Tuesday, 2023-11-28

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thomas_34Good morning guys: I have a recipe with that line: "DEPENDS_class-native += " swig-native"". Can someone explain that "_class-native" after DEPENDS? It seems, that the swig-dependency does not show up in recipe-sysroot-native directory. And all following dependencies, which are added via "DEPENDS += " some-native more-native deps-native"" do also07:31
thomas_34not show up in recipe-sysroot-native.07:31
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mckoanthomas_34: that is a Conditional Syntax (Overrides) https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/2.6/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-metadata.html#conditional-syntax-overrides07:46
yoctonthomas_34: "_class-native" is the old syntax for the native override : it means that in case of a -native build, DEPENDS has  " swig-native" appended to it.07:46
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yoctonthomas_34: which Yocto branch are you using?07:47
thomas_34yocton I just check. Is it okay to check which branch I use at oe-core?07:48
thomas_34yocton, I am at dunfell. But in couple of weeks I will upgrade07:49
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yoctondunfell still uses the old syntax so this part is fine07:50
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thomas_34Ok. So when I build the recipe for the target, (not native), some-native, more-native and deps-native should show up in recipe-sysroot-native nevertheless, right?07:51
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kanavin_halstead, no problem, thanks08:02
yoctonthomas_34: yes08:03
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thomas_34yocton, what can I do when this does not work? How can I track down the issue? https://pastebin.com/tjUkPgFY08:11
thomas_34The find command on line 6 should display 30 files or more, which consists of *dotnet* name. So there is nothing from dotnet-native in recipe-sysroot-native08:12
thomas_34But, when I comment the line in the recipe which sets this: DEPENDS_class-native="  cmaketools-native" (line 3), then dotnet-native and swig-native show up in recipe-sysroot-native08:13
mcfrisk_thomas_34: bitbake -e recipe-native ? Maybe that line is overwriting the full DEPENDS, and it should have been an append instead?08:20
yoctonthomas_34: mcfrisk_+1 look at the operations leading to the final value of DEPENDS08:21
thomas_34Ok, how do I do that? Isnt that one line 2 what the final state of DEPENDS variable is?08:21
yoctonthomas_34: bitbake-getvar -r logginghubnative DEPENDS08:22
yoctonWaiiit a minute08:22
yocton"logginghubnative" as a recipename would not trigger a native build in case of a BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" but "logginghub-native" would08:24
yoctonthe dash is important08:25
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Rich_1234Does anyone know if the yocto beginner series talks from today's summit are going to be recorded?08:32
yoctonthomas_34: if I'm not mistaken, DEPENDS_class-native is meant to overwrite DEPENDS (the target one). If your recipe inherit native then it is a native recipe and you should put every dependency in DEPENDS08:38
Saur_Homethomas_34: Do note that `DEPENDS_class-native` will override all of `DEPENDS` when building for native, not add to it. If you want to add, then it should be `DEPENDS_append_class-native`.08:41
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Saur_HomeAdditionally, If `DEPENDS_class-native="  cmaketools-native"` is after `DEPENDS_class-native += " swig-native"`, the latter will be ignored as the former will set the value, ignoring any previous value.08:45
Saur_HomeTypically, you want to set all dependencies that are needed for both target and native using `DEPENDS = "..."` and then add any extra dependencies using `DEPENDS_append_class-target = " ..."` and/or `DEPENDS_append_class-native = " ..."`08:47
alperakI'm going to create a patch for a recipe. Should I put my name in the "from" variable in the patch? Someone else made the fix but I'm going to create the patch. Or is it enough to just add "signed-off"?08:48
Saur_Homealperak: If you are submitting the patch on behalf of someone else, then just add your `Signed-off-by` line at the end.08:49
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alperakSaur_Home I'm not sending it on behalf of anyone, but in the end someone else wrote the code, not me. I will only add this patch to solve the build error.08:52
