Tuesday, 2023-03-21

vmesonThis is an interesting match from googling for: yocto physics -- https://igfae.usc.es/yoctolhc/we-are-hiring/00:00
* paulg waits for someone else to click 1st.00:00
vmesonpostdoctoral positions within the ERC Advanced Grant project “Yoctosecond imaging of QCD collectivity using jet observables00:01
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RPvmeson: they use yocto at CERN I think? :)00:03
paulgthe term post-doc positions gives me flashbacks of "Get me outta here!"00:05
paulggo down the rabbit hole too far and you can't get out.00:06
JaMapaulg: it gets worse when you start remember that as "good old days" :)00:10
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vmesonhttps://genius.com/Danny-michel-good-old-days-lyrics   Time ticks and drips away ,  Days burn, disintegrate .... Right here, right now, today These are the good old days00:15
paulgkinda dark.  Makes me thing of Pink Floyd.00:26
paulgYou are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.00:26
paulgAnd then one day you find ten years have got behind you.00:26
paulgNo one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.00:26
paulgJaMa, there were good times - having the opportunity to work with million dollar, million volt crazy research stuff.00:47
paulg...but after having to write a book on the crap you did, I knew I needed to do something else.00:48
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mischieftoday we finally upgrade to kirkstone. only took a few months XD01:08
paulgmischief, it could be worse - there are people out there still supporting RHEL401:19
mischiefperish the thought01:21
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landgraffray: window is wrong but the message is proper one :)06:43
landgraffray: window is wrong but the message is proper one :)06:43
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:38
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mckoangood morning08:05
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me73'llo. yocto newbie question, this is my first yocto project. I have an error that ends in "The variable dependency chain for the failure is: do_fetch[file-checksums]". I suspect I should somehow specify the checksum(s). Based on this error : is this correct ?09:20
me73this is while downloading some python module.09:21
me73my problem is that I have 2 files to download, so how should I calculate (and specify) "the" checksum ?09:26
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RPme73: you'd have two entries in SRC_URI and a checksum for each file?09:55
me73yes, that's my plan09:59
me73(unless this wouldn't be possible, of course)09:59
me73well, now that I see your question, it's actually not 2 files, but rather packages10:00
qschulzme73: do you have a recipe tyou can share?10:00
me732 packages (pyserial and pyserial-asyncio), bot downloadeed from git10:00
qschulzme73: create one recipe for each I believe10:01
me73is it good practice to paste it here (suspect not) ?10:02
qschulzme73: thanks for asking, no, please use a pastebin10:02
qschulz(pastebin.com for example)10:02
me73guess like this :]   https://pastebin.com/D2QjvD1110:03
me73so to be split it in 2 recipes, you already mentioned ?10:04
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qschulzme73: a recipe is for anything related to a specific piece of sw10:09
qschulzusually needing to specify multiple sources is a good tell it should be split into more recipes10:10
qschulzand have one depend on the other for example10:10
qschulzit seems to me those are separate projects, so a separate recipe makes sense10:10
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qschulzme73: to answer your earlier question, you don't need SRC_URI checksum for sources gotten via git fetcher10:13
qschulzme73: the URL for git repo should start with git:// and not https://10:13
qschulzbecause it is technically NOT a URL10:13
qschulzhttps:// (or git://) is the prefix for a "fetcher"10:13
qschulzso https tells bitbake to use wget10:14
qschulzand git:// to use git10:14
qschulzyou want to use git, so use git://10:14
qschulzsecond, if you have multiple git repos to get in one recipe (pretty rate)10:15
me73OK. does the fetcher checksum the data then ? Or how is the mechanism behind this checksumming thing ?10:15
qschulzyou need to give each git URI its own name10:15
qschulzme73: it's part of git to guarantee the data is sane10:15
qschulzme73: that would be github.com/pyserial/pyserial.git;branch=master;name=pyserialgit10:16
