Tuesday, 2023-10-03

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mcfriskRP: the boot prompt search is bad, I think better to ditch the utf-8 conversion of boot log and convert the prompt search string to bytes() instead. in qemurunner.py 486: if bytes(self.boot_patterns['search_reached_prompt'], 'utf-8') in bootlog:06:11
mcfrisktesting this in local build with qemu now..06:12
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RPmcfrisk: when you say it is bad, how do you mean?07:01
RPmcfrisk: Interestingly I've run the changes in master-next twice now and only one failure which looks to be a genuine login timeout :/07:01
mcfriskRP: as the logs show, python utf8 conversion eats the last lines sometimes07:03
RPmcfrisk: so it isn't that the search itself is bad, the underlying data is. The trouble is the logs show bootlog as being empty, not just the last line eaten07:04
mcfriskI did not see an empty bootlog. maybe missed something07:06
mcfriskI saw raw data including login prompt but the partial reads and utf8 decoding failing to detect it07:07
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RPmcfrisk: have a look at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/failed-builds-data/6.5%20kernel/c/qemurunner_log.2023100216244807:09
RPWARNING: Target didn't reach login banner in 1000 seconds (10/02/23 16:41:36)07:09
RPWARNING: Last 25 lines of bootlog (1):07:09
RPWARNING: Last 25 lines of processed bootlog (1):07:09
RPWARNING: Last 25 lines of msg (651):07:09
RPi.e. bootlog was empty it would seem07:09
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RPmcfrisk: note that the latest in master-next doesn't seem to break so I could have accidentally "fixed" this somehow07:15
mcfriskRP: line 508 overwrites bootlog with the utf-8 decoded output?07:15
mcfriskif utf8 decoding is broken, then data is lost07:15
mcfriskI saw this when comparing do_testimage log to the raw bootlog in one of the cases. do_testimage was logging after utf8 decoding and was missing login prompt. raw data had it.07:16
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mcfriskand all data comes from the same read(1024) call and data is appended to previous read()07:17
RPmcfrisk: maybe, but the worry was that the "raw" log actually has the conversion run on it a lot more07:19
RPmcfrisk: one change I have in my test commit is changing the logging to actually be the raw data07:19
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mcfriskRP: I'm looking at master-next, there "Partial boot log" will print utf-8 decoded strings. when login not reached, the warnings will include only utf-8 decoded strings (python complains if not utf8 decoded)07:22
mcfriskRP: but if master-next works, then I'm happy to be wrong. I'd hope the bytes to utf-8 string conversion would work on partially read data from serial console07:23
RPmcfrisk: but it also changes the file on disk to be binary and writes that file without conversion.07:23
RPmcfrisk: I'm not sure what is going on, just that the changes on -next appear to have stopped it reproducing07:23
mcfriskthe raw boot log has always been raw, not utf-8 converted07:24
RPmcfrisk: see the msg = self.decode_qemulog(msg) in log()07:24
RPmcfrisk: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/commit/?h=master-next&id=2d57003d52a7500b6d2e5c9f840899c9020941cf makes the change clear07:25
RPmcfrisk: I wonder if the msg = self.decode_qemulog(msg) destroys msg instead of doing something function local07:26
mcfriskRP: oh07:27
RPthat would explain losing data but not the whole bootlog :/07:27
mcfriskit does seem like it. Now I feel I've been looking at logs from different builds...07:30
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mcfriskRP: I would do this to log raw data and to skip utf8 decoding for login prompt: https://pastebin.com/raw/LfeC6rqN07:35
mcfrisktest build is just taking for ever after cargo stuff again..07:35
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RPmcfrisk: yes, I agree. I'm just worried I don't quite understand what is breaking here07:42
mcfriskRP: Yes, something isn't adding up. But, if there is suddenly more carbage on serial logs due to kernel changes, then python utf-8 conversion can fail in odd ways.07:43
mcfriskalso timing, when strings get written over serial, there may be unexpected pauses now, which will eventually be in the buffer we read, but the partial utf8 conversions may be missing the lines with with issues07:45
RPmcfrisk: I still don't understand why bootlog would end up empty though :/07:51
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Ablu> mcfrisk: I wonder if the msg = self.decode_qemulog(msg) destroys msg instead of doing something function localit _should_ not08:10
mcfriskcould it be that msg is both both global and local?08:17
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RPmcfrisk: it may be the bytes objects behave differently to strings08:21
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AbluI wrote: https://paste.centos.org/view/d3460a8f, letting it spin for a while, but so far nothing.08:34
