Tuesday, 2023-08-08

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:41
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Guest23Is it already known whether Poky 4.3 will support building on Fedora 38?08:26
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LetoThe2ndGuest23: you have think about it in a slightly different way. poky will definitely receive patches to build on newer glibcs, probably relatively soon. so in the beginning, it will build on F38, expectedly. and once they do the next glibc update, it will probably break again. this is a peculiarity of fedora, and anything that is a rolling release.08:40
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adrianfGuest23: For me Fedora 38 works without problems since uninative was updated (kirkstone, master). The question is probably when it will be added to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS.08:51
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Guest23Yeah for mickledore it also works though there was some recipe in meta-intel which I cannot remember currently which did not work with the newer glibc version08:55
Guest23Oh it was not even meta-intel, it was OVMF. Which I had to patch to use uninative 4.008:56
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RPadrianf: we usually do that once we have some builds confirming things work..09:11
RPI wish we did better at the process but it does involve multiple people and steps09:12
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qschulzI tried to build 4.0.11 which I assume has the new uninative but it didn't build on fedora38, so I guess I did something wrong? (it failed in dnf-native at least)09:18
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Guest23No, the 4.0 uninative seems to be only used starting with the next Poky 4.3 release: https://github.com/yoctoproject/poky/commit/6ebe71a52eae6b539560aa6a1ea12964dd10ed1e09:28
qschulzGuest23: https://github.com/yoctoproject/poky/commit/43b94d2b8496eae6e512c6deb291b5908b7ada4709:30
Guest23qschulz thanks for the hint, I was still on Mickledore 4.2.1, the backport seems to only be in mickledore 4.2.2. I will try to update09:39
Guest23Related question: Why is there a mickledore-next branch and why is it behind mickledore?09:39
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rburtonzeddiii: am i right in thinking meta-virt and oe-core disagree about python-dtc? our builds are failing as lopper can't find python3-dtc-native11:18
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smoogewoops sorry12:20
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zeddiiirburton: I've been away, I'm updating and re-testing my meta-virt master-next now, so I'll fix it shortly if so.12:47
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rburtonzeddiii: cool12:47
rburtonGuest23: the next branches are for staging and testing, and are not _guaranteed_ to be in advance of the real branch12:48
LetoThe2ndzeddiii: can I get your gut feeling on backporting docker-compose to kirkston in a custom layer? or is there some version dependency that causes it to be just mickledore and later?12:50
zeddiiidocker-compose is only tricky in that it isn't the python3-docker-compose you want, as it isn't updated anymore, I'm dropping that recipe completely in this release. so it is the docker-compose_git.bb12:53
zeddiiiwhich is a non-vendored git repo, so it has the big SRC_URI to fetch all the bits, I'm not 100% sure if some of those could have go version entanglements with older releases.12:54
LetoThe2ndzeddiii: so building docker-compose_git.bb on kirkstone should be somewhat feasible?12:55
zeddiiiit should be yes. just go itself is the question mark for me.12:56
LetoThe2ndkay. will give it a spin then.12:56
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d-s-eis it possible to set bitbake dependencies dynamically? Something like mutiple do_sometask[depends] += "${FOO}:do_deploy" inside a do_configure task, with FOO coming from a list of names?13:14
rburtonsure, as long as it evaluates to the right thing and the right point in time13:18
vvnd-s-e: you can do it in an anonymous python13:18
rburtonie this is in the wic class: do_image_wic[depends] += "${@' '.join('%s-native:do_populate_sysroot' % r for r in ('parted', 'gptfdisk', 'dosfstools', 'mtools'))}"13:18
rburtonor do_populate_sdk[depends] += "${@' '.join([x + ':do_populate_sysroot' for x in d.getVar('SDK_DEPENDS').split()])}  ${@d.getVarFlag('do_rootfs', 'depends', False)}"13:19
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d-s-eoh yes, python, sometimes I forget the possibilities ;)13:22
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TyakuHi, Is it possible to "force" the rebuild of a recipe on every build ?    My objective is to store in the image, something like the "build date". As we don't always rebuild the image entirely (because we are in development), we cant use the kernel build time or something like that).13:34
