a76f10e3030ff90f8af946d84d37372797bdbf37>)11:05
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linex[m]rburton: thanks, however I should be able to specify the version with : PREFERRED_VERSION_package = "1.5%" right ? it does not seem to work11:13
linex[m]this is the version as given by bitbake-layers v1.5.8+gitAUTOINC+1e5ef943eb11:14
linex[m]the other one is 1.2.14...11:14
mckoanlinex[m]: PREFERRED_VERSION_package works with the recipe filename (the package version)11:14
mckoanlinex[m]: what is the value of PV in your recipe?11:15
linex[m]I'm not sure I understand, both those files have package_git.bb as filename, should I change that ?11:16
linex[m]PV = "${CONTAINERD_VERSION}+git${SRCPV}"11:17
linex[m]SRCREV is pinned though11:21
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JaMawrt question about using ECC (so that it's not completely OT), damn, everything should have a checksum; I'm synchronizing some files betwen local disk and NAS and was surprised that some files are slightly different, 1 family video has 2 bit-flips and another has 4, but both seem to play the same, so I don't know which one is the "original"11:49
JaMaI know ECC doesn't prevent this as well, but at least lowers the probability of the issue being caused by ram not disk or network11:50
JaMaI guess I'll add md5sums files to every directory on NAS, so that at least next time I'll know if it changed since today11:52
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RPp34nuts[m]: Wouldn't you want this by download rather than by subdir?12:21
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linex[m]I'm getting weird behavior, If I specify a preferred version of package,  bitbake tells me that version is not available, and when I switch, the same happens again13:23
linex[m]WARNING: preferred version v1.2.14+git% of containerd-opencontainers not available (for item virtual-containerd)13:23
linex[m]WARNING: versions of containerd-opencontainers available: v1.5.8+gitAUTOINC+1e5ef943eb13:23
linex[m]the difference in the error messages is virtual-containerd and virtual/containerd13:24
RPlinex[m]: it sounds like the PROVIDES/DEPENDS of some recipe is incorrect/mismatched13:34
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linex[m]yeah I'm not sure why there is virtual-containerd and virtual/containerd13:55
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zeddiione is depends, and one is rdepends15:04
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td72is there some reason why pseudo abort was missed during introduction of inclusive language to Yocto?15:17
p34nuts[m]<RP> "p34nuts: Wouldn't you want..." <- Actually I'm playing with different use cases and I'm realizing that grouping by subdir isn't a good idea anyway, because many `file://` src uris wouldn't fit into that scheme. I'm still thinking...15:17
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p34nuts[m]p34nuts[m]: the final goal is to get and represent this information (which would require some further steps beyond unpack):   upstream source file => workdir source file => debug source file => binary file15:20
p34nuts[m]* would require tracing some further15:21
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marexERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'tk' (but /wd/meta-openembedded/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-pillow_9.4.0.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)15:38
marextk was skipped: missing required distro feature 'x11' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)15:38
marexis this known ?15:38
marexthis started popping up since meta-openembedded kirkstone ffe9a543e ("python3-pillow: add ptest support")15:38
marexkhem: ^15:38
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marexand yes, I dont have x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES15:39
JaMaarmpit: ^^15:39
JaMaarmpit: marex: it's fixed in master with 6e8c90560e0 which wasn't backported to kirkstone15:40
JaMaarmpit: khem: while kirkstone and langdale have "9bb8195c84 python3-pillow: Add distutils, unixadmin for ptest" which isn't in master15:42
marexJaMa: ah, thanks !15:43
RPp34nuts[m]: right, you likely want to be easily able to translate a file back to a uri15:50
p34nuts[m]RP: ideally, some graph representation language would be the easiest option to put all information together... but AFAIK standard python doesn't support any of such languages15:54
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p34nuts[m]<p34nuts[m]> "ideally, some graph representati..." <- would it be acceptable to create some simple custom data class in python and store data in pickle files?16:02
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marexJaMa: shall I just send it to sakoman or is the backport already underway ?16:06
JaMamarex: it's in meta-oe so armpit is maintainer16:14
JaMamarex: I don't even use pillow, so if you can send the missing change to master and that tk backport to langdale and kirkstone then go ahead please16:15
moto-timomarex: https://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/commit/?id=6e8c90560e0aa8fe2ebfb791985cb75fd749052716:17
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moto-timomarex: https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-devel/message/10094516:31
marexmoto-timo: I ... might be confused ... JaMa pointed me to the fix already16:33
moto-timomarex: I misread the thread16:36
marexmoto-timo: lemme build test the fix and send it to armpit16:36
marexmoto-timo: JaMa: thanks !16:36
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moto-timoJPEW: regarding npm license discovery https://blog.bitsrc.io/how-i-analyzed-all-npm-dependency-licenses-in-one-go-18de0f7244bc16:41