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yoctonHi, how do you handle sending multiple patches across different repos (e.g. oe-core and yocto-docs or oe-core and autobuilder) ? CCing all MLs on the patch series ? Splitting the series for each repo?08:47
RPyocton: usually patches per repo but it depends how closely related they are08:52
yoctonI do have "code and its documentation" and "code that will not work if this other patch is not merged first" relations08:54
RPyocton: you'd usually note a dependency in the commit.08:54
yoctonI plan to send patches walking the dependency graph but reviewer will lack the big picture :(08:55
RPyocton: then copy the different lists?08:56
yoctonOk, thanks!08:58
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RPyocton: I've been meaning to mention, a report of what the new test reports for both OE-Core would be helpful to see how things look09:07
RPs/both// I was thinking for OE-Core at least, I'm assuming you also have one for meta-oe which is being worked on09:08
yoctonYes, I'll gather the info and reply to the series with it :)09:10
RPyocton: "QA, ptest" isn't really correct in the commit message shortlog either :/09:13
yoctonI'll fix this in the v209:13
RPyocton: I'm guessing you were avoiding the "insane"? :/09:14
RPWe probably should rename that class really09:14
RPmuch as I like the history it will be lost on most now09:14
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* yocton also like "insane" ^^09:28
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luc4Hello! Is there a way to understand why bitbake is building libs in debug mode? For some reason I cannot disable this anymore.10:35
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RPmcfrisk: what we might be missing here is the threading. I bet this needs locking or rewriting10:49
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mcfriskRP: ouch11:00
RPmcfrisk: I can't quite work out how that results in bootlog being empty11:03
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RPmcfrisk: I wonder if the getty appears on the wrong serial interface11:07
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mcfriskRP: like you said, two threads calling into decode_qemulog() and getting each others content11:07
RPmcfrisk: no, I think what might be happening is the output going to the wrong socket. The kernel may be mixing them up "randomly"11:07
mcfriskkernel or qemu?11:08
RPbootlog was empty as there was no log output on that socket, it went to the threadlog instead11:08
RPmcfrisk: change in kernel behaviour with the serial ports?11:08
RPwe just start qemu with -serial tcp: -serial tcp:
RPwho says which is ttyS0 and which is S111:10
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RPstill doesn't entirely add up but...11:13
mcfriskfor qemurunner.py, data came from self.runqemu.stdout. that's for sure11:13
RPmcfrisk: not sure about that11:14
bhstalelWhy bitbake lib disables stdin when running ?11:14
RPmcfrisk: see the filelist.append(qemusock) line11:14
RPbhstalel: it stops things hanging waiting for input that will never arrive11:15
bhstalelLike what ?11:15
RPbhstalel: we execute multiple things in parallel so where would any input go anyway?11:15
RPbhstalel: kernel config waiting on input was the classic11:15
bhstalelBecause I tried to develop a CLI shell-like application using bitbake lib directly to create and manage layers/recipes/... and I found stdin was disabled11:16
RPbhstalel: using cooker?11:18
bhstalelRP Yes using cooker and tinfoil lib (I am not familiar with the lib details, but I remember tinfoil)11:19
RPI'm unclear which piece of code is disabling stdin. I'd not have expected tinfoil to do that11:19
Guest98do_kernel_metadata: A KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 'tegra_defconfig' was specified, but not present in the source tree (../tegra-demo-distro/build/tmp/work-shared/p3768-0000-p3767-0000/kernel-source/arch/arm64/configs/)11:21
Guest98trying to build a custom kernel and it is a bit different from the kernel's structure. I'm having problems with paths. how can i fix this?11:21
bhstalelRP I do not remember what I tried to do, but I will try again for sure.11:22
bhstalelRP I am currently developing a kas-like framework in Rust that supports lot of features and different input files types (JSON, YAML and RON)11:22
RPthe main bitbake server process isn't expected to have input, it is meant to be handled by the UI modules (like knotty/toaster or whatever is connecting via tinfoil). stdin is also disabled in task execution context since those should never be depending on stdin without setting up their own terminal11:24
qschulzPhoenixMage: what a coincidence! Your patch to add --no-table to the wks on meta-rockchip... turns out this fixes an OOM in U-Boot SPL in my very downstream U-Boot :D11:26
bhstalelRP Can you give me quick discription of the Bitbake server ? TCP server ? it accepts commands from tinfoil ? It is responsible for running the build ?11:26
