Tuesday, 2023-06-13

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mckoangood morning06:45
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Guest98may i  ask question about kernel not yocto?06:51
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LetoThe2ndGuest98: you can always ask - no guarantees anybody knows. if its too much offtopic, we will tell you.07:24
jclsnGuest98: There is also the channel #kernel you know07:25
jclsnAnd also #linux-imx for imx-specifc topics07:26
Guest98LetoThe2nd jclsn thank you!07:27
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__adgm. Why to use a custom dtb i have to use "KERNEL_DEVICETREE += " ? Looks like i cannoit use = (in kirkstone)07:45
__adgetting an error in do_image_wic07:47
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TRO[m]@halstead: wiki.yoctoproject.org ssl cert is outdated08:26
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RPrburton: patches merged08:43
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ykronsHello all08:54
ykronsI'm trying to build an image based on Yocto 3.0 in a CROPS container in WSL and I get weird error. I know it is not official supported, but is there known issue with that setup ?08:58
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yoktoHow is yocto going to keep up with the upcoming wave of RISC-V devices in the future in which all of those devices can have a completely different architecture due to the way RICS-V is designed?09:21
yoktoOr rather, different design should I say.09:22
yoktoWill it still be possible to have the same way of working with meta-layers  (for example meta-raspberrypi has one layer, but suppose each rpi will be built much different)?09:23
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landgrafyokto: support of few boards have been added to meta-clang already you can check this out09:25
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yoktolandgraf those are supporting risc-v platforms, not full BSP's09:27
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rburtonyokto: machine-specific pieces sit in BSP layers, so the answer is "better than traditional distros"09:37
LetoThe2ndyokto: its not yoctos job to cater for all the variations that some hw vendor cranks out. if a vendor wants their stuff to be used, they better figure out how to make it accessible to users and developres. providing a proper yocto bsp might be one approach.09:39
LetoThe2ndyokto: and vice versa, if users and developers care about such, then they should approach the risc-v people and the hw vendors in that space to actively contribute and become member organizations.09:40
yoktoLetoThe2nd Agreed, but on the other hand yocto provides its tool in order for easy creation of images for these boards so perhaps something in yocto is going to be changed to make RISC-V boards more easily managable (and yes this should indeed be done by the RISC-V hw vendors...)09:41
LetoThe2ndyokto: if you feel like this is the direction, then you are invited to contribute such, and as already said, encourage the risc-v people/vendors to join us.09:42
yoktoRISC-V development is going fast but it's going to take a while to catch up anyways. Kinda suprising how three people at a university shaked the industry... I thought big companies like Huawei should have been able to come up with something like that... three people created RISC-V, one person created the linux kernel... amazing09:43
rburtonyokto: i'm struggling to understand how the bsp layer and machine/tune design fails with riscv.  can you explain?09:47
yoktorburton competitors of RISC-V provide standardized core architectures whereas RISC-V encourages non-standardized core architectures which hardware-wise is a good thing because they can optimize everything for their specific application. However, this latter (can) introduce fragmentation (future will tell).09:51
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rburtonyokto: sure.  this is terrible for riscv, but a bsp layer for a specific custom riscv core can set the right flags/tunes/etc for the buid.09:55
LetoThe2ndyokto: again, i am convinced that it boils down to "if you want to sell hw, then you make sure people can use it and provide proper software support". fragmentation or not, i don't care what they do underneath as long as they provide a proper software stack that makes their offer usable. if they don't, i will go with a competitor.10:01
kanavin_I can't for the life of me understand why people choose hardware vendors based on silicon spec sheet only10:01
LetoThe2ndyokto: yocto is a tool that they can use to archieve that. if they want to talk, we are here. but we're not going to do their work.10:01
kanavin_software is just as important, if not more, and no one cares when making those decisions10:01
kanavin_or maybe they simply have no idea how to judge the quality of the software support10:02
LetoThe2ndkanavin_: i can. sales people and corporate buyers just buying by price and spec sheet. but again, not our problem to solve.10:02
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kanavin_keeps consultants busy, but it's not exactly the kind of 'busy' I like10:03
LetoThe2ndi know, i know.10:03
yoktoI see. Well, life is mostly about having a good curriculum vitae meaning software developers will contribute anyways to these kind of open source projects, but that's their decision. Thanks.10:04
