Wednesday, 2023-08-16

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX05:40
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yates_workthanks khem05:59
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RPkhem: I've merged glibc 2.38 FWIW06:59
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RPyates_work: welcome back! glad the quick build guide was helpful07:00
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mcfriskmaster with 6.4 kernel is working well on arm64 boards and qemuarm64. I guess qemu 8.0.4 update didn't help with the x86_64 hangs.07:13
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RPmcfrisk: too early to say really, the hangs are rare07:19
RPzeddii: - meta-virt now needs clang? :/07:23
RPkhem: ^^^ ?07:23
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SchlumpfGood morning07:36
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mcfriskyea, meta-clang dependency is now in meta-virtualization07:42
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mcfriskshould that recipe be moved to dynamic-layers (not documented btw)?07:45
mcfriskvhost-device-gpio, or possibly the other recipes too?07:47
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dvergatalRP: btw. I've forgotten to ask what is the plan? are we waiting until abelloni will return from his holiday?08:17
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RPmcfrisk: I don't know what makes sense for that...09:47
RPdvergatal: I really don't know what to do, it is also the build testing resources which are a challenge09:48
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LetoThe2nddvergatal: RP: my gut feeling is that unless there is a pressing need, postponing until the vacation season is over would be good.10:30
JaMamy gut feeling is that I haven't had enough coffee today10:46
LetoThe2ndJaMa: that can usually be fixed quite easily.10:53
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dvergatalLetoThe2nd: RP: As I said I'm NOT in a hurry, for me it is REALLY OK that we can wait, besides holidays are SAINT for every worker, that is including me \m/ =^.^= \m/ niah niah :P13:04
LetoThe2nddvergatal: +113:05
dvergataljust wanted to get the information to say to my co-workers that we need to arm in patience that's all :P13:06
RPdvergatal: I appreciate that, thanks :). Just to be clear though, feature freeze is in two weeks and if this doesn't merge by then, it would have to wait until October when the new development window opens13:07
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dvergataldvergatal: n/p, just to be clear I hate to rush and I respect everyone's time13:09
dvergatalRP: ^13:10
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dvergatalRP: haven't noticed I was typing to you and written to myself:P13:10
dvergatalRP: OK, the window doesn't matter for us, we just want to have it to not lose it and not to develop it just for us13:12
RPdvergatal: I do think we will need to support acls, it is just a question of getting it right. I just want to be clear about the timings and the slightly unusual risks this particular set of patches seems to have!13:13
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dvergatalRP: I agree, and I also share your distress since I don't understand what could have happend there what really bothers me13:14
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dvergatalRP: btw. I've been talking to Alex regarding the opkg and opkg-utils patches and he already applied the one regarding locales, whereas the one which touches opkg-build script he asked me to apply one additional fix, which I already did and sent to him so it will be applied also in a moment or two13:17
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AbluRP, mcfrisk: Ah... I only checked whether other Rust recipes already existed (which they did), but of course clang-native is another set of dependencies on top of llvm...13:21
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khemRP: that recipe needs rust bindgen which depends on libclang14:39
khemI am seeing more and more tools of such kind these days14:39
khemperhaps we should think about making llvm recipe in core to build clang as well at the least to solve this issue but then it wont be llvm but more than that. perhaps time to think about supporting clang in core14:41
abellonidvergatal: RP: I still have the branch that exhibited the issue but I guess I would have to run that on the AB to get the proper has14:52
abelloniI'm not sure this would work locally14:52
khemRP: we also need to generate new uninative with glibc 2.38 btw.14:54
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RPkhem: patch in -next but it doesn't work15:09
RPReported to Alexis in relation to gitarchive patch15:09
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michele_Hi, I am trying to build timescaledb-toolkit. I had some issues I solved, however now I am blocked with building rustfmt. I saw the recipe in meta-rust, however it requires the nightly toolchain - and I think this is the reason it was removed when merging meta-rust to oe. Do you have any hint how to build and use the nightly toolchain?15:38
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khemnightly toolchain I think is not available even in meta-rust, is it something that will flow into next rust release I would suggest to wait for that, rust has frequent releases15:48
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adrianfDoes anyone have experience with ptests for kernel modules? Our problem is that the combination of e.g. inherit cmake (to compile the test) and inherit module (to compile the kernel driver) obviously cannot work (both bbclasses define the same task like do_compile). Using two recipes would of course work, but has other disadvantages.16:16
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RPadrianf: I've never seen anyone do both together16:27
RPadrianf: lttng-modules and lttng-tools is the separate recipe approach16:28
