Friday, 2023-11-10

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mckoangood morning07:37
alessioigorHi all, I defined a custom variable inside my own machine file which is used in other recipes: How can I make bitbake rebuild the latters if the former changes? Thanks in advance!07:54
yoctonalessioigor: If that does not happen automatically already, you should look into vardeps
alessioigoryocton: Thanks!08:02
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:38
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Rich_1234good morning08:45
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KanjiMonsterhrm, googling yocto things get hits to an email archive which 404s :/ (e.g.
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ctxnopHello everybody. I'm facing an issue and fail to find any hint about it. Hope someone can give some directions. I have some SDK built by yocto with a supported ubuntu. I installed this SDK on an archlinux. Everything works well expect for the kernel. If I go to $OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOT/usr/src/kernel and execute 'make' (or even 'make scripts'), it09:24
ctxnopfails because the linker ends up trying to use a plugin from my host gcc, which is not the same version at all, and that's fails because it uses another glibc version.09:24
ctxnophere is the message: /tmp/tmp.evjuHFzwMr/sdk/sysroots/x86_64-targetsdk-linux/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.2.1/ error loading plugin: /tmp/tmp.evjuHFzwMr/sdk/sysroots/x86_64-targetsdk-linux/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.38' not found (required by /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.2.1/
ctxnopThe gcc from the sdk is 11.4.0 (from kirkstone)09:27
ctxnopI just don't get why it tries to use my host compiler instead of the one from the sdk.09:29
LetoThe2ndKanjiMonster: we are aware of this, its one of the friction things of the website relaunch. we'll have it sorted out as soon as possible.09:51
KanjiMonsterLetoThe2nd: is the archive available somewhere else?09:53
LetoThe2ndKanjiMonster: lore kernel maybe, but you can google it as well as I can :-)09:53
KanjiMonsterugh. Are there plans to make it available again?09:58
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yoctonKanjiMonster: maybe?10:29
yoctonKanjiMonster: yep
yocton(via the good ol' Google cache)10:32
yoctonfun fact, this is a mail from LetoThe2nd ^^10:34
LetoThe2ndyocton: heh, funny coincidence!10:34
KanjiMonstercurrently I can also click on the three dots in google and select cached version ;)10:35
KanjiMonsterfunnily enough, I get completely different results (or top hits) when using vs the ones offered by google from the old mailman archive10:37
KanjiMonsterIf I'm nitpicking anyway, still lists Nanbield as a future release ;)10:38
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Guest97Are the releases being named after somebody's trip to the mid to north of England10:41
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rburtonRich_1234: mountain passes and so in the north is the current theme, yes10:48
rburtonthere are prizes* (the sweet glow of success) if you can identify every theme of every release back to Inky without using google.10:49
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LetoThe2ndrburton: "chatgpt, tell me ..."10:51
JaMacheater :)10:51
rburton"As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the Yocto Project did not use release names in the same way that some other projects, like Ubuntu or Android, do. Instead, the Yocto Project uses version numbers for its releases."10:52
Rich_1234My guess without looking too much would be mountain biking, because I looked up two and they looked like pretty good places to go mountain biking. Which is a shame I haven't been, should go up north one weekend when the weather is good10:52
rburtonwe _definitely_ need to arrange a yocto mtb weekend one time10:52
Rich_1234I would show up, even though I am still a Yocto newbie10:53
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yoctonMy guess for the theme of most release is : "Exercise in english pronunciation for non-native speakers" :')10:55
rburtonyocton: oh most of the english have trouble with some of the pronunciations too10:55
rburtonalthough the poke-y vs pock-y thing is still a debate imho :)10:56
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yoctonI'm out of this one... I've no idea how those two sound differents XD11:02
* JaMa appreciates the pronunciation on yocto releases wiki page, but it was added too late for me to say kirkstone properly :)11:02
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rburtonJaMa: yeah i added them when i realised we were correcting people a lot. definitely a release too late for kirkstone.  to be fair, the pronunciation _looks_ obvious...11:03
rburtonbut hey, english places are fun like that11:03
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yoctonyeah, here, kirkstone sounds like startrek-rock11:04
JaMa"stone" in kirkstone wasn't obvious to me :)11:04
JaMaor rather it was obvious, but wrong :)11:05
