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belgianguyIs there a way to have the image require disk encryption by default, or would that always involve third party tools when deploying (eg terraform)00:00
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Marian1I need some help to enable networking.service and ifupdown on Yocto kirkstone with systemd.03:51
Marian1On my local.conf I have:03:51
Marian1DISTRO_FEATURES:remove = " x11"03:51
Marian1DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " systemd"03:51
Marian1VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"03:51
Marian1VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units"03:51
Marian1VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils = ""03:51
Marian1VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_login_manager = "shadow"03:51
Marian1By default Yocto is coming with networkd.03:51
Marian1I disabled networkd via systemd_%.bbappend with PACKAGECONFIG:remove = "networkd".03:51
Marian1I added in my Image: IMAGE_INSTALL += "networkmanager init-ifupdown ifupdown"03:51
Marian1systemd-compat-units is disabling the networking  via SYSTEMD_DISABLED_SYSV_SERVICES03:51
Marian1When I'm booting the image the networking.service is masked.03:51
Marian1root@qemux86-64:~# systemctl list-unit-files --state=masked03:51
Marian1UNIT FILE                     STATE  VENDOR PRESET03:51
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:38
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alessioigorgood morning06:38
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Schlumpfgood morning06:52
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hardliner66hi. I'm trying to get zig into my yocto build, but I wanted to use the compiled binary version instead of building from source. I created a bb file with devtool, but when I'm depending on it, it says it can't find the zig binary. I used the meta-zig layer as a base, but changed the actual bb to my generated one. I put the contents on if anyone wants to have a look:07:17
hardliner66here's the proper link:
hardliner66nvm, I figured it out07:24
hardliner66stupidity as always07:24
hardliner66the archive contains a subfolder, so I need to take that into consideration as well07:24
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michalsieronhello there o/08:21
michalsierondoes anyone know why python recipe changes the `--bindir` for `-native` builds?
michalsieronfrom what I dug through git blame it is there from the beginning08:21
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RPmichalsieron: it allows us to control whether the python3 binary is visible to recipe or not. See the PATH manipulations in the python* classes08:41
michalsieronso if I have a proposal for a change, then I shouldn't change this behavior, but rather work with/around it?08:44
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michalsieronI would like to move the `py_package_preprocess` function from `PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS` to `do_install[postfuncs]`
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RPmichalsieron: you can't do that, it won't work. The output from do_install goes to two places, do_package and do_populate_sysroot08:49
michalsieronyeah. exactly. that's the issue08:50
RPmichalsieron: that function is needed for do_package but will break do_populate_sysroot which is why it is used for do_package08:50
michalsieronthere are build time paths in the artifacts. more precisely `sysconfig` module has them08:51
RPmichalsieron: in the sysroot, probably but they aren't there on target08:51
RPmichalsieron: I don't know which paths or what they're being used for. Certainly in the native sysroot, they're probably needed for python to function correctly though08:52
RPto the original question, the bindir functionality will break things if removed08:52
michalsieronRP:  let's leave the bindir question. I was just making sure that it is required08:53
michalsieronRP: but going back to the `sysconfig` module. there is this apparmor recipe (, which when I build it, then it reads config flags of python and then compiles its C module with them. and then the package for target contains build time paths in the debug info08:54
michalsieronRP: I believe it is due to the usage of, but I don't know enough about it to be sure08:56
michalsieronRP: but also, I don't think those build-time paths in `sysconfig` are required for python3-native to work. what about the situation where you get the artifacts from upstream sstate cache? then you have build-time paths of completely different host machine08:59
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RPmichalsieron: sstate will relocate them correctly09:08
RPmichalsieron: I don't know the answer to the question about specific paths unfortunately09:08
michalsieron> sstate will relocate them correctly09:11