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adrianfRP: Thank you. Knowing that there is no proven approach is also helpful.16:42
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khemadrianf: if you want to take advantages of pre-defined tasks then you have to separate out module into its own recipe, if you want to keep both userspace piece and kernel piece together for whatever reason then you will have to override the pre-populated tasks and re-implement them in recipe. I know some sourcecode where these things are needed16:58
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adrianfkhem: One reason why I would prefer to have them handled by one recipe is working with external sources respectively devtool modify. This is more handy when the driver and the test are in one git repo which needs to be cloned and setup only once.17:13
khemyes I understand :) you have to know the compromises17:16
RPkhem: there is something different with glib 2.38, our search patch tweaks aren't working :(17:16
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RPkhem:  this is why fails :(17:17
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khemRP: Buildtools does not provide GCC17:19
khemis that the error narrowed down17:19
RPkhem: the problem is the libc within buildtools, nothing to do with gcc17:19
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RPkhem: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.38' not found (required by /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/buildtools/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/buildtools-extended-tarball/1.0/testimage-sdk/bitbake-build-4x_nam_t/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/pseudo-native/usr/lib/pseudo/lib64/
RPkhem: it should have found the one in uninative :(17:22
khemwhich process loads libpseudo.so17:25
RPkhem: that build is building a buildtools-extended-tarball, extracting it and running a build under buildtools17:25
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RPkhem: so it is bitbake inside bitbake that runs pseudo, looks to be server side failing17:26
RPthe RUNPATH for is  XORIGIN/../../../sqlite3-native/usr/lib/:/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/buildtools/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/buildtools-extended-tarball/1.0/testimage-sdk/bitbake-build-4x_nam_t/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/pseudo-native/1.9.0+git/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib:/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/buildtools/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/buildtools-extended-tarball/1.0/testima17:28
RPI'm trying to decode that but the XORIGIN looks a lit odd, shouldn't that be $ORIGIN ?17:28
RPkhem: I think this is a pseudo bug, we force "old" ABIs for pseudo so this use case can work17:30
khemyes it should be $ not X17:30
RPkhem: I think with 2.38 some symbol is coming in we don't want17:30
RPkhem: is this the fortification pieces? :/17:31
khempossible :(17:32
khemno I think its a new function17:32
RPkhem: can we force to the older symbols for strol, fscanf and sscaf ?17:34
RPkhem: -std=c11  maybe?17:36
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khemRP: I see these in ```17:46
RPkhem: yes, we need to stop those getting in17:48
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RPkhem: it is already using -std=gnu9917:48
khemsomething is using -std=c2x17:50
khemI just tested an example17:50
RPkhem: look at the pseudo do_compile logs :/17:50
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khemtry this example
khemgcc -std=gnu18 a.c | readelf -sW a.out|grep strtol17:53
khembtw. this is not OE toolchain but this is what we should see17:55
RPkhem: I'm going to have to step afk in a minute. This is the remaining issue we need to work out though :/17:55
RPkhem: right, pseudo is special in that we need compartibility with older glibc17:55
RPkhem: so somehow we need to force it to the older symbols17:56
khemlet me see if I can make some inroads in next 30mins17:56
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RPkhem: compiling pseudo_utils alone is enough to get that symbol :/18:05
RPpseudo_util.c alone18:05
khemits using -isystem so that might be problem18:08
RPkhem: just tried removing the isystem and the symbol remains18:09
khemI just checked normal OE toolchain and behavior is ok18:09
khemRP can you preprocess it and pastebin it18:11
khemwith -dD -E18:11
RPkhem: I did trim out a few flags for that run18:13
khem#define __GLIBC_USE_C2X_STRTOL 118:13
RP# 474 "/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/buildtools/build/build/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/buildtools-extended-tarball/1.0/testimage-sdk/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/include/features.h" 3 #define __GLIBC_USE_C2X_STRTOL 118:13
RPsnap :)18:13
khemRP: add -U_ISOC2X_SOURCE18:15
khemglibc src say "Features from C2X are also enabled by _GNU_SOURCE, or by compiling with "gcc -std=gnu2x".18:16
khemso I guess we are defining  -D_GNU_SOURCE and thats why we are getting it18:17
RPkhem: adding that doesn't help, it looks like that file would override it18:17
khemWe might need to not pass -D_GNU_SOURCE18:17
RPpseudo_util.c:#define _GNU_SOURCE18:18
khemyeah for tests just undefine it18:18
RPkhem: fails to compile :)18:18
khemundefine _ISOC2X_SOURCE after all headers are included18:19
RPkhem: still doesn't get rid of it18:20
RPkhem: if I swap _GNU_SOURCE for a load of other defines and exclude ISOC2X, it works18:22
* RP really has to go but we have at least an idea of what we need to do18:22
RP(I picked the defines from features.h, we can probably narrow it down)18:22
khemyeah thats perhaps we have to do so18:23
khembecause we are tresspassing boundaries with features18:23
RPkhem: _XOPEN_SOURCE is enough18:40
khemah so we really dont need _GNU_SOURCE ?18:40
khemhow about _DEFAULT_SOURCE18:40
RPthat seemed to work18:42
