Thursday, 2023-12-14

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mckoangood morning07:36
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brabanderIs it safe to have multiple concurrent bitbake instances use & update the same SSTATE? So I can have multiple CI build nodes update this SSTATE which is then used as SSTATE_MIRROR by developers?08:44
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yoctonbrabander: I'd say yes, That is exactly what does the Yocto CI (the autobuilder)09:07
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svuorelawin 6209:12
destmasterHi, I'm stuck with my new intel i9 14900l PC. The bitbake fails to build. Every time with different recipes. Googling a bit... seems that the problem seems related to high number of parallel builds. My CPU has 24 cores. Someone have encounteres this kind of issue?09:14
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LetoThe2nddestmaster: how much ram?09:21
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destmasterLetoThe2nd 64GB09:47
LetoThe2nddestmaster: might be borderline, especially if other things are running too. have you tried setting BB_NUMBER_THREADS = "16" or so?09:50
destmasterI've set BB_NUMBER_THREADS to 2409:50
LetoThe2nddestmaster: PARALLEL_MAKE too?09:52
destmasterLetoThe2nd yes09:52
LetoThe2nddestmaster: to?09:54
destmasterLetoThe2nd I've tried (just now) with  PARALLEL_MAKE="-j 16" and BB_NUMBER_THREADS="16"09:55
LetoThe2nddestmaster: well good luck then.09:55
destmasterLetoThe2nd: same result09:55
destmastercompilation errors09:56
LetoThe2nddestmaster: then you have to be more precise, e.g. provide relevant error messages. please use a pastebin.09:57
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destmasterLetoThe2nd: t and delete your pa09:58
destmasterLetoThe2nd: the compilation errors happen every time on different package09:59
LetoThe2nddestmaster:  lra.c:(.text+0x1d2b): undefined reference to `insn_extract(rtx_insn*)' definitely doesn't sound like a cpu/ram issue.10:00
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LetoThe2ndpure guesswork: remove your custom distro and try with poky.10:02
destmasterLetoThe2nd: ok, I will try. thanks10:03
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rburtonyeah, pristine poke from a stable branch, fresh build dir.10:10
LetoThe2ndrburton: pristine poke <§10:16
rburtonerm, poky :)10:17
* LetoThe2nd promises to poke you pristinely at FOSDEM10:20
rburtonyou tease!10:21
* LetoThe2nd wink wink10:21
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Dane86Does anybody know how to append to the PACKAGE_INSTALL of an INITRAMFS_IMAGE, from the main image ("core") image recipe?10:46
rburtonfrom an image recipe? you can't10:47
rburtonvariables in a recipe are stuck in the recipe10:47
rburtontechnically, the data store is populated with global/distro/local conf files, and then copy-on-write cloned for each recipe.  so you can't set a variable in one recipe to affect another.10:47
rburtonwhat if you were building two images that wanted the initramfs built differently? what would bitbake build?10:48
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Dane86But the INITRAMFS_IMAGE is getting built from / as-part-of the main recipe?10:52
Dane86Would the solution be to rather clone and then modify the recipe of the INITRAMFS_IMAGE?10:52
LetoThe2ndDane86: creating a custom image is one of the basic steps, initramfs are no different there.10:53
Dane86Can't say I understand but just going to hack at the initramfs image recipe source for now rather than trying to append to it from the main image recipe :-).10:54
rburtonDane86: yes absolutely the right thing to do is make your own initramfs recipe10:56
Dane86rburton: thanks! :-)10:56
rburtona recipe builds a thing.  if that thing needs to change but you need multiple of them at once then write multiple recipes.10:56
rburtonalso the core images are examples and if you're in production and not writing your own, you're doing it wrong10:57
rburton(though i just posted a proper minimal initramfs recipe that might actually be useful in production because it does just one thing)10:58
Dane86I do have my own image, thanks. Trying to get meta-updater (ostree) going though and struggling with it not linking the 'var' directory. Read in the ostree docs at that this only works if systemd + dracut are enabled. Seemed to manage to get systemd enabled in11:02
Dane86the initramfs by adding VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd" to the main image recipe and was trying to get dracut added via the main image recipe as well, but have reverted to just hacking at the initramfs image recipe for now.11:02
LetoThe2ndDane86: one of the joys of ostree is that it needs all that stuff in place, exactly (initramfs, and a working system) before it actually can act. one of the reasons why i'm not overly fond of it - but i am heavily biased, of course ;-)11:04
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Dane86It doesn't really seem to work "out of the box" so well (at least not with the meta-updater layer). I don't really want to go with full image A/B option though, so seems like ostree is definitely the way to go (?).11:05
LetoThe2ndDane86: effectively you're building two distributions. the initramfs/bootstrap thing, and the real one.11:06
LetoThe2ndDane86: well let me know when you're ready for A/B, or a more flexible approach in general ;-)11:06
Dane86What other options are there?11:06