qschulzthen, use SRCREV_pyserialgit = "<pyserialcommithash>"10:16
qschulzfinally, use branch or tag but not both (use the former)10:17
me73OK. So the version I need is in the master branch, and of that master branch, git takes the commit with that specific SRCREV_pyserialgit. Correct ?10:18
qschulzme73: correct, but I'm explaining the case where you have two git repos (which you won't have anymore)10:19
qschulzso it's simply SRCREV10:19
me73Yes, these recipes have been split already :]10:19
qschulzme73: https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=pyserial10:20
mischiefpyserial is already in meta-openembedded layer btw10:20
qschulzmischief: I was about to point this out :)10:20
qschulzme73: there already exists a recipe for pyserial10:20
qschulzand pyserial-asyncio10:20
me73so I am doing superfluous things here :/10:21
qschulzfor a very long time for pyserial, only since kirkstone for asyncio10:21
qschulzme73: yes :)10:21
qschulzbut maybe you need to update it or backport to your version of yocto10:21
mischiefdepends if you want to use that layer or not.10:21
me73yes, we do10:21
me73so on the target, a python statement "import pyserial" or "import pyserial-asyncio" should already work ...10:22
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me73good to know10:23
me73how could I have found this out (it's a whole lot of files out there) ?10:23
mischiefthe layer index is a good start10:23
me73bblayers.conf yo umean ?10:24
mischiefthe link from qschulz above10:24
mischiefyou need to actually depend on that recipe for it to be in the target image.10:24
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me73I missed that link while typing, I'll have a look. Thank you both for the inputs. I am at sea level +100ft now, climbing the Everest... :)10:26
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popeHi all, I strugling for days now set get my raspberry pi 3b to boot the kernel image I've created with yocto though tftp and I don't know why. Anyone who might could help?10:36
polproghi pope, what error are you getting?10:37
popeNone actually, kernel is just not booting and the green led is constantly flashing twice...10:38
popeI'm not sure if I'm using the right image, but it seems as it's booting exactly the same image from the sd card successfully10:39
LetoThe2ndpope: do you get "uncompressing kernel"? is earlyprintk enabled and all that?10:39
popeI think the kernel is already uncompressed, right?10:39
popeWhere would I enable the earlyprintk?10:39
LetoThe2ndpope: no, the kernel is almost always compressed, and the line "Uncompressing kernel..." is usually the first sign of life that it gives on the terminal10:41
LetoThe2ndpope: earlyprintk is a kernel config option, respectively command line flag10:41
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popeOkay, thought only uImage and zImage are compressed, cause when booting from sd card I also don't see the "uncompressing kernel" message10:42
popeCan I check if the kernel that is used by yocto has the earlyprintk option enabled?10:42
LetoThe2ndpope: but you're on a serial terminal?10:42
LetoThe2ndpope: so how did you actually "build the kernel with yocto"?10:44
polproghow do i go about troubleshooting why yocto is not using my recipe? It was working yesterday and now i re-run the build and my recipe is clearly not being used10:44
popeI think I didn't explicitely build the kernel, I just run "bitbake core-image-base" and use the Image.bin that is located in the build artifacts10:45
mckoanpope: edit config.txt with a text editor At the bottom, last line, add enable_uart=1 on it's own line10:45
LetoThe2ndpolprog: how do you diagnose "not using"?10:45
popemckoan: but Uart is working fine I think...10:46
polprogLetoThe2nd: i have a recipe that puts a file in /etc/dropbear and i know it works, now when i re-ran the build /etc/dropbear is empty again10:46
mckoanpope: not after kernel started10:46
polprogi suspect it might have to do with IMAGE_INSTALL, im not sure where exactly local.conf should be placed10:46
LetoThe2ndpolprog: huh?10:46
polprogi know as10:47
popemckoan: you're refering to config.txt that is located on the boot partition of the sd card?10:47
polprogi know as much that last time i fonally got it to work and create the files. Today i re-run the build and the directory in rootfs.cpio.gz is empty again10:47
mckoanpope: yes10:48