alperakIt seems like it is enough to add signed-off.08:53
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thomas_34yocton, "logginghubnative" as a recipename would not trigger a native build in case of a BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" but "logginghub-native" would":09:07
thomas_34Yes, I know that. logginghubnative does not provide anything for a native build. It only has some dependencies which are native. logginghubnative does not inherit native.09:07
thomas_34yocton, the output of your command is: https://pastebin.com/x5mZkth109:09
thomas_34Saur_Home, thanks for your ideas. However, in the logginghubnative recipe, every DEPENDS value is added via +=.09:13
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JaMaabelloni: just checking.. https://patchwork.yoctoproject.org/project/oe-core/list/?series=19541 is on hold until RP decides if we want to do this? unfortunately nobody else replied (other than 2 commit message improvements I've sent in v2)09:57
RPJaMa: FWIW I'm leaning against unless there are people come forward and say they like it. I really haven;t had the time to sit and think about it properly though :(10:02
RPI just can't keep up with the flow of problems coming at me, I'm quite depressed about it10:02
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RPJaMa: do yo happen to know which webos layers actually need the priority overrides ?10:03
JaMaRP: understood and I know it's not your fault, I was just asking if we really wait for someone else to confirm that this would be useful for them10:04
RPJaMa: my worry is that it is quite invasive and will break workflows for people with no way to keep the existing behaviour. That is the kind of change which generates a lot of friction10:04
JaMaRP: mcf (the tool which generates the bblayers.conf in LGE builds) does that automatically as weboslayers.py defines priority as a sorting order for BBLAYERS variable10:05
RPJaMa: my first thought when I saw this was to drop layer priority support ;-)10:05
JaMait was needed for some layer 10+ years ago but fixed since then10:05
JaMawell it's still useful to define BBLAYERS order and priority to match :)10:06
RPJaMa: we probably need to revisit some of these things :/10:07
JaMaRP: the previous changes also broke the workflow (when it wasn't possible to prevent creating the links for kernel) which Paul reported (and even ended in release notes) and these changes at least fix that part10:07
RPJaMa: yes, it is tricky :/10:08
JaMatrue, for the autobuilder build of OSE you shouldn't need to set the priorities for sure (it will be slightly different from our internal builds, but that's already true)10:08
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RPJaMa: I was wondering about trying it without doing that. I can't bring myself to add code looking like that! ;-)10:09
RPJaMa: I'm not sure how to explain it to your colleagues though10:09
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chepHi, I'm trying to build something with my generated SDK but it lacks of libstdc++fs.a The same soft compiles fine with bitbake and libstdc++fs.a is added in its recipes-sysroot directory. What do I need to do to include it in SDK ?10:58
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alperakchep you can add to sdk with TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK += "foo". for more -> https://docs.yoctoproject.org/sdk-manual/appendix-customizing-standard.html11:03
chepalperak: but I don't know what to add. I thought it was part of g++11:04
alperak@chep dont forget to check "SDKIMAGE_FEATURES" variable with "bitbake-getvar foo" or "bitbake -e | grep ^foo=". should contain "staticdev-pkgs"11:05
chepand it's strange that it is added in recipe-sysroot but not in SDK (my soft is a .so which is included in sdk)11:05
rburtonchep: we don't build static libraries by default. do you really want the static library11:05
chepno dynamic is also ok11:06
chepbut no one in sdk11:06
rburtonhow is your sdk built?11:06
chepbitbake -c populate_sdk my-image11:07
rburtondoes the sdk have the libstdc++.so files in?11:08
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rburtondynamically link then :)11:09
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rburtonif you want static libraries then what alperak said is right: add SDKIMAGE_FEATURES:append = " staticdev-pkgs". the default is no static.11:10
rburton(to your image recipe)11:10
chepbut ti does not have libstdc++fs.so11:10