qschulzwould have taken me much more time if you hadn't posted this recently :)11:26
RPbhstalel: I'm deep in debugging something so no, I'm not able to do that at the moment, sorry11:27
bhstalelRP No worries, thanks any ways11:27
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rburtonluc4: bitbake just does what the recipe tells it to do. if the actual build doesn't do what you want then you need to understand the makefiles/etc and figure out how to change the recipe.11:34
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luc4rburton: which recipe? The entire image was in debug. I probably found the reason: the package group packagegroup-core-tools-debug. I thought those were only debugging applications but maybe it is something more.11:58
rburtonwhat do you mean "entire image was in debug"11:59
luc4rburton: every library or binary11:59
rburtonthat's unrealted to the packagegroup11:59
luc4rburton: 13GB of image was the result11:59
rburtoni still don't know what you mean by "in debug"11:59
luc4"built in debug mode", like -g12:00
rburtonwe always build with -g12:00
luc4not stripped, with symbols etc...12:00
rburtonbut the symbols are split out to PN-dbg packages12:00
rburtonif the binaries are _unstripped_ then you turned off stripping12:00
luc4rburton: yes, I did that some days ago to debug a crash in chromium, but now I removed it.12:01
rburtoneasier to just install the dbg packages12:01
luc4rburton: however maybe I solved, now the image is 1GB12:01
luc4rburton: ah... didn't know that12:01
luc4rburton: I thought it was the package group... but I won't try to add it back... I'm afraid it tried to rebuild everything12:02
rburtonthat packagegroup is just a set of tools that is useful for debuggibg12:03
rburtonhow did you turn off stripping?12:03
luc4rburton: eh... I thought it was the packagegroup, cause I removed it12:03
luc4rburton: maybe I also removed something else at this point...12:03
rburtonsounds like you set INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP12:04
luc4rburton: some days ago I added these: DEBUG_BUILD = "1"; INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1"; INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT= "1"12:04
rburtonyeah don't do any of that12:04
rburtonyou didn't achieve anything apart from a big rebuild12:04
rburtonDEBUG_BUILD can be useful for _specific recipes_12:05
rburtonsetting it globally will obviously mean a rebuild of everything12:05
luc4rburton: yes, that is what I wanted. I didn't want just one recipe. I also wanted glibc and all chromium deps. However, hopefully, I won't need it anymore.12:06
luc4rburton: I should probably learn to try a dry-run before doing anything. It happens too frequently that a rebuild takes place...12:07
luc4rburton: chromium really is giving me headaches :-(12:07
rburtongood to look up stuff before using variables. the docs for INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP basically say not to use it. https://docs.yoctoproject.org/ref-manual/variables.html#term-INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP12:08
luc4rburton: ah... that is a bit confusing...12:10
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luc4Hello! Is SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE supposed to work for read only images? It seems I have to enable it manually remounting as rw. Apparently this was taken into account: https://www.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2018-December/277472.html.12:57
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tgamblinRP: in your email from yesterday you mentioned that x86 image tests were failing. Is this just testimage runs, or something else?14:03
* tgamblin is trying not to ask how to reproduce it14:04
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yates_worki see various places where <recipe-stem>.bb is defined as well as a <recipe-stem>-native.bb. What is the -native version about?14:06
yates_worke.g., the meta-qt5 has qtbase and qtbase-native14:08
tgamblinyates_work: -native is for building host versions of the recipe, if it's needed as a dependency or as a tool during building of other recipes for target14:08
yates_worktgamblin: thanks! perfect!14:09
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RPtgamblin: it is various uses of runqemu from selftest and testimage as far as I can tell. I think I might have a lead on what is going on (see my runqemu patch earleir)14:25
tgamblinRP: Alright. I'm working on setting up to test it, but I seem to be running into an error with the use of INHERIT += "testimage" today...14:25
tgamblinbitbake seems to be trying to inherit classes/testimage.bbclass when it should be classes-recipe/testimage.bbclass14:26
RPtgamblin: with modern code that needs to be IMAGE_CLASSES += "testimage"14:26
tgamblinRP: aha14:26
RPrburton: increasing the memory for ltp arm still keels over: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/96/builds/5416/steps/12/logs/stdio :(14:27
