Tuesday, 2023-11-14

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dvergatalrburton: Now i get what I asked wrong. Instead of asking "How to add task to a setscene?" I should ask "How to add dependency to setscene tasks?"00:19
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jclsnkhem: Okay, will do08:00
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jclsnkhem: You could boot the Pi Zero though?08:04
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BlokI am trying to add tools-profile to image features, but the build fails with08:34
BlokERROR: binutils-2.38-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/libctf.so.0.0.0 contained in package binutils requires libbfd-2.38.20220708.so()(64bit), but no providers found in RDEPENDS:binutils?08:34
BlokAm I missing something?08:34
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RPdvergatal: setscene tasks are not meant to have dependencies. It is fraught with problems and it is why I've not been able to give you pointers on how to fix things, I really don't know :(09:17
dvergatalRP: ahhhh ok09:17
mckoanI'd like to create a kind of desktopstyle distro with Yocto kirkstone, could you suggest a Window Manger that works with XWayland?09:20
RPmckoan: mutter?09:24
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dvergatalRP: than this is a huge problem because the patchset will not work with tar < 1.3509:25
RPdvergatal: I know :(09:26
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dvergatalRP: OK I need a break from it, we need to discuss it somehow with others later on09:28
RPdvergatal: inter-setscene task dependencies can be made and some code does do this, e.g. useradd and in the target case, pseudo-native. People just don't realise how bad an idea it is. For example, if it has to build tar-native, it means it cannot use any target sstate at all.09:28
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RPtar has a much bigger dependency chain than anything we've ever had to do this with before09:29
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dvergatalRP: I'm aware of this09:29
RPI really don't know what to recommend09:29
RPdvergatal: ok, if you're aware of it I'll just shut up09:30
dvergatalRP: no, don't shut up:P i didn't mean you to do it09:30
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mckoanRP: thanks09:31
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dvergatalRP: maybe I used wrong word "aware"09:32
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dvergatalRP: what I meant is that i guess that tar is problematic because as rburton pointed that out from the begining of this issue that it unpacks everything09:35
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RPdvergatal: right, it is a really hard problem and I'm not sure how we can solve it. I'm being pulled in too many directions to be able to focus enough on it to be of much help :(09:39
dvergatalRP: sure thing that is why I have written that we should talk on it with more ppl09:39
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RPdvergatal: sadly the number of people with the knowledge and time to deep dive into an issue like that is limited. I do what I can but...09:41
dvergatalRP: not necessarily immediately09:41
RPdvergatal: this use case isn't something a lot of people have a pressing need for either, they're not going to want the performance hit from making the changes :/09:42
dvergatalOK so what you propouse?09:42
RPdvergatal: I don't know09:43
dvergatalRP: now I'm confused and dunno what to write:P09:44
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kanavindvergatal, is the problem that the code needs tar 1.35 from the get go?09:46
dvergatalkanavin: unfortunatelly yes09:46
RPkanavin: you need tar 1.35 to extract sstate objects, i.e. at setscene time09:47
RPthe one thing in our favour is it is only target ones09:47
dvergatalkanavin: even worse because it is being used by opkg09:47
kanavinthen make the code opt-in via distro feature, and have it check the version and refuse to proceed if it's not suitable, suggesting building and installing buildtools first?09:48
RPdvergatal: opkg is easy, the problem is do_package and do_populate_sysroot. The latter we could ignore, the former is hard09:48
RPkanavin: the conditional code that will add all over is horrible :(09:49
dvergatalRP: yeah for opkg it is already added with this PACKAGE_DEPENDS and EXTRANATIVEPATH09:50
dvergatalRP: the only issue is what you have said with sstate09:51
kanavinthere's also the option of maintaining it out of tree until 1.35 is widespread09:51
dvergatalkanavin: yeah i thought about it09:51
kanavinkernel's preempt-rt style. I know it's painful :-/09:51
dvergatalbut still what about ppl who are still using old stuff?09:51
kanavinwhat kind of old stuff?09:52
