Tuesday, 2023-08-29

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mischiefDvorkinDmitry: PN might not be packaged in that recipe.00:45
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DvorkinDmitrymischief, you mean, I should use FILES += "" on;y?00:49
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mischiefDvorkinDmitry: no, i mean you should read the recipe and the included classes to figure out what exactly is packaged.01:06
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Marian57I have a problem with runqemu command when I'm using cpio.xz, I get a Kernel Panic:01:40
Marian57MACHINE="qemux86-64"  runqemu core-image-manufacturing.cpio.xz   nographic slirp qemuparams="-m 8192"01:40
Marian57[    3.508263] List of all partitions:01:40
Marian57[    3.509069] 0100            4096 ram001:40
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Marian57[    3.509174]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.509735] 0101            4096 ram101:40
Marian57[    3.509770]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.510393] 0102            4096 ram201:40
Marian57[    3.510425]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.510892] 0103            4096 ram301:40
Marian57[    3.510919]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.511619] 0104            4096 ram401:40
Marian57[    3.511651]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.512358] 0105            4096 ram501:40
Marian57[    3.512390]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.512892] 0106            4096 ram601:40
Marian57[    3.512919]  (driver?)01:40
Marian57[    3.519883]  driver: sr01:41
Marian57[    3.520572] No filesystem could mount root, tried:01:41
Marian57[    3.520639]  ext301:41
Marian57[    3.521205]  ext201:41
Marian57[    3.521392]  ext401:41
Marian57[    3.521552]  vfat01:41
Marian57[    3.521708]  msdos01:41
Marian57[    3.521865]  iso966001:41
Marian57[    3.522026]  btrfs01:41
Marian57[    3.522466]01:41
Marian57[    3.522846] VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(253,0)01:41
Marian57[    3.523723] User configuration error - no valid root filesystem found01:41
Marian57[    3.524738] Kernel panic - not syncing: Invalid configuration from end user prevents continuing01:41
Marian57[    3.525936] CPU: 1 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 5.15.120-yocto-standard #101:41
Marian57[    3.526882] Hardware name: QEMU Standard PC (Q35 + ICH9, 2009), BIOS rel-1.15.0-0-g2dd4b9b3f840-prebuilt.qemu.org 04/01/201401:41
Marian57[    3.528073] Call Trace:01:41
Marian57[    3.528480]  <TASK>01:41
Marian57[    3.529546]  dump_stack_lvl+0x38/0x4d01:41
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mischiefsounds like it was unable to mount the root fs01:48
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Marian57yes, but how the cpio.gz is working and cpio.xz is not working02:11
Marian57I think I'm missing something essential02:11
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mischiefMarian57: maybe the kernel doesn't know how to deal with xz compression03:05
Marian57kernel it's able to run on the target cpio.xz and cpio.gz03:20
Marian57only qemu it's the problem03:20
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yates_worki am running a recipe that is giving an error in do_configure(). i also add a task before do_configure: https://bpa.st/L2ZQ03:27
yates_workbut i am NOT seeing the do_display_banner() output. why not?03:27
yates_workhere is the entire recipe: https://bpa.st/2D5Q03:29
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yates_workok i see. the addtask needs an "after" and a "before" to precisely place it.03:52
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:00
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lars_Good morning everybody. Is anyone here able to help with a fetcher problem?06:07
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LetoThe2ndlars_:  well, upon that question, probably nobody will step up. explain the problem in a rough outline, possibly including the error you see, and you will have a much higher chance. plus, its still rather early, just so you are aware.06:19
lars_Thank you, I receive a fetcher error for multiple packages in poky. For git sources the error is 128 no output, and for sources downloaded with wget the error is 4 no output.06:22
lars_When I copy the exact command that bitbake says fails it works fine for me.06:23
LetoThe2ndlars_: a vanilla poky build? did it work before?06:23
lars_I even let it download to the exact same place that bitbake wanted it, to see if I could get past the fetcher error, but it still wants to fetch it even if it is already there.06:24
lars_It worked before06:24
lars_Not vanilla, no. But the recipes it fails on are untouched06:24
lars_I have several images in the same repo and only one of them has this problem06:25
