Friday, 2023-10-06

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:26
Guest98hi, morning07:26
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bhstalelIm trying to debug and analyse the collections expansion and layers config expansion, and I noticed that putting only BBFILES in layer.conf does the trick of finding the recipe and also finding the bbclass, which is not logical because BBPATH is used to find conf and bbclass files which is not defined, does bitbake set a default value for it ?07:59
bhstalelthough, I checked BBPATH expanded value and it does not have my new layer's path07:59
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landgrafbhstalel: run bitbake -e <target> and see where the value came from08:03
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bhstalelThe logic say that bitbake needs to expand BBPATH in order to find conf and .bbclass files ? I am explicitly creating new layer with custom unique class name, and I only put BBFILES in layer.conf, no BBFILE_COLLECTIONS, no BBFILE_PATTERN, no nothing, I only set BBFILES to the same layer directory ${LAYERDIR} to force bitbake to go though08:05
bhstalelfind_bbfiles(), it finds the recipe and also finds the .bbclass file under classes/, so if bitbake uses BBPATH to find the bbclass and my BBPATH does not contain the new class, how did it find the class ?08:05
bhstalelI am still trying to find the answer in the code, but I thought I'd ask08:06
qschulzwe're trying to have the commit date of the last commit in a layer to be the timestamp for the rootfs, c.f. REPRODUCIBLE_TIMESTAMP_ROOTFS08:13
qschulzso we run git log against that layer and assign the value to the variable08:14
qschulznow, I'm pretty sure that this isn't enough because bitbake does not reparse the file setting the variable if it doesn't detect a change, correct?08:14
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qschulzwhat are the options for this? I assume I could just set nostamp varflag on do_rootfs for example, kind of overkill08:15
qschulzwe could also have BB_DONT_CACHE set in the recipe directly to force reparsing of the recipe every bitbake execution?08:16
qschulzalso, michaelo we should probably document REPRODUCIBLE_TIMESTAMP_ROOTFS and how to properly use it?08:20
mcfrisksorry need ask stupid questions: yocto autobuilder/buildbot, it seems it has not been configured to capture nothing but bitbake output from each build? Images or extra log files in case of failures are not captured or archived? with qemu boot/login prompt failures, the qemuboot log is not captured. with ptest failures, the do_testimage task logs are not archived, only bitbake build output.08:23
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mcfriskso I guess RP and others are manually archiving extra logs from workers when builds fail?08:24
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JerryManyone who can tell me what happened on meta-openembedded? kirkstone reports a force push for me..08:25
mcfriskI'm trying to understand how to get from to the detailed do_testimage or runqemu boot logs like
landgrafmcfrisk: I think so. Richard, Alex or swat team member on duty do this manually08:30
landgrafat least for core dumps and some additional logs08:30
RPmcfrisk: yes, I'm manually extracting things08:32
mcfriskRP: can I propose to add some files to be archived automatically in yocto-autobuilder-helper/./scripts/publish-artefacts ? for example the do_testimage task logs and qemu boot logs?08:35
mcfriskthough I don't know how those are visible in buildbot web UI, for example. I'm just lost in the UI and failing to find the details I'd need to help with the bugs. plain bitbake log output is not enough in many cases08:37
RPmcfrisk: it would end up as huge amounts of data we don't use :(08:37
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mcfrisksigh, sadly bug reports with just the bitbake output are not really useful. the task logs would be needed, and qemuboot too. I don't mind if the files get recycled in a few days. In all CI's I've setup, the build output and some extra logs are archived and linked to the build job result web page.08:40
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RPmcfrisk: recycle which pieces in a few days though. You don't see the issues we have already with data building up and causing problems :(08:43
RPmcfrisk: I do get it that we have challenges but I simply can't do everything we need and in general these logs haven't been the biggest blocker on issues. We do also have a log collection bug open for ptest logs for example which was a much more pressing issue08:44
RPSadly I think I'm blocking that one despite having someone lined up to work on it due to lack of time to give the input needed08:44
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RPrburton, mcfrisk: The bug doesn't want to appear now, builds are passing :/10:22
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LetoThe2ndany ideas on how to locally cache git repositories? background: my automated builds use cached downloads and sstate, but I'm on a relatively slow connection. so I'm seeing about 5 minutes time for a build where nothing changed, of which 4 minutes are just pulling the layers from git.11:06
landgrafLetoThe2nd: see fetcher tests for an inspiration (MIRRORS and PREMIRRORS in particular)11:10
landgrafit allows to speed things up a lot on kernel git fetching etc11:10
LetoThe2ndlandgraf: thanks, but thats one step later, right? my problem is the initial setup of the metadata layers before bitbake is even started.11:11
LetoThe2ndusing kas here, for the record.11:11
rburtonLetoThe2nd: kas has built in support for 'reference repositories'11:19
rburtonLetoThe2nd: we use them in meta-arm.  see the gitlab-ci.yml and
rburtonLetoThe2nd: the biggest gap is that kas doesn't have an "update all the repos" script so that has to be done out of band, but even you update them once a month that's a huge win as it only has to grab the missing objects11:20
rburtonbasically, kas uses the repos you cache as reference repositories, so it will hit the real server for the object lists it needs, and fetch from the reference repository on disk if they're there.11:20
LetoThe2ndrburton: ah nice, thanks. looking now!11:21
rburtonRP: ttyrun patches posted, i'll send the cleanups and removals after they've merged.11:22
rburtonRP: also posted the swiotlb patch. made it global because it can't hurt, but i've not checked what the impact is on every machine.11:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: new build box inauguration!
