Tuesday, 2023-12-12

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Dane86Hello! Any pointers on where to get help regarding OSTree implementation on a custom board?08:08
Dane86I have everything building but the 'var' dir is not getting linked and I'm not sure why yet.08:08
Dane86(meta-updater layer)08:09
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thomas_34Good morning, during building an image I got this warning and error from bitbake: https://pastebin.com/2ycRf0F608:20
thomas_34I try to track down the root issue, but I'm lacking knowledge of that Manifest file which seems missing. Can someone direct me in the right direction what actually that file represents in that context, and why it could miss here?08:20
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:37
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: hi08:42
rburtonthomas_34: odd that its talking about nativesdk packages when you're building an image, or are you building a SDK?08:47
thomas_34rburton thanks for jumping in. I think I found the root issue to that problem: The task "do_create_srcipk" was disabled in that recipe. Once I enabled that, in /deploy/ipk the08:50
thomas_34* package of that recipe showed up and now the image is also building08:51
rburtonyou're building a sdk right though?08:51
thomas_34But I would have another question, which directs in that kind of area you mentioned rburton08:51
thomas_34No, I build a target image. But that recipe uses a external toolchain to produce an ELF-file which gets deployed on that image.08:52
thomas_34And that leads to my second question. I have another recipe which uses another external toolchain, to produce an ELF file which gets deployed on that image. However, the processor architecture of that ELF file is different to the target arch. So Sane-Class warned me about that, what makes sense of course.08:54
thomas_34I disabled this step via "INSANE_SKIP:${PN} += "arch"" in that recipe.08:54
thomas_34I wonder if that is the correct approach to do that, or are there better ways, to deploy a executable on a image, but which is not for the target architecture compiled. (?)08:56
rburtonthat's the right thing to do. the better solution is a complete second BSP for the second processor but that's a lot of effort for what is presumably firmware running on a second core.08:56
rburtoneg https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arm/tree/meta-arm/recipes-bsp/trusted-firmware-m/trusted-firmware-m.inc#n124 is prior art of using INSANE_SKIP08:57
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thomas_34Alright. So in my scenario I have 15 cores, with 4 different architectures in one system. One of them is a A72 (AArch64) which runs the yocto image. And on that image are also all other firmware the other 14 cores.08:59
rburtonwell that's just madness but fine09:00
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thomas_34And the linux kernel is used to load and run all the other firmwares on the cores.09:00
rburtoni point you at meta-arm which might have useful recipes for the arm firmware, if you're not already using it09:00
thomas_34rburton yes, its a SoC from TI I have to work with. But I'm glad that a yocto expert approved my INSANE_SKIP approach here :)09:01
rburtonif the firmware ends up as a blob in the linux file system then insane_skip is the right thing. linux-firmware does the same as some of the firmware it packages triggers the same test.09:02
thomas_34Okay cool. I'll have a look at these meta-arm recipes. Currently I work with what TI provides me, which is arago...09:05
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rburtonlatest meta-ti uses meta-arm, but i guess that depends on what version of meta-ti you use09:07
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thomas_34Ok, honestly I didnt had the capacity yet to fully understand how TI uses yocto for their products. But I'm right about now to update to the latest state, which makes me happy, because I can now use finally kirkstone instead of dunkirk.09:10
thomas_34*latest meta-ti state*09:11
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kanavinhalstead, I think there's a mismatch between cdn and autobuilder cache:12:48
kanavin /srv/autobuilder/autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/sstate/universal/2d/29/sstate:go-cross-cortexa57:x86_64-poky-linux:1.20.12:r0:x86_64:11:2d291879552b44a099c36e9e85358f703a8b8d8c2c0c2b876a0c7a339844f64b_populate_sysroot.tar.zst exists12:48
kanavinbut /srv/autobuilder/autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/sstate/universal/2d/29/sstate:go-cross-cortexa57:x86_64-poky-linux:1.20.12:r0:x86_64:11:2d291879552b44a099c36e9e85358f703a8b8d8c2c0c2b876a0c7a339844f64b_populate_sysroot.tar.zst does not12:49
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kanavinthere's another problem too:12:51
kanavinwget https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/yocto/sstate/all/universal/2d/29/sstate:go-cross-cortexa57:aarch64-poky-linux:1.20.12:r0:aarch64:11:2d291879552b44a099c36e9e85358f703a8b8d8c2c0c2b876a0c7a339844f64b_populate_sysroot.tar.zst returns 504 gateway timeout12:51