rburtonbrace for sales pitch11:07
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LetoThe2ndDane86: sales pitch i 20, lunch firs :-)11:07
LetoThe2ndhey i'm the most honest sales-pitching guy you'll ever meet, that is guaranteed.11:08
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Dane86ostree "sounds" great - if you just need to update one file of a few bytes or kb (which is likely to be most of the time) then it's really low overhead, but if you do need to add/change something big then it's possible11:09
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LetoThe2ndDane86: sales pitch ahead: if you just want to update a file directory without the full shbang, then Menders Update Modules got you already covered. And just recently I have put together a small layer that allows you to install it without any integration, just as a systemd service :)11:24
LetoThe2ndDane86: no full system/rootfs update functionality then of course, but super easy to get started, plus manageable.11:24
LetoThe2nd(like I said, I'm biased)11:24
Dane86OK thanks I thought Mender was full A/B only11:25
LetoThe2ndDane86: nope. it can do A/B if you do the integration dance. without it, the Update Modules can handle basically whatever flow and kind of data you want. Specifically dropping a single file or directory somewhere are readymade things.11:26
Dane86Thanks that wasn't in the textbook :-D11:27
LetoThe2ndlast mention - the single file flow is even directly accessible through the web dashboard. upload file, give path to put it, profit.11:27
* LetoThe2nd bows "Thanks everybody for listening, this was brought to you by a Mender employee" (silent now in public)11:28
Dane86Thanks I'll look into it!11:28
Dane86Just looking for a reliable long-term firmware update solution11:29
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abluThe good news is that A/B updates start to become fairly trivial with recent systemd integration :)12:24
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LetoThe2ndablu: systemd is not the problem, never has been. switching and rollback on the romloader and bootloader level is.13:22
abluLetoThe2nd: Yeah, but sd_boot solves a great deal of that IMHO.13:23
abluAh, romloader and bootloader level rollback...13:23
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LetoThe2ndablu: once you have UEFI, then things get easier. systemd-boot just lives off that. but in reality, way too many systems are still purely u-boot. and there again, systemd doesn't help, none of its tools. its also not them that make things better. it is standardization, like UEFI and SystemReady ES13:25
LetoThe2nddon't get me wrong, I like systemd. but its definitely not them doing the hard work here.13:26
* ablu admits to live in a UEFI world.13:26
abluStill systemd / uapi group provides the missing standard on the user-space side.13:27
LetoThe2ndablu: now if they actually would start caring about embedded people...13:28
abluLetoThe2nd Isn't all the new image-based stuff more useful to embedded than regular distros? There are still some implementation gaps here for sure. But the concepts are there.13:29
LetoThe2ndablu: thats a common argument, but i'm not sold on it at the moment.13:30
* ablu will probably post a RFC patch to build images with systemd-repart soon13:30
rburtonRP: just replied to "[PATCH 1/9] nativesdk: ensure features don't get backfilled" and your opinion would be welcome13:31
RPWhy do we set meta/classes-recipe/ptest-cargo.bbclass:        d.setVarFlag('do_install_ptest_cargo', 'umask', '022')13:32
RPmeta/classes-recipe/ptest.bbclass:        d.setVarFlag('do_install_ptest_base', 'umask', '022')13:32
rburtongood questions13:32
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rburtonthe ptest one is probably because that class is _ville_ and does bare cp and force-chowns13:32
RPrburton: replied with an opinion :)13:35
RPone even related to the question asked :)13:36
rburtoni wonder if i'll like it13:36
rburtonRP: can i disable pgo in buildtools until it works again?13:38
rburton(to unblock my gtkdoc series)13:39
rburtonor is the nativesdk machine feature thing a blocker on that13:39
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RPrburton: I guess. Can you at least file a bug13:49
RPrburton: I just worry this means nobody will look at it13:49
rburtoni asked for that didn't i13:49
rburtonwhat issue in particular :) no pgo in nativesdk python?13:51
rburton$ bitbake-getvar -r nativesdk-python3 MACHINE_FEATURES13:51
rburtonMACHINE_FEATURES=" qemu-usermode"13:51
rburtonSDK_MACHINE_FEATURES ?="" in bitbkae.conf.  MACHINE_FEATURES=SDK_MACHINE_FEATURES in nativesdk. SDK_MACHINE_FEATURES += qemu-usremode in machine-sdk/x86-64.conf13:52
rburtonah alex says the upcoming 3.12 disables PGO entirely because it got rewritten13:53
rburtoni'll file bugs and update the AB helper _now_, then see what I can do with nativesdk -fu13:54
rburtonand see if my friendly colleague who is basically fulltime upstream on python for arm can have a look at making the PGO stuff cross-friendly13:54
RPrburton: sounds good thanks13:57
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kanavinrburton, RP: I corrected myself14:16
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rburtoni think i have fixes for all of the issues14:22
rburtonkanavin: how close are you to posting the 3.12 upgrade?  i have a change to the 3.11 recipe... (its only minor and easily absorbed)14:31
wmills__Is this "correct"?
