Monday, 2023-09-25

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mckoangood morning06:46
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:08
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mcfriskThere is a lot of overlap between MACHINE_FEATURES and DISTRO_FEATURES. Should general purpose SW features check for both to enable support if either one is has the config option, like "alsa", "rtc", "efi" etc. Enabling support is one thing but most SW also works if actual HW doesn't have it.08:19
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LetoThe2nddoes RRECOMMENDS allow for non-existing targets? e.g. build the recommendation if a matching provider is there, and skip/ignore if not?08:29
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mcfriskIs there be a way for layers to register machine and distro features? I'd be interested in an "all yes" build config08:36
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: yes09:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: hmm. coworker says stuff was complaining. but now I've hooked him on packageconfig anyways.09:23
rburtonpackageconfig is probably better09:23
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IwansHello. Which version of Python package added to RDEPENDS will be installed by pypi?09:47
IwansMy recipe needs httplib2==0.20.4 and recipe in master is 0.22.0 so I wondered if pypi will try to install version available in meta-python or correct one.09:47
rburtonpypi isn't used09:47
rburtonit will use the version of the recipe that you have in your layers09:48
Iwanseven when inheriting pypi class?09:48
rburtonyes, look at the class.  that's just for fetching the source.09:49
rburtonyou're actually assuming that pip is used to install, and it isn't09:49
rburtonpypi being a website, not an install tool09:49
IwansI assumed it used pip.09:57
IwansSo if I want to use older version then I have to change SRC_URI in .bbappend file or can I override or somehow specify it in my recipe?09:57
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rburtonyou'l need to provide a recipe for the older version10:03
rburtonthough i'd be very suspicious of a recipe which needs a specific version of a library10:03
IwansIt's recipe for gsutil, in in requires they have "httplib2==0.20.4" (everywhere else they use >=)10:07
rburtonterrifying, frankly10:14
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Guest98I want to replace the file(nvgpu.ko) with my own file. but, i couldn't figure out how to do it in the recipe.10:28
rburtoneasiest to apply the patch to the kernel sources so it builds the module with the fixes in10:34
Guest98rburton thank you! i will write.10:41
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ernstpso the final version of the packges output from the build are generally ${PKGV}-${PKGR}. But I guess this is technically up to the packaging class?12:44
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RPernstp: PKGV is defined as the final version12:56
ernstpRP: from package_deb.bbclass: fields.append(["Version: %s-%s\n", ['PKGV', 'PKGR']])12:59
luc4Hello! I built an image for my board, but I noticed that the build flags are incorrect (or at least not the best). I would like to build with these flags: -march=armv8-a -mtune=cortex-a53 -mfpu=crypto-neon-fp-armv8. I found this tune: -march=armv8-a -mtune=cortex-a53 -mfpu=crypto-neon-fp-armv8. Is this what I should use? Can I set that I want 32bit and not 64bit?12:59
ernstpipk and rpm looks similar12:59
ernstpluc4: what is your board? :-)13:00
luc4ernstp: raspberry pi 313:02
ernstpluc4: you are using then I guess?13:03
luc4yes. But current layer, no idea why, builds for armv7, but that is not correct.13:03
luc4By correct I mean it is for an older CPU.13:03
luc4I already fixed this years ago, but I would like to know what is the proper way to do it now.13:06
RPernstp: I think debian has a convention about how PR is added to PV?13:06
RPernstp: your question about "up to the packaging class" is ambiguous. We have a defined behaviour but a custom class could do whatever it wants13:07
RPwhether the system would all still work...13:08
luc4ernstp: this is that I did years ago:
ernstpluc4: According to the Raspberry Pi foundation, there are limited benefits to using the 64-bit version for the Pi 3 due to the fact that it only supports 1GB of memory; however, with the Pi 4, the 64-bit version should be faster.13:08
luc4ernstp: no, I want 32bit13:09
luc4but I would like armv8a instead of armv713:09
ernstpluc4: I guess most people just stuck with 32-bit since the release due to that. that's the background anyway! but of course it can be changed13:09
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ernstpluc4: but what is this!