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kanavinsorry, messed the second link: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/yocto/sstate/all/universal/2d/29/sstate:go-cross-cortexa57:x86_64-poky-linux:1.20.12:r0:x86_64:11:2d291879552b44a099c36e9e85358f703a8b8d8c2c0c2b876a0c7a339844f64b_populate_sysroot.tar.zst does not exist12:55
kanavinI'll write this into https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15303 so we can continue there12:55
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jdiezhi! I built a yocto image for an i.mx8 board with `EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management"` and `PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_rpm"`. However, I am having some issues trying to update packages at runtime.13:58
jdiez`rpm -U mypackage.rpm` errors out saying: error: Couldn't create temporary file for %prein(base-files-3.0.14-r90.phyboard_pollux_imx8mp_3): File exists13:58
jdiezand any `dnf` commands simply error out saying "Config error: [Errno 17] File exists: '/var/log': '/var/log'"13:59
jdiezany ideas?13:59
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jdiezfigured out at least the dnf issue. `/var/log` is a symlink to `/var/volatile/log`, and that directory didn't exist (but `/var/volatile` did)14:32
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ablu"nothing provides libc6 >= 2.38+git1+750a45a783 needed by..." What may be triggering the "git1" here? It is "git0" in the repo directory but some bits coming from my sstate apparently want a "git1"?15:33
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moto-timorust 1.74.1 is reproducible according to ArchLinux https://reproducible.archlinux.org/api/v0/builds/548429/log16:17
moto-timomaturin is NOT reproduclble according to ArchLinux https://reproducible.archlinux.org/api/v0/builds/547327/log16:20
moto-timothey are using diffoscope... I misread the file16:20
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rburtonyeah they tagged but didn't mark as a release16:28
* moto-timo shakes tiny fist to the skies16:28
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moto-timolayer maintainers: please look at https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/updates/ and see if you are missing LAYERDEPENDS that need to be submitted16:58
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jdiezis it possible to create packages (e.g. rpms) for a target device using the sdk?17:02
rburtonwith a esdk, yes17:02
jdiezokay, the esdk looks to be exactly what i was looking for, thanks rburton17:06
rburtonyocton: brain failing already... was it you talking about strace/bluez/etc?17:06
yoctonrburton: yes!17:07
yoctonrburton: I've created https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1532317:07
rburtonyocton: i had a quick look at strace and it still wants the bluez headers. i'd endorse just deleting the PACKAGECONFIG:class-target line in strace17:07
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yoctonrburton: I've arrived at the same conclusion17:08
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rburtonyocton: i was just writing in the bug but you beat me to it :)17:10
yoctonrburton: hey :) Your comment is already written ;)17:10
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moto-timothank you reatmon17:26
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rburtona friendly rust-knowing colleague points out that all of that non-reproducibility in rust is constrained to a single crate, compiler-builtins, which isn't pure rust17:45
rburton(links to libm for example)17:45
khemI looked at the diffoscope output just now, the difference it due to objects being names differently, and the different name is due to hash of .o being computed and added to name of .o17:48
khemso it seems those builtins are being compiled differently17:48
khemin two different runs17:48
khemadding hash to .o names is their way of re-using objects in incremental builds17:49
khemthe compiler-builtins crate seems to be inspired by compiler-rt to me from quick look17:50
khemis their some asm code I wonder17:50
khembecause that can add absolute paths to source file into final elf17:51
khemif someone could point me to the two build directories I can take a quick look in the .o files17:51
khemand see whats going on17:51
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moto-timogah. sometimes we fail to fetch the expected crate version... maybe there are mirrors for crates.io that aren't in sync? (in this case it was base64)17:55
moto-timomakes it hard to know what is working and not... ArchLinux maturin build recently failed for similar reason (couldn't fetch 'anyhow' crate)17:56
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moto-timoArchLinux packager for maturin suggests disabling the debug build for repro perhaps...18:17
khemwe are building it and thats where the issue is18:17
khemmy guess is that we need to pass the mapping flags that we pass to C/C++ compiler in OE by default18:18
moto-timofor rust 1.74?18:18
khembecause underneath its calling C compiler to build some of the intrinsics18:19
khemproblem with maturin is different though18:19