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lars_The recipes that fail are right now edk2-firmware-202202-r0, acpica-native-20211217-r0, virglrenderer-native-0.9.1-r0, libsdl2-native-2.0.20-r006:28
lars_I think these recipes are all unique the image I'm currently building, I don't think they are included in any of the other images in this repo. This image is a qemu image of the same distro as the other images, and these packages seem to be qemu specific06:30
LetoThe2ndlars_: do they share some common location to download from or such?06:33
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lars_And the error message says exactly what command it tries to run to download them. When I manually run this exact command, it works every time. But bitbake fails every time06:39
lars_I have seen several people on the internet with the same error, but they got no help06:40
lars_And my internet connection is perfect, I never have dropped connections or anything like that06:42
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lars_And one of the recipes is actually fetching from Github, so it should definitely not be a real networking issue06:45
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lars_It now seems to have gotten past those somehow after just retrying many times...06:48
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mckoangood morning06:50
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lars_@LetoThe2nd Hmm, now it reappeared again with the same package, edk2-firmware07:20
lars_Here is my error message: http://0x0.st/HprX.txt07:22
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lars_And here for acpica-native: http://0x0.st/Hpr8.txt07:27
lars_In my earlier message I said that it somehow got past those but this was apparently not the case, it just waited a bit longer before attempting them this time.07:29
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lars_Oh, wow. I restarted my docker container and now it actually worked (no false positive this time, I watched the do_fetch complete for both of the packages). Very weird that my container could somehow be in a state where it was unable to download just these specific packages...07:40
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mcfriskkhem: FWIW, runqemu with slirp is able to run ptests and selftests, at least with the few small changes I posted in https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-core/message/18654907:46
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ptsnevesHey all. Is qschulz on vacations?09:11
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qschulzptsneves: who summoned me :)09:27
qschulzhave I missed some highlights?09:28
ptsnevesqschulz: Ah no. Just i remember you being very active in QA in IRC and well it was missed :)09:28
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qschulzptsneves: yeah, not very much my liking to be so quiet here. Got two new products to work on, got tech lead/manager duties at the same time09:29
qschulzso very little time to do anything OSS right now unfortunately, which saddens me :/09:30
qschulzbut someone's joining the team in a month, that should help make things a bit smoother for me (or wishful thinking, who knows :) )09:31
ptsnevesqschulz: Great to hear! Anyway, for what it is worth I appreciated your contribution and thought the channel emptier.09:31
RPqschulz: we're missing you!09:31
ptsnevesqschulz: what kind of products do you work on if it can be public info?09:32
qschulzthanks for the kind words, I really miss it too09:32
* qschulz blushes09:32
qschulzptsneves: can only say it's based on Rockchip RK3588 for now09:32
qschulzand that we do not have any pin not routed from the SoC, so that's a lot of work for both the HW team and the SW team :)09:33
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qschulzshould be announced in the next month or two though :)09:34
qschulzand tlwoerner may see some patches once I've time to start working on Yocto stuff for the new products :)09:35
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ptsnevesIt is similar to the Pine6409:37
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qschulzptsneves: which device from them?09:39
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ptsnevesqschulz: Well best of luck to you :) RK3566 https://botland.store/pine64-modules/20189-pine64-quartz64-model-a-rockchip-rk3566-arm-cortex-a55-quad-core-8gb-ram-5904422303211.html09:39
qschulzptsneves: ah the quartz64, yeah different SoC :)09:40
qschulzvery surprised by how speedy the RK3588 is09:41
qschulzI think the board we work on is the fastest thing I own09:41
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qschulzwhich says more on what I own than how fast RK3588 is :D09:47