chepok, let's try11:11
alperakchep i also found this -> https://wiki.koansoftware.com/index.php/How_to_add_libstdc%2B%2B_to_a_Yocto_(Poky)_image11:12
rburtonchep: ah there is no shared version of that library. you _need_ the static devs.11:12
rburtonyou could just add libstdc++-staticdev if you don't want to bloat the sdk too much (via TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK)11:13
chepI'm trying with all staticdev. it may solve an other problem I got11:14
chepthen I'll see11:14
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chepalperak rburton : it works, thanks a lot11:23
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Tom33Hello! is it possible to set the priority of wic scripts? I have customized some wic scripts that are stored in my own layer - In another layer there are scripts with the same name. Currently the "wrong scripts" are used. I tried to set the layer priority but this seems not to work12:03
rburtondo you mean the wks, or something else?12:03
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Tom33python scripts12:04
rburtonno you can't just override pieces of wic from another layer, python doesn't work like that12:05
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Tom33(under the wic/plugins/source directory)12:05
Tom33ah ok, so the wic plugin dir is not "handled" by the bitbake layer priority12:06
Tom33Thank you for this info!12:08
rburtonyeah wic is just a python program12:08
rburtonlayers mean nothing to dit12:08
rburtonto it12:08
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jclsnmckoan: Is this guide still up-to-date? https://wiki.koansoftware.com/index.php/Add_a_systemd_service_file_into_a_Yocto_image12:10
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jclsnShouldn't it be enough to just inherit systemd, specify the SYSTEMD_SERVICE:${PN} = "hello.service" and add FILES_${PN} += "${systemd_unitdir}/system/hello.service" ?12:11
rburtoniirc you don't need to do FILES but you're mixing override syntax there12:13
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vmesonFYI: Yocto summit channel: /join yocto-summit-2023.1112:15
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Tom33I have also another issue with my customized script - I'm calling a python script inside the wic plugin with arguments. This currently works only with an absolute path to the script. The script is also inside the pluging dir, but could not be found when relative path is being used. What i'm doing wrong / Is it possible to add an environment path12:15
Tom33for wic?12:15
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rburtonthe cwd won't be the plugin directory, so that won't work12:16
rburtonyou could work out the path by using __file__12:16
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Tom33Is it possible to add an directory path?12:19
rburtonto sys.path? not directly. just work out the absolute path from __file__12:21
JPEWRP: Well... that setscene task dependency e-mail at least explains some things that I thought were strange when I did the SPDX class :)12:21
RPJPEW: I'm curious which things those were! :)12:23
Tom33Ok, I will try it - Thank you!12:23
JPEWI thought it was strange I couldn't rely on transitent sstate dependencies, but that makes sense now because they are squashed12:24
* zeddii wonders how JPEW is up already12:24
JPEWI figured from the behavior thats was the case, nice to get confirmation that is the intended way it works12:24
JPEWzeddii: Coffee.... a lot of coffee12:24
* zeddii goes to get one himself12:24
*** Poppy <Poppy!~Poppy@> has joined #yocto12:27
JPEWRP: contrib/jpew/hashserver-gc has garbage-collection/parallel query/sstate mirror skip on it.12:30
JPEWRP: There are a few caveats we'll need to figure out before we can merge it all though12:30
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!~gsalazar@> has joined #yocto12:38
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*** Poppy <Poppy!~Poppy@> has joined #yocto12:45
RPJPEW: looks promising at a quick glance, curious about the caveats. Nothing is ever simple :)12:46
JPEWRP: Main one is that the client breaks (hard) if the server isn't upgraded, so the servers have to be setup before the support can be enabled12:47
JPEWRP: I... made a perhaps poor choice initially that the servers are wholly responsible for compatability which is fine until you add _new_ API that a client wants to use12:48
JPEWWe could make the clients aware of what API the servers support, but it would be a breaking protocol change12:48