mckoanhowever you could refer to this https://github.com/YoeDistro/yoe-distro/blob/master/docs/raspberrypi.md10:48
mckoansee "Enable serial console"10:48
LetoThe2ndpolprog: your recipe will not be pulled in as long as your image does not install it. that is the very first thing to do.10:48
popethe enable_uart=1 is already there, not on the last line but I guess that shouldn't matter10:49
popeas mentioned, booting from sd card works fine10:49
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popeDo I have to rebuild the kernel with the earlyprintk option?10:50
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LetoThe2ndpope: does tftp even work?10:50
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popeBut is my assumption correct that I've to load the Image.bin and the bcm2837.dtb?10:50
popeLetoThe2nd: Yes, files are loaded successfully10:51
LetoThe2ndpope: and when you inspect the file that you pulled are okay?10:51
LetoThe2ndpope: just the bcm2837 dtb won't be enough10:51
popeLetoThe2nd: how would I do that?10:51
popeLetoThe2nd: What else is needed?10:51
LetoThe2ndpope: i don't know the commands right now, but u-boot has helpers to display information on files.10:52
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LetoThe2ndpope: if i had to guess, then this is the dtb you want: https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/arch/arm/boot/dts/bcm2711-rpi-4-b.dts10:54
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LetoThe2ndpope: for rpi4, that is. rpi3 should probably be https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/arch/arm/boot/dts/bcm2837-rpi-3-b.dts10:55
polprogLetoThe2nd: thanks, i fixed it10:55
popeLetoThe2nd: interesting, if I tftp load the Image.bin and then run iminfo it tells me that I have an "unknown Image format"...10:56
LetoThe2ndpope: see :-)10:56
popebut why...=10:56
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popeAm I loading the wrong image?10:56
LetoThe2ndpope: tftp being complicated, and all. and maybe getting your addresses wrong.10:56
popewhat address? the mem address?10:57
LetoThe2ndpope: yes10:57
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popeBut doesn't seems wrong :)10:57
popeU-Boot> tftp $loadaddr $serverip:Image.bin10:57
popeWaiting for Ethernet connection... done.10:57
popeUsing smsc95xx_eth device10:57
popeTFTP from server; our IP address is
popeFilename 'Image.bin'.10:57
popeLoad address: 0x20000010:57
popeLoading: ##################################################  16.8 MiB10:57
pope         1.5 MiB/s10:57
popeBytes transferred = 17662464 (10d8200 hex)10:57
popeU-Boot> iminfo10:57
LetoThe2ndpope: no mass pasting in here, please.10:58
popebut the amount of bytes is correct10:58
popeand the address should be fine as well...10:58
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popeCan you confirm that the Image.bin that yocto (or bitbake) created in my deploy/images/raspberry/ folder actually is the kernel image?11:00
LetoThe2ndpope: if iminfo fails, then your problem is somewhere earlier. is 200000 a known good memory location? i've never needed such for the raspi, so somebody else please check.11:00
popeCause on the sd card I also have a kernel8.img but I don't know what that is...11:00
popehmmm... that's the loadaddr which is defined in the default uboot env created by yocto, so I assumed it's correct11:01
polprogyou can run the file command on these images and it should tell you what they are11:01
popepolprog: what "file command" do you mean?11:04
polprogjust run "file /deploy/images/raspbperry/whatever.bin"11:04
polprogfile is a unix command that tells you what the file has inside11:05
popeah, sorry, was not sure if you're talking host or target, I'm not yet too deep into linux :/11:06
popeYes, thees to be a linux kernel arm64 boot executable11:07
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popeI'll try to figure out if it's a problem with the addr, but don't see why this could be an issue...11:10
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popeCould it be that iminfo only works for uImage format?12:30
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landgrafWARNING: linux-yocto-6.1.14+gitAUTOINC+e8d08fc4c0_b05ca3429c-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto.git;name=machine;branch=v5.15/standard/bcm-2xxx-rpi;, attempting MIRRORS if available12:42
landgrafand it takes few hours12:42
*** d-fens_ <d-fens_!~d-fens_@> has joined #yocto12:45
paulgthe kernel is a giant blob of data download, and it sucks if you aren't well connected.  :-(12:52