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ptsnevesqschulz: ehehe I do not think that at the level of yocto work, the speed of the target matters much. I had extensive work on a continuous integration of an armv5. With tftp for bootloader and kernel and nfs for the rootfs it had cooler development workflow than I have seen in dev boards used for actual fancy products. Hell most of the integration done by the Yocto project is done on qemu :)09:53
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qschulzptsneves: tftp is a must when you do automation10:03
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qschulzthough now U-Boot supports some implementation of wget10:04
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ptsnevesqschulz: oh did not know it supported a part of wget functionality. Does it handle https as well? u-boot the only OS you need10:05
qschulzptsneves: no https AFAIK, you would need certificate handling10:10
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ptsnevesqschulz: very sparse doc. If it indeed only supports downloading something over HTTP/TCP it seems a bit confusing to call it wget. I do not think it supports basic authentication nor redirect10:13
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qschulzptsneves: won't comment on U-Boot being confusing :)10:19
ptsnevesqschulz: Well the other day somebody complained that Yocto documentation is too big. There is always something :)10:22
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rburtonRP: https://social.kernel.org/notice/AZDeSjvZ39K0vf1jKC10:31
qschulzptsneves: It's a bit overwhelming yes :)10:31
ckayhanHello, I need help with "v4l2loopback". Has anyone managed to compile it with yocto?10:31
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qschulzrburton: have you seen the curl maintianer complaining about NVD? (the recent one :) )10:33
qschulzrburton: https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2023/08/26/cve-2020-19909-is-everything-that-is-wrong-with-cves/10:33
rburtonyeah he's nicely vocal about the problem10:35
rburtonshame nothing changes10:36
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RPrburton: if they didn't backport so much, people might be more trusting of it :/11:04
*** AndreRicardo <AndreRicardo!~AndreRica@> has joined #yocto11:10
AndreRicardoHello, we have a custom nginx_%.bbappend and now we would like to have a way to send one version of the available-sites if it's dev and another if it's prod. I'm not sure how is the best way to do this as we want both dev and prod images to include the nginx recipe.11:12
rburtonwrite separate recipes to provide the configs11:13
rburtonand bbappend nginx to delete files if you need to11:13
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)11:14
AndreRicardothe only change is really on one of the sites enabled11:15
AndreRicardodev has11:15
AndreRicardoserver {11:15
AndreRicardo        listen 80;11:15
AndreRicardo        include /etc/nginx/sites-available/*.conf;11:15
AndreRicardowhile prod should be11:15
AndreRicardoserver {11:15
AndreRicardo        listen 80;11:15
AndreRicardo        server_name _;11:15
AndreRicardo        return 301 https://$host$request_uri;11:15
AndreRicardo        include /etc/nginx/sites-available/*.conf;11:15
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has joined #yocto11:16
AndreRicardoI was trying to do this on the nginx_%.bbappend11:16
AndreRicardoSRC_URI += "${@ "'file://prod/mysite_http'" if (d.getVar("DISTRO_VARIANT") == "prod") else 'file://mysite_http' }"11:16
AndreRicardobut could not get DISTRO_VARIANT from the image bb file11:17
rburtonwhy is the image bb relevant?11:17
AndreRicardobecause if the build is `bitbake -k prod-image` would like to use prod-image.bb file, if it's `bitbake -k dev-image` would use dev-image.bb11:19
rburtonoh so 'distro variant' has nothing to do with distros11:19
AndreRicardoDISTRO_VARIANT is defined in prod-image.bb and dev-image.bb11:19
rburtonvariables set in recipes _do not_ leak into other recipes11:19
AndreRicardono, it's for environment like "dev", "uat", "prod"11:20
rburtonso do what i said originally: have a recipe for each configuration, your images pull in the one they want11:20
AndreRicardoYes, I understand that now a little better with the scopes11:20
AndreRicardoso can I have like a base nginx11:20
rburtonyes, a common nginx recipe, and then a recipe for each configuration you want11:20
AndreRicardoand have two specific for dev, uat and another just for prod.11:21
*** speeder__ is now known as speeder11:21
rburtonask youself why would you want to rebuild nginx if you changed the configuration?11:21
AndreRicardoI don't, ideally is just one of the sites-available configs that is changed11:22
rburtonbut if your configuration is part of the nginx recipe that's what happens11:23
AndreRicardoI'm still a bit puzzled where these customisations should be. If they should be under meta-our-layer/recipes-httpd/nginx or somewhere else.11:25