LetoThe2ndrburton: i just misread that as "I have fleas for all the issues."14:54
rburtonLetoThe2nd: those too <scratch scratch>14:54
rburtonwmills__: it just sits on Loading here so I'd guess "no"14:55
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yoctonkanavin: rburton: FYI I just pointed a (junior) coworker who has a bit of free time to your mail about the python 3.12 upgrade. (Sadly, I can't promise she will have time to complete any fix but there is hope!)15:01
rburtoni have pgo enabled again15:01
rburtonwill post and sent alex rebasing hugs15:01
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JPEWwmills__: There is a bug open to fix the website15:14
JPEW^^ the reproducible one15:14
wmills__JPEW: Ok thanks15:19
yudjinnhey, hitting an issue with the latest of poky:kirkstone where cpio wont build; I dont have any bbappends hitting this, either:15:29
yudjinn```stdout: Applying patch 0001-Wrong-CRC-with-ASCII-CRC-for-large-files.patch patching file src/copyout.c Hunk #1 FAILED at 34. 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file src/copyout.c Patch 0001-Wrong-CRC-with-ASCII-CRC-for-large-files.patch does not apply (enforce with -f)```15:29
rburtonyudjinn: delete tmp just to rule out some really weird corruption15:31
rburtonoh that's not latest kirkstone: that patch was removed in july (727f301e4888c8f59cfc2d8768d02bb52ce23784)15:32
yudjinneadd5efcb3a7a78e9b89be935ac1649dc33cbad6 Dec 5, still there15:33
rburton for the exact sha15:35
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vmesonunassigned devtool bug for anyone interested:
* landgraf avoids autobuilder bugs, they're difficult to reproduce usualy :(15:38
yudjinnrburton: omg, it was an append from meta-swupdate that I missed; you're totally right15:38
rburtonbitbake-layers show-appends is useful here15:39
vmesonunassigned gzip ptest bug for anyone interested: -- add logs or record logs on next hit.15:39
yudjinncompletely forgot about show-appends, I'll have to commit that to memory15:40
alberto_pianonHi! Is there a backwards-compatible way of adding a python library from a bblayer without using addpylib? What was the best practice to do that before addpylib directive was added?15:41
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vmesonlandgraf: yes, they can but but we've gotten into the current situation of it taking days or a week to get a greem autobuilder run to to the large number of such problems.16:09
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landgrafvmeson: gzip bug taken. will take a look how to improve output at least16:14
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vmesonlandgraf: thank you very much! Good luck. Feel free to chat/ask about it here if you need help.16:15
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alberto_pianonsolved! I used the same logic that has been removed in this patch
alberto_pianonI still wonder if there is a more elegant way to do it...16:26
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JPEWalberto_pianon: OE_IMPORTS is the way. My plan (that I haven't done yet) is to add a noop addpylib to older versions of OE that we support and have both addpylib and OE_IMPORTS in our layers that have to work with multiple versions16:32
alberto_pianonJPEW: yes, but if I use OE_IMPORTS, it does not work on nanbield, while I use addpylib, in kirkstone I get an error, and IIUC there is no way to put addpylib in a conditional statement. I would like to avoid to have two versions of the same bblayer just because of this16:38
rburtonkanavin: did you remove the do-not-compile-pyc-in-parallel patch to py?  its been fixed a while (
alberto_pianonJPEW: sorry, I've just realized that that was exacltly what you were saying :)16:39
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alberto_pianonJPEW: BTW, until the noop addpylib is added to older versions of OE, I'm afraid I need to use a hacky solution16:41
alberto_pianonJPEW: thanks!16:41
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Saur_Home32alberto_pianon: The way I solved that problem is that I have a separate layer where I do all adaptations to make our platform (which is currently based on Nanbield) to work with, e.g., master. That layer typically has a bunch of BBMASKs to drop bbappends that are no longer needed with the newer versions of recipes in master, or extra bbappends to16:53
Saur_Home32add updated patches.16:53
Saur_Home32alberto_pianon: And the fact is that you can use addpylib (in that adaptation layer) to add modules from another layer, e.g.: addpylib ${LAYERDIR}/../meta-mylayer/lib foomodule16:55
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rburton0: python3-3.11.5-r0 do_compile - 17m42s (pid 1911421)17:16
rburtonPGO sucks17:16
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rburtonRP: posted the pgo fix for buildtools.  i'll run it through the AB now to check it doesn't explode17:18
RPrburton: great, thanks!17:18
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kanavinrburton, I'm not any closer since I posted the 3.12 update status email to oe-devel some days ago. Still 27 meta-oe recipes in need of fixing, and no visible help from others.17:34
kanavinrburton, sadly that's just one of several issues with the parallel pyc compile - this was fixed, ownership races weren't (I suspect python does something that overlaps with do_package)17:36
kanavinrburton, I removed the patch, but it was replaced with a make option so it's still serial17:37
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khemrburton: do we have the build tree of those two rust compilers somewhere handy on AB18:24
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rburtonprobably not20:19
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khemhmm ok, it will be good to see if we can, I dont want to build rust locally21:35
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