LetoThe2ndpaulg: it also sucks if you are well connected.12:53
paulgLetoThe2nd, true.12:53
rburtonlandgraf: its the mirror download that takes forever, if it hits that just abort12:53
rburtonthat branch does exist though...12:54
landgrafpaulg: usualy it works... in that case I've tried few times and it aborts after 2-3 hours12:55
landgraffetcher reports 1.2 M/s12:56
ptsneveswhat is the reason that the kernel recipes are not shallow cloning by default?13:01
rburtonptsneves: you can't expand a shallow clone so you'll need to refetch on every sha bump13:08
rburtonor some other limitation13:09
rburtoncan't remember13:09
rburtonits in the git log :)13:09
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me65which is the best/suggested way to use another keymap with runqemu ? Looked into it, but I doubt if tweaking the script itself is clean enough...13:15
me65I think I'd need to use the -k parameter...13:15
ptsnevesrburton: assuming the bump is forward in time wouldnt I need to fetch anyway most of the times?13:19
rburtonptsneves: sure but you just fetch the new objects13:19
ptsnevesrburton: the same as in the shallow case.13:21
rburtonptsneves: https://github.blog/2020-12-21-get-up-to-speed-with-partial-clone-and-shallow-clone/ discusses why long-lived shallow clones are a bad idea13:24
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ptsnevesrburton: thanks!13:28
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ptsnevesMy point is that very few people actually need to download the whole repo in the context of bitbake builds. I guess that is the reasoning why we prefer tarballs13:29
rburtonthe kernel is a problematic example for sure13:31
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RPptsneves: mirroring in particular gets really hard with shallow clones14:27
ptsnevesRP: Ah, that is something i never considered.14:29
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RPptsneves: basically it becomes a mirror tarball per revision, which has pros and cons14:42
ptsnevesIndeed. Has anybody ever benchmarked what would be the speedup if shallow was globally set?14:44
RPno, we don't tend to benchmark fetching as it is so network dependent14:45
ptsnevesBut if all the fetching would happen through local file mirror, i would expect shallow extraction speed up to be measurable. Maybe i will come to it one day14:47
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RPptsneves: we clone by reference iirc so I doubt it would help much14:49
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rburtonRP: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/commit/?h=ross/stats17:30
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RPrburton: nice :)17:46
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fneddyhello. is there a possibillity to run `make scripts_gdb` in a `devtool modify virtual/kernel` enviroment?18:57
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fneddyor as an alternative. is it possible to run devshell in an devtool modify enviroment19:12
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fneddyok nevermind. i can run bitbake virtual/kernel -c devshell and it will enter the devtool enviroment. i was misslead to belive that after i use devtool modify i cannot use bitbake anymore until i finish or reset the devtool evniroment19:22
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furyi'm trying to build a custom image for a raspberry pi 0w that can act as a bluetooth source and sink. i've added pulseaudio modules bluetooth-discover and bluetooth-policy to the image (via packagegroup-tools-bluetooth) and confirmed they are loaded in via pacmd list-modules. however, systemctl status bluetooth does not indicate that it is creating the A2DP endpoints, and bluetoothctl connect or pair fails. any ideas?19:40
furykinda lost, and googling this on the bing is about useless because of all the tutorials on how to set up bluetooth on conventional OSes like raspbian19:41
furynormally when those modules start up on something like raspbian, the bluetooth service indicates that A2DP source and sink endpoints are created19:42
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furyraspbian just sorta "works" out of the box for this purpose, but i have other issues like it's not staying connected to my sink device (a custom "soundbar" board built around an esp32), so i figured i'd try building everything from scratch on just about the newest yocto i could get working, which was honister, using boot2qt 6.319:47