rburtonyour configurations, your layer11:25
AndreRicardoand what would I call my bb file? Right now is nginx_%.bbappend11:26
rburtoni'd have a nginx-config-prod.bb which just contains the production configuration files11:29
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manuel1985Hi all, is it possible to reference git tags in SRC_URI in kirstone?11:45
manuel1985It seems to no longer work in Kirkstone.11:45
rburtonrecommended not to anyway11:45
rburtonput a sha11:46
manuel1985But I'm not sure I've got the complete picture.11:46
manuel1985Don't want to :(11:46
manuel1985git tag gives me an idea how old the sources are... checksums not so much11:47
rburtonuntil someone moves a tag11:47
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@host-82-135-31-73.customer.m-online.net> has quit IRC (Client Quit)11:47
manuel1985We don't have that problem with our internal repositories.11:47
manuel1985Let's move the discussion back to the possibility of referencing git commits by tags in SRC_URI.11:49
rburtonno idea, sorry, i always use shas11:49
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*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto11:58
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ptsnevesmanuel1985: In https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/2.4/singleindex.html#git-fetcher-git there is an example of the usage of tag. Does it not suit you?12:01
manuel1985ptsneves: When using tag=v${PV} in SRC_URI and SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" we get "Conflicting revisions (%s from SRCREV and %s from the url) found, please specify one valid value" since Kirkstone. In Dunfell this was doing fine.12:03
rburtoni'd say dunfell was broken as they are conflicting12:06
rburtondo you want autorev or the tag12:06
ptsnevesmanuel1985: Is the conflict real?12:06
manuel1985One sec, I'm just discussing something internally. Perhaps we screwed up somewhere.12:10
rburtonRP: do you expect to merge the qemu 8.1.0 upgrade soon or should i prep a series of cve backports?12:17
RPrburton: I was hoping to, I was just a bit worried about the meson/python changes12:31
manuel1985I didn't yet hear back from the engineer, so here's my assumption on what happened. Our internal docs say one must specify SRCREV="$AUTOREV" when checking out a branch, and MUST NOT set SRCREV when checking out a tag. Engineer got confused and specified SRCREV="$AUTOREV" when checking out a tag.12:36
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RPSomehow a reproducibility gremlin  has crept into numpy: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/117/builds/3425/steps/12/logs/stdio12:50
varjagif i have a shell script installed in recipe-sysroot-native, is it possible to pass it environment variables form the recipe?12:52
varjagi want my wrapper script load certain stuff when invoked but it has no idea where the stuff has been placed12:53
*** caglar <caglar!~caglar@2001:a61:4f2:f301:78a4:2c74:cdc8:c833> has joined #yocto12:55
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varjagguess i could just pass them as arguments..12:59
RPvarjag: arguments would be one way. The script will know it's own location so it can be possible to use that to know where to look too13:03
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!~Thunderbi@031011128011.dynamic-3-poz-k-0-2-0.vectranet.pl> has joined #yocto13:04
RPrburton: "The --with-path options are not actually options" - but we're passing them as options?13:06
varjagoh good point13:07
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jonmasonzeddii: I think gregkh approves of the job you are doing. https://social.kernel.org/notice/AZDeSjvZ39K0vf1jKC13:15
Saurvarjag: You probably want to look into create_wrapper. Here is an example from one of our recipes where I install a script and create a wrapper for it that sets a couple of variables based on values from Bitbake: https://pastebin.com/fXyvmmae13:16
varjagohh interesting13:21
AndreRicardorburton: how can I do so that this nginx-config-prod.bb is run after the nginx_%.bbappend?13:23
ptsnevesAndreRicardo: Make nginx-config-prod depend on nginx13:26
*** speeder_ <speeder_!~speeder__@> has joined #yocto13:34
varjagso i foolishly deleted sysroot dir in one of my built recipes… is there a way to repopulate it?13:37
varjagbitbake -f doesn't seem to do the trick13:37
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*** BrziCo <BrziCo!~BrziCo@cable-77-239-0-58.dynamic.telemach.ba> has joined #yocto13:38
BrziCoHello, I successfully built Yocto image for i.mx8quadmax MEK board. However, currently I need to manually edit fdt_file. Does anyone know how can I automate this in Yocto?13:41
BrziCoI currently need to 'editenv fdt_file' and to enter dtb that i need13:42
*** xmn <xmn!~xmn@2600:4040:9390:8c00:1071:8517:82de:4aaf> has joined #yocto13:47
*** GillesM <GillesM!~gilles@> has joined #yocto13:47
varjagok -c cleanall and rebuild helped13:48