RPrburton: arm ptests were ok this run though14:28
rburtonno route to host?14:29
rburtoni get ltp dying but why does the network connection disappear?14:31
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RPrburton: if you login and look at the kernel log it will have OOM'd and died14:49
RPrburton: see the log I linked to previously14:49
RPI guess I should go and dig out this one14:49
rburton'it' being the qemu itself or the bulk of the userspace in the qemu?14:50
RPrburton: it being the kernel qemu is running14:50
rburtonbuilding ltp now14:51
* rburton prays to the god of sstate cdn14:51
zeddiiwe should be well past needing to tweak the ARM -mm configuration, but I'll check if something changed in the defaults14:52
* zeddii recalls the slab, slub, slob days!14:52
RPrburton: https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/failed-builds-data/6.5%20kernel/oom/qemu_boot_log.20231003124956 is oom with 2GB14:53
* RP had to act fast as it was being deleted14:53
RPzeddii: could you have a look at that log and see if you can understand what "min_free_kbytes" is as a process? :/14:59
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zeddiiRP: it seems like a version/variant of a message we've seen in the past, I tried to fix it incorrectly on the qemu boot line in the past. I'll go check 6.5 a bit more closely.15:04
*** vladest1 <vladest1!~Thunderbi@mob-194-230-160-179.cgn.sunrise.net> has joined #yocto15:05
zeddiialso some lost interrupts. interesting. I wonder if rcu or something else is starving.15:05
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*** vladest1 is now known as vladest15:06
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rburtonvvmeson: https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale/blob/master/classes/fsl-eula-unpack.bbclass15:17
rburtonvvmeson: the firmware comes as a self-extracting sh. user 'agrees' to the license by setting a variable, if its set then the unpack runs the script15:18
rburtonRP: doesn't look like an oom to me15:20
rburtonah there's an oom too15:21
rburtonbut it ends with an oops15:21
*** Kubu_work <Kubu_work!~kubu@2a01cb05945b7e009bdc688723a24f31.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto15:23
zeddiirburton: I suspect it is only arm64. I can OOM arm64 on a target build. but not ARM32 bit.15:23
vvmesonrburton: thanks15:24
landgrafIs there a way how to mark testcase as "known failure" in oeqa?15:24
zeddiirburton there's a proc/sysfs tunable as well for min_free_kbytes15:26
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denixtlwoerner: might want to look into KERNEL_DTBVENDORED here https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=04ab57d20009d85eb566e83ae6fe1dcea4db730015:49
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qschulztlwoerner: sorry, <life> happening right now, ping me tomorrow if I haven't answered your mails16:19
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RPzeddii, rburton: ltp has a binary called min_free_bytes ./opt/ltp/testcases/bin/min_free_kbytes16:49
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zeddiithat's interesting.17:00
*** speeder <speeder!~speeder__@> has joined #yocto17:03
JerryMRP: when you add commits from e.g. oe-core to poky do you use something to get the oe-rev in the commit message?17:06
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian@dynamic-002-244-050-225.2.244.pool.telefonica.de> has joined #yocto17:06
JaMaJerryM: see combo-layer script in oe-core17:11
rburtonJerryM: if you want to combine multiple git repos into one, i recommend using something like git subtrees instead of combo-layer.17:13
*** speeder_ <speeder_!~speeder__@> has joined #yocto17:21
JerryMrburton: it's for a mixin layer, I'm really just backporting files from master to kirkstone but I'd like to get an OE-rev in the commits so I can more easily track the stuff17:22
JerryMJaMa: the hook script seems to contain that part thanks :)17:22
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*** speeder_ is now known as speeder17:24
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rburtonRP: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/82/builds/5525 with the jitter fix only failed in strace.  i'll kick the rebuild button to check19:24
*** sveinse <sveinse!~sveinse@2a01:799:557:ec00:1466:6aff:fe8a:220e> has joined #yocto19:49
sveinseI'm trying to build kirkstone on wsl2 and it is stuck at burning 100% CPU during parsing. I'm not sure it is able to finish. Its bash processes running git ls-remote that hangs. Its only the bash, as git is not running any more. Is this a known issue?19:53
RPsveinse: I've not heard any report of it19:57
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sveinseRP: I found the culprit and fixed it. bitbake doesn't play nice with a loded pyenv (and possibly a more recent python). Vanilla poky kirkstone without any changes to the default MACHINE parsed ok thou, so I presume it's a specific git ls-remote command operation that croaked.20:22