ernstpluc4: set your MACHINE = "raspberrypi3-64"13:10
luc4ernstp: but I'd need 32bit13:10
ernstpRP: I mean that all the 3 standard built in packaging classes set the version to ${PKGV}-${PKGR}13:11
ernstpluc4: read that again!13:12
luc4ernstp: "Machine configuration for the RaspberryPi 3 in 64 bits mode", which part?13:12
RPernstp: how does the debian package manager parse the Version field though? I mean that I'd suspect PKHR is being injected as a revision where possible13:13
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ernstpluc4: it's I who should read again! ok, armv8 but still 32-bit. I guess you could create your own machine definition somewhere and set the flags exactly like you want13:16
luc4ernstp: I know I can, I did it years ago. I was trying to find a better way, cause I had to fork 3 repos to do it.13:17
ernstpRP: it's not exactly like Yocto so.. for the package "version", that's the version13:18
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luc4ernstp: ops, sorry, I pasted the wrong text above. I meant that I found this tune: tune-cortexa53-crypto. Should I use this?13:19
luc4ernstp: but I suspect this is 64bit13:19
ernstpRP: perhaps better to start with the "problem". What causes an new package version to be created? A: PKGV and PKGR. And PKGE or course if it's set.13:21
ernstpit creates a new package file with the new version, new file name etc13:22
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mckoanluc4: if you want RPI3 to un with 32bit you have to use raspberrypi3.conf (
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luc4mckoan: of course, but the question was different13:26
luc4mckoan: the question was: since that is using the old armv7a, how can I tune the build so that I get 32bit armv8a instead?13:27
luc4mckoan: this is what I typically use on that CPU with gcc: -march=armv8-a -mtune=cortex-a53 -mfpu=crypto-neon-fp-armv813:27
luc4mckoan: for some reason, they are still stuck with an older configuration13:27
luc4mckoan: I already did this years ago:
luc4mckoan: just hoping for a simpler way now13:28
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mckoanluc4: you could try to modify/copy using something you see in tune-cortexa32.inc13:39
mckoanluc4: get rid of 64 stuff13:40
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luc4mckoan: can I do that without forking the repos? Like do it in my image conf or in local.conf? Thanks!13:49
mckoanluc4: the quick and dirty test can be done modifying the original file, if it works you can send a patch13:52
mckoanluc4: however the final result could be a new machine in your layer13:52
mckoanluc4:  a machine using a kind of tune-cortexa53-32bit.inc13:53
luc4mckoan: so can I create a new machine in a custom layer inheriting the one from meta-raspberry?13:53
mckoanluc4: you can try13:57
luc4mckoan: thanks a lot!13:58
mckoanluc4: hope this helps, let us know the result ;-)14:00
luc4mckoan: this is what I did years ago, and it worked: I was hoping something cleaner was possible.14:04
RPJPEW, abelloni: it reproduced:
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JPEWNo package file found for /usr/lib/ in rust; SPDX found: ... usr/lib/libchalk_derive-adea65fd7ba2b9ed.so14:13
JPEWSo, the file is there but has a different hash(?) at the end14:13
RPJPEW: right, so there is a mismatch between the files generated and the SPDX manifest being used14:14
RPJPEW: of course rust isn't reproducible14:15
RPso basically we can't use sstate with rust?14:16
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JPEWmmm: Setscene task /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/qemuarm64-armhost/build/meta/recipes-devtools/rust/ became valid14:16
JPEWA few lines up14:17
RPJPEW: I think hashequiv won't work with rust14:17
RPperhaps we drop rust from core since nobody seems to be able to fix reproducibility14:17
JPEWI'm a little confused as to why do_package is marked as the same when the file names differ?14:18
RPJPEW: I guess we need to work out exactly how the issue gives rise to this but I'm pretty sure it will be related14:20
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JPEWrelated to what?14:20
RPone input hash will have given two different outputs14:21
RPthe sdpx input hash could have then been mapped to that input and it assumed it would match the outputs when it only matches one of them?14:21
RPrelated to the fact rust isn't reproducible14:22
JPEWmmm, got it. The hash equiv code assumes that if you have one input that produces multiple outputs, the output differences are trivial. In most cases the same files name are produced each time, but rust doesn't do that14:22
Guest10Quick question. Is it possible to create package.ipk from a recipe, but not install it on target rootfs?14:23
JPEWGuest10: Ya, you can do that14:23
RPGuest10: definitely, we do that a lot14:23
JerryMI can set INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE, but is there a way to set something like COMPATIBLE_LICENSE instead?14:24
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JPEWRP: Definetly worth a chat on the call tomorrow I think14:25
Guest10could you point me in the right direction14:25