Rich_1234yes truly a sign of a great mind :)  like myself11:05
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JaMaJPEW: with local prserv I'm now seeing _a lot_ of NOTE: messages during the build like:11:08
JaMaNOTE: [Client ('', 46612)] Client ('', 46612) connected11:08
JaMaNOTE: [Client ('', 46612)] Connection closed11:08
JaMais it expected?11:08
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matthias28Hello everyone, I have a question on the bitbake server. Is there a way to keep the server running on my machine so that the initsteps (parsing recipes etc) dont need to run again and again. For example i have s script that just calls devtool modify for a bunch of recipes in order to setup a workspace for developers. While this works nicely it is a11:26
matthias28bit annoying that it always initializes the bitbake server. It is even complaining that the previous instance of the server has not shutdown and waits for it to do so.11:26
KanjiMonsterrburton: pock-y is already in use for me, so I'll stay at poe-key ;)
rburtonmatthias28: BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT11:28
RPrburton: we could use really boring names but it wouldn't be as much fun :)11:31
RPRich_1234: nanbield was definitely a fun day on a mountain bike!11:31
rburtonwe need another ELC-E in edinburgh11:32
rburtonwith a pre-conf stanes roadtrip11:32
LetoThe2ndrburton: count me in11:33
RPrburton: just come and visit, we might wait forever on that!11:33
RPrburton: which stane would you aim for though? :)11:33
rburtonthat is the easier option yes :)11:33
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Rich_1234RP I might have to make the pilgrimage to Nanbield with my mtb at some point then11:35
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RPRich_1234: I guess I'd say it is properly over-hyped, there are other places which I've found more fun. It and the surrounding passes (inc. gatesgarth) did make for a memorable day out though. Some of the route was hike a bike11:36
Rich_1234RP I'll definitely check gatesgarth out, sounds like a fun outing11:39
matthias28rburton Tnx! Nearly missed your message as i thought its a timeout message from the web irc client... ;-) This does keep the server alive, but does not scrape any meaningful time off as each devtool modify is still reparsing all recipes. I was hopeing the server would reparse in the background on filesystem changes or sth like this.11:46
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RPRich_1234: I do love some of the places you can get to, for example11:59
RP was "a bit" wet12:00
Rich_1234RP wow very cool, yeah second pic looks quite muddy indeed12:01
Rich_1234I've never tried a bike with suspension in the rear also, only front12:02
RPRich_1234: for nanbield, rear suspension is probably helpful, it is rather full on12:04
Rich_1234i do enjoy full on:]12:06
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wmillsRP:  I see the tags are released but they look wrong to me.  The both tags (yocto-4.3 and nanbield-4.3) are on a commit from 10-19 where the nanbield branch looks correct at your layer.conf change of 11-09.12:51
wmillsRP: Please check me12:51
rburtonwmills: the release tags are on the code that was QA'd, not the tip of nanbield branch12:53
rburtonthe next point release will incorporate those extra commits12:53
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wmillsOK.  I know most of the changes past that are doc changes.  So those CVE check changes are not in the release? I froze on your commit of 11-03.12:55
rburtoncorrect, they landed after the release build12:56
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wmillsOk thanks12:57
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wmillsrburton: I really fetched to check to see if generic-arm64 had shown up.  Any eta?  I presume I can use meta-arm in the meantime correct?13:01
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rburtonwmills: i wanted to get it booting nicely on a real board before merging but maybe we should copy to core first and fix up real hardware after.13:02
rburtonmaybe i'll do that13:03
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: you're the man to arrange a virtual yocto release party tonight.  i'll toast the release with a beer tonight13:04
wmillssounds good to me13:04
LetoThe2ndrburton: hehe. no party for me tonight - st. martins thing at kindergarten and heading off to LPC flight tomorrow at 6AM13:05
sudiplets have an Yocto UG-UK (Uk usergroup) and have a real party13:06
rburtonLetoThe2nd: have fun at plumbers.  i'll toast for you :)13:09
rburtonsudip: good plan for the next release :)13:09
LetoThe2ndrburton: sounds like a plan!13:09
LetoThe2ndsudip: next release definitely should get the proper treatment!13:09
rburtonwe'll need regional parties unless there's a lot of travelling13:10
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rburtonwe could all camp on the beach outside RP's house!13:11
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RPwmills: as rburton says, we tagged what went through QA. There have been things since which will be in the next point release. I had missed the corenames change :/13:17