JPEWmoto-timo: Any chance you could help me figure out the recipe to install a pip module that uses poetry & cython (if that's even possible): https://github.com/long2ice/asyncmy20:26
JPEWMost of the time, the python modules are so easy I can just copy-pasta them :D20:26
moto-timo      https://github.com/long2ice/asyncmy/blob/044a4b0dee6dde6c7b828e11fd5a92bca4b75c52/pyproject.toml#L4520:28
moto-timothat tells you to inherit python_poetry_core https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/meta/classes-recipe/python_poetry_core.bbclass20:29
JPEWYa, I did that20:29
moto-timoand then looks like DEPENDS python3-setuptools-native python3-cython-native maybe?20:30
moto-timo(from the next line in the pyproject.toml)20:31
JPEWmoto-timo: Hmm, ya I have that. Weirdly do_compile has no output, but also doesn't produce a wheel20:32
moto-timois your recipe somewhere? or ssh it to snips.sh or whatever20:32
JPEWmoto-timo: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/MTvR6hCTX9/20:34
sveinseNot to interfere, but is cython-native able to generate code for target?20:37
*** Guest11 <Guest11!~Guest11@2601:282:f00:f81::17c> has joined #yocto20:37
JPEWI... don't actually know. Weirdly, when I run the same build command on my local machine, it also produces no wheel :/20:38
sveinseBuilding complete images take time.. But ooof, ever tried cross compiling nodejs? It's do_compile takes in well excess of an hour20:40
moto-timolists of things that take forever: webkit, rust, nodejs...20:41
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:42
JPEWHmm, I think they make their releases using poetry, so I'm guessing something is wrong in their config20:43
* tgamblin lurks20:43
moto-timowell gee, that do_compile is 100% useless20:43
tgamblinI went and tried an --editable install with pip... it states that it generated the wheel and where it put it, but neither of those things seems to exist?20:43
tgamblinwhat is going on with this module?20:43
* moto-timo thinks tgamblin will just try to convert it to hatchling20:43
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tgamblinbow to the serpent god20:43
* moto-timo thinks tgamblin has serpent god blood20:44
moto-timoyeah... this smells like bad/missing config20:44
moto-timoOMG: they are still referencing distutils? https://github.com/long2ice/asyncmy/blob/044a4b0dee6dde6c7b828e11fd5a92bca4b75c52/build.py#L120:45
JPEWMy alternative is aiomysql, but it has this lovely line: https://github.com/aio-libs/aiomysql/blob/master/pyproject.toml#L720:47
JPEWMaybe I can just patch that out20:47
moto-timotgamblin:  seems like it wants full blown poetry? this is a weird one20:47
tgamblinJPEW: worth a try20:47
moto-timothe python ecosystem just keeps getting stranger and stranger20:48
JPEW`poetry build` does seem to do the thing. I'm guessing that's how they do all the releases so they don't notice it's not quite right20:48
* moto-timo goes to write a new "moto-timo" build backend that is no different than anything else20:48
tgamblinmoto-timo: 1. clone repo; 2. setup virtualenv; 3. pip install poetry; 4. poetry build --> get sdist dir with .whl and .tar.gz20:48
JPEW`inherit python3_dwim`20:49
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has joined #yocto20:49
moto-timoI started down a path of full poetry recipe, but I didn't have a need (this was back in the pre-kirkstone release madness)20:49
tgamblinmoto-timo: so you are correct, it seems20:49
moto-timo`inherit make_bitbake_psychic`20:49
moto-timoheavy sigh20:50
moto-timoso that poetry.core backend is a lie then it appears20:50
JPEWOn the bright side, I've almost got the hash equivalence server (with my patches) building in OE as a container image you can run in podman20:50
JPEWbitbake building a bitbake recipe is trippy20:51
* JPEW suddenly wants potatoes20:52
tgamblinI was about to say the same20:52
sveinsebitcremate if left spinning too long20:52
JPEWWell, patching the < 7 out of aiomysql works just fine, so I think I'll just do that for now so that I have _a_ MySQL driver and worry about the more efficient one later if necessary20:54
* tgamblin wonders what percentage of module maintainers would accept the pulls if he sent patches to transition them all to hatchling20:55
moto-timoJPEW: 👍21:06
moto-timoNow I want potatoes21:06
RPJPEW: twice brewed. Which is the name of a good pub!21:09
RPIt is near Once Brewed which is a village :)21:10
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JPEWIs there a standardized way to handle alternate dependencies in python modules; like `pip install sqlalchemy[async]`21:25
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JPEWOk, I've built a container image and it works but it's not loading into podman how I would expect21:50
JPEWWhen I do `podman load -i <IMAGE>.tar` it makes an image named `localhost/1.0:latest` when I would have expected `localhost/<IMAGE>:1.0`... seems OCI_IMAGE_TAG is not working as expected maybe?21:53
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