Guest62hello  need to find and can't find a recipe that produces it, any clue?14:25
RPJPEW: yes :/14:26
Guest10because i would like to start bitbake my-image-rootfs and it should create .ipk from a recipe and transfer that uninstalled ipk in a certain directory on rootfs14:26
RPGuest10: just generate your ipk as normal but add a custom rootfs function which copies it in?14:26
Guest62that file is in the libopenmpi2.deb on ububtu14:27
Guest10ok, but how to stop that .ipk from installing automatically on rootfs?14:27
Guest10because we managed to transfer ipk to target, but it still installs binaries on target14:27
RPGuest10: only things in IMAGE_INSTALL are  actually installed ?14:27
Guest10so i should add IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = " my_package"14:28
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:28
Guest10and it shouldn't install on target automatically?14:28
JPEWGuest10: Ya, it needs to not be in IMAGE_INSTALL14:28
Guest10but how will bitbake engine recognize my recipe if it isn't in IMAGE_INSTALL14:28
JPEWGuest10: And instead you'll want the package (not recipe!) in RDEPENDS:${PN} (maybe.... I've not tried this)14:29
RPGuest10: just don't add it. you do need to make sure you have something like do_rootfs[depends] += "myrecipe:do_package_write_ipk"14:29
JPEW^^ or that :)14:29
RPi.e. add a dependency manually14:29
Guest10RP thank you, will try!14:30
JPEWRP: Well, at least we know the problems are related for sure now; Did we add a way to disable HE for a specific recipe?14:31
RPJPEW: perhaps :/14:31
RPJPEW: or we remove rust :}14:31
JPEWRP: No Comment :)14:31
RPJPEW: paulg will be along to tell me not to :)14:32
Guest49Hello - I have some questions about the meta-security/meta-integrity layer (i.e. am trying to build with IMA/EVM) - is this the best place to ask ? There is a security mailing list but it appears to be comprised CVE announcements.14:33
Guest62hello  need to find and can't find a recipe that produces it, any clue?14:36
RPGuest49: there or the yocto list would seem appropriate14:36
JPEWI think it would have to be a global exclusion list, since the list is needed at parts time14:36
mcfriskGuest49: drop the question here, there might be answers14:36
Guest49There's a comment in there about signing with CA certs and passing these to the kernel - it referenced a fairly old 3.x kernel until recently and now mentioned 6.1 I think that update is saying it's been tested with 6.1 not that it requires 6.1.14:37
Guest49Later on there's a comment about not being able to sign with CA keys and have no trusted keys on-device using appraisal with EVM and I wanted to check if that was a legacy comment in the doc ?14:37
Guest10one question, in what variable should I add recipes, so it would create IPK, but not install it on target14:37
Guest10from what i knew, if you wanted your recipe to be in bitbake server, you should add it to IMAGE_INSTALL_append14:37
mcfriskGuest49: likely an old comment there14:39
Guest49I'm aiming at a build I can sign the binaries/.so libraries in (excluding some of the metadata like inode number etc..) where I can pass the CA/certs into the kernel via initrd at boot so hoping that's possible/supported.14:39
JerryMJPEW: I can't tell if that comment was addressed to me.. :(14:39
JPEWJerryM: It was not sorry14:40
Guest49Thanks mcfrisk - I suspected as much - if/when I get something working I'll submit a patch for the docs.14:40
mcfriskGuest49: I would not exclude dmverity, IMA/EVM may not be fast enough in real life.14:40
RPmcfrisk: did you have any insights on the openssh log btw?14:40
mcfriskRP: just the details in so it looks like "sudo: unable to execute /usr/bin/env: Broken pipe" is messing ssh stderr and breaking the tests. No idea still where/why we see that.14:43
RPmcfrisk: ok, fair enough, thanks!14:43
Guest49Thanks mcfrisk14:43
neverpanicGuest10: Just make sure something has that recipe in DEPENDS, that should be enough.14:44
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neverpanicGuest62: That library is likely produced by the openmpi project. Couldn't find a recipe for it:
neverpanicNote that if you specifically need .so.20, that might be a very old version14:51
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Guest62neverpanic probably openmpi, indeed, found the mpich recipe but it does not produce that file15:01
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JerryMdoes anyone have an idea how to achieve something like COMPATIBLE_LICENSE?15:11
rburtonJerryM:  you basically want to list the allowed licenses instead of listing the disallowed?15:13
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has joined #yocto15:14
rburtonhave a look at base.bbclass for the INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE logic, it should be fairly simple to write your own class15:14
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JerryMrburton: yes, so that I will be notified of potentially 'new' licenses when they ar eincluded15:20
rburtonsounds like about ten lines of py15:21
JerryMI'll have a look at the base.bbclass, thanks15:21
rburtonbreak down LICENSE, for each license check if in ALLOWED_LICENSES, if not then warn15:22
