Monday, 2023-08-21

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khempython3-m2crypto fails in do_package on ubuntu-22.04 quite often the issue happens in rpmdeps call which is wrapper to rpmdep tool
khemif I explicitly place location to ldso from uninative in the wrapper script then it works ok. see
khemI wonder if that exec cmd is run under uninative provided ldso or not any ideas ?04:34
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mckoangood morning06:55
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ernstpkirkstone 4.0.12 tag today? just curious07:18
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:36
mckoanhi LetoThe2nd07:38
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mcfriskhow to run oe-selftests? I build upstream poky x86_64 defaults to test patches and tests but keep getting "ERROR - Please unset SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS in order to run oe-selftest"07:50
dvergatalusnet them in poky.conf07:50
dvergatalor comment07:50
mcfriskdvergatal: but I don't want to change anything in poky git ree to run the tests? It's silly if I have to modify poky distro config defaults just to run tests?!07:51
dvergatalit's the easiest/fastest way07:51
mcfrisksigh, this is silly. can't test unmodified git tree then...07:52
dvergatalyou can also override this variable07:52
mcfriskin this case I'm adding a selftest, which sets bitbake local.conf in certain way, then builds images and runs tests agaist it. I should not need to manually change something in addition to this. some other preparation script is then modifying SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS before any selftests are executed, and I07:55
mcfrisk'd like to reproduce that environment07:55
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dvergatalLetoThe2nd: hi09:14
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rburtonmcfrisk: SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS="" in local.conf or auto.conf is the easiest09:22
dvergatalrburton: btw. I have written it:P but using word override:P09:24
dvergatalrburton: btw. do you have an idea how to override lib files?09:24
rburtonnot sure what you mean09:27
dvergatalrburton: there is a file openembedded-core/meta/lib/oe/ and I have modified it but I don't want to do it on openembedded layer i want to override it just like bbclass09:29
dvergatalrburton: and the way I'm doing it like in case for bbclass is not working09:29
rburtondon't think you can.  i suspect adding lib/ to your layer will put it after core in the search path.09:29
rburtonlayers that change how sstate works doesn't sound ideal to be honest09:30
dvergatalgenerale there is this fix from Joshua for acls which I have tested and it works but it is not yet applied to the kirkstone and i dunno when it will be and if it will be applied to the kirkstone09:32
dvergatalso I wanted to override it in my layer09:32
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RPdvergatal: given the issues with master we'd not be backporting a feature like that I'm afraid09:46
dvergataldvergatal: that is what I was afraid of and wanted to override in our layer09:47
RPdvergatal: I think if you set BBPATH correctly, lib in your layer should work but I don't remember exactly09:47
dvergatalRP: btw. again I'm writting to myself:P09:47
dvergatalRP: for classes it is already working for me but not for lib directory09:48
RPdvergatal: I don't know offhand then I'm afraid09:49
RPdvergatal: oh, we added a directive for this09:50
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dvergatalRP: ok what is the directive?09:51
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RPcore's layer.conf uses "addpylib ${LAYERDIR}/lib oe"09:52
RPI suspect we made the ordering hard to influence :/09:52
dvergatalso I can't change the layer order?09:53
RPdvergatal: I think if you change python's search path very early in parsing it might work09:54
dvergatalRP: were can I change this path>?09:54
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dvergatalRP: ahhh I get it:D10:20
dvergatalnow i see thx10:21
dvergatalRP: but this directive addpylib has been applied to master and I can't use it in kirkstone so probably i need to cherry-pick it10:23
RPdvergatal: I couldn't remember when we added it. I suspect similar tweaks to the search path may work in older releases10:24
dvergatalRP: and where can I change search path?10:26
dvergatalRP: if you mean BBPATH than no it works only for classes10:27
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dvergatalRP: you meant this PYTHONPATH for python?10:38
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ptsnevesIn SSTATE_MIRRORS when using a https mirror is the downloadfilename=PATH mandatory? In the manual's examples it is always added to the URL.10:39
RPdvergatal: PYTHONPATH, yes, or sys.path. It is a bit low level and behind bitbake's back though so I'm not really keen to encourage/document it10:41
RPptsneves: the paths won't work out correctly otherwise iirc10:42
dvergatalRP: this is an uglu hack :P10:42
kanavinrburto, mcfrisk dvergatal , I've been wondering about selftest and SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS for a while. It is indeed annoying, and I'm not sure if it is needed, or just some old relic?10:47
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dvergatalkanavin: honestly I dunno, in my opinion for selftest it is unneeded because you already know on which distros you are testing it10:50
rburtonthe rationale is you can't test a new distro because selftest fails10:53