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furyall attempts at building 6.4 or 6.5 (kirkstone / langdale) failed miserably, and i already had to hack up 6.3 quite a bit to get it built, i'm gonna be so sad if the bluetooth doesn't wind up working any better than raspbian buster :(19:49
furyif i can even get to that point19:49
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kanavin_fury, any particular reason you need to use boot2qt?20:01
kanavin_if you just want a rpi compatible image use poky + meta-raspberrypi20:02
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furykanavin_: I have a companion app that controls the Bluetooth devices once they're connected, it's written in Qt, it seemed to make sense to use boot2qt but after fighting with it for a couple weeks I now realize it was probably a mistake to start there20:58
furyI can probably just skip out on all the boot2qt fun, and figure out on my own how to put all the  necessary qt things in there20:59
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RPI meant to ask about the mesa changes on the call today. I'm leaning to merging them before release FWIW...21:56
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JaMaRP: I don't have strong opinion about mesa, but are the selftest fixes postponed to next release as well?22:53
JaMaI wouldn't mind, just curious as they were in master-next and before that in abelloni's staging branch for a while and I was waiting with the next batch until they are merged22:55
RPJaMa: I'm still thinking about them, I wanted to check a couple of things22:55
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RPJaMa: I merged the ptest pieces as my criteria for accepting those was much easier/clearer and the patches were simpler given the amount of staring at ptests I've done recently22:57
JaMaRP: OK, fair enough, FWIW: I have few more improvements for runqemu.* tests and for the esdk I've verified that if I build my own uninative-tarball with gcc-13 (and enable uninative on my host with gcc-13) than esdk tests pass as well, so it's really just broken whenever uninative is disabled (for whatever reason) it seems, I'll continue to debug this one22:59
RPJaMa: I was noticing one of the bbtests was failing for me locally but passes on the autobuilder :/22:59
RPJaMa: disabling uninative shouldn't break the tests so that is something we need to look into and try and fix23:00
RPbbtests.BitbakeTests.test_git_unpack_nonetwork_fail: FAILED23:00
JaMayeah, I plan to (uninative)23:00
JaMa2023-03-12 12:08:44,512 - oe-selftest - INFO - RESULTS - bbtests.BitbakeTests.test_git_unpack_nonetwork_fail: PASSED (6.19s)23:02
JaMabut will re-trigger it again just in case I can reproduce it23:02
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RPJaMa: I guess the other things about the patch series I wanted to look into was whether we could make uppercase modules hard fail23:02
JaMathat's part of the next batch23:03
JaMaor at least I didn't forget about you wanting it :)23:03
RPJaMa: ok, cool, thanks23:04
JaMaParsing recipes...ERROR: /OE/build/poky/build-bbtests/build-st/meta-selftest/recipes-test/gitunpackoffline/gitunpackoffline.bb: AUTOREV/SRCPV set too late for the fetcher to work properly, please set the variables earlier in parsing. Erro23:04
JaMaring instead of later obtuse build failures.23:04
RPwhich is what it is supposed to fail with iirc23:04
RPit is entirely possible I've corrupted my local build somehow23:05
JaMaI mean the test is failing now23:05
RPJaMa: ah, interesting. I wonder if it works the first time but not subsequently23:06
JaMagot 2 failures in row (using separate build dirs for each) so either that's the reproducer or I'm just the "lucky" one (FML)23:07
JaMawill have a look tomorrow, still have few chromiums to build today23:08
JaMait was really stupid idea to finally remove a "temporary work around" from 12 years ago, EVERYBODY got used to the work around being there and now I'm fixing 80th component depending on it (while 12 years ago there was presumably 1 last component to migrate)23:10
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RPJaMa: temporary things like that are a nightmare. I'm sure bitbake has a few :/23:20
RPJaMa: vmeson introduced me to the concept of chromium mines which I now picture anytime someone mentions chromium work :)23:21
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