JerryMI'll have a go at it15:25
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* paulg would delete both rust and sstate just to be sure there were no lingering issues16:00
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SaurBah, JerryM just left. I was going to suggest that we actually have an image bbclass that handles COMPATIBLE_LICENSES. Might be a good idea to upstream it...16:23
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RPpaulg: sstate is much maligned :)16:27
RPkhem: thanks, I expanded slightly16:34
khemRP: it will help making case for new SOCs :)16:34
khemdo you see the point16:34
RPkhem: yes, I like the idea16:35
RPkhem: just need someone to write the tooling16:35
khemRP: I built an image with new sstate mirror with CDN that Michael wanted to test, and ran testsuite with it. and I saw the openssh failure but when I did build locally I did not see it. I wonder if its related to a case when built from sstate16:36
khemI think sstate with fast download will be amazing, although your internet provider might send you an email at end of month about you exeeding the data limits :)16:37
halsteadIf we have a corrupted file that needs to be removed from sstate that is now a much more complicated process.16:37
khemyes, published sstate is almost like a binary feed16:38
khemthe sstate in this case is good I think. The testcase is failing which is known so I was trying to narrow it down16:38
RPhalstead: it is easier just to invalidate that hash on the build side16:40
RPkhem: the openssh failure likely isn't sstate related16:40
khemRP: yeah I think so as well16:41
RPkhem: it looks to be a race around pipes. See the bug16:41
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paulg"race around pipes" -- call a plumber?17:21
JaMazeddii: in case you missed the libslirp-virt discussion on ML: I'm not using slirp4netns at all (other than building it as part of bitbake world) so don't know how to properly verify in runtime (as suggested in
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zeddiiJaMa: I had missed that. I'll re-test and drop my temp recipe, or otherwise make them mutually exclusive.17:48
*** Estrella <Estrella!~quassel@> has joined #yocto17:55
khemRP: does not have info on Upstream-Status and other patch ornaments we need17:56
khemdo we point the folks to OE wiki for that ?17:56
khemah i see it in recipe styleguide nm -
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vvnwhat is the correct kernel task to copy a local .dts in the source before build?19:47
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:54
khemConfigure I would guess19:57
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mike_D1new to Yocto, going through quick start "". When running the bitbake command, I'm getting this python error:ImportError: cannot import name 'MutableMapping' from 'collections'22:54
mike_D1After looking in the pythons collections library, v3.11.5, MutableMapping, KeysView, ValuesView, ItemsView, are not listed as part of the library.22:55
mike_D1Not sure where to look next or what needs updating?22:55
mike_D1Host system id Debian bookworm.22:56
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto22:58
RPmike_D1: which branch/release are you using? That sounds like it might be an old release22:58
mike_D1Not sure RP, Just trying to follow the instructions on the above web page..23:00
RPmike_D1: which branch did you check out?23:01
mike_D1RP  The web page listed nicledore, also I put in zeus for the git checkout command.23:04
mike_D1git checkout -t origin/mickledore -b my-mickledore23:04
mike_D1git checkout -t origin/zeus -b my-zeus23:04
RPmike_D1: zeus is too old and would only work with older versions of python. try mickldore23:04
mike_D1ok,so just run the git pull command again?23:05
RP"git checkout my-mickledore" would probably do it23:06
RPI think the manual means for you to pick one recent one, not multiple23:07
mike_D1ok,so I just run the git pull command again, now getting en_US.UTF-8 error.23:08
mike_D1RP Thanks, now trying to sort the utf-8 missing problem.23:12
mike_D1RP now getting:23:15
mike_D1ERROR: Variable BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE has been renamed to BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS23:15
mike_D1ERROR: Shell environment variable BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE has been renamed to BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS23:15
mike_D1ERROR: Exiting to allow enviroment variables to be corrected23:15
RPdelete and recreate the conf files. they're from the old version23:22
RPmike_D1: you may be better off starting from a clean directory now you know which release to use23:22
mike_D1working directory folders are all empty. Only conf file I edited was poky/build/local.conf23:24
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mike_D1Ok found the local branches in ~pokey/.git/logs/refs/heads and deleted all. will try again..23:32
mike_D1also in pokey/.git/refs/heads. Now clean can re-try.23:34
mike_D1stlii problems with shell env variables as above..23:35
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