kanavinbut then it should be specific to the autobuilder, and not imposed on everybody as a hard error10:53
kanavinand it's not about some intricate fail in selftest, it's just about silencing the warning10:54
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RPkanavin: if you don't do this, random selftests fail due to unexpected warnings11:02
RPkanavin: some tests have checks that the test run had no warnings which isn't unreasonabe11:03
kanavinRP: right, but then I suppose this could be improved by requiring to unset SANITY_TESTING_DISTROS iff the host distro is not on the tested list11:04
kanavinI relearned iff the other day :D11:04
kanavinmy math education was in russian11:04
kanavinor maybe even just injecting it into build-st/conf/local.conf11:05
dvergatalkanavin: you did that again:P just like with the patch :P don't worry, I write notoriously to myself instead to RP11:06
ptsnevesRP: Thanks. Do you know what might be the symptoms of missing downloadfilename=PATH?11:09
mcfriskI think the default poky build should be able to run selftests and qemu target machine with tests, with as few steps by the developer as possible. to me complaint about SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS doesn't make any sense if I just poky/oe-init-build-env and try to run the selftests11:10
kanavinmcfrisk, you are basically inviting the response: patches welcome11:11
mcfriskkanavin: already sent :)11:11
mcfriskbut not for SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS, I still don't get that one11:12
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frosteyesHello folks. I was wondering of the status of 4.0.12?11:36
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RPkanavin: the world has changed a lot with the config for oe-selftest so there are probably better options now. I just wanted to be clear it foes need to be disabled11:46
kanavinrburton, is arm phasing out 32 bit ?11:48
RPptsneves: it won't find sstate files11:48
kanavin(from products which can run linux)11:48
RPmcfrisk: the issue is that some of the tests check for *any* warning. If the host distro doesn't match those tests will fail. We therefore warn the user rather than have non-determinstic tests11:49
rburtonkanavin: 64-bit is the glorious future but 32-bit cores are still being bought so they'll still be made11:49
RPmcfrisk: it is way more annoying to run the test for an hour and get failures than it refusing to run11:49
kanavinrburton, right, so there'll be no new 32 bit designs, but existing ones aren't going away yet11:50
rburtonhonestly the new design question is above my paygrade11:50
rburtongenuine shrug, don't know11:50
kanavinjust wondering if y2038 is a real problem11:51
rburtonyes, because there's a _lot_ of hardware already out in the wild that won't be going away11:51
kanavinthere's plenty more to be done on my list11:52
rburtonis that list public?11:52
kanavinmy favorite is probably this gem in tcl
kanavinrburton, is a decent approximation of the list, not totally up to date11:53
rburtonkanavin: wookey from arm presented at fosdem with his rationale and debian work11:56
mcfriskRP: sounds like it should be the default to set SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS = "" for all oe-selftests, not a warning. it's not in poky.conf and rightly so. I'm just trying to understand how to get from ". poky/oe-init-build-env" to run ../poky/scripts/oe-selftest tests with some success.11:56
kanavinrburton, yes, I studied
RPmcfrisk: I agree it isn't perfect, it solved a particular problem and made things incrementally better. I'd imagine you'd have complained if your tests had failed due to the config issue too11:58
RPmcfrisk: we added the separate build directory pieces later do it probably can be done differently now. Nobody has found the time to improve things again11:58
RPIf I wasn't permenantly trying to fight fires with the autobuilder issues I might have a chance to actually develop something but too few people care about that :(12:00
* RP feels like walking away and letting someone else deal with it all12:00
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mcfriskRP: if I could understand the problem, I could propose a patch. but I just don't have your knowledge of the issues.12:02
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kanavinmcfrisk, you probably need to look into where build-st/conf/local.conf is being written and add the needed setting there12:04
mcfriskRP: I ran 200 boot and selftest loops with systemd core-image-minimal on x86_64 host and x64_64 qemu target and could not reproduce the boot hang with 6.4 kernel12:04
mcfriskkanavin: alright, I'll check that12:06
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ptsnevesIs there an automated way to compare 2 stamp directories to find the first recipe/task divergence?12:23
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dvergatalRP: I had some stupid issue with docker - it occured that on ubuntu/mint useradd in docker is broken somehow and creates user with root ownage... but I have fixed it and now I'm testing this PYTHONPATH, hopefully this will solve the issue13:09
dvergatalRP: ok it is not working13:10
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RPmcfrisk: there must be come second factor like overall system load that causes it to happen :/13:47
RPmcfrisk: qemuppc seems particularly badly affected, not that that helps much13:47
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RPanyone fancy fixing a reproducibility issue? Looks like binutils creates zero length man files if pod2man isn't installed.