rburtonAndreRicardo: it doesn't need to. just install both in the image.13:50
rburtonRP: yeah, the configure looks for the variables which get set when you pass options13:50
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*** Xagen <Xagen!~Xagen@rrcs-98-6-114-13.sw.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto13:51
rburtonRP: ie --with-foo=fish turns into a variable with_foo=fish, and the configure macro looks for those variable13:51
rburtonits horrible :)13:51
*** GNUmoon <GNUmoon!~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon> has joined #yocto13:51
AndreRicardoThanks rburton and ptsneves. I've created this nginx-config-prod.bb13:52
AndreRicardoLICENSE = "CLOSED"13:52
AndreRicardoRDEPENDS:${PN} += "nginx"13:52
AndreRicardoSRC_URI += "file://prod/vetscan_http"13:52
AndreRicardo# Overwrite the vetscan_http with the prod version13:52
AndreRicardodo_install:append() {13:52
AndreRicardo    install -d ${D}/${sysconfdir}/nginx/sites-available13:52
AndreRicardo    install -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/prod/vetscan_http ${D}/${sysconfdir}/nginx/sites-available13:52
AndreRicardoand add this to the prod image file13:52
AndreRicardoIMAGE_INSTALL:append = " nginx-config-prod"13:52
AndreRicardoseems to work, at least in the extracted filesystem the modified file is there13:53
*** speeder_ <speeder_!~speeder__@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)13:53
rburtoni'd just use do_install(), no need to :append to an empty task13:55
mckoanBrziCo: what was the problem?13:56
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BrziComckoan I currently need to manually do 'editenv fdb_file'. I want to automate it13:58
BrziCoI want fdb_file to point to another default dtb file13:59
BrziCoshould I use devtool to generate patch?13:59
BrziCoor whats best way13:59
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*** valdemaras <valdemaras!~valdemara@> has joined #yocto14:03
RPrburton: I figured it was something like that but the commit message/patch is a bit confusing :)14:03
manuel1985ptsneves, when using the git fetchers 'tag=' option without SRCREV=$AUTOREV, we get the following on Kirkstone: redacted-1.1.0-r0 do_fetch: Bitbake Fetcher Error: FetchError("Recipe uses a floating tag/branch 'v1.1.0' for repo 'gitlab.com/redacted.git' without a fixed SRCREV yet doesn't call bb.fetch2.get_srcrev() (use SRCPV in PV for OE).", None)14:07
varjaguh, when my recipe delivers a pre-compiled elf binary *something* changes its ld-linux interpreter on its way to sysroot-destdir14:10
JaMamanuel1985: have you tried what the error message says?14:14
ptsnevesmanuel1985: have you tried usehead=1?14:14
manuel1985JaMa: We don't want to set the git commit has manually, we just want to use whatever the tag points to.14:17
manuel1985ptsneves, no. Frankly, I don't understand what it does.14:18
manuel1985“usehead”: Enables local git:// URLs to use the current branch HEAD as the revision for use with AUTOREV. The “usehead” parameter implies no branch and only works when the transfer protocol is file://.14:18
JaMamanuel1985: that's not what the message says14:18
manuel1985JaMa: So what does it say?14:19
JaMa(use SRCPV in PV for OE)14:19
manuel1985If I'm not mistaken the SRCPV is the git commit hash...14:20
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@pc.renesas.eu> has joined #yocto14:20
manuel1985what does "for OE" mean in this context?14:20
JaMayou're mistaken, that's SRCREV not SRCPV14:20
manuel1985Ok will try14:21
ptsnevesJaMa: I honestly do not understand the error as well14:21
ptsnevesJaMa: What is OE in this context?14:22
ptsneves(use SRCPV in PV for OE). I did not even understand why OpenEmbedded is relevant here. I guess this is because bitbake is part of oe-core, but damn if I understood that error14:23
JaMawell bitbake can be used by other projects, typical solution for OE project is to add SRCPV to PV to make sure that tag is resolved to sha early enough14:27
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:27
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ptsnevesJaMa: For me it is just the overload of acronyms in a simple parentheses. It is code-speak. I get your point though. Would the usehead=1 i suggested not work as well?14:33
JaMaI've never used usehead and wasn't aware of it (I was actually thinking you're making fun of manuel1985 :)), so dunno14:34
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has joined #yocto14:39
ptsnevesJaMa: eheh that would have been cruel. It is here https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/2.4/singleindex.html#git-fetcher-git14:48
ptsneves > Enables local git:// URLs to use the current branch HEAD as the revision for use with AUTOREV. The “usehead” parameter implies no branch and only works when the transfer protocol is file://.14:48