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moto-timoJPEW: sadly, the output of that tool is probably not any better for us than scraping the package-lock.json16:44
JPEWmoto-timo: I got sidetracked by https://github.com/teambit/bit16:46
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moto-timoJPEW: yet another tool16:47
JPEWIt's interesting that they take the approach that components should be built indepedently and combined instead of combined per-application16:48
JPEWwhich, we've been arguing for years :)16:48
JPEWAlthough I suspect their "components" are higher level, not specific NPM packages16:49
moto-timowhat was old is new again ;)16:50
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p34nuts[m]<RP> "p34nuts: right, you likely..." <- what about something like this?... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/c5c1c8cc08e1afcf11409cf96102107c5c5656b2>)17:48
p34nuts[m]> <@RP:libera.chat> p34nuts: right, you likely want to be easily able to translate a file back to a uri... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/8115b20e7f7ad8dc3e8ce780ce4ace43e834a71f>)17:48
p34nuts[m] * what about something like this?... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/d5fc80a970993510feb1159f0e77b4d20b3e4710>)17:49
p34nuts[m] * what about something like this?... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/ef3e1df64154fcc82b994c4f5c8c5beb09ad24e4>)18:03
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p34nuts[m] * what about something like this?... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/fdf67ca87c0a8b719f7e7a2f1c2ec4c49f2c724f>)19:03
marexJaMa: moto-timo: armpit: https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-devel/message/101195 posted19:09
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JaMamarex: are you going to send the other one as well?19:14
marexJaMa: the other one ?19:14
JaMa16:42 < JaMa> armpit: khem: while kirkstone and langdale have "9bb8195c84 python3-pillow: Add distutils, unixadmin for ptest" which isn't in master19:14
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JaMaand langdale should be tagged as well in the one you sent already19:15
marexJaMa: I can send it, but I cannot test it beyond building it19:16
JaMait's the same version and simple patch, lets keep it in sync in all 3 branches19:17
*** Haxxa <Haxxa!~Haxxa@202-65-68-206.ip4.superloop.com> has joined #yocto19:17
JaMavmeson will see it as well, when it's sent to ML19:17
khemthanks for finding that JaMa I have applied it into master-next with needed rebase19:18
*** pabigot <pabigot!~pab@67-1-126-243.tcso.qwest.net> has joined #yocto19:18
marexkhem: thanks19:18
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khemI usually ignore release tagged patches and let armit sort them out19:19
khemunless they have [master/kirkstone] or some such19:19
marexkhem: while I have your attention ... do you mind a question about meta-browser ?19:19
marexis that still something you maintain ?19:19
khemsometimes same patch applies to multiple branches19:19
JaMakhem: thanks, you're the best! :)19:19
khemwhen some patch contains [releasename] I assume its always for that release and fix is not needed in master19:20
khemmarex: sure go for it19:20
marexI need tweak like this for chromium19:20
marexdo_configure:prepend() { sed -i "/kMainBrowserContentsMinimumWidth/ s@500@480@" ${S}/chrome/browser/ui/views/frame/browser_view_layout.h19:20
marexkhem: to support panels which are 480px wide , chromium defaults to 500px wide minimum19:21
marexso when I run chromium --fullscreen --kiosk , the fails on those small panels19:21
marexkhem: I am now trying to get the change into chromium itself, let's see how it goes, but if it doesn't go, would you be conductive to including this, in patch form most likely, in meta-browser ?19:21
*** Chocobo <Chocobo!~swinchen@> has joined #yocto19:22
JaMakhem: small nitpick to keep the files in sync, the tk dependency should be last (after ${PYTHON_PN}-unixadmin)19:22
khemhmm can we turn that into a knob ?19:23
JaMabut there is also missing space before / on unixadmin which would be another difference from already applied langdale and kirkstone, my OCD is triggered easily ..19:24
otaviomarex: maybe adding a PACKAGECONFIG to set this minimum width? Did you consider using cog?19:24
marexotavio: does cog launch chromium now ?19:24
marexotavio: or is it still webkit only ?19:24
otaviomarex: no. As webview.19:25
marexso, no, chromium is requirement19:25
otaviomarex: webkit (wpe in fact)19:25
ChocoboHi all. Have a frustrating problem that I am hoping you might be able to help with - I am generating a btrfs rootfs image and I would like it to contain the image.ub (kernel + dtb). Unfortunately I think there is a circular dependecy. I created a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append function that does "install -m 0644 ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/fitImage ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/boot/image.ub19:25
Chocobobut image.ub seems to grow unbounded.19:25
khemwhat advantages do you have with cog that chrome driver does not offer19:25
otaviokhem: it is lighter19:25
otaviokhem: faster to build19:25
marexand the JS interpreter is slower19:26
otaviokhem: and smaller19:26
marexand users test with chromium on their desktop, so they want chromium on their target19:26
otaviomarex: this too19:26
khemJaMa: right I got carried with 'tk' sorting before 'unix' but its actually 'python3-un...19:26
marexfor small/slow/old systems, wpe is fantastic19:26
marexfor anything new-ish, chromium it is19:26
marexotavio: re packageconfig, I would much rather have this land in chromium itself rather than have it in OE in some way19:26
otaviomarex: it wouldbe good19:27
otaviomarex: it would be good indeed19:27
marexChocobo: isnt the kernel automatically deployed into /boot/ of the rootfs ?19:27