dvergatalkanavin: I meant that some companies e.g. which are using misra rules etc. are using really old systems and I wanted to avoid such an approach that 1.35 is widespread because these old systems are frozen for 10 years of production09:56
dvergatalkanavin: nevertheless, this is a bit of a weak argument because they can always update the tar...09:57
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kanavindvergatal, you need to find someone else who is interested in this10:05
kanavinkeeping this going becomse easier then10:06
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dvergatalkanavin: generally we can do this aproach you have proposed about "maintaining it out of tree until 1.35 is widespread" I agree with that10:08
dvergatalRP: what's your opinion?10:10
RPdvergatal: I guess I'm not the one who'd be maintaining it so I'm not sure my opinion is that relevant...10:12
kanavindvergatal, you can set up a repo, then make an announcement on the mailing lists. If you get issues/pull requests, that can form the beginnings of a community, or at least having that 'someone else'.10:14
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dvergatalkanavin: RP: I think that the easiest approach would be to wait for 1.35 is widespread and we can come back to this conversation than10:24
dvergatalbtw. can we do some additional check for tar that it is in proper version? I've seen this sanity check which is actually doing that but never verified it10:26
RPdvergatal: the code in sanity.bbclass should cover that10:31
dvergatalRP: kanavin: ok so my proposal is that I will remove the code that uses tar-native in the patchset and add the check in sanity.bbclass, than we can do tests when 1.35 will be widespread or earlier with proper build distro but this subject is up to you to decide10:36
kanavindvergatal, it will be years I'm afraid. what with all the rhel clones and their enterprise support windows.10:37
kanavinor maybe they'll all be on buildtools tarball, or already are by then10:38
kanavinbut what kind of check do you want to perform in sanity?10:38
dvergatalkanavin: version of tar that it is >= 1.3510:39
dvergatalthe host tar10:39
*** marex <marex!~marex@> has quit IRC (Server closed connection)10:39
kanavindvergatal, and what would the check print if it is not?10:39
*** marex <marex!~marex@> has joined #yocto10:39
dvergatalto install the proper one on the host?10:39
kanavinsure, but this can't go into mainline, can it?10:39
dvergatalkanavin: I dunno I'm just catching up for a proper solution10:40
dvergatalhmmm I should say rather searching instead of catching up:P10:41
kanavindvergatal, basically we need to wait at least until current fedora/ubuntu/debian all carry it. We can't ask people to install something their distro in its most recent version doesn't provide.10:41
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dvergatalkanavin: ok so than without this check10:44
kanavindvergatal, if you maintain the patchset out of tree then you should absolutely perform it10:44
*** egueli-AV <egueli-AV!~egueli@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)10:49
dvergatalkanavin: yeah I get it, but I was talking about applying it to the tree, we will come back to this talk at least until current fedora/ubuntu/debian will carry it10:49
dvergatalor before if I will somehow discover a proper solution for setscene... right now i'm really exhausted with it10:51
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mckoanRP: mutter was skipped: missing required distro feature 'polkit' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)10:53
mckoanRP: I need a WM for xwayland10:53
rburtonmckoan: i'd say don't use mutter unless you plan on using all of gnome10:54
rburtonspeaking of which i've been meaning to try rootful xwayland with matchbox inside10:55
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mckoanrburton: I could use all gnome because I need a desktop like distro10:55
rburtonin that case enable polkit as you'll need it for more of gnome10:56
mckoanrburton: however I am testing matchbox-wm now trying to solve runtime conflicts with weston10:56
mckoanrburton: polkit is forbidden by DISTRO10:56
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rburtonmckoan: good news! i can't see a polkit dependency in mutter's meson files. delete it and see what happens.10:59
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mckoanrburton: https://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-gnome/recipes-gnome/mutter/mutter_42.0.bb?h=kirkstone11:03
RPmckoan: matchbox-wm isn't a good choice for a desktop system, it has a very specific design11:03
mckoanRP: I know, I'd lilke to avoid it11:03
rburtonmckoan: sure, but there's no reference in mutter's source to polkit11:03
rburtonwhich is why i said delete it and see what happens11:04