khemyeah so I would suggest to use _DEFAULT_SOURCE18:43
RPwhat is that defined to mean?18:44
khembasically POSIX_C_SOURCE18:46
khemignores strict-ansi18:46
RPhalstead: we're good on the uninative release, thanks!18:47
khem_DEFAULT_SOURCE is posix + some BSD stuff.18:47
dvergatalabelloni: sure I'm sorry that I was not responding earlier but I was away from my computer18:48
halsteadRP,  Great. I'll push the tag.18:48
khemso basically we are not going to be extremely standards nut or give me all gnu extentions18:48
dvergatalabelloni: btw. what AB means?18:48
dvergatalabelloni: btw. has it worked for you at least once?18:54
JPEWRP: Ah I guess vfat can't really be a general purpose FSTYPE because of symlinks. I didn't think about that18:54
abelloniit did for a while and then I got the reproducible failures18:55
dvergatalabelloni: mhmmm so I was right something has broken the hash...18:55
JPEWI guess we can just make it a class that we inherit in the images where we need it18:55
dvergataland it was not able to reconstruct it18:56
dvergatalabelloni: OK, so you can try to run it again? because right now it's like reading tea leaves...18:59
abelloniwe'll see19:12
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JonathanFischerHi there, I'm not sure where exactly to look for this, but: I'm using Yocto to build images for a couple of devices. Those devices have identical CPUs and other hardware, and only differ in the amount of memory and SSD size on them. Is there a good way to set up machine definitions in such a way that the various packages I'm building get shared19:23
JonathanFischerbetween the two of them so I don't end up building each recipe twice?19:23
khemJonathanFischer: these seems like can have 1 machine definition and same image would run on both with. no issues19:24
JonathanFischerAt the moment I have a common include file that provides 99% of the configuration and two machine configuration files that include that file and specify different Wic scripts for the partition layout. It's working, but I build all of the recipes twice.19:24
JonathanFischerManually overriding WKS_FILE in my local.conf for one of the devices works as well, but I was hoping to capture the differences in my BSP layer.19:25
*** vladest <vladest!> has joined #yocto19:25
JonathanFischerThe same image definitely works on both, but on the one with a larger SSD the remaining space doesn't get partitioned.19:26
khemJonathanFischer: yeah I dont know how you define your image but generally if image size is same then you want one partition which is r/w to grow at runtime19:27
khemsystemd can do it19:27
*** yates_work <yates_work!> has joined #yocto19:28
khemor look at 96boards-tools recipe19:28
khemthat can do it too19:28
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JonathanFischerWe have a set of partitions that kind of need to remain fixed size to support field updates.19:31
khemso you write the full SSD on update ?19:31
khemI thought only rootfs is what is updated and data partitions are kept19:31
khemdo you have different storage for persistent data19:32
JonathanFischerWe have an active/inactive partition setup, data isn't kept separate at the moment.19:32
khemthen update is almost like factory reset then19:33
JonathanFischerAlmost, yes.19:33
khemyou can do something like per image WIC file see
JonathanFischerThat might do the trick, thanks!19:36
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dvergatalabelloni: ok thx19:54
dvergatalabelloni: JFYI we need the package_tar.zst file(s) from sstate for wrong ipks19:56
yates_worki built the qemuarm emulator in my previous lubuntu session, then rebooted. now when i try to run a command in a normal, native xterm under lubuntu i get: /lib/ No such file or directory19:56
yates_workany clues what's happened?19:56
yates_worki checked my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and it looks normal19:57
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yates_worknm, found it. i had copied the entire /usr/bin folder of my qemuarm machine into bin in my lubuntu home folder. apparently that is a standard place to look for binaries20:08
yates_worki did that because i wanted to look at someof the binaries, and i thought the bin folder in my home directory was a safe place.20:08
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yates_workcan someone please suggest how i would modify core-image-sato to use openssh instead of dropbear?20:13
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LetoThe2ndyates_work: as usual, create your own custom image20:28
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sudipjust noticed that when I am building openembedded-core the patches for kea are not getting applied, but when I am building it in poky the patches are applied. In openembedded-core, even "bitbake -c listtasks kea" is not listing do_patch in openembedded-core.21:21
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old_boyI have a python() overload in my bitbake recipe and it is getting called twice one for ${pn} test-package and other for lib32-test-package, does anyone know if this is expected? I thought when multi-lib is enabled it is called only for 32 bit?21:44
RPJPEW: We could tweak the tests mechanism but we should document it can't cope with anything compex21:48
JPEWRP: What's the best way to document that?21:48
JaMaanyone seeing cross-localedef-native-2.38.do_compile failing with ../git/localedef/include/sys/cdefs.h:85:51: error: missing binary operator before token "("?21:51
JaMa   85 | #if __GNUC_PREREQ (4, 3) || __glibc_has_attribute (__cold__)21:51
JaMa      |                                                   ^21:51
JaMaseems to happen only on older hosts (like ubuntu-18.04)21:51
RPJPEW: comments alongside the rootfs type in the class?21:52
JPEWRP: Works for me21:53
RPkhem: I'm struggling to find ways we can remove all the _GNU_SOURCE defines :(22:05
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