rburtonRP: also i've seen a WIP patch to make it use 1M per GB of ram11:23
rburtonLetoThe2nd: a `bitbake core-image-sato --runall fetch; time bitbake core-image-sato` for kirkstone would be much appreciated. i've a little table of build times and machines...11:25
LetoThe2ndrburton: sure thing, once the current runs are finished can do so. will take some time, though.11:25
LetoThe2nd(because long and full pipeline)11:26
rburtonno rush11:26
LetoThe2ndrburton: a cold rebuild with just downloads cached on core-image-minimal took about 28 minutes, as a first data point. without any optimizations or anything. Not bad for a 650€ box.11:28
rburtonthat's excellent for a 650 euro box11:29
LetoThe2ndrburton: i'll provide better data once I have it.11:30
RPrburton: that sounds like a better idea for he swiotlb11:32
rburtonyeah expect to see patches being bikeshedded in lkml later today11:33
RPrburton: I've updated master-next, I think I might merge the "switch to 6.5 pieces" but I'll run one more test with your updated patches first11:38
RPLetoThe2nd: the autobuilder does do repository caching FWIW11:40
RPLetoThe2nd: scripts in autobuilder-helper11:40
LetoThe2ndRP: thx11:41
LetoThe2ndrburton: so if I understand kas reference repositories correctly, wouldn't it already cache across builds if I just set the variable to a writable directory?11:44
LetoThe2ndrburton: or is the condition "point kas to the directory && the clone has to be in the directory accroding to the naming condition"?11:54
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: it won't create new reference clones12:21
rburtonLetoThe2nd: this is why i want to write a plugin to create/update the reference directories12:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: okay, I got it. thanks a lot, this should be really helpful!12:22
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qschulzis there a way to do inline shell function?13:07
qschulzVAR = "${@'plep'}" is python13:08
qschulzand VAR= "${'shellfunc', d')}" returns None13:08
qschulzbecause I assume it just executes the shell function and doesn't return the string printed by the function13:08
qschulzbut it feels a bit weird to have a python script just for starting a python subprocess for executing some binary :)13:09
rburtonno, inline python is expanded trivially because its bitbake doing the expansion13:12
rburtonwhereas the shell tasks are just written to disk and ran13:12
qschulzok, so no way to do it with shell functions I guess?13:15
rburtonwrite the whole task in python?13:15
qschulzrburton: i know, was just asking if it was possible to write it in shell13:17
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rburton"it" is quite vague. no, you can't do inline shell calls.13:18
qschulzthank you, that was the only question I had :)13:19
qschulzinline python it is13:19
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Guest74figured I'd ask again: I have a recipe that extends gpsd to overwrite the /etc/defaults/gpsd.default file; I also have a postinst that `update-alternatives` the file. Now, in the image, I have a `/etc/default/gpsd` that is a symlink to the gpsd.default file, but that file it just not there? In my WORKDIR/image, the file is correctly in15:09
Guest74`/etc/default` but in the actual image, its missing15:09
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rburtonRP: zeddii i hear 6.5.6 is due in the next 24 hours, i wonder if any of our backports merged15:21
mcfrisktag is already in stable tree
mcfriskrburton: meta-arm can drop 0001-arm64-defconfig-remove-CONFIG_COMMON_CLK_NPCM8XX-y.patch after next stable kernel updates since patch is finally applied upstream15:33
rburtonwe build -dev in CI so knew that one15:33
rburtonGuest74: the easiest thing to do is just overwrite the default gpsd.default in a gpsd.bbappend15:34
rburtonalternatives and stuff is overcompicated, unless you really need that15:35
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Guest74rburton thats what I did. I removed the update-alternatives call on pkg_postint and it still isnt in `/etc/default`15:42
rburtonoh right, i didn't realise gpsd did that15:43
rburtonin that case just write a recipe that ships a file, register it as an alternative with a higher priority, and install it15:43
rburtondon't wrestle the existing stuff, work with it15:44
Guest74its more that the file I'm adding is just... gone?15:45
Guest74like `install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/gpsd-default ${D}/etc/default/gpsd.default` is in the `image` folder of my workdir, but the actual image doesnt have it15:45
rburtonwithout seeing your recipe i can't say what you're doing but its wrong15:46