ptsnevesoh i guess i answered myself14:48
mischiefit seems that using lmsensors pulls in perl somehow. is there a way to avoid that?14:50
rburtonRDEPENDS:${PN}-sensorsdetect = "${PN}-sensors perl perl-module-fcntl perl-module-file-basename14:52
rburtondon't install sensorsdetect14:52
rburtonthe problem is you're installing the top level lmsensors package which pulls in _all_ of the subpackages14:53
rburtoninstall just the bits you need14:53
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qschulzmmm trying to setup automatic builds of yocto layers through gitlab (because we develop on gitlab), but don't understand how people manage sstate-cache?15:04
RPqschulz: we just added a section in the manual on that!15:04
*** rfuentess <rfuentess!~rfuentess@alyon-652-1-40-213.w109-213.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:04
qschulzFWIW, we currently do auto builds using webhooks to Jenkins and I eventually plan to have LAVA in the mix15:04
qschulzRP: ah! shame on me for not going through my inbox!15:04
qschulzRP: mmmm are we talking about the same thing though?15:05
qschulzi remember some discussion around how to clean sstate-cache every now and then so we keep the storage size under control15:06
qschulzi'm talking more about how people share the sstate-cache in gitlab ci15:06
rburtonqschulz: our CI has gitlab runners with a sstate cache on nfs15:06
qschulzrburton: we've that too15:06
qschulzi'm using a kas container and thus the nfs mount isn't available inside by default15:07
qschulzand I 've read you're supposed to modify the runner config file to add the mountpoints, but that's quite painful15:07
qschulzso was trying to figure out if I got things wrong somewhere or not15:07
qschulzor maybe I should try to not use containers... but it's so convenient :)15:08
qschulzself-hosted gitlab runners and server BTW15:08
rburtonour runners run inside docker so they just mount the nfs directory into the container and we set sstate_dir to point at it15:09
varjagwho can be messing with my binary on its way to sysroot-uninative15:09
varjagthis is really frustrating15:09
qschulzrburton: "they just mount the nfs directory into the container" how?15:09
rburtonbasically, docker run --mount15:11
rburton(our ci is now k8s so i officially don't know or care anymore)15:11
qschulzrburton: ah so it's not using the `image` key from gitlab-ci.yml I guess?15:12
qschulzbecause you cannot set volumes in gitlab-ci.yml15:12
rburtonsure but the .gitlab-ci.yml isn't the thing that starts the runner15:13
rburtonthe runners that are connected to our CI have the mounts needed15:13
mischiefrburton: thanks, ill check it out15:15
qschulzrburton: ok, so we'd need to modify the runner config file then, thanks!15:17
qschulzrburton: I actually intuitively looked into meta-arm and was puzzled by the absence of volumes :)15:17
*** Joel40 <Joel40!~Joel@> has joined #yocto15:20
Joel40What does this mean when yocto has found the patch in the bbappend by first picking up the bb itself?15:21
Joel40| error: recipes-kernel/linux/linux-mainline_6.1.9.bb: does not exist in index15:21
Joel40| [ERROR]: Application of .kernel-meta//patches//./0001-usb-support-for-orangepi-zero2.patch failed.15:21
rburtoni'd be suspicious of your patch15:21
Joel40In what way exactly? Should I ignore the error?15:22
rburtonit looks like 0001-usb-support-for-orangepi1-zero2.patch tries to patch the recipe15:22
Joel40It should be patching the Linux kernel15:23
rburtonsure, but check that15:23
Joel40Oh, I see... It's doing it in the wrong directory? How do I check?15:23
Joel40I'm so stupid! Thank you rburton15:28
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dvergatalRP: Have you seen my emails regarding the issue discovered by you? I've been talking to khem regarding this problem and we decided together to force usage of tar-native from recipe if 1.35 is not on the host machine but after my investigations I've discovered that there is this meta/classes/sanity.bbclass with check_tar_version that it checks for version >= 1.28 or stops building16:03
dvergatalRP: khem: so my proposal is instead of implementing new code we should force this sanity check to >= 1.35, what do you think?16:04
RPdvergatal: most distros we support don't have tar 1.3516:09
dvergatalRP: yeah I know16:10
dvergatalso what do you propose?16:10
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@i59F5CCC0.versanet.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)16:10
RPdvergatal: I have ideas but they've significant impact. I'm in a meeting atm :(16:11
dvergatalRP: we can discuss them later i'll be today in the vening working16:11
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khemDo we need tar-native for anything in the early build sequence of yes then where16:35