mckoanrburton: aha ;-)11:05
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* RP wonders whether 107 tests, 2 failures, 18 errors is better or worse than 128 tests, 3 failures and 20 errors11:08
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@198-84-237-91.cpe.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto11:08
LetoThe2ndRP: "it is different"11:12
mckoanrburton: REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES:remove = "polkit" in mutter .bbappend11:13
mckoangnome-settings-daemon was skipped: missing required distro feature 'polkit' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)11:13
mckoandid the same here and opened the dependency hell11:13
mckoanERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/libgbm'11:14
rburtonthat's mesa11:14
rburtong-s-d does hard-require polkit: polkit_gobject_dep = dependency('polkit-gobject-1', version: '>= 0.114')11:14
rburtonjust enable polkit...11:15
mckoanrburton: I' confused11:20
rburtonmckoan: add polkit to your DISTRO_FEATURES11:20
rburtonif you want gnome then you need polkit. if you refuse to enable polkit then you cant use gnome.11:20
mckoanrburton: LOL that's clear. So the only solution is to have X11 and now Xwayland11:23
mckoan* and not11:23
RPmckoan: why can't you use polkit out of interest?11:23
rburtoni don't know what your problem is.  if you want to build gnome stuff then just enable polkit11:24
rburtonthis is all entirely separate from x vs wayland11:24
mckoanrburton: it is not separate because DISTRO is xwayland11:24
mckoanit is a dependency11:25
rburtonwhat distro is that?11:25
rburton<shrugs> add polkit11:25
rburtonthe important word in that layer name is _demos_11:26
rburtonjust add polkit11:26
rburtonto be clear by "i don't know what your problem is" i meant I don't understand what the problem you're trying to solve is.  wayland vs x11 isn't relevant, gnome wants polkit therefore enable polkit if you want gnome.11:30
rburtonarguably the polkit distro feature could disappear, I'm not sure how many components keep it as an optional feature these days11:30
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*** derRichard <derRichard!~derRichar@static.> has joined #yocto11:32
neverpanicwell, stricly speaking people could be replacing polkit with something like groupcheck, which implements the polkit protocol but doesn't use JavaScript as rules: https://github.com/ostroproject/groupcheck11:35
neverpanicBut since polkit now supports duktape as JS engine, this probably isn't as bad as it used to be.11:36
JaMatrue but they will still use polkit DISTRO_FEATURE to enable polkit support in all the other recipes right (even when they use groupcheck for the implementation)11:36
* RP imagines explaining to management that the system is bound together with duktape 11:36
*** sayo9394_ <sayo9394_!~sayo9394@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)11:37
neverpanicYeah, they all use the polkit feature, they just have a different provider for the polkit dependency.11:37
*** sayo9394_ <sayo9394_!~sayo9394@> has joined #yocto11:37
* LetoThe2nd imagines watching RP explaining11:38
neverpanicRP: No, you should explain that duktape sits right at the boundary between unprivileged processes that attempt to do privileged operations :D11:38
JaMain a system used for geoglue? :)11:39
mckoanRP, rburton: thanks , I'm digging deeper11:41
RPneverpanic: "we've used duktape to fix the privileged operation security issues"? :)11:41
RPwe need to put that in some release notes11:41
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LetoThe2ndRP: that sounds almost as sensible as the git tags we inventet yesterday evening with krzk11:45
jclsnReally weird issue with meta-raspberrypi. When I build a clean image for the Pi Zero, I can boot sucessfully. As soon as I add any package e.g. IMAGE_INSTALL += "dropbear", this happens https://github.com/agherzan/meta-raspberrypi/issues/122911:50
rburtonwhat image are you building?11:50
RPjclsn: try IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " dropbear"11:51
rburtonor, use CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL.11:51
jclsnRP: Why would that make a difference?11:51
jclsnrburton: raspberrypi011:51
RPjclsn: += would replace IMAGE_INSTALL ?= "xxx"  in some cases. I'm just guessing but it is a known pain point11:52
rburtonjclsn: because core-image does IMAGE_INSTALL ?= "${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL}"11:52
RPwe really need to find a better way for this to work11:52
rburtonarguably that ?= is stupid11:52
rburtonit should be =11:52
jclsnSo it overwrites ${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL}?11:52
rburtonthat's how ?= and += interact11:53
jclsnI though it were the same as IMAGE_INSTALL:append but without having to include a space11:53
