Tuesday, 2023-03-07

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thomasd13Good morning guys07:15
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ArgaKhanrburton: are you there?07:31
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mcfriskbuilding linux-yocto for same machine with and without multiconfig gets same task hashes but different sstate data, I guess because the key/task name is different07:52
* landgraf has managed to break cache for the first time :(07:52
SpinolaHello everbody, I realy need help with the SDK generated from the Kirkstone branch! It gives me an error about a missing gmp.h when I run 'make scripts'. Who is the person that's working on this SDK????07:56
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RPlandgraf: which cache? :)08:18
RPmcfrisk: multiconfig doesn't encode any data in the sstate filename so if the hash is the same there should be only one sstate08:19
RPSpinola: that sounds like you need gmp development headers from gmp-dev installed into the sdk08:20
RPSpinola: TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK:append = " gmp-dev" might help for example08:20
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landgrafRP: $TOPDIR/cache I think. bitbake was failing on host gcc version check with "command not found" until I deleted the cache dir08:22
RPlandgraf: interesting, I've not seen that failure mode before08:23
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landgrafRP: I don't know the reason :-( I changed a lot in the machine configuration but not toolchain itself.08:24
landgrafRP: https://pastebin.com/Y7nwLMaY08:25
JaMalandgraf: didn't you mess your hosttools directory?08:29
landgrafJaMa: No08:30
JaMaI sometimes got similar errors when gentoo changes hosttools behavoir significantly that older hosttools symlinks no longer work08:30
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landgrafJaMa: I haven't touch anything and to be sure I've checked installation date of gcc and stuff. So I don't know what was the reason08:32
landgrafiirc I rebuild image with different machines (all derived from qemuarm64) and that's it. It was quite late in the night so I gave up and decided to have some rest )08:34
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Spinola[RP] : As per suggestion of [rburton] I already included TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK:append = " nativesdk-gmp", which made no difference (gmp.h still missing) See https://pastebin.com/wLsCrNMM for details on what is going on.08:49
Spinola[RP]: I will try your suggestion and get back to you.08:50
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landgrafRP: JaMa the problem was not in the cache... Two lesson learned: 1) Do not put TCLIBC="" into image.bb file 2) Do not do it late in the night :-/09:15
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RPlandgraf: that makes more sense! :)09:19
RPSpinola: that looks like the host gmp being needed rather than target. I suspect you'd need TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK:append = " nativesdk-gmp-dev" but perhaps the paths aren't right to pull that in too :/09:20
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Spinola[RP]: First suggestion failed (TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK:append = " gmp-dev"). Results in https://pastebin.com/XimhMwKf09:29
Spinola[RP] I will will try : TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK:append = " nativesdk-gmp-dev" next...09:30
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Spinola[RP]: Still the same problem (gmp.h missing), results: https://pastebin.com/aaUDkX5J10:08
RPSpinola: right, I think the problem would then be that the whilst the gmp.h header will be there, the search path isn't being set10:09
DvorkinDmitryI'm building the kernel module. How add additional make args?10:16
DvorkinDmitryfor external module10:16
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Spinola[RP] looking at the output of the last try, and seeing what's installed by the SDK, I came to the conclusion that 'gcc-plugin.h' is missing somehow from the scripts/gcc-plugins directory. Any thoughts?10:56
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RPSpinola: not sure how you concluded that since the error is about gmp.h11:07
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Spinola[RP] Skip my last remark ;-)11:58
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Spinola[RP] I can confirm that the gmp.h is there in: /toolchain/sysroots/cortexa9t2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/usr/include and in toolchain/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/include.12:20
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RPSpinola: if you pass the right HOSTLDFLAGS to the kernel make it should work12:26
Spinola[rp]: Can you be a little more specific? How do I do that?12:27
svuorela_(/win 2612:29
RPSpinola: "make HOSTLDFLAGS='-I /toolchain/sysroots/cortexa9t2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/usr/include and in toolchain/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/include' scripts"12:29
RPSpinola: something like that12:30
Spinola[RP] Specifying include directories for the linker? Did you mean HOSTCFLAGS?12:31
RPSpinola: sorry, yes12:33
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RS485When building ipk packages, is it possible to add a Conflicts or Replaces line in the generated control file?13:31
RPRS485: with RREPLACES and RCONFLICTS should work?13:39
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zeddiiis anyone else seeing consistent errors in boost-url in master ? I'm getting a shared area install error.13:45
zeddiivarious clearning attempts haven't fixed it, moving to plan b13:45
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* paulg suspects "rm -rf tmp" is plan B13:52
RPzeddii: it is the first I've heard of it13:55
zeddiiprobably just an artifact of me upgrading my existing build.13:55
zeddiiI manually removed the conflicting files and started it again.13:55
RPzeddii: no multilib involved?13:57
zeddiiRP: FWIW, this is the error. I updated my master again, removed the files and restarted.13:57
zeddiithis is my kernel test build, so no multilib, just a lot of kernel-dev stuff.13:57
zeddiiah bugger it is back.13:58
zeddiiI should probably just remove tmp13:58
RPzeddii: that looks like boost and boost-url providing overlapping files13:59
RPzeddii: I doubt wiping tmp will help13:59
zeddiihmm. but of course, there's no reason why it would happen just on my box. I'll dig in more.13:59