RPJPEW: I guess we only have the one "live" server and we can arrange to upgrade that first12:49
*** Chaser <Chaser!~Chaser@user/chaser> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)12:50
JPEWThe second is that the siggen: Add parallel query API restructures the code to make it a lot cleaner, but that means OE-core needs to implement the changes in sstatesig in lock-step12:50
JPEWIntegration is listed in the commit, and done in the next commit on the branch. It's simple, but important12:52
*** Chaser <Chaser!~Chaser@user/chaser> has joined #yocto12:54
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kanavin_RP: I'm fully on board with linking shadow statically, thanks for the extended explanation13:35
*** Estrella <Estrella!~quassel@2603-8080-d700-7495-dcb9-f43f-af43-570f.res6.spectrum.com> has joined #yocto13:41
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*** ajaya101 <ajaya101!~ajaya101@> has joined #yocto14:10
ajaya101I  joined the yocto project summit late14:11
ajaya101ned to get my vm provisioned on digital ocean14:11
RPkanavin_: It may be we can fix the setscene dependencies but I think the static linking may be enough of a performance/efficiency gain it is worth the pain of maintaining it regardless14:11
RPJPEW: looking at that code in more detail, only caching those that exist may be problematic14:15
JPEWRP: why is that?14:15
RPJPEW: From memory, we hit some of these codepaths a lot and things assume the code caches for efficiency14:16
RPJPEW: we can put some other higher level cache inbetween siggen and runqueue but things are written assuming it does this iirc14:17
JPEWYa... I was trying to balance caching and making sure we utilize the mirror as much as possible. I suppose we could assume nothing will be added to the mirror while we are running14:17
vmesonajaya101:  /msg your info to halstead - he's setting up these machines. Eg: /msg halstead Please setup :  ssh ilab01@46NVSTZ-summit.yocto.io14:23
RPJPEW: The runqueue code won't really want to check again once it has looked and I think that cache was there to try and keep runqueue's view of the world consistent during a given build too? I'm a bit worried changing things from under it might break the state somehow too14:23
RPperhaps I'm worrying about nothing though14:23
*** Tyaku <Tyaku!~Tyaku@lfbn-orl-1-202-97.w92-152.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto14:24
JPEWRP: I don't think it's changing anything in that regard. Once you get to this code, it (previously) would have gone and checked the HTTP server for sstate. This just add an extra step before that to ask the HE server to see if it thinks the hash exists first14:25
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TyakuHello, I come back about my dummies issues. So, I am using hardknott, I have many layers using hardknott, for example: meta-imx. In my project I create a systemd receive with 250 version (same as kirkstone) and set the prefered version to 250. At this point everything is good. *BUT* in meta-imx/meta-bsp/recipes-core/systemd they had the brillant idea to create a file systemd_%.bbappend with two patches. Of14:28
Tyakucourses, with systemd 250 these patches fails to apply. My question is simple: Without modifing meta-imx, is it possible to make sure the systemd_%.bbappend file is not used ?14:28
JPEWTyaku: BBMASK out the bbappend I thinkj14:28
JPEWTyaku: We've done that with a lot of poorly behaving BSPs in the past and it works alright14:29
TyakuWow I didn't know it was possible, so I'm going to search this on google.14:29
JPEWAnd by a lot I mean one really bad BSP :)14:29
Tyaku"poorly behaving BSPs" Thats what I was thinking about meta-imx. To much trashy things, like patches and stuff to add display, audio eveything by default. You don't imagine.14:30
rburtonTyaku: alternatively you can create another bbappend of your own and SRC_URI:remove the patches that the bsp adds14:30
TyakuThanks you!! I'm going to check the two options14:31
rburtonTyaku: i'm a strong believer that a _BSP_ should just enable the hardware and be entirely separate from the "example platform" which can enable all the stuff and show you how to glue things together. patching systemd is definitly the latter.14:31
JPEWrburton: That would be really nice14:32
rburtonJPEW: we're trying to tease apart one of the arm bsps which has conflated "how to make the machine boot" with "reference distribution for testing and example" and it's fun14:33
