Thursday, 2023-11-23

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JPEWRP: I went on a tear today; got poc for the garbage collection and hash existence check in the hashserver working. Won't be able to finish until next week because of the holiday, but it looks good01:05
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ray-sanhi there, i try to make a file immutable via "chattr +i ...". is there a direct way to archive this directly in the recipe without writing a systemd unit, which sets the flag on the first boot or something like that?07:30
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:31
LetoThe2ndray-san: have you tried adding the chattr in the do_install task?07:32
ray-sanLetoThe2nd: not yet because i thought it is just a file somewhere in the filesystem during the build stage, and my guess is, that this attribute doesn't persist the way into my completed image....but i can give it a shot07:34
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LetoThe2ndray-san: please do, because thats exactly what pseudo should take care of.07:35
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ray-sanmeh, bitbake complains that the command chattr is not found although i have given "e2fsprogs-native" as DEPENDS, which should provide chattr i guess07:38
LetoThe2ndray-san: isn't it in corutils somewhere? just guessing now.07:39
ray-sanon my target system it is either provided by busybox or by e2fsprogs07:40
LetoThe2ndray-san: nah its e2fsprogrs, you're right.07:40
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LetoThe2ndray-san: no idea right off then other than inspecting the recipe sysroot.07:44
ray-sanok, nevermind...thought it would be nice to have in my image, not a strong requirement :)07:45
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ray-sani found out with in the devshell the command is "chattr.e2fsprogs", but then bitbake complains "chattr.e2fsprogs: Operation not permitted while setting flags on /path/to/my/file", so i guess it isn't possible to set this flag during build time :)07:52
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LetoThe2ndray-san: ok i see. sorry, out of ideas then.07:55
ray-santhanks for your time anyway :)07:56
LetoThe2ndray-san: NP, have fun. side note, most people go for read-only rootfs if they want to keep things kind-of immutable.07:57
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ray-sanyeah, i already thought about that, but RO rootfs comes with a lot of additional hassle, and i'm quite new to this....for example, how do i install updates in the field, at the moment i can just install a rpm, some software i need come with hardcoded paths for files which have to be modified (ugh) goal is to have a file with version information about the image and i try to prevent somebody overwriting/changing it by accident....but maybe in the08:03
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LetoThe2ndray-san: software updates in the field are an art of their own, and seriously, using package management for that should be absolutly avoided.08:09
LetoThe2ndray-san: i definitely suggest using an existing solution instead of homebrewing something that copies files back and forth. such exist, like - and for the record and full disclosure, i work for them.08:10
LetoThe2ndray-san: plus, using it with RO is totally not a problem :-)08:10
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chepSaur_Home: yes I saw that but it's not my layer. anyway I found how not to use it so until it works without it, everything is fine08:17
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ray-sanLetoThe2nd: i had looked into solutions like that (rauc in my case) and it looked like, they are very machine specific (which makes sense to me, because you have to interface with the bootloader), and at the moment i'm builing for "genericx86-64", which didn't had a solution08:55
LetoThe2ndray-san: heh, actually i'm just working on an example for genericx86-64, because of $reasons. rauc is also an excellent update client on the device, indeed. the key part to understand is the difference between a device-only client and an actually managed solution - which is what you want if you are deploying to a reasonably sized device fleet.09:00
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ray-sanLetoThe2nd: i see the benefits of a managed solution, but the vast majority of my devices are deployed in a airgapped network from my customer, where often i'm not able to install some sort of update server, so i guess at the moment my way to go solution would be a device only client, at least for the moment09:18
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LetoThe2ndray-san: yeah that is definitely a common challenge. going with a client focused solution for the first round is probably a good approach - rauc, swupdate and mender should be all suitable09:35
LetoThe2ndray-san: side note: in my experience most networks are nowhere near as airgapped as people pretend they are, but that might be just me :-)09:36
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LetoThe2ndnow stupid me: is there a generic variable that holds /opt and friends to be used for FILES, or does that hierarchy just go in verbatim?09:43
dvergatalLetoThe2nd: you mean something like these ?09:48
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LetoThe2nddvergatal: yeah. strange link, but essentially thats the thing.09:53
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kanavinRP: I took a look at
kanavinRP: the test expects changes in gcc-source tasks, but bitbake prints:10:01
kanavinTask gnu-config-native:do_configure couldn't be used from the cache because:10:01
kanavin  We need hash fe9ccd7132f7e8aa33587f807b210792da2c8ab7c363472f459629502ec71c9d, most recent matching task was 492e2b0ac161069f340036aad9b35c6a17d33d26a5b0a9cb37105210f0a78c9f10:01
kanavin  Hash for task dependency gnu-config-native:do_patch changed from 116e7c2189ff17af9b84ffcbdf2d84fbf1e27ceb9d0458b4093d75ee71c9b0e6 to 6fd64d81a794dc3b634631208cb7f48435cad4ca19718658d3df6222b8e0ee9a10:01
kanavin      basehash changed from d30c1e4c8a67155b18b9d4ecbcce251fee20b5b9af0aa5ea0c33a9e342e73179 to 36d0617c68a33050bb71c8be346f7b9cb4a9239145d3722917a1bd4f6759347310:01
kanavin      Variable ERROR_QA value changed:10:01
kanavin@@ -1,3 +1,2 @@10:01