rburtonif you just want to add without a space then .= is available11:54
rburtonhttps://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/2.6/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-metadata.html#basic-syntax fwiw11:54
jclsnAh so += overwrite ?=, but no =11:55
RPjclsn: depending on parsing order, yes11:55
JaMajclsn: always use bitbake-getvar or bitbake -e if you don't know the metadata or what you're doing11:56
jclsnJaMa: I was assuming I knew what I was doing11:56
rburtonfwiw, CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL is useful for "put these extra packages in the image" until you actually write your own image recipe.  (which you should do when you stop hacking)11:57
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has quit IRC (Quit: alessioigor)11:57
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto11:57
jclsnJust hacking here but thx11:57
JaMajclsn: fair, but then when it doesn't boot I would always check with bitbake-getwar to see what changed unexpectedly after I've added 'IMAGE_INSTALL += "dropbear"'11:58
JaMaas bitbake-getvar is always correct and often faster than reply on IRC (and sometimes also reveals that I still have something in local.conf which I've already forgot about)11:59
rburton<cough> my local.conf is 500 lines, it's 99% something i've forgotten about12:00
JaMaI've split my local.conf with bunch of "require" to make it easier to forget something :)12:01
LetoThe2ndi don't have a local.conf. if its not in the kas file, it doesn't exist.12:01
jclsnYeah works. Solved12:02
JaMaI don't use kas for random local tests12:02
jclsnJaMa: Yeah I should12:02
jclsnAnyone ever signed the Widevine TA here?12:06
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jclsnIs there a way to clean up old sstate-cache?12:57
jclsnother than deleting the whole cache and rebuilding12:57
JaMayes, see oe-core/scripts/sstate-cache-management.sh12:58
rburtonjclsn: if that script is too complex then find /path/to/sstate -type -f -atime +60 -delete works (delete any file not accessed for 2 months)12:58
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JaMaif you don't use noatime for fs with sstate-cache13:00
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alperakHi :]13:10
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NonkelI’m currently busy with trying to build “systemd-journal-remote” in my image. Unfortunately, without success.14:01
NonkelI add this with IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " systemd-journal-remote"14:01
NonkelAnd after launching the build I got always this error:14:01
NonkelAdded oe-repo repo from /home/user/imx-yocto-bsp/som/tmp/work/visionsom_8mm_cb-poky-linux/somlabs-image/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo14:01
NonkelUser-Agent: falling back to 'libdnf': could not detect OS or basearch14:01
Nonkelrepo: using cache for: oe-repo14:01
Nonkeloe-repo: using metadata from Tue 14 Nov 2023 01:55:28 PM UTC.14:01
NonkelNo match for argument: systemd-journal-remote14:01
NonkelError: Unable to find a match: systemd-journal-remote14:01
NonkelHow can I solve this problem?14:01
neverpanicsystemd-journal-remote requires microhttpd in PACKAGECONFIG from what I can see in https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_254.4.bb?h=master.14:08
neverpanicDo you have that?14:08
Nonkelhow can i enable this please?14:08
Nonkeli need to add this to my local.conf?14:10
neverpanicOr your distro config, or a systemd.bbappend, depending how you configure your disto.14:10
neverpanicSee the section that says "If you want to change an existing PACKAGECONFIG block, you can do so one of two ways"14:11
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*** sayo9394_ <sayo9394_!~sayo9394@> has joined #yocto14:16
NonkelThanks the build is running, for test14:25
*** Xagen <Xagen!~Xagen@rrcs-98-6-114-13.sw.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto14:39
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khemJPEW: I am seeing - ERROR:adatabase disk image is malformed, in my huge world builds I wonder if its related to bb changes ?15:19
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khemhere is cooker log - https://busybox.net/~kraj/bitbake-cookerdaemon.log15:22
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khemjclsn: no, I have not tried to revive pi0 yet, no time !15:22
jonmasonRP: you are being referenced  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/Y8JYggyq/1000004395.jpg15:40
RPjonmason: haha, 2.6.17!15:45
RPthat was a while ago15:46
jonmasonRP: email addr still valid?15:46
RPjonmason: yes!15:47
RPCrofton: ^^^15:47
RPjonmason: I can tell Crofton is on your right :)15:48
JPEWkhem: I think you hashserver database is corrupt? I don't see the error in the logs. We have WAL mode in the database, but not synchronous mode so e.g. an unexpected power down can corrupt the DB (but this is not new)15:48