yoktoNow I have a better understanding of where yocto fits in this picture. Lets see what the future brings :)10:04
kanavin_open source community is not someone's unpaid contractor10:05
qschulzkanavin_: BOM cost can rarely be reduced, you can however spend years making the SW support better10:05
kanavin_people work on problems that either interest them because it's fun, or they are paid for it10:05
LetoThe2ndyokto: if you actually believe "life is mostly about having a good curriculum vitae meaning software developers will contribute anyways to these kind of open source projects" means that in order to have a nice CV you should do free work for a HW vendor, then it is something you should definitely reconsider.10:06
kanavin_my life is about building things that last, and contributing to the pool of public knowledge10:06
kanavin_if that requires a good CV, then I'll make it good, if not, I don't care about how CV looks like :)10:07
LetoThe2ndyokto: not only because for yourself, but its actually making life for everybody worse. people can't eat exposure and pay their bills with it. you are encouraged to have a look at the situation for graphics designers, writers, etc.10:07
yoktokanavin_ Human Resources cares though :)10:08
* LetoThe2nd sighs and returns to doom. literally.10:08
kanavin_yokto, yes, one needs to pass the 'HR buzzword filter' to get to the hiring manager. but that's not a 'life is about' thing10:08
yoktoLetoThe2nd A.I. indeed destroyed graphics designers and writeres careers... right now it is helpful for software engineers I would say though10:08
yoktokanavin_ true10:09
qschulzyokto: greed is what destroyed their career :)10:09
qschulz(and not theirs to be clear)10:09
kanavin_yokto, except it didn't. people are waking up to the fact that AI, as of now isn't as good at writing as actual writers.10:09
kanavin_both in technical writing, and in fiction10:10
qschulzkanavin_: translation services are apparently now fixing the thing AI translated for them, so this industry too :)10:10
LetoThe2ndkanavin_: well, what AI gives you as technical writing is actually good fiction ;-)10:11
qschulz(dang can't write properly today, "for them" understand people replaced them with AI and they are contracting experienced translators to fix the thing AI came up with)10:11
qschulz(back to the lurking mode because i cannot speak :) )10:11
kanavin_the most it can do is a particularly bland, flavorless school essay kind of thing, one that doesn't cite sources, and so would be laughed out of the gate in any serious scientific setting10:12
qschulzkanavin_: incorrect, it does cite sources.... which do not exist :D10:12
LetoThe2ndqschulz: best kind of citation![1], [1]: LetoThe2nd, 2023-06-1310:15
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landgrafkanavin_: good thing about open source is that it helps to bypass HR filter...10:23
rburton_can_ help10:26
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landgrafrburton: right.  one of the key kernel maintainers I worked with has been rejected by HR with "not enough experience with Linux kernel"...10:44
yoktolandgraf A.I. needs to replace HR immediately (like Amazon is doing)10:45
landgrafbetter not to discuss Amazon (AWS) HR topic here :D10:46
yoktoNever really understood how HR works. Engineers work really hard to get an engineering degree and gain experience in the field, next thing you know they are assessed by people that studied a random study and suddenly came into HR blocking those engineers entering tech companies.... everyone seems fine with this10:46
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landgrafyokto: well. HR not always understands how software engineers work...10:52
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AbluCan I somehow clean all -native packages? Things become weird with a system update and it looks like some inconsistency in -native packages...10:57
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rburtondelete tmp and then delete all *-native* files in your sstate if you just want to wipe them all to be sure11:07
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rburtonAblu: though if you just upgraded to an unsupported distro...11:08
rburtonyou might have just hit the gcc13 issue11:08
Ablurburton: yeah, it most likely has something to do with gcc13. I switched to using containers. Trying to salvage my cache now :). Thanks. Will try it out.11:09
AbluLooks good! Though I apparently cleaned a little too much during my initial attempts. So I guess I will have to rebuild gcc. Anyway. Long lunch break it is then...11:11
rburtongive us details, it's hard to debug from "weird"11:12
rburtonif your new host has gcc13 then you need the brand new uninative11:12
rburton(you'll note that none of the supported host OSs for the yocto releases have gcc13)11:13
rburtonthe workaround is to disable uninative11:13
Ablurburton: http://sprunge.us/a1CVXo was my error. I upgraded to latest Fedora which brought GCC 13.11:14
rburtonyeah, disable uninative11:14
rburtonno need to trash sstate11:14
AbluBut yeah, since it is not supported as host OS I switched to building in a container.11:14
rburtoncontainers work better :)11:14