kanavin dev-so debug-deps dev-deps debug-files arch pkgconfig la             perms dep-cmp pkgvarcheck perm-config perm-line perm-link             split-strip packages-list pkgv-undefined var-undefined             version-going-backwards expanded-d invalid-chars             license-checksum dev-elf file-rdeps configure-unsafe             configure-gettext perllocalpod shebang-size             already-stripped installed-vs-shipped10:01
kanavinldflags compile-host-path             install-host-path pn-overrides unknown-configure-option             useless-rpaths rpaths staticdev empty-dirs             patch-fuzz             ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'usrmerge', ' usrmerge', '', d)} patch-status10:01
kanavin DISTRO_FEATURES{usrmerge} = Unset10:01
kanavin-_remove of packages-list10:01
kanavini.e. it's taking signatures from an unrelated selftest which tweaks ERROR_QA10:02
kanavinand before that it prints what it can't find:10:05
kanavinThe differences between the current build and any cached tasks start at the following tasks:10:05
kanavin... which is odd because bitbake is invoked with --runall that should ensure all of these are present10:08
kanavinRP: I placed bitbake output on  so that you can read the whole thing - selftest log doesn't split the lines10:11
dvergatalLetoThe2nd: unfortunately only these are set and /opt is not within it but you may add your own10:22
LetoThe2nddvergatal: nah its fine just wanted to avoid pointless duplication to magic values.10:23
dvergatalLetoThe2nd: sure10:24
LetoThe2nddvergatal: thanks for digging it up!10:24
dvergatalLetoThe2nd: you're welocome10:24
RPkanavin: it is as if part of the chain of siginfo files is missing leading it to find earlier differences?10:31
kanavinRP: seems so10:31
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smurrayRP: I appear to have underestimated the fickleness of the Rust ecosystem, and likely will now need to create a Rust 1.70 mixin for kirkstone :/12:49
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RPsmurray: this was always the worry with rust, you appear to need latest everything. We can't get much more recent with master :(12:51
smurrayRP: I suspect this one crate (anstyle) changing its reqs probably has a big effect, it has a lot of dependents12:55
smurrayit'd have been nice if they'd not changed the Rust version req in a point version (1.0.2 -> 1.0.3), sigh12:56
RPsmurray: people often just don't think :/12:57
smurrayRP: sadly.  Life does seem like it's going to be "interesting" when it's more than just a couple of things that build with Rust12:59
RPsmurray: indeed :/13:00
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smurrayRP: I may be okay, I see a potential path to patch in a downgrade of the clap crate, which is the top-level dependency that causes the chain13:25
LetoThe2ndsmurray: i had some good laughs at LPC when the rust people were like "our stable baseline lies in the future"13:29
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zeddiiemphasis on the "lies" !14:28
LetoThe2ndzeddii: the next drink is on you then i won't tell anybody that you were sitting and laughing right next to me... erm... oops.14:32
* zeddii chuckles again14:33
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rburton"someone pass me a drink and say that again so I can spit it out in surprise"15:02
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* LetoThe2nd hands rburton a 🥃15:44
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rburtonspent the morning in the same room as the cambridge debian miniconf, need a drink :)15:59
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rburtonmoto-timo: I CAN HAZ DJANGO
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shane84Hi ~ When I setup a build environment via `oe-init-build-env`, step away and say exit my terminal then come back later ... how do I easily return to my build environment? Sorry, kind of a stupid question I need to ask. My understanding is I just type `source oe-init-build-env <name-of-build-folder>` again and that gets everything setup again?16:36
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yoctonshane84: that's right :)16:40
shane84cool, thank you16:40
rburtonshane84: use something like tmux and you can never exit the terminal unless you reboot16:42
rburtonmy build machine is remote and the tmux session, thus the environment settings, is only restarted when the machine reboots16:43
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shane84(y) , thank you will check that out. is it common for people to alias `source oe-init-build-env` in their bashrc? bit of a mouthful to type `source oe-init-build-env ...` each time.16:44
Rich_1234source o<tab> :)16:47
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alperakgood night everyone.17:21
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moto-timorburton: welcome to the djark side17:36
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LetoThe2ndmoto-timo: LOLZ17:54
khemzeddii: heh see it lies in future but tells the truth at present17:54
khemWhich means it lies in future :)17:54
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mischiefhow does bitbake -u ncurses work? i just get an exception :(19:40
mischiefgot it to work on my vanilla mickledore tree, though it doesn't seem to accept any input.20:02
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rburtonMaybe it doesn’t :)20:49
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RPmischief: break for me too. it wasn't that good anyway21:39
RPmischief: add a params.updateToServer(server, os.environ.copy()) into main() in before params.updateFromServer(server) and it kind of works21:43
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rburtonRP can I send a patch to delete it :)21:45
RPrburton: no21:46
* RP did wonder but it quite cute once you fix the missing line21:47
RPmischief: I've sent a patch21:49
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mischiefwell, i'm stuck on kirkstone so that wont help me for now, but thanks! :-D23:31
mischiefrburton: it does indeed not, but the code and the drawn ui seem to have been created with input in mine. i guess the author(s) just never got around to actually doing it.. it's a shame it doesn't have more features, i like curses UIs23:32
mischiefin mind*23:32
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