michalsieronRP: what do you mean here?09:11
dvergatalRP: I have seen the build with JPEW fixes and strangely there are erro, which does not occur on my side09:12
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olani-adrianf: Well written classes export their task functions as (in your case) cmake_do_compile and module_do_compile.  You can call these functions from your own do_compile in the recipe: do_compile() { ; module_do_compile; cmake_do_compile; }09:38
olani-adrianf: You will need to do the same for any task function defined in both classes.09:38
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mcfriskhey, is there specific reason why oeqa runtime test has static 5 Mb limit for free space? core-image-minimal will fail that test if IMAGE_FEATURES += "ssh-server-dropbear" is added to the image which is needed to run the test. Fix is to increase core-image-minimal size, but I don't think a static size makes sense. I'd rather configure the free space to be what expects.09:51
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RPmichalsieron: sstate knows how to fix hardcoded build paths in text files so they will relocate correctly10:21
RPdvergatal: I've not looked into the error, just dropped the patches for now10:21
RPWhat has happened to code stabiity. Three failures on the AB, one race and two qemuppc odd issues. qemu upgrade?10:26
RPabelloni: I'm a bit worried about all the ppc failures :(10:26
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TheStighi yocto world10:41
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dvergataldvergatal: sure10:56
dvergatalOMG:P I'm trying to type to you RP and somehow I'm typing to myself10:59
dvergatalJPEW: call me when you'll be available I have few questions regarding the patches11:00
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RPdvergatal: at least you agree with yourself! :)11:05
dvergatalRP: at least :D11:07
kanavinRP: in case you're wondering, I'm deep in fixing specific y2038 issues, most of it will be sent directly upstream
kanavincomponents can, and do place time into 32 bits internally. Sometimes it's in the core structure definition, like in tcl :(11:09
kanavinno amount of glibc trickery is going to help with that kind of short sightedness11:10
RPkanavin: looks like some good work in the branch!11:11
RPkanavin: unfortunately that isn't a surprise, 32 bit time was always going to be a challenge :/11:11
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kanavinRP: yes. it also doesn't help that classical C is ambiguous about how many bits are in integer types.11:13
kanavinmodern languages learned from this, and say specifically: int32, int64 etc.11:13
RPkanavin: a good idea at the time :)11:13
dvergatalkanavin: you can always use stdint.h for that ;p11:15
kanavindvergatal, the problem is not learning at runtime how many bits there are, the problem is that long is 32 bit on one machine and 64 bit on another11:16
dvergatalkanavin: ah yeah this one is a pain11:16
kanavindvergatal, for example this gem
RPkanavin: not sure what to do with the long list of backports in master-next for lttng-tools and y203811:20
RPkanavin: upstream won't release master until end of the year11:21
kanavinRP: that depends on whether you'd like to enable ptest on x86 soon, later or not anytime soon. I can ignore those failures in local testing until there's an upstream release.11:22
RPkanavin: I think we just hacked lttng's flags for now11:23
RPkanavin: upstream were open to the idea of a backport but it is a large chunk of patches11:23
kanavinRP: I am getting lttng ptest fails on x86 (without these patches). I don't think there's any special flag handling - they're getting built with 64 bit time like almost everything else.11:25
kanavinRP: I did however address all strace problems that prevented building it with 64 bit time.11:27
RPkanavin: why isn't the autobuilder seeing lttng failures? I guess because we don't run 32 bit ptests on it?11:27
kanavinRP: no we don't. Something I would like to do, but I don't want to give you stress.11:28
RPBuilds are taking too long atm and we're struggling for help with the existing intermittent issues :(11:29
kanavinRP: yes, exactly that11:29
kanavinI saw you fixed one issue from bugzilla that was offered for me, but I can try to take more. It's just difficult to switch context away from y2038, but I'll try!11:30
kanavinI'm kind of on a roll there :-D11:30
RPkanavin: I understand. That other one was "easy" once I found a reproducer for it11:30
RPsometimes it helps for me to work on something not crazy11:31
dvergatalkanavin: what can I say...11:32
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kanavinPresumably whoever wrote that assumed they'll be dead in 2038, or something.11:34
ptsnevesWhen running bitbake with setscene-only, does it stop with exit code !=0 when a needed sstate cache entry is not found?11:43