* moto-timo still trying to ramp my head on the lower level rust issues18:19
khemagain it could be somewhat related in nature provided how bzip-sys is being built18:20
moto-timomaturin _looks_ like it is the bzip2-sys crate being bad (injecting build or source paths into the debug)... although I am not sure that is the only problem with repo18:20
*** florian_kc is now known as florian18:20
moto-timobzip2-sys is definitely an older style of crate... libgit2-sys is much better looking code18:20
moto-timo(not that I am fluent in Rust by any means)18:21
khemlook at https://github.com/alexcrichton/bzip2-rs/blob/master/bzip2-sys/build.rs#L2818:21
khemits including some of C as well. So if you have logs how these files are compiled might lead us further in right dir18:22
moto-timoyeah, I started replacing it with submodule and so on... didn't get that far just yet18:22
kheme.g. find how blocksort.c is being compiled in maturin18:22
khemextern crate cc;18:23
khemthis crate is interesting I wonder if it knows intricacies of cross build systems18:23
moto-timoI noticed ArchLinux is using bzip2 as a DEPENDS, so I was trying that to see if it helps... but then I had the base64 crate fetch/resolution failure. sigh18:24
khemso it seems to respect CC/CFLAGS etc. which is good18:25
khemyeah you can peel the onion, in the end there will be no onion :)18:25
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moto-timointeresting... pbach reported my crates.inc is out of date. lol stupid human tricks.18:30
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Guest51If "inherit autotools" used in a recipe but can get a build successfully even if it not used, is there a purpose here or is it unnecessary?18:59
ChockyIt might be inherited by something else. Or it might use some other build method that also works. Or it could be doing a native build, which wouldn't be ideal. You might want to look at the build logs if you want an exact answer19:00
alperakoops, wrong chat19:05
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Guest51Chocky thx19:21
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khemGuest51: generally autotools class will encapsulate cross-build pieces of automake systems, if its working without it but it certainly is relying on host machine then, whats your target ?19:22
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rburtonkhem: re rust, yeah my hunch was assembler not getting the path prefix somehow.19:47
khemI checked the problematic .o files and they are built from .c files19:47
khemas per the builtins crate they are never called by llvm so I guess no one cared enough as they would not get into packages if compiler is not calling them19:48
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alperakgood night20:38
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jdiezI built core-image-minimal using the NXP BSP (and some others). the sd card image boots up to u-boot, which says it can't find the kernel (`Image`). and indeed, it is missing from the /boot partition, as well as device trees. Any clue how that may happen?21:55
jdiezokay, my `IMAGE_BOOT_FILES` variable indeed only contains "bootenv.txt", hmm21:58
*** mason <mason!~mason@fsf/member/ChibaPet> has joined #yocto22:00
masonHey all. Hopefully someone's around for a quick question, which is: If I want to suppress grub-efi being build/included, I seem to want PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "grub-efi" and I'm wondering where that ought to live. The place I found the concept talked about a local.conf and we don't seem to have that. Can that just be made to exist or is there ceremony around it?22:05
*** florian <florian!~florian@dynamic-093-133-084-235.93.133.pool.telefonica.de> has joined #yocto22:11
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jdiezhm, so the solution to my problem was to change `IMAGE_BOOT_FILES:mx8m-nxp-bsp += " bootenv.txt"` to `IMAGE_BOOT_FILES:append:mx8m-nxp-bsp = " bootenv.txt"`. not sure why that worked :/22:16
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khemmason: yeah local.conf or your own distro conf file is a good place22:34
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khemjdiez: yeah append is safer when you use overrides like it seems to be in your case22:35
khemotherwise its overrides the previous values22:36
masonkhem: kk, thanks22:36
khemjdiez: I do not see any reference to bootenv.txt in meta-freescale so I imagine its some other layer adding it ?22:37
jdiezkhem: yeah, this is added in meta-phytec22:42
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DvorkinDmitryqemu build error: https://pastebin.com/9piaaxXy22:51
khem@DvorkinDmitry it seems pseudo crashes perhaps22:52
khemare you building inside docker ?22:52
DvorkinDmitrykhem, yes, I do22:56
khemright so something went wrong inside docker mostly pseudo crash I have seen it occasionally22:57
khemonly way to handle it was to -ccleansstate the recipe and rebuild it again22:57
DvorkinDmitrykhem, I cleaned up the recipe dir and started again, same problem.22:58
khemdelete tmp/22:59
khemand rebuild22:59
DvorkinDmitrykhem, the whole ./tmp ?23:00
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