Tuesday, 2023-06-06

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX05:51
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landgrafis there a way how to build different rootfs/images and combine them into single image (wic file)?06:46
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Guest46Hi Guys. Im trying to build grpc (1.4.3) example . But im unable to find grpc_cpp_plugin anywhere in my build files . I have used https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/meta-iot-cloud/blob/morty/recipes-support/grpc/grpc_1.4.3.bb recipe.07:12
Guest46any suggestions? Thank you . And im on yocto 2.2 so using old grpc version07:12
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LetoThe2ndlandgraf: essentially multiconfig?07:18
landgrafLetoThe2nd: Yes. thanks https://elinux.org/images/a/a5/002-1500-SLIDES-multiconfig_inception.pdf slide 14 is my case07:22
* landgraf is going to RTFM07:22
kayterina[m]Hello, a git repo that builds locally with autotools should it be made into a yocto recipe using "inherit autotools" or "inherit cmake"?07:25
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LetoThe2ndkayterina[m]: if it builds with autotools, it sounds very much like "inherit autotools", don't you agree?07:40
kayterina[m]Sure. It is this chapter in the manual that I am confused: "5.21.3 Building an Autotooled Package", it says: "Applications built with the Autotools such as autoconf and automake require a recipe that has a source archive listed in SRC_URI"07:41
kayterina[m]if the recipe builds in "git/" directory and has an empty build/, that is a case of autotools-brokensep?07:42
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LetoThe2ndkayterina[m]: no, it is a case of setting S. look into any recipe that uses git, usually S = ${WORKDIR}/git07:58
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__adis it possible to use eudev in place of systemd-udevd in kirkstone ?10:31
__adi am getting an error adding eudev10:31
rburtonyes, assuming you've turned off systemd.  hard to help without knowing what the error is.10:32
__adeudev was skipped: conflicting distro feature 'systemd' (in DISTRO_FEATURES)10:32
__adso i should remove whole systemd ? eudev seems to be os independent10:33
rburtonif you want to use eudev then by definition you don't want systemd10:33
rburtonconsidering eudev is a fork of the udev in systemd10:34
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__aduhm, is udev only a part of systemd ? can't be disabled just systemd-udevd ?10:35
rburtonif you don't want systemd then remove it from your DISTRO_FEATURES (its not on by default, so you added it) and then you get eudev10:36
__admm ok. So eudev is a "whole" systemd replacement ?10:36
mcfrisk__ad: no it's not, but it conflicts with systemd which requires normal udev.10:37
rburtonif you want a udev-like tool then your choices are eudev (traditional init) or systemd-udev (systemd).  asking for systemd init with eudev isn't sensible.10:38
__admcfrisk:  rburton: ok clear, thanks10:39
kayterina[m]How do I choose to make a recipe from a .tar.gz over the git repo? Does the repo suggests frequent changes?10:46
__ad(seen now requirements asks fir sysvinit, so good :)10:46
rburtonkayterina[m]: official tarballs are smaller and easier to mirror so i tend to prefer those10:48
RPJPEW: I found that linux-yocto-rt issue. It was a bad recipe (v86d)10:52
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embetrixHello, I have defined the following bitbake variable:11:38
embetrixTF_A_CONFIG       ?= "nand sdmmc"11:38
embetrixTF_A_CONFIG[nand]   = "STM32MP_RAW_NAND=1"11:38
embetrixTF_A_CONFIG[sdmmc]  = "STM32MP_SDMMC=1"11:38
embetrixTF_A_CONFIG[emmc]   = "STM32MP_EMMC=1"11:38
embetrixTF_A_CONFIG[spi]    = "STM32MP_SPI_NOR=1"11:38
embetrixHow can i get a field of the variable in bitbake ?11:39
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TRO[m]PACKAGECONFIG set in an image is not possible for a recipe contained in that image, right?11:43
rburtonTRO[m]: correct11:43
rburtonembetrix: d.getVarFlag("TF_A_CONFIG", "nand")11:43
kayterina[m]is there an example of a recipe using multiple licenses? there are 3 license files in the repository and the source code itself has some files under apache2.0,some BSD-2, some BSD-311:44
kayterina[m]*not license files, there is a COPYING, a LICENSE and a copyright in the repo11:44
mcfriskis bitbake-diffsigs usable to anyone? It's "NOTE: Starting bitbake server..." for ever on my trivial master branch setup..11:44
qschulzkayterina[m]: you can have multiple entries in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM if that is your question/11:45
qschulzYou can have binary operators in the LICENSE field too11:45