ad__hi friends. How to set default sh to busybox, from gnu bash ? (hardknott)11:53
ad__i set VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_login_manager = "busybox" but gnu bash is still the default11:53
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ad__i have tried IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = " bash ", bash still there13:04
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JaMaad__: you would need to replace bash in all the runtime dependencies of all the installed packages (we do that in webOS)13:20
ad__oh, ugh.13:21
JaMaad__: see but even this isn't enough, see and latest meta-webosose13:21
JaMasomething like will eventually fix that but it's not finished and help is welcome13:23
ad__JaMa: i just need to replicate a nbuildroot image, that uses busybox ash. maybe i can just rm bash and add a symlink to ash13:25
JaMathe symlink is automatically created when you enable ASH_IS_BASH in busybox defconfig, but that doesn't prevent gnu bash being pulled into the image by rdeps13:27
JaMabut if you don't mind having bash in image as well, then u-a priority setting might be enough13:27
ad__JaMa: well, yes, i don't mind. How do i set the priority ?13:29
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yates_workis there some way i can make a small contribution to the yocto project that would benefit everyone here who gives of their time graciously?13:29
ad__yates_work: allows to change bash to bb ash :)13:30
yates_worki meant a monetary contribution! :)13:30
yates_workwould some help be more valuable than money?13:33
yates_workLetoThe2nd: ^^^^13:33
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LetoThe2ndyates_work: there is a donation path through LFX, but generally work contributions are far more valueable than just money to us. There are beginner-marked bugs in bugzilla for example. Or if you, respectively your employer are serious about things, then working with them together to join as Members.13:37
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yates_workLetoThe2nd: thank you13:46
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yates_worki am finding that, after configuring for qemuarm and building core-image-sato (which works beautifully), if i subsequently "bitbake qt5ledscreen", the resulting binary is NOT placed in the main core-image-sato rpm subfolder, which appears to be work/qemuarm-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo/rpm/, and neither is the associated repomd.xml updated.14:25
yates_workhow do i make that happen?14:26
yates_worki see the qtlledscreen output binary in deploy, but it never makes it over to the final packaging folder14:28
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ptsnevesyates_work: core-image-sato is an image recipe while qt5ledscreen appears to be an regular recipe.  When you build qt5ledscreen you are just building the recipe and are not building the image. That is why the image's workspace does not get updated. Anyway if you only want qt5ledscreen rpm you can find it in the deploy directory after building that recipe14:38
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roussinmI have intentionally set REQUIRED_VERSION_gcc to a wrong version, and I don't get any warning/errors, if there is only version of the recipe does that work? My ultimate goal is to be able to fetch gcc version from another recipe, and tried to used REQUIRED_VERSION_gcc, but that doesn't seem to work. How can I get the version of another recipe in a recipe?14:45
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ptsnevesroussinm: gcc is a collection of recipes which are not exactly called gcc. You would either need to set preferred version or even provider for the default gcc recipe collection or inspect the toolchain settings. I do not know it by heart for example, but depending on what you want to do you may need to understand better how Yocto configures the toolchain.14:52
roussinmptsneves: From this inc file: poky/meta/conf/distro/include/ it looks like a bunch of PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-... are already present.14:56
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ptsnevesroussinm: Yep that is the file. So to give it a try modify it to point to your versions. Then you can just create a new tcmode conf14:58
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roussinmptsneves: ptsneves would there be a way instead to expand the variable GCCVERSION, because since it's written like "12.%" I don't get the real version. I need to create a symlink in a cross-canadian recipe where the version of gcc is a directory.15:10