rburtoncreate a new recipe that creates /etc/defaults/gpsd.mydefaults.  register that as an alternative for gpsd-defaulst, but with a higher priority.  install gpsd _and your new package_, alternatives will pick your file as the default.15:47
Guest74in `gpsd_%.bbappend`:15:47
Guest74do_install:append() {15:47
Guest74    install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/gpsd-default ${D}${sysconfdir}/default/gpsd-default15:47
Guest74and it is gone from the image15:47
rburton$ oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -r gpsd15:49
rburtonthat will list the files that got packaged15:49
rburtonif its not in there, its because you didn't tell it what package you want the file in15:49
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Guest74ah, yeah thats the problem. Its not in the package15:52
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rburtonset FILES to put it in the package you want.  the use of alternative is to avoid having to do a bbappend.15:54
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Guest74oh wait it is there15:59
Guest74in `gpsd_3.23.1`:15:59
Guest74``` SUMMARY:gpsd-conf = "gpsd configuration files and init scripts"15:59
Guest74FILES:gpsd-conf = "${sysconfdir}"15:59
Guest74CONFFILES:gpsd-conf = "${sysconfdir}/default/gpsd.default"15:59
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Guest74and oe-pkgdata-util-list-pkg-files for gpsd-conf shows the /etc/default/gpsd.default file16:00
rburtonthat's gpsd.default, your example was gpsd-defau;t16:02
rburtonmy typing today is terrible16:03
Guest74you're right; why is that gone, then?16:06
Guest74because not even the defualt gpsd file is there16:06
rburtondid you install gpsd-conf?16:08
Guest74its not in that package anyways; but gpsd RRECOMMENDS gpsd-conf16:09
rburtonand do you have recommendations turned off?16:10
Guest74oh weird, I'm not seeing any of my bbappend echos in the `workdir/temp`? Like the file is in `workdir` but not getting installed. the `do_install:append` is not working in my bbappend, I guess16:14
rburtoni really suggest you don't use a bbappend16:15
Guest74and instead just duplicate the recipe?16:16
rburtonas above: create a new recipe that creates /etc/defaults/gpsd.mydefaults.  register that as an alternative for gpsd-defaulst, but with a higher priority.  install gpsd _and your new package_, alternatives will pick your file as the default.16:16
rburtonthe recipe has gone to the effort of setting up alternatives, so use it16:17
Guest74gotcha, I'll look into that, thank you16:18
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RPrburton, mcfrisk: is fun. You see a getty started by systemd on ttyS1 but nothing on the port :/16:28
RPrburton: nice to see that proposed :)16:29
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jholtomHi, I've been working on updating an image I maintain, and I've made a number of changes to different components, but am finally at the end packing up my image with wic.  It is giving me a no such file or directory on my cramfs-xip (a symlink to a date stamped version) that clearly exists and can be read post bitbake completion.  Using bitbake 2.0.0 and kirkstone - would be challenging to upgrade21:31
RPjholtom: if it exists at the end, it sounds like some kind of dependency issue/race ?21:38
jholtomRP: I checked the ordering of tasks, it is correct, my do_image_cramfs occurs before do_image_wic21:39
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RPjholtom: I'd put some debugging in, something like a prefunc with a bb.warn(str(os.listdir(XXX))) to see if what you think is happening really is21:43
mischiefkhem: is there a way to get lldb on the target from meta-clang without pulling in gplv3? or is there no way around binutils?21:49
yoctonjholtom: did you explicitely ordered the tasks do_image_cramfs & do_image_wic? Maybe with ?21:59
yoctonjholtom: I've already seen this multiple time when adding a rootfs image to a wic image. Each time I had to add a dependency between the task building the rootfs image and the one building the wic image.22:00
jholtomyocton: I have a WKS_FILE_DEPENDS but it's not explicit on the rootfs.22:01
jholtomWhat's strange is it used to have no issue for years, and now here we are with all sorts of orthogonal changes and boom22:02
jholtomI'll give it a whirl22:02
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yoctonor maybe I ended up with 'do_image_wic[depends]+= "<rootfs_image>:do_build"'22:05
jholtomyocton: fixed it.  Thanks.  Wild to think I've been getting away with a race like that for years.22:14
jholtomAppreciate your help too RP22:14
yoctonjholtom: which solution did you used?22:14
jholtomdo_image_wic[depends] since they are under the same recipe22:15
jholtomLooks more clear in the definition22:15
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