JPEWYa, I've found a lot of BSPs make their reference distribution layer mandatory to actually use the SoC in the real world though, even if the BSP layer proper is pretty good14:34
JPEWgstreamer patches always seem to be the hang up there14:34
wmills_Beginner slides say: "Do not try to share sstate-cache between hosts running different Linux distros even if they say it works".  Is that advice just for the dir (no problem) or the mirror??14:36
rburtonwhy do they say that14:37
rburtoneither there's a bug or there isn't14:37
wmills_Throw salt over your shoulder before launching bitbake14:38
Rich_1234shrodingers bug14:38
*** Xagen <Xagen!~Xagen@rrcs-98-6-114-13.sw.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto14:43
entewmills_: thanks for the tip14:45
enteI should throw salt over the shoulder before engaging with computers14:45
*** nico35 <nico35!~nico@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)14:49
RPwmills: I'd strongly disagree with that advice14:50
rburtonpro-tip: the autobuilder does that14:51
RPrburton: indeed. it isn't like we just guess14:54
kanavin_wmills_, there's a surprising amount of FUD around sstate. Usually around being able to share it. Please ignore that FUD.14:58
wmills_RP, rburton : glad to hear that.  Altought I assume "They" == you two and more :)14:58
rburtoni've never considering myself one of Them before14:58
rburtondo i get a badge? is there a secret cabal?14:59
kanavin_wmills_, ente people tend to blame sstate when they see build errors they can't explain, and sadly that makes its way into training material and the way builds are set up14:59
wmills_To play devils advocate, the AB always runs pretty well maintained layers.  Is there anything a novice BB author can do to screw it up?15:00
*** ajaya101 <ajaya101!~ajaya101@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)15:00
kanavin_that could fill a whole conference talk15:01
wmills_kanavin: Yes I know. And some people have experience going back many years and they found a solution that worked for them and never changed15:01
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wmills_rburton, I will make you a badge.  You guys will need to work out the handshake15:04
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto15:04
wmills_kanavin: "there's a surprising amount of FUD around sstate. Usually around being able to share it. Please ignore that FUD.".  My point was it was in the YP summit beginner track slides.  The project is spreading FUD against itself15:09
kanavin_wmills_, yes, that should absolutely be corrected. Can you raise the issue in #yocto-summit-2023.11 please?15:10
kanavin_ping presenter as well perhap15:11
wmills_OK will do.  The slides are joint between Behan and Tom15:12
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has joined #yocto15:13
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Guest6Hi, I’m trying to understand the difference between devshell and devtool. It looks like they are the same thing. I need to modify device tree source in virtual/kernel then apply that as a patch. Seems like both tools can do that? Very confused the difference between them and which one I should use. Having a tough time understanding what to do15:23
rburtondevshell is "drop me into a terminal in the work tree"15:23
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)15:24
rburtondevtool has commands for upgrading recipes, modifying source trees and generating patches in recipes, etc15:24
*** prabhakar <prabhakar!~prabhakar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)15:24
rburtondevshell is much lower level and really only useful if you're debugging a build failure by hand, as you're inside the build environment15:25
Guest6If I can modify source trees (which I assume is like modifying a device tree down in the kernel) with devtool then why use devshell? I guess that’s what I’m confused about.15:25
RPwmills: we have put tests in where we can to try and identify issues early. What puzzles me is whilst I hear these reports of issues, nobody ever puts them into bugzilla15:26
Guest6Ah ok … I kind of follow I think. So basically devtool is what I can start out with here.15:27
*** g0hl1n <g0hl1n!~g0hl1n@83-215-125-121.dyn.cablelink.at> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)15:27
RPwmills: I do think we should ask that be removed from the slides15:29
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rburtonI take it YPTM is cancelled today?15:33
RPrburton: yes15:33