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jonmasonRP: no, he's in the front.  I'm next to zeddii15:48
jonmasonall the cool kids sit in the back15:48
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jclsnkhem: I fixed it. It was my fault. I used += instead of .=16:46
jclsnJust need to fix the locale thing. I guess localedef would be needed for that16:47
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jclsnand a switch to check for glibc or musl16:48
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jclsnIs this the preferred way to enable locales? https://stackoverflow.com/a/67484126/901098616:59
jclsnGuess there is a better way to add to /etc/profile17:01
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jclsnI mean a .bbappend on base files for this recipe is also not pretty17:08
jclsnI need to export LC_ALL and LANG somehow17:08
*** flom84 <flom84!~flom84@user/flom84> has joined #yocto17:11
mischiefjclsn: if you're using systemd, you can either set DefaultEnvironment in systemd-system.conf(5) or make a systemd.environment-generator(7)17:12
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:13
jclsnmischief: khem also wanted to make sure this runs on musl, so no systemd in that case17:13
*** flom84 <flom84!~flom84@user/flom84> has joined #yocto17:14
jclsnI could also always run the application with the --utf-force flag, but I would need an alias for that, which is also not pretty17:14
*** speeder__ <speeder__!~speeder__@> has joined #yocto17:15
jclsnkhem: I think that generating locales and setting them should not be handled by this recipe. Do you really think that is necessary?17:15
jclsnIf I append something to /etc/profile now, I would force the user to use en_US-UTF-817:17
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khemI am seeing this18:11
khemthis is with latest master-next branch from Alex18:11
khemso I guess my PR server is getting hosed ...  hmm18:12
SaurRP:  Regarding oe-selftest and HE: there is one test in meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/sstatetests.py (run_test_cdn_mirror) that configures BB_HASHSERVE_UPSTREAM to hashserv.yocto.io:8687, and it is also configured by the DevtoolBase class in meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/devtool.py, so there it is active for all the devtool tests.18:12
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fraylast master sync I did Friday.  PR server is working for me, it does display debugging, but works18:14
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Nonkelafter hours of building i got these error "file /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d conflicts between attempted installs of systemd-1:250.5-r0.armv8a and polkit-0.119-r0.armv8a" any suggestion how to solve this?19:50
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rburtonNonkel: permissions are mismatched. both recipes should install that directory with the same ownership, and they probably don't.19:51
rburtonNonkel: easiest way is to list the package contents and see what one needs to be fixed19:52
NonkelI have no idea how to start with this, sorry19:53
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khemyou need to fix polkit-0 recipe to set the perms correctly21:03
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RPSaur: ah, one of the new ones. That does kind of make sense as it wouldn't work without access to the HE server :/21:05
RPSaur: I wonder if we can test the network and skip if it can't be reached?21:05
RPSaur: not sure why devtool is doing it21:05
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C-o-r-EI ran in to an issue building 2 packages today using kirkstone and I'm wondering if anyone else gets the same thing23:37
C-o-r-EI'm using a pretty barebones poky distro and pulling in meta-intel-fpga for the "10m50" MACHINE23:39
C-o-r-EPerhaps there are not many others building for the nios2 architecture23:41
C-o-r-Ethe first package that fails is openSSL which i was able to fix with a one line change in the recipe23:41
C-o-r-Ehowever the 2nd failed recipe is glib which fails because meson aparently doesn't know what nios2 is23:42
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khemC-o-r-E: well, nios2 is not common enough arch and perhaps meson version supported in kirkstone does not have support for it23:48
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khemRP: some of your patches for meta-oe are now in dunfell23:55
C-o-r-Ekhem: that could mean that core-image-minimal doesn't build for nios2 at all then23:58
C-o-r-EI think (not sure) that glib is needed for the image23:58
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C-o-r-Eany suggestions on ways to aproach this?23:59

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