*** Joel40 <Joel40!~Joel@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:42
dvergatalusing grep -r tar-native on openembedded-core returned me just 5 results which is package_tar.bbclass, bitbake.conf wic-tools.bb and scripts create.py and create_buildsys.py16:44
khemYeah they are not in critical build pipeline so your change would force that16:46
dvergatalyeah but wait for RP we will see what are his ideas :)16:47
kanavindvergatal, it's not a particularly urgent issue, given that feature freeze is now in effect16:52
dvergatalkanavin: no it's not, still we can offcourse wait until most distros will get new tar 1.35, I also need to check khem's issue regarding glibc-2.38 which i suspect is more urgent16:54
*** florian <florian!~florian@port-217-146-132-69.static.as20676.net> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)16:55
kanavinyou probably can eliminate the use of tar from the host (drop it from HOSTOOLS), and replace all occurences with tar-native, but then there needs to be a clear measurement of how it affects build times, e.g. core-image-minimal16:55
rburtonhow does one unpack tar without using host tar?16:58
RPdvergatal: very roughly, we need to make the code conditional so it either includes xattr or doesn't, then we can make it use xattars in the target codepaths but not the native one. Once we do that, we can force a tar-native dependency on the target codepaths16:58
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian@port-217-146-132-69.static.as20676.net> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:59
RPwe'd probably need a "tar-replacement-native" in a similar way to the way we have "file-replacement-native"16:59
*** Thorn_ <Thorn_!~Thorn@2001:8a0:dfe1:a200:5d42:655f:ec2f:63cb> has joined #yocto17:00
dvergatalRP: I will need to discuss it with you in details17:00
RPdvergatal: I'm out of time for a few hours at least17:00
dvergatalnot now17:00
dvergatalmaybe tomorrow17:00
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dvergatalRP: I have plenty of other things to do and this sounds like a more stuff to be done17:01
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dvergatalRP: btw. to be honest I like your solution :D17:05
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khemBrziCo:  you might do something like this - https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale-3rdparty/blob/b3be00d8c8cd80d89b04b4dc81bf008025d0c53a/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-script-qoriq/boot.cmd.in#L2C28-L2C2818:31
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khemqschulz: https://github.com/kraj/meta-clang/blob/1addd3db69cee59418e55cdeecaf7cd0a09777d8/.github/workflows/yoe.yml#L40C17-L40C17 and https://github.com/YoeDistro/yoe-distro/blob/9059d497a709a8d996124368ed155c73e17b1aa6/envsetup.sh#L57918:39
khemRP: what is the range of commits under suspicion for qemuppc issue ?18:42
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mischiefrburton: removed the perl crap (and also vim) and our images are quite a bit slimmer. thanks :)19:08
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RPkhem: something after 05affd7d0d143d6fa5c6aff0d40c5d9e046f4b0c20:00
khemmischief: bitbake -g <image> and looking at the RHS of -> in resulting dot file reveals a lot about whats getting pulled in20:00
khemand who is asking for it in dep chain20:01
RPkhem: I'm using qemuppc-alt as the test so poky-altcfg, i.e. the 6.1 kernel20:03
khemyou observed that it was occurring with 6.1 too right ?20:04
khemopenssl: Upgrade 3.1.1 -> 3.1.220:07
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khemdo we see this with sysvinit too ? there are bunch of systemd related changed in master after that commit so we can eliminate those if it is happening with sysvinit20:13
khemthat leaves main kernel 6.4 and glibc 2.3820:14
khemand perhap tar  as well since it will be used by tests on targets20:14
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RPkhem: yes, it is with sysvinit too20:31
RPkhem: that is why I ruled out systemd20:32
RPkhem: It happens with the 6.4 kernel as well. I was just wondering about openssl20:35
RPkhem: I've tried some builds of the openssl commit, lets see how they do20:35
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RPkhem: 90801cd8cb23719031aaaba1578a8446e1824cad fails so it is between there and the commit above21:27
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khemRP: perhaps it can be bisected now in 4 steps23:03
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khemgtk4 is interesting too since its used for webkitgtk23:08
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ckayhan1Does anyone have recipe for 'v4l2loopback' ?23:15
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moto-timo@ckayhan1 ` devtool add kernel-module-v4l2loopback --srcbranch main https://github.com/umlaeute/v4l2loopback.git` will get you started... you'll need to figure out the DEPENDS.23:45
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