rburtonRP: before you forget again, start a wiki page for the manual release steps like "update corenames"13:17
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RPI think there is a list somewhere, I just don't remember where :(13:17
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rburtonyeah me too13:19
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rburton and duplicate and are old13:20
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JPEWJaMa: no, it's not. Let me look into it14:01
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JaMaJPEW: it was shown 300+ times during one relatively small build14:11
JPEWYa weird. I thought the prserv tests all passes; maybe those test cases are not as through as I thought14:12
JPEWOh, maybe it's working, just had extra logging?14:13
JPEWWhich would show up in the test because they aren't warning or error14:14
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JPEWWould not show up in the test14:14
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*** chep` is now known as chep14:27
JaMayes, it seems to work, just maybe a bit too verbose with default logging in knotty14:28
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n0thinghello everyone, i am going to contribute for the first time and i am working on a recipe. i have upgraded this recipe but there is a patch already written by someone. This patch making an update in CMakelists.txt. However, in the newer version of recipe, the location and content of CMakeLists.txt has changed slightly. Actually I will make the same14:42
n0thingupdates as the old patch, but how should I do it?14:42
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n0thingShould I create my own patch instead of the old patch? It doesn't feel right because it someone's patch.14:44
yoctonn0thing: I would refresh the old patch == Updating it to follow upstream changes. If that's only a refresh, keep the original author. If that changes completly the patch put yourself as the author of the patch.14:52
yoctonn0thing: From what you wrote, I guess you will keep the original author?14:53
n0thingBoth the recipe and the patch were written by a different person. I just want to upgrade and contribute.14:55
n0thingand as you say, I want to keep the names of the original authors.14:56
KanjiMonstern0thing: you could add yourself via "Co-Authored-by: <you>"; in earlier (kernel?) days it was common to append [ rebased against new version]\nSigned-off-by: .." when sending updated patches from other people14:56
KanjiMonsterYou could also go wild and use e.g. "Rebased-against-new-version-by: <you>" ;D, there are no checks for "valid" tags (you can find some very creative tags in a few kernel commits)14:59
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n0thingIt would be very good if there is an example related to this topic. I can't decide what to do because it's my first time :D15:03
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JaMan0thing: you can also use devtool which should help you with this and keep the original author (you will still need to resolve the rebase conflict in the change)15:14
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KanjiMonsterlooking for examples ... ????15:21
KanjiMonsterah wait, there's another signed-off-by at the bottom15:21
*** sakman <sakman!~sakman@> has joined #yocto15:22
*** florian__ is now known as florian15:24
n0thingOne example would be very good. I'm confused :D15:24
KanjiMonstern0thing: kernel uses co-develped-by apparently:
*** zhmylove <zhmylove!~zhmylove@> has joined #yocto15:25
KanjiMonstern0thing: but I guess the answer is there are multiple ways to do it; and the important part is to add your own Signed-off-by (but don't replace any), the rest is up to your preference15:27
n0thingJaMa I don't know this way. at least i will try and do it.15:28
n0thingKanjiMonster thanks for help.15:28
zhmyloveHey everyone. I've noticed that tag 4.3 appeared today, but this tag is set on commit at 19 october. Is this expected behavior? For instance, 4.3 does not include today's commit of RP switching layer.conf compatibility to nanbield only15:29
*** lexano <lexano!~lexano@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)15:29
RPzhmylove: we tagged what we put through QA, it should have had that change but we realised too late for the tag. It will be in 4.3.115:32
zhmyloveThanks! Do you already have any estimations on 4.3.1 release date?15:33
RPzhmylove: we usually aim for a few weeks afterwards to pull together bugfixes. It should be safe to use the branch btw15:33
rburtonkhem: can you branch meta-clang please?  master is changing and breaking stuff15:38
n0thingWhat should I pay attention to in the commit when contributing to meta-openembedded? Is there a commit template for this? What explanations should I write etc15:43
rburtonmostly just explain the changes15:43
rburtonobvious stuff like source checksum changing because of an upgrade is not needed15:43
JaMathere is no template, but look at previous commits to use the same convention for the summary15:44