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RPI guess this fairly simple - perl-native dep for binutils14:32
* RP tests a patch14:32
LetoThe2ndRP: just one?14:33
RPLetoThe2nd: just one patch? yes :)14:35
LetoThe2ndRP: how böring14:36
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Guest61Hey, I'm trying to run sgdisk as part of an IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND, but it fails with "command not found". gptfdisk is in the install image so I'm wondering whether build dependencies also show up during image preprocessing14:40
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Guest61For context: I need sgdisk in order to set constant PARTUUIDs in generated images, so if anyone has another idea I'm all ears14:41
RPGuest61: remember that target binaries are different from native binaries, you need the latter for image build tools14:42
rburtonGuest61: you can set explicit uuids in the wks if you're using wic14:45
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RPnext failure, :/14:50
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Guest61RP I don't think I've ever customized the image build tools and Google's not helping atm, do you have some documentation or examples you could point to?14:51
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RPGuest61: you need to have the right dependency on XXX-native in place so the tools you need are there14:58
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RPat least that one looks fixable15:08
RPwhich brings me to the ppc failures which I'm sure paulg said would be no problem :)15:09
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paulgAt least allow me to go to the loo between escalations17:50
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Marian42Hi, I'm using Yocto kirkstone and I'm trying to build a core-image-minimal-initramfs that will reach the bash. Based on the poky recipes I see that this image is going to some initrdscripts frome live-image that are trying mount the rootfs. Can you please point me on how I can build a initramfs image that is reaching the bash?19:33
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yates_workgeoffhp: thanks for the ideas20:02
yates_worki ended up copying the recipe and the core-image.bbclass to my own layer and modified to suit.20:02
yates_workit was just easier. one thing that looked messy was how the ssh-dropbear was implemented, and that is one thing i wanted to change. it looks like someone had kludged it with the IMAGE_FEATURES_REPLACES stuff. i just hackedit out and got a nice standard openssh20:05
yates_worknew problem: i thought i was successful in building qt5ledscreen - it completed without error. but the resulting .rpm has no image in it, only a few image files and .qml files.20:10
yates_workimage files meaning .pngs20:11
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RPpaulg: sorry, I really should resist :)20:29
geoffhpyates_work: looking at the recipe, I see where it do_install copies files into ${D}${datadir}/${P} in the staging area, but the FILES:${PN} only creates ${datadir} directory. The files under ${datadir} should be listed in FILES:${PN} I would think.20:38
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Marian46I have the following error when I'm running a initramfs image "Failed to execute /init (error -13)", Any inputs?21:41
zelgomerMarian46: you have to provide something executable at /init (usually a shell script), or use the kernel arg init=/path/to/something/executable21:45
zelgomerMarian46: take a look at meta-core/recipes-core/initrdscripts21:46
Marian46I saw those scripts, I'm building a core-image-minimal with few additional packages, I want to PXE boot the same image and I build the core-image-minimal-initramfs. How I can build in such a way that I will reach the bash with the initramfs in the same way like the core-image-minimal21:50
zelgomeryou'll have to wait for someone else to answer that one, sorry. my experience with the poky images is very limited21:55
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belgianguyAny good resources on enabling Secure Boot on ARM64? Or is this nearly impossible without vendor certificates? How would one acquire these?22:09
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