marexChocobo: why the extra install -m ?19:27
Chocobomarex: it doesn't appear to be19:28
marexChocobo: errr ... kernel fitImage isn't deployed to /boot/ ?19:29
JaMakhem: I was just checking git diff origin/kirkstone origin/master-next -- meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-pillow_9.4.0.bb (not alphabetical order)19:29
marexChocobo: which OE release is that ?19:29
khemmarex: in grand scheme of things when you are ready to use chrome optimizing to run it using a cog driver vs chrome driver could be a drop in ocean19:29
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khemJaMa: I fixed it19:29
Chocobomarex: That may be part of my problem... this is petalinux, so it has some Xilinx crud around it. I haven't had much luck asking them so I thought I might try here.19:30
marexkhem: I just run it directly , without cog19:30
khemI get the argument on WPE vs Chromium19:30
JaMakhem: thanks19:30
marexChocobo: oh ... yeah ...19:30
marexpetalinux ...19:30
marexzeddii: ^19:30
marexChocobo: I just avoid petalinux like plague19:31
ChocoboI wish I could19:33
marexyou actually can, it is just a weird wrapper around meta-xilinx* layers19:33
smurraykhem: would you be open to backporting your mpd updates in meta-openembedded to kirkstone?  There are PipeWire output fixes in 0.23.8 that I'd like to get so I can drop carrying patches19:33
Chocobowell... politically I might not be able to :)19:33
khemsmurray: I will leave that to armpit to decide19:34
khembut they look fine to get backported19:34
smurraykhem: ah, right.  I can pull them out and submit them for kirkstone (and langdale, I guess?)19:35
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vmesonwhere/how does one find recipes for node packages for nodejs? For example, trying to add more tests for node-18, we need: https://www.npmjs.com/package/tap21:58
vmesonMaybe we should NOT bother to run all these tests after all. We've added the basics to nodejs/master and the rest could be more trouble than they are worth... ;-)21:59
* vmeson nudges moto-timo22:05
moto-timovmeson: most likely you do not want a recipe per npm package. This is why I mentioned the npm:// fetcher the other day. We want the npm dependencies staged in a cache like what the crate:// fetcher does.22:09
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vmesonmoto-timo: ok, thanks. Is that a WIP (or Work looking for developers) or is there a good example to look at a recipe that uses the npm fetcher?22:11
vmesonI'll spend some time learning about what's involved and decide if we're going to add the next round of ptests in the coming days.22:12
* vmeson goes back into the chromium mines...22:12
moto-timovmeson: inherit npm should be the magic search http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=inherits%3Anpm22:12
vmesonmoto-timo: thanks, I'll take a look tomorrow once I get the chromium off me!22:13
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ChocoboIs there a way to completely scrape a package state and all of it's dependencies? I keep getting myself into situations where it seems like I need to go all the way to mrproper and that takes forever to build.22:15
moto-timovmeson: outdated, but this is still where I start https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/TipsAndTricks/NPM22:16
vmesonmoto-timo: merci beaucoup !22:17
moto-timovmeson: also the docs https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/common-tasks.html#creating-node-package-manager-npm-packages22:17
vmesonmoto-timo: +2 !22:17
* vmeson still thinks that it would have been nice to whistle past the nodejs graveyard ! ;-)22:19
moto-timovmeson: and essentially what I am recommending is the "Registry modules" workflow (rather than the how-are-we-going-to-do-license-checking shrinkwrap.json method https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/common-tasks.html#using-the-registry-modules-method22:19
moto-timovmeson: is MIPS in that graveyard?22:19
moto-timoand 32bit OS and22:19
vmesonmoto-timo: well, the graves for MIPS and 32-bit OSes have been dug but I don't think they're dead yet!22:20
ChocoboIt is like.. once I get it in a a bad state there is nothing I can do to recover it.22:30
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kevinrowlandHow exactly do the files in tmp/deploy/images/*/ get removed when I clean the recipe that puts them there? I'm trying to write my own BBCLASS that deploys some special test results to tmp/deploy/tests/. So far I mimicked deploy.bbclass so that my_task[sstate-inputdirs] is a directory relative to WORKDIR, where I place the results, and then22:55
kevinrowlandmy_stask[sstate-outputdirs] is basically ${DEPLOY_DIR}/tests/. That actually works, and my results magically show up in ${DEPLOY_DIR}/tests/. Now I want those results to be removed when I clean the recipe, but it's not working.22:55
kevinrowlandI discovered the manifest file in tmp/sstate-control/ -- and I see the sstate_clean_manifest function  in sstate.bbclass.. still when I run :do_cleanall the files in the manifest aren't removed22:55
kevinrowlandI also see that do_clean should call all of the functions in CLEANFUNCS, which includes sstate_cleanall, which calls sstate_clean_manifest.22:55
kevinrowlandBut again, after a :do_clean, the files are still there! I can start to instrument the python with print()s, but was hoping someone here had a clue22:57
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kevinrowlandOk it looks like SSTATETASKS is empty when state_cleanall runs, although when I do `bitbake -e` I do see that my task is in SSTATETASKS along with the usual suspects23:06
kevinrowlandNevermind, SSTATETASKS is not empty, just operator error23:16
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