rburtonif its an upgrade, listing anything new is useful15:45
rburtonotherwise imagine someone is glaring at the commit suspiciously in three years time: explain why it does what it does.15:45
n0thingJaMa rburton yes, just upgrade. will be my first :D . thanks!15:45
rburtonin that case the upsteam release notes are awesome if they're fairly short, or a link to them if long, and explain any other changes that were needed15:46
n0thingJaMa thanks15:46
n0thingrburton Also, I asked a question above about old patches. I would appreciate if tell me your opinion.15:46
rburton*especially* if you changed the license checksum to show that you know it changed and why15:46
JaMan0thing: just add your SOB line15:47
rburtonn0thing: what was said: if you rewrite, its your s-o-b. If you're just refreshing, add yours if you want.15:47
rburtonif devtool literally just rebased for you, i wouldn't bother15:47
JPEWJaMa: Just sent a patch to the bitbake ML that should fix the logging problem if you can give it a try15:50
n0thingI didn't know what S-O-B and when I looked it up I came across this:
n0thingI guess I needed to add something at the end :D :D :D15:51
rburtonnot the other s-o-b15:51
n0thingrburton thanks :D :D15:52
rburtontypically applies to commits, but we also use the same tag in patches so we know who is resposible for the patch15:53
rburtonagain, in five years time: who wrote this patch?  should it be upstream? why does it do what it does?15:53
rburton(jonmason has some interesting numbers about how old some of the patches are)15:53
jonmasonyes, very interesting to see how many patches are 13 years old15:54
jonmasonalmost like YP started using git 13 years ago15:55
rburtoncould be fun to follow patches from 13 years ago into oe-classic and see how far back they go there15:55
rburtonmaybe post-plumbers though15:56
jonmasonI intend on tweaking the talk to be more yocto focused after plumbers15:57
n0thingbtw, as a newbie and trying to improve myself in embedded linux, is there a dashboard where i can follow conferences and events organized by linux, yocto?15:58
jonmasonnot a canonical list, but those are the biggies15:59
jonmasonif you are in europe, FOSDEM is great15:59
jonmasonand we're doing an event the monday after15:59
JaMaJPEW: thanks will test it15:59
jonmasonthere is the virtual yocto summit coming up at the end of november16:00
*** kergoth_ <kergoth_!> has quit IRC (Server closed connection)16:00
*** kergoth_ <kergoth_!> has joined #yocto16:00
n0thingjonmason thank you!16:00
*** lexano <lexano!~lexano@> has joined #yocto16:00
n0thingjonmason Unfortunately I'm not in Europe, I'll improve myself and try to go Europe.16:01
Rich_1234it's online!16:01
Rich_1234just wake up at 1am :)16:02
n0thingi talked about FOSDEM16:02
jonmasonn0thing: its not a requirement.  It took me almost 20 years to go to fosdem ;-)16:02
rburtonYPS is online and tries to cater for EU/America timezone, but if that's not doable it's recorded anyway.  FOSDEM _is_ great but there are other conferences in other countries that are not $lots.16:03
jonmasonits more communal there.  So, it might be fun, if you have the funds, to take it as a geek vacation16:03
jonmasonn0thing: where are you located?16:03
* JaMa is from Europe and never went to FOSDEM, but I'm also asocial introvert, so that might be why :)16:03
JPEWNow is the time to book though, the flights are about as cheap as they are going to be16:04
rburtonyeah i best book a train!16:04
* JPEW would prefer a train by flying is cheaper16:04
n0thingjonmason Turkey(Türkiye)16:04
jonmasonJaMa: this is why we have the Jester.  He makes everyone more social16:04
rburtonJPEW: quite a train journey for you to fosdem ;)16:04
jonmasonn0thing: ah, cool.. Welcome then.16:05
JaMajonmason: beer doesn't work that much on my anymore :)16:05
jonmasonnot sure if we have other devs in that country16:05
jonmasonJaMa: he usually brings Whiskey now.  Some Bavarian version16:05
rburtonn0thing: ah that's close.  consider fosdem, it's in brussels.16:05
JPEWYa, I looked at flying direct Denver -> London then taking the train, but it was more expensive than a layover in NA -> Brussels16:05
jonmasonJPEW: yes, but you can hang with us on the train ;-)16:06
JPEWMaybe next year16:06
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)16:06
Rich_1234well have a good weekend everyone, I am off16:06
jonmasonJPEW: if you want to take a sidetrip to Cambridge, I'm betting we can make accommodations16:06
*** sotaoverride is now known as Guest928616:06
*** Guest9286 <Guest9286!~ctraven@> has quit IRC (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))16:06
*** sotaover1ide is now known as sotaoverride16:06
rburtonof course eurostar is prebooked seats so 'hang on the train' doesn't really happen16:07
jonmasonrburton: is this an Indiana Jones "no ticket" thing?16:07
*** Rich_1234 <Rich_1234!~Guest97@> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed)16:07
JPEWYa, maybe next year. I convinced one of my college friends who lives near by to come with me this year, so I don't want to turn it into "tag along while I hob nob"16:07