AbluHm. This is just a smaller project that I had around. All the newer/bigger ones are in the container already. So I guess a rebuild in the container may be the better long-term solution :)11:15
AbluThe TLS cert on wiki.yoctoproject.org expired apparently... Who should be notified about this?11:18
LetoThe2ndAblu: people have already been notified.11:18
AbluLetoThe2nd: ACK :)11:18
* sudip wonders who all are going to be in the Dev day11:50
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* LetoThe2nd will be11:54
JaMaAblu: or upgrade to uninative 4.0 already in master and on it's way to kirkstone and mickledore - and then let me know if mkfs.ext4 happens to segfault for you :)11:54
* JaMa won't be11:55
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sudipare we going to have a special corner for people on irc so that we can meet and put a face to irc nicks?11:57
rob_wi am on kirkstone and use my own IMAGE_CMD_TAR where i md5sum all files and place a md5sum.txt on / of the image , that now fails with permission denied .. that was working with a thud chain , any hints ?11:58
rburtoncan you share the command?11:58
rob_win local.conf -> IMAGE_CMD_TAR = "find -type f | grep -vF md5sum.txt | xargs -d '\n' md5sum > md5sum-full.txt && awk -F "/rootfs/" '{print build }' md5sum-full.txt > /md5sum.txt && tar"11:59
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rob_wi use this md5sum.txt as a verify base when i do A/B partition image upgrades , to make sure the data landed as correct as possible12:01
rob_wtemp/run.do_image_tar.1464: 149: /data/mibtec-bsp-dev/kirkstone-am437x/build/tmp/work/am437x_evm-poky-linux-gnueabi/biogas-image/1.0-r0/temp/run.do_image_tar.1464: cannot create /md5sum.txt: Permission denied12:02
rob_woh .. does he take / as my host / ?12:03
rob_wah .. nevermind .. i think i found my issue, hang on12:04
rob_wsorry rburton , i screwed myself , i took a wrong one .. i actually had a differnt cmd which should work and worked on thud12:05
rob_wIMAGE_CMD_TAR = "find ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} -type f |\12:08
rob_w        grep -vF md5sum.txt | xargs -d '\n' md5sum > md5sum-full.txt && \12:08
rob_w        awk -F "${WORKDIR}/rootfs/" '{print $1 $2}' md5sum-full.txt > ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/md5sum.txt && tar"12:08
rob_wfor completions ^^ that one does my trick12:08
rob_walso i did this in my local.conf IMAGE_FSTYPES:remove = "wic ubifs ubi"12:09
rob_wbut wic are still created ? any hint for that ?12:09
*** bps <bps!~bps@> has joined #yocto12:11
rburtonbitbake-getvar -r <imagename> IMAGE_FSTYPES to see what value it ends up with. maybe you've a wic.something being built too.12:12
rburtonfwiw, a rootfs post-process hook would probably be a better way of getting a md5 in the image12:12
rburtonRP: do you have an opinion on whether meta-clang should be in a-quick or a-full?  I'm guessing full.12:15
rob_wrburton: ah thx ,   IMAGE_FSTYPES comes back like this " tar.xz wic.xz wic.bmap" .. thx !12:18
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RPrburton: full13:03
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halsteadTRO[m], Ablu, LetoThe2nd, wiki server cert renewals are unstuck.13:41
LetoThe2ndhalstead: thanks!13:41
Abluhalstead: looks good on my end again :). Thanks for fixing!13:41
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mborzeckianyone managed to successfully enable cgroup v2 on kirkstone? I can't try with linux-yocto kernel as I'm forced to use linux-imx, everything is seemingly in place, /sys/fs/cgroup is a cgroup2fs mount, even got /sys/fs/bpf and device controller running, but for some reason a bunch of random devices such as /dev/fb0 spidev* hwrng don't appear, kernel config with and without are almost identical (differing bits are only related to cgroup2), I13:58
mborzeckisuspect there's something weird/wrong about udev, but no clue what could that be13:58
mborzeckieh, I'm a muppet, had  PACKAGECONFIG += "cgroupv2" and ended up with just cgroupv2 in systemd's PACKAGECONFIG, everything else was dropped14:17
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linex[m]I have added a service file to ${D}${sytemd_system_unitdir}/mydir/ and then configured SYSTEMD_SERVICE and SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE but it's apparently not finding the service file !14:35
rburtondid you inherit systemd in the recipe?14:37
*** kpo <kpo!~kpo@bwu34.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)14:37
rburtonobviously guessing what the problem is because "apparently not finding the service file" doesn't describe a problem14:37
linex[m]yes that too :)14:37
rburtonexplain what the problem is and maybe someone can help14:37
linex[m]I am getting this error and I am not sure why :14:39
linex[m]`ERROR:  my-package-1.0-r0 do_package: Didn't find service unit 'my-package.service', specified in SYSTEMD_SERVICE_my-package.`14:39
rburtonwhat is /mydir/ and why14:39
linex[m]to split service files14:40
rburtondoes systemd support that?14:40
rburtonmy debian system has no subfolders in /lib/systemd/system, they're all in that directory14:41
rburtonwhich is where the class expects to find them14:41
rburtonRP: urgh https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/142/builds/17 that happened14:46