TyakuMy objective would be to get a recipe that store in a file the currenttime when "built". I don't know if it's the best option.13:35
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rburtonTyaku: mark the task that does the change with the nostamp flag and it will rerun every time13:36
rburtonthat will mean you rebuild an image even if there's no changes, because you said you wanted it to run fresh every time13:37
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CristosI have a general question regarding Qt5 layer. I need to build it with a particular version of openssl (1.1.1) instead of the default one (3.x). Yet, there is no version of openssl in the qt5 meta layer, just PACKAGECONFIG_OPENSSL and PACKAGECONFIG[openssl] entries. How to write a bbappend to change the openssl version for Qt5?13:41
TyakuHum hum, yeah everytime I call bitbake it will rebuild the rootfs/image. Yeah it's not necessary optimum.13:41
TyakuThere is no such thing directly managed by yocto ? during the image creation for example something that set the current date somewhere ?13:42
rburtonwell only if you ask it for the image13:42
rburtonsure you can absolutely drop a file into the image during rootfs time13:42
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rburtonjust write the file in a rootfs postprocess hook13:43
TyakuIs there something "ready to be used" somewhere or do we have to do it "from scratch" (bbappends on the recipe that generate the rootfs/image.)13:43
TyakuThanks I will search/check how to do it with your terms.13:44
rburtonyou'll already have /etc/timestamp in your rootfs13:45
rburton_but_ it defaults to a static timestamp for reproducibility, so just unset the right variable13:46
rburtonyou want to look in rootfs-postcommands.bbclass13:46
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TyakuThanks, I'm trying to set  'REPRODUCIBLE_TIMESTAMP_ROOTFS=""' in the local.conf. First observation: It is rebuilding lot of things (linux-imx etc) so it will take a lot of time on each builds.14:00
TyakuAccording to this. I think one of the best option, will be to configure REPRODUCIBLE_TIMESTAMP_ROOTFS="XXXXXXXXXXX" when we have to build a "release"14:00
Tyaku(manually, with the date of the release)14:01
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LetoThe2ndzeddiii: it falls over with a ginormous go log and I have NFC what it tries to tell me :-(14:28
zeddiiithe summary is probably "incompatible with this version of go"14:29
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kergoth_https://github.com/openembedded/openembedded-core/blob/52572a930b8c3518e07010bafc2a1920d4a11884/meta/lib/oe/utils.py#L104C12-L104C12 there's also a build_depends_string() utility function to add the ":<task>" to a list of deps, regarding the earlier examples from wic/sdk15:48
rburtonkergoth_: oh that's useful15:49
kergoth_Yeah I didn't know that existed until a couple days ago when I happened across a usage :)15:49
rburtononly seven years old15:49
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RPhalstead: would we be able to make a uninative 4.1 release with master?16:06
halsteadRP: Yes, I need to figure out these internal cert issues first and then I can start on that. Is it ready to queue up now?16:07
RPhalstead: yes, it is ready whenever you are. The cert issues have priority16:08
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halsteadRP: internal certs are sorted. uninative 4.1 rc1 is building.16:21
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RPhalstead: thanks!17:01
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jonmasonRP: "fix" for qemuarm frambuffer issue is now on lkml https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/20230808140152.3605346-1-jon.mason@arm.com/19:38
jonmasonhopefully this can get either accepted or the can fix it more properly, then we can cherry-pick it back to 6.419:38
RPjonmason: thanks. has this been discussed with zeddii?19:53
*** tct is now known as jbo19:53
jonmasonI asked him about the requirements to get a patch added to linux-yocto, and he said "I rule with an iron fist".  Ok, he didn't say that, but it was implied ;-)19:56
jonmasonpersonally, I'd prefer for it to be accepted upstream, and then we can wait for it to get pulled back into the LTS19:57
jonmasonbut, as you can see, it's fairly tame19:57
zeddiiheh. I'm ok to take the patch whenever. jonmason, feel free to lob it at linux-yocto whenever and I'll put it on the branches. I just finished another round of -stable20:03
RPjonmason, zeddii: given this is the last blocker to getting 6.4 by default, I think we can't wait for upstream...20:06
jonmasonRP: was the systemd thing resolved?20:06
RPjonmason: I have a patch which I believe might20:07
jonmasonok, I'll send to the relevant mailing list20:07
* RP is tempted to ask "which systemd thing"20:07
RPwe have about 5 :/20:07