jonmasonJPEW: I think my wife is inviting herself to come.  Probably going to bookend a vacation in europe afterward16:08
*** Xagen <Xagen!> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)16:09
JPEWnice. I suspect my wife will want to do that eventually also, but she's busy starting up her lab this year16:09
jonmasonJPEW: yes, hectic year for you16:10
n0thingYPS registration asking Company/Organization? I'm unemployed bro. Dont ask that again. :'(16:10
jonmasonn0thing: beat up tlwoerner for that16:11
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:11
*** ctraven <ctraven!~ctraven@> has joined #yocto16:12
n0thingjonmason i wrote unemployed :D16:13
jonmasonn0thing: there are many jobs in this area.  I am hopeful something will happen for you16:14
tlwoerneractually... that's one of the "benefits" of being part of the LF. that's an LF registration process and it is the LF who insists on all those questions and data16:16
jonmasona "feature" not a "bug", you say ;-)16:16
tlwoernerpersonally i couldn't care less for 90% of the data that is part of the registration, and frankly we don't even get access to it!16:16
jonmasontlwoerner: for the first time every, I might actually have my slides >24h before I give a talk ;-)16:17
n0thingjonmason it seems to be difficult for me. as a 1.5 year junior, the company needs to bring me from turkey(türkiye). why would anyone spend money (working visa things etc.) for me? i have to improve myself over time.16:17
tlwoernerjonmason: w00T!16:18
jonmasonn0thing: you'd be surprised at what companies will do if they want you16:18
n0thingjonmason but i will! i wil my first contribute to yocto project soon.16:19
jonmasonn0thing: I'd recommend fixing some of the "beginner" bugs in yocto.  it will help you learn and build an "open source" CV16:19
jonmasonbeing able to point to things that you have worked on is a massive plus for people that are looking to hire16:19
JaMan0thing: but contibutting to FOSS to improve yourself is very good way to improve your chances, so continue on that16:20
RPn0thing: if you can show a good track record of working well with an open source project, that can help a lot in convincing a company to take you on even remotely16:20
n0thingI'm doing my first recipe upgrade. thanks to rburton, jama, KanjiMonster. they have guided me, they are guiding me.16:20
JaMait can even be fun for a while :) OE was just a hobby for me for 10+ years16:21
jonmasonaside from rburton, those are good mentors16:21
jonmasonYocto Trolls unite!16:21
n0thingHow's that? I usually get the most answers from rburton o7.16:21
jonmasonn0thing: I am kidding.  rburton and I work together16:22
n0thingi know, i got it. :)16:22
n0thingeven if most people here don't know me, I know them :)16:22
n0thingI only stalked about work, I swear :D16:23
jonmasonif you stalked me, you'd be very disappointed16:23
RPn0thing: I'm curious what you found out and concluded :)16:24
JaMaI've seen ARM on fancy car registration plate recently and I was wondering who is on IPO vacation here :)16:25
jonmasonJaMa: we can't sell for many months.  So it's someone rich from before16:26
JaMaor maybe he just has huge arms or something, I haven't seen the driver :)16:26
jonmasonbody builder, possibly16:27
JaMayeah, different kind of builder than me :)16:27
JaMaI won't be able to buy a lambo if I spend all my money on threadrippers16:28
n0thingjonmason Why should I be disappointed? You look like a beer guy and you're cheerful. There is enough bad things in my life, and you put a smile on my face the time I spent here.16:31
n0thingJaMa jonmason I think you look like a biker, not a car guy.16:32
JaMahe drinks beer at work? :)16:32
n0thingfor sure!16:32
jonmasonn0thing: thank you for that.  I've found this community to be one of the most accepting and helpful I've been involved in.16:32
khemrburton: is current master ok for nanbield ?16:32
jonmasonkhem: clang is breaking for us16:33
jonmasondid he tell you already?16:33
khemin what ways ?16:33
JaMaFWIW: works for me in nanbield16:33
jonmasonkhem: rburton was saying that meta-clang had deps on master, but our branches on set to nanbield already16:34
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:34
rburtonkhem: there is no nanbield branch but master depends on changes in oe-core16:35
jonmason(man, I suck at being on vacation)16:35
khemrburton: I think llvm is at 17.0.3 for nanbield right ?16:35
rburtonkhem: llvm is 17.0.216:37
rburtoni initially blamed the RUNTIME change but that landed into nanbield16:38
*** Xagen <Xagen!> has joined #yocto16:40
khemthe same package optee-test at same version works ok with master ?16:40
khemand fails with nanbield16:41
khemI think that error does not have much to do with core layer being master or not16:41
khemmy guess is this recipe need to depend on compiler-rt16:44
khemwhen using clang16:44
*** Guest83 <Guest83!~Guest83@> has joined #yocto16:45
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has quit IRC (Quit: alessioigor)16:46