smoogerburton, linex[m] on Fedora, I see sub-directories in /lib/systemd/system but they follow a specific syntax . like /lib/systemd/system/rescue.target file has an associated /lib/systemd/system/rescue.target.wants which has links to specific things wanted. [The sub dirs are .target.wants or something like /lib/systemd/system/httpd.service.d .14:51
*** Xagen <Xagen!~Xagen@> has joined #yocto14:52
smoogeNot sure how much of that is defined by freedesktop.org docs or is a Fedora only setting. However it does look like sub-direc need to follow specific patterns to be reviewed14:53
RPrburton: :(14:53
smooges/reviewed/seen by systemd14:53
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rburtonsmooge: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.unit.html says no subfolders14:54
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:54
smooge`In addition to /etc/systemd/system, the drop-in ".d/" directories for system services can be placed in /usr/lib/systemd/system or /run/systemd/system directories.`14:58
*** AKN <AKN!~AKN@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)14:58
rburtonmy system has .conf files in the .d directories14:58
smoogeI think it looks like the documentation is as clear as mud14:58
smoogelater it says 'Along with a unit file foo.service, the directory foo.service.wants/ may exist.'14:59
rburtonsure but that's not the actual unit file in that case14:59
smoogeyes sorry I wasn't disagreeing with you.. just adding that someone looking in /lib/systemd/system could see sub-directories but they are meant for specific things.15:00
smoogeI failed my 'communicate clearly' roll15:01
rburtoni'm sure i found a guide on how to install unit files properly somewhere but google is failing me15:01
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embetrixHi, it looks like out of three kernel modules signing is not supported in yocto, is this a known issue ?15:07
rburtonzeddii: ^15:08
zeddiiIIRC there's something in meta-security, but I don't use it myself. I just know that we do save keys, etc, to the shared artifacts dir.15:13
zeddiithe core bbclass avoid stripping the signatures, so it is known to work15:14
zeddiiyah. finally found what I was looking for. We have the fragments available to turn it on, so the core has no issues with the support.15:19
embetrixI used somthing similar to https://gitlab.com/akuster/meta-security/-/blob/master-next/meta-integrity/classes/kernel-modsign.bbclass15:21
embetrixthis does not sign kernel external modules15:21
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rburtonyou should fix that :)15:23
embetrixI will, thanks15:24
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TRO[m]Is there any tool that parses testresults.json and convert it to other formats like xunit?16:15
TRO[m]Or lib?16:15
rburtonTRO[m]: resulttool16:15
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto16:15
TRO[m]can it export to xunit?16:16
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TRO[m]Anything standalone that can evaluate test results?16:16
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vermaetelinux-firmware is now by far the biggest package on my Yocto build for an Intel platform.18:47
vermaeteWhat's the normal way to make this smaller?18:48
vermaeteThere seems to be do FEATURE settings in the recipe.18:48
vermaeteE.g. I don't need wireless at all, but all drivers are installed for wireless.18:49
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rburtonvermaete: don't install linux-firmware, or just install the firmware subset that you need.  linux-firmware depends on _all_ of the seperate packages19:12
vermaeteyep, thanks.  Of course...19:14
rburtonyou might need to bbappend to split the packaging up a bit more, for your use case19:15
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Guest40hi everyone, what is the best way to override ".inc" file from meta-mylayer?19:39
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wkawkaHi, I added gcc to the image via packagegroup, build ended up succesfully, but gcc is not avaialble on the target image. I am building for rapsberrypi4-64 machine20:31
wkawkaWhat may be wrong here?20:31
wkawkaI added gcc, from meta-openembedded, are there anu other recipes for arm specific gcc?20:33
Guest40wkawka "/poky/meta/recipes-core/packagegroup-core-buildessential.bb" should be enough.20:35
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wkawkai'll give it a try thanks20:39
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khemIMAGE_FEATURES += "tools-sdk" would get a working toolchain into target image22:05
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khemusually you also want "dev-pkgs" for headers and libs and " and "tools-debug" for gdb etc. and "dbg-pkgs" for debugging info for full on-device dev experience22:07
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marexI have a quick question, is there a way to trigger build of both populate_sdk and the image in one bitbake invocation ?22:36
marexlike right now, I have to do ... bitbake core-image-base ; bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-base ... can I do that with one command ?22:37
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marex... bitbake -k core-image-base:do_populate_sdk core-image-base:do_image_complete22:55
marexthis might work ?22:55
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