jonmasonkernel + systemd + networking20:07
RPjonmason: I have a patch for the 6.4 systemd blocker20:08
jonmasonI was going to bisect it, if no one else got to it.  as i _think_ I've fixed the edk2 update issues20:08
RPjonmason: we don't need to, we kind of know what happened20:08
RP(network device renaming was added to the kernel somewhere in 6.2 and systemd triggers off it)20:09
jonmasonI hate systemd20:09
RPjonmason: the thing everyone wants as default? :)20:10
RPjonmason: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux.git/commit?id=bd039b5ea2a91ea707ee8539df26456bd5be80af apparently20:10
jonmasonit's an invasive species with no predators20:10
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jonmasonah, I guess that makes sense.  I mean, why not just rename stuff whenever you feel like it, even though you could do it at boot time20:11
Guest67hello, is it possible to specify which steps to skip in a recipe? Say for example, I want to skip the configure and compile step20:11
jonmasonGuest67: I'm not sure it's preferred, but you can just pass in empty functions for those steps20:12
LetoThe2ndGuest67: even in the documentation: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/new-recipe.html#packaging-externally-produced-binaries20:12
LetoThe2ndGuest67: have fun20:14
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belgianguyHi all, I've stumbled on a board (Myon I, by Keith and Koep) which I wanted to install Linux on. However I can't find meta info for use in Yocto, it has some similarities to DragonBoard410c, would that be a good starting point?20:29
belgianguy(I am very new to all this embedded Linux stuff)20:29
LetoThe2ndbelgianguy: technically i would say "start with meta-qcom and beat it until it works" :)20:31
belgianguyHi @LetoThe2nd, thanks, I had indeed already stumbled on meta-qcom (there are 2 different repos though)20:32
belgianguyAre there any examples that use meta-qcom which detail beatings administered? :)20:34
LetoThe2ndbelgianguy: qcom stuff is not the easiest, unfortunately.i might have somebody who can help you there, but not sure if they are around on IRC20:35
belgianguyI did install Yocto and did its initial "first image tutorial", but now am kinda lost as in what to look into to get the hang of it20:37
belgianguyAs first and foremost I don't want the blue magic smoke to escape from my board :) so I want to check everything that I don't accidentally make a short-lived toaster20:38
LetoThe2ndbelgianguy: "did install yocto" sounds kinda wrong in itself already, sorry. did you follow a specific tutorial? or do you mean you did a first build as outlined on docs.yoctoproject.org?20:38
belgianguyYes, the first build as outlined on the project page20:39
LetoThe2ndbelgianguy: okay. just to sort out the wording then - you did a first build based on the YP technology for a qemu based platform. this did not install anything anywhere.20:40
belgianguyTrue, agreed20:41
LetoThe2ndbelgianguy: so, usually the next two things will be understanding metadata, and board support. its a bit dated now (sorry), but I think this should be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD4M5FoHz-TxMfBFrDKfIS_GLY25Qsfyj20:43
belgianguyLetoThe2nd, ah, thanks, then I will pursue those topics now, and try and see if I can make a jump to the qcom stuff at the end :)20:44
belgianguyor find some other pathways that I need to traverse before attempting that :)20:44
LetoThe2ndbelgianguy: have fun! to be honest, I'd try to get a proper understanding of layers, recipes, machines and distros before actually going for qcom stuff - mostly because handling it properly will require said understanding.20:46
belgianguyLetoThe2nd, added them to the list, the better prepared I am the better the result will be, thanks!20:46
LetoThe2ndnp. off for tonight, then.20:46
belgianguy@LetoThe2nd, thanks and good night!20:47
halsteadRP: I've sent one very borked patch and a corrected patch directly to you for RC testing.21:06
*** zwelch_ <zwelch_!~zwelch@fluffy.mandolincreekfarm.com> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:07
RPhalstead: thanks, I think it might be better if abelloni pulls this in to one of this builds rather than me adding to the mix on the autobuilder!21:08
RPhalstead: I've put the patch in master-next so abelloni can find it21:08
halsteadRP, hopefully you changed the comment ;)21:09
halsteadOr... I suppose it's fine in master-next. We can change it before it goes into master.21:11
*** zwelch <zwelch!~zwelch@fluffy.mandolincreekfarm.com> has joined #yocto21:11
RPhalstead: I was meaning to remind myself to check! The versions didn't change, this one is for new patchelf patches21:13
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RPhalstead, abelloni: I've started a build with uninative in21:45
RPdl9pf, smurray, denix: There is a uninative test patch in master-next FWIW22:13
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