RPzeddii: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/commit/?id=06170c65acc707d52828c2518eeb9012f847e25e happened recently and I think the boost-url recipe is no longer needed so perhaps some recipe needs updating?14:00
zeddiiack'd. I'll follow that a bit.14:00
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zeddiicould be something in meta-virt, etc, etc, I've got a LOT of extra packages and things that I build on that box.14:00
RPzeddii: there was some discussion on the list iirc14:01
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* RP is happy it wasn't he mutlilib manifest change14:01
zeddiitrying a simpler image now, then I'll have to figure out what is triggering that depends, both are being built and yes, both seem to be installing those files.14:35
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teppersonhow do i copy a file from the users conf directory (where the local.conf file is) in a recipe? is there a variable for that?14:53
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rburtontepperson: i'd imagine "don't" is a good answer.  what do you need to copy?14:59
rburtonRP: is there a good reason qemu-user calls tend to set PSEUDO_UNLOAD? known qemu/pseudo breakage?15:00
RPrburton: It didn't work without it15:02
rburtonok, fair15:02
teppersonrburton: a public key for swupdate15:02
rburtontell the user to put it in the layer15:03
rburtonyou can have a recipe which has a SRC_URI refering to a file that doesn't exist, so the user has to put the file in the layer or the recipe fails15:05
ecdhe_I am developing an application.  I want to test it on an embedded target _before_ committing it to git.  But I want to bake it into an image to do the testing.15:08
rburtonecdhe_: externalsrc class should be what you're looking for15:09
LetoThe2ndecdhe_: sounds like you want to look into devtool, respectively the underlying externalsrc mechanism.15:09
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ecdhe_Okay -- so the process would be to check it out from a repo that exists, `devtool modify`, then iterate out of the directory it unpacks to.15:10
ecdhe_I'd been looking at using a absolute path in SRC_URI15:10
LetoThe2ndecdhe_: devtool modify with give you the checkout. if you manually want to do it, then its "devtool modify -n". and no, absolute path is a bad idea (for various reasons, just don't do it)15:11
ecdhe_Thanks LetoThe2nd, rburton15:11
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ecdhe_I was used to using devtool modify to generate a patch for source that I didn't control.  I hadn't considered that it would also meet my needs for iteration on code that I *do* control15:14
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Spinola[RP] : Success!! I've added TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK:append = " nativesdk-gmp-dev nativesdk-libmpc-dev", and invoke the make utility with: make HOSTCXXFLAGS='-I /home/datawatt/toolchain/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/include/' scripts15:56
Spinola[RP]: Thanks for your support.15:57
RPSpinola: we should probably document that now you're worked it out15:58
rburtonRP: it works in master, something or was fixed15:58
RPrburton: is it not finding it from the host?15:59
rburtoni don't *think* so15:59
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zeddii@jonmason. I was away for a day, and haven't gotten back to your kernel-cache stuff, but will shortly,.16:01
Spinola[RP] I've done my test on kirkstone, I synchronized my branches yesterday.16:04
jonmasonzeddii: no worries.  I was going to sanity test it again16:05
zeddiivolleyball coaching weekends consume some of my Friday as collateral damage, so I get behind a bit.16:05
jonmasonI'm busy making different messes ;-)16:06
jonmasonlike trying to determine why edk2 and xen aren't happy16:06
zeddiiare they ever happy!?16:07
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tlwoernerzeddii: agreed with the "this weekend" vs "next weekend"16:09
zeddiimight be a canadian thing.16:09
jonmasonagreed, Canadians are weird16:10
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LetoThe2ndcanadians are wired?16:22
JaMaweirdly wired is next level of wired differently? :)16:29
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: they are wired differently, yes16:30
jonmasonJust look at Hockey.  It's the game of Soccer, on ice, with the violence of American football16:32
LetoThe2ndjonmason: so you're a canadian club!16:32
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jonmasonLetoThe2nd: I'm more of a Bourbon.  An acquired taste16:37
LetoThe2ndjonmason: hehe16:41
zeddiidon't get me started on canadian bacon. no one here calls anything canadian bacon!16:43
zeddiinow that's a cross canadian16:43
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jonmasonzeddii: it's just called bacon there, right?  ;-)16:44
rfs613canadian bacon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peameal_bacon16:46
zeddiiyes! it is either 'ham' or peameal bacon.16:49
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RPkhem: https://sourceware.org/git/?p=binutils-gdb.git;a=commit;h=5fc6b6d44cd63651c2902cbfc5b9734a55aaa61717:49
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Entei[m]Why is wget installed on any image unable to download anything from the internet. Keeps saying bad address. Is there some problem related to domain name resolution?20:04
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rburtonin a qemu or on real hw?20:05
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rburtonin a qemu the network might need a manual resolver setup, depends how you've got the networking done.20:22
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rburtonon real hardware either use a proper network manager, or if you're doing networking by hand you forgot to set a resolver maybe20:22
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kanavinit's crowded on the AB today20:27
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khemRP: cool, one less worry23:18
RPkhem: yes, one patch at a time!23:23
khemI am still not getting to bottom of DT_RUNTIME patch, I think we will be better served if we switch binutils defaults to use DT_RUNPATH23:26
khemthe flags mismatch that diffoscope is showing, I can see when I compare glibc compiled with binutils without this patch and second build with this patch applied to binutils23:27
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khemwhen I use different tmpdir and everything remaining same, it does not rebuild glibc at all23:28
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