rburtonkayterina[m]: many in core.  just list them all in LICENSE in the appropriate form (is it apache *or* bsd, or apache *and*), then list them all in the checksum and ideally some summary of what files are what license (like a readme fragment that explains the licensing)11:46
embetrixit works I think only when using python, I would like to use it like this :11:47
embetrixdo_compile() {11:47
embetrix    if [ -n "${TF_A_CONFIG}" ]; then11:47
embetrix        for config in ${TF_A_CONFIG}; do11:48
embetrix            oe_runmake -C ${S} BUILD_PLAT=${B}/${TFA_DEVICETREE}-${config} d.getVarFlag("TF_A_CONFIG", "nand" )11:48
embetrix        done11:48
embetrix    fi11:48
rburton${@d.getVarFlag("TF_A_CONFIG", "nand")}11:48
rburtoni hope you're prepping a patch for the tf-a recipe in meta-arm :)11:49
rburtonor do we need to put another layer on the list of 'other places that have a tf-a recipe'11:49
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embetrixthis one is working but I would like to have the second field from config variable:11:53
embetrixdo_compile() {11:53
embetrix    if [ -n "${TF_A_CONFIG}" ]; then11:53
embetrix        for config in ${TF_A_CONFIG}; do11:53
embetrix            oe_runmake -C ${S} BUILD_PLAT=${B}/${TFA_DEVICETREE}-${config} "${@d.getVarFlag('TF_A_CONFIG', 'nand')}"11:53
embetrix        done11:53
embetrix    fi11:53
rburtonwrite a little function to do the parsing for you and call that instead of d.getVarFlag11:53
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embetrix"${@d.getVarFlag('TF_A_CONFIG', d.getVarFlag('config'))}" is not working11:55
rburtonyou meant d.getVar() for the second one11:57
rburtonat least i guess11:57
rburtond.getVar("FOO") gets the value the variable. if FOO="bar", returns 'bar'11:58
rburtond.getVarFlag(name, flag) returns the value of the named flag.  FOO[fish]="dog" and d.getVarFlag("FOO", "fish") returns "dog"11:58
embetrixyes sorry you are right I got them mixed up12:02
embetrixbut what is the right way to use it :   ${@d.getVarFlag("TF_A_CONFIG", d.getVar("config"))} and "${@d.getVarFlag("TF_A_CONFIG", ${@d.getVar("config")})}" are not working12:03
rburtonwhat is this 'config' varable you refer to12:04
rburtonoh you don't need the ${@} inside12:04
rburton${@ ... } is expand-this-python12:05
rburtononce you're inside you don't need to ${@} again12:05
kayterina[m]rburton: the readme-like fragment that lists the files and their licenses is inside the repo (unibuild-packaging/deb/copyright). Is listing this file and its checksum enough?12:06
rburtonembetrix: oh i see your example above.  expanded python at parse time for obvious reasons doesn't have access to bash variables at runtime.12:06
rburton${@} expansion happens when the shell script is *written out*  so it can't see bash variables12:07
rburtonkayterina[m]: yeah ideal12:07
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JPEWRP: ah, excellent12:24
JPEWRP: I'll miss the meeting today; have to go to the openssf meeting to talk Yocto+SPDX12:24
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cperonHello, I have two recipes that both should set some iptables rules. What the better to set this? there is no kind of iptables.d rules folder?12:25
RPJPEW: no problem, sounds like a good thing to be doing!12:26
RPJPEW: if you've no objections to the two remaining patches, I think I might merge things and enable by default for poky12:26
JPEWRP: ya they look good12:28
JPEWWeird that removing a DEPENDS fixes the recipe12:29
embetrixrburton it measn that combination of getVarXX are not possible ?12:29
RPJPEW: spdx "encodes" the DEPENDS but sstatesig was ignoring it12:31
JPEWAh, makes more sense12:32
JPEWIt wasn't broken in general, just for spdx12:32
rburtonembetrix: you can't access bash variables from inside python evaluation, no12:38
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JPEWRP: is there a way we can ask sstate if a dependency is ignored?12:54
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JPEWOr include that in taskdepdata?12:59
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RPJPEW: that is basically what that function in sstatesig.py does13:04
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jclsnHow do I correctly add the DEBUG flag to EXTRA_OEMAKE? I am too stupid13:39
jclsnTried EXTRA_OEMAKE += "-DDEBUG" and EXTRA_OEMAKE += "DEBUG". The latter seems to use it as make target then13:39
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jclsnWell, EXTRA_OEMAKE += "DEBUG=1" apparently, but then the recipe fails, because it can't find the files in the release folder. Stupid atf13:49
rburtonjclsn: this is why your BSP should use the TF-A recipe in meta-arm13:50
rburtonBUILD_DIR .= "/${@'debug' if d.getVar("TFA_DEBUG") == '1' else 'release'}"13:50