rburtonRP: my calendar says the call after is still on but i have no memory of whether it was cancelled or not15:38
RPrburton: I don't control the calendar :(15:38
*** prabhakar <prabhakar!~prabhakar@> has joined #yocto15:42
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has joined #yocto15:42
LetoThe2ndTyaku: lol i actually demoed BBMASK in the livecoding session today, masking so hard I broke the build ;-)15:58
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TyakuAnd I finally used it and it works16:32
Tyakulike a charm16:32
*** Guest6 <Guest6!~Guest6@2607:fb91:11ab:ce79:210a:a79f:1d2d:566b> has joined #yocto16:33
LetoThe2ndTyaku: yay!16:34
Guest6Is there anyways to rewatch some of the talks with this weeks seminar? Have to work and can’t attend so wanted to know if this was possible.16:34
rburtonthey'll be on youtube16:35
rburtonyou can catch up on previous summits whilst you wait :)16:36
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wmills_Now on master I get lots of "Error contacting Hash Equivalence Server".  Is this new to master?17:22
khemchep: libstdc++fs is a static archive17:23
khemwmills_:  hash equivalence is enabled but I wonder if its trying to contact a dead instance17:24
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*** ssweeny <ssweeny!c6d723798b@user/ssweeny> has joined #yocto17:27
khemdefault is to use a local instance unless you set BB_HASHSERVE_UPSTREAM17:27
*** florian__ <florian__!~florian@dynamic-002-244-130-026.2.244.pool.telefonica.de> has joined #yocto17:31
wmills_khem: the hashserve.sock is open by the ultimate parent of the build that is running.  The error message is pointing to the correct hashserver.sock17:35
wmills_WARNING: parted-native-3.6-r0 do_deploy_source_date_epoch: Error contacting Hash Equivalence Server unix:///media/big_scrap/bill/yp-generic-arm64/master/generic-arm64/build/hashserve.sock: Timed out waiting for data17:36
khemhmmm timeouts could be a bug17:38
khemmaybe try to bisect bitbake I guess you had a prior instance of master working on the same host ?17:38
wmills_Not this same config but was doing a lot of builds leading up to nanbield tag w/o any issues.17:43
wmills_I can switch my old config to master tip and try that17:43
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*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto17:52
rburtonfwiw i saw something similar earlier, i wonder if master has some changes to bitbake/hashserv which make it hang a bit17:56
RPwmills: that isn't python 3.12 is it?18:06
rburtoni had the same with 3.1018:08
khemI have the ptest images working nicely for few weeks but now I am seeing ssh_test timing out randomly and if I run the same ptest image alone it works ok something in openssh perhaps, no idea, the images are use are systemd based unlike poky defaults18:13
khemI switched to dropbear and still see the failures but a bit less often18:14
khemits clear that its not able to get a response from ssh connection before timeout kicks in18:15
rburtonkhem: are you adding ssh-pregen-hostkeys to the images?18:17
khemhttp://sprunge.us/dPVtIQ is the error I see18:17
khemI am not18:17
rburtonit _could_ be the qemus are taking too long to boot as they're busy building ssh keys so the network doesnt come up at all18:18
khemhmm that might be it18:18
khemyeah launching 44 qemus in parallel can lead to all sort of things :)18:18
khemso I wonder if ssh-pregen-hostkeys should be added to meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-ptest.bb18:20
khemlets unbolt all timeouts and dropbear and see how it goes18:25
*** grsandeep85 <grsandeep85!~grsandeep@> has joined #yocto18:31
wmills_RP: 3.8.10  That machine is still Ubuntu 20.04.  Did the min change after nanbeild?18:40
khemrburton: it improved the situation vastly although two tests still timed out18:42
khemtrying with https://snips.sh/f/fK-arBcU9F18:42
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away19:45
rburtonkhem: maybe don't start 44 ;)19:51
khemyeah it worked in the past19:52
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alejandrohsHi guys, do you know who is handling the YP summit registration?, I'm unable to log in/create an account :)21:57
alejandrohshalstead: ^^21:57
halsteadalejandrohs: you can email events@yoctoproject.org21:59
alejandrohsthanks michael!21:59
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RPwmills_: sorry, I was pulled away. 3.8 is the minimum version so that should be ok23:55

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