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TyakuHi, I have a recipe for the kernel with a bbappend that add various fragments files for various things. Today I would like to create a fragment : "CONFIG_PANIC_TIMEOUT=5" *but* i only want that fragment in the build if I build with my "main" image. On my yocto project I have two image for exemple: "main" and "main-dev". The main-dev image just add package that are used for the dev (ssh server, rsyslog,15:25
Tyakugdbserver etc). I want the fragment active in main image but not in dev image.15:25
TyakuIn the dev image when a kernel panic happens i want it to block infinitely15:25
TyakuIn the main image (production image), when a kernel panic happens i want it to reboot15:26
TyakuDid someone know how to condition a SRC_URI:append in a recipe to the *image name* ?15:44
TyakuI know how to condition a SRC_URI:append to a *machine* but not to an *image*15:44
Tyakuor to override kernel configuration in an *image* (like adding a fragment)15:46
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ptsnevesroussinm: I do not know. This is not something I have done in some years. Maybe somebody else can help you .15:49
ptsnevesTyaku: There is no way to have an image propagate information to another recipe. An image is essentially just a recipe, so that is just how recipes work: They do not affect eachother. If you want to do something similar I suggest using an inc file and have the 2 recipe variants use the .inc file and an extra SRC_URI entry where relevant. Then in your image you add the relevant package15:51
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SaurRP: Regarding the removal of ${SRCPV}. After your latest changes, I believe you have addressed all my original concerns.16:03
SaurRP: I like the use of the `+` character to indicate when the expansion is needed.16:03
SaurRP: However, see my response to the architecture list as it contains a new problem I discovered.16:04
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yates_workptsneves: of course. now i see. thanks.16:24
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yates_workif i wanted to "extend" core-image-sato into my own custom image, would i have to just copy the .bb and modify to suit, or is there some way to extend it?16:26
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ptsnevesyates_work: This is a very basic question and suggests you should spend some time familiarizing with the Yocto eco system. It will save you time. I suggest you start by bbappend16:29
yates_workptsneves: "I suggest you start by bbappend" would have been sufficient sans the judgment.16:30
yates_workand, unfortunately, "spending some time" would mean probably weeks of reading documentation. the good thing about yocto is it has lots of documentation. the bad thing about yocto is it has lots of documentation.16:31
yates_work..and i have already been down the yocto road - it's just been awhile.16:32
yates_work..and i'm getting old and forgetful..16:33
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yates_worki will say the guy who wrote the variables glossary needs an award..16:35
ptsnevesIt is unfortunate you find it judgemental. Good luck16:39
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belgianguyHi all, is secure boot possible on an ARM64 system built using Yocto? Google gives conflicting information, and it seems it only was repaired on Debian (and I don't know how to check which base distro Yocto picked for dragonboard-410c (meta-qcom))17:05
belgianguyrepaired recently*17:05
frayyes it is possible, depends on the board, cpu and configuration.  For that particular board, I don't know what nay be required or if works out of the box17:14
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SaurRP: Btw, after pulled the plug on the Matrix bridge two weeks ago, I do not have access to the chat during weekends and off-hours so do not expect any chat replies until Monday.17:27
jonmasonis anyone seeing libtraceevent issues when compiling perf?17:30
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geoffhpyates_work: Another way to extend besides using a .bbappend file is to start a '' and put 'require' . That way you can have a different name for your image.  Also, there is core-image.bbclass you can extend in your '' recipe with 'inherit core-image'23:28
geoffhpyates_work: Another way to extend besides using a .bbappend file is to start a '' and put 'require' . That way you can have a different name for your image.  Also, there is core-image.bbclass you can inherit in your '' recipe with 'inherit core-image'23:29
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Marian71I'm trying to runqemu a genericx86-64 wic core-image-minimal "MACHINE="genericx86-64" runqemu custom-test-image wic  nographic slirp"23:53
Marian71Somehow is remaining here:23:53
Marian71SeaBIOS (version
Marian71iPXE ( 00:02.0 CA00 PCI2.10 PnP PMM+0FF8C0C0+0FEEC0C0 CA0023:53
Marian71Booting from Hard Disk...23:53
Marian71Can you please provide any inputs?23:53

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