jclsnrburton: Our recipe is an outdated version from NXP I suppose13:51
rburtonjclsn: yeah, tell nxp to stop that and use meta-arm13:51
jclsnThey updated it in latest releases, but the first one is spagehetti code^1013:51
jclsnWill have a look at meta-arm13:52
jclsnYou tell NXP13:52
jclsnLike they would listen to me ^^13:52
jclsnI think our board doesn't support the ARM CoT anyway13:53
jclsnI mean ARM tries to unify secure boot for ARM, but NXP is cooking their own soup like always13:53
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roussinmis this syntax correct? https://github.com/openembedded/meta-openembedded/blob/1955d0f140a9610346021d42fa45cb186eb6f042/meta-oe/recipes-core/plymouth/plymouth_22.02.122.bb#L54 it doesn't seem to work when I setup the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/psplash = "plymouth" probably because of the `-` instead of the `/` was it intentional?13:59
landgrafhmmm. looks like LICENSE_FLAGS_ACCEPTED is not populated in multiconfig or I'm doing something wrong :(14:00
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jclsnrburton: How would I change this to replace all occurences of "release" here https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale/blob/f0be684f01b53482cb43e016a5c5c1faf3ae448e/recipes-bsp/atf/qoriq-atf_1.5.bb#L15214:10
jclsnI want to write a .bbappend that does that14:10
jclsnLike a search and replace for the do_compile function only14:11
jclsnAh use a variable. Get it14:12
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jclsnBut I have to do it in the recipe which is upstream. meh14:18
rburtoncopy-paste the task14:18
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jclsnIt is horribly long, but well there is no other way I guess14:24
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RPrburton, jonmason: a rare sighting of the lesser spotted green meta-arm build: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/113/builds/4100 :)14:57
RPthanks for fixing it :)14:58
amsobrHey all. I'm building a nodejs project using bitbake. Thing is, some of the dependencies needed for the build are actually listed in "devDependencies" and it seems that even if I provide a shrinkwrap file generated with NODE_ENV=development, only the "depends" turn out to be populated in node_modules when I attempt to build the package.14:59
amsobrSo while I can patch the packages.json to work around that, I'm wondering is there's any OE trick I can use to also pull the "devDepends" os package.json into the work area...15:00
amsobrerr, "devDependencies", I mean... :)15:00
rburtonmaybe the tool should pull in those deps for the build15:02
vvnDo I recall correctly what we have a phytec dev in this channel? :)15:05
amsobrhumm, not sure if I follow. The way I tried is to set NODE_ENV=development, run npm install and get the shrinkwrap, under a container with the same node version as OE (node:16)15:08
amsobrI can see that the shrinkwrap contains the needed libs, under "devDependencies" as well so I assume this might be why they don't end up populated when building under bitbake.15:09
amsobrrunning devshell and checking node_modules it turns out that the devDependencies aren't present.15:10
amsobrAnyway, no big deal, it's workable with a patch on packages.json15:10
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berosetFor the SRCREV variable, the description says "Note that if you want to build a fixed revision and you want to avoid performing a query on the remote repository every time BitBake parses your recipe, you should specify a SRCREV that is a full revision identifier and not just a tag."15:15
berosetI know what a tag is in the context of git, but what is a "full revision identifier"?15:15
rburtonberoset: a SHA15:16
berosetDoes that mean a specific git hash or something else?15:16
rburtonyes, a full hash15:16
berosetOK, thanks for the confirmation.15:16
berosetMaybe an example there might be useful?  Or perhaps a link to a definition for "full revision identifier"?15:17
rburtonchanging it to use the git terminology of "sha1 object name" seems sensible.  fancy sending a quick patch15:24
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berosetThat would cover the case for git.  I don't know about current versions of subversion, mercurial and bazaar.15:30
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berosetI'm thinking perhaps a parenthetical like this:  "a full revision identifier (e.g. the full SHA hash in git) and not just a tag."15:31
rburtonsounds good15:31
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masonsmooge: o/15:40
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berosetOK, if I did everything correctly, there should be a patch in the email list.16:06
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