Guest83Hello, if the DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR variables are specified in both the conf/local.conf and added as a BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS within ~/.bashrc, does the conf/local.conf take precedence?16:48
JaMaGuest83: have you asked bitbake-getvar?16:49
RPGuest83: depends if set with ?= or =16:49
Guest83bitbake-getvar would say the conf/local.conf takes precedence16:50
Guest83or at least sets it afterwards since it uses =16:51
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*** mrpelotazo <mrpelotazo!~mrpelotaz@user/mrpelotazo> has joined #yocto16:56
rburtonkhem: so what changed in the last day?16:58
khemI wondered if this recipe was disabling default dependencies16:59
*** Guest83 <Guest83!~Guest83@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)16:59
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:01
khemmy bad see -
khemI will all ARM SIPs used the version from meta-arm :)17:04
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rburtonkhem: would it help if i tested that patch or are you just going to merge17:32
rburtonkhem: i'm not saying this is a release blocker for meta-arm, but it is the only breakage stopping us tag17:32
*** Minvera <Minvera!~Minvera@user/Minvera> has joined #yocto18:11
khemrburton: yeah my local build looks ok so I have merged it18:12
*** sgw <sgw!~swold@user/sgw> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:14
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SaurJPEW: If I start from scratch and build quilt-native, why do I get completely different task hashes depending on whether HashEquiv is enabled or not? If I run bitbake-diffsigs for any of the tasks, they all point to that the hash for task dependency quilt-native:do_recipe_qa changed. However, if I run bitbake-diffsigs on the two recipe_qa tasks, it reports nothing. Finally, I tested unpacking the siginfo files and comparing the json data,18:20
Saur and then I see that the unihashes differ. Why is that?18:20
JPEWThe server is probably reporting an equivalent unihash when bitbake asks about the taskhash18:21
Saurjpew: But I start from scratch. There is nothing in the HE DB...18:21
JPEWThe serve should return the taskhash as the unihash if the database is empty18:22
Saur(Or shouldn't be at least...)18:22
JPEWIf it's not returning the taskhash back as the unihash it has a database entry for that taskhash18:22
n0thingI updated the old patch using devtool as you mentioned. also, upgraded bb recipe. now all that's left is to send it to meta-openembedded, but things related to contributions are usually related to sending patches. i upgraded the recipe, how do i send recipe with patch.(my first contribute, don't be mad at me. i may be asking too many questions and18:32
n0thingrepeating it.)18:32
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto18:35
Saurn0thing: Have you read ?18:35
n0thingSaur I just found it and started reading it. thank you.18:35
*** n0thing <n0thing!~n0thing@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)18:42
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Xageni've tried moving my dunfell based image up to current in master, but i'm getting the following error: `Error: TEMPLATECONF value (which is /opt/sandbox/meta-private/conf) must point to meta-some-layer/conf/templates/template-name`19:08
Xagenit also mentions: `ERROR: Variable BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE has been renamed to BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS`19:08
Xageneven though i'm not even using that variable19:08
Xagendid something change with the layout of the templateconf?19:08
SaurXagen: There have been a lot of changes since Dunfell, including changes to templateconf.19:10
Xageni did fix all the recipes to either use the newer one from upstream, or rename the variables used in them19:11
Xagenso i'm hoping this is the last thing19:11
Xageni did look in the migration guides, but i didn't see anything that directly referenced templateconf19:12
SaurThe error about BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE is probably because you have run ./oe-init-build-env in the Terminal in a Dunfell tree, and then tried to switch to a master tree and build there. If you build in a new terminal, you should not get that error.19:12
XagenSaur: that was definitely it for the extrawhite var, i just closed that pane and did it again and it went away19:18
Xagenjust have to figure out what changes i need to make for the templateconf now19:18
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*** Xagen <Xagen!> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)19:21
SaurJPEW: I think I figured it out. I just found the bb_unihashes.dat file. After I removed it, the hashes for the HE case matches the non-HE case.19:22
*** n0thing <n0thing!~n0thing@> has joined #yocto19:22
JPEWYa that would do it19:23
SaurJPEW: What's the point of it?19:26
JPEWLocal cache so you don't have to hit the server19:27
n0thinghave a good night guys!19:27
*** n0thing <n0thing!~n0thing@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)19:28
JPEWEsp during parsing if you are not using an auto server19:28
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