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MarioMariolliniRP: I got it to work now. It was my own mistake obviously. Had SDKPATH depending on DEFAULT_TUNE in my distro conf08:04
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RPMarioMariollini: ah, nice. I wonder if there is some sanity check we should add to warn about that...08:18
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MarioMariolliniRP: I will take a look at that this afternoon, could be useful08:26
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abluXogium: Having A/B updates + immutable filesystem but a method to allow read-write mounting can certainly speed up development. Whether you want to do that as a separate development image (which may increase maintenance effort) or just keep the toggle disabled in production probably depends on your needs. AOSP allows something with their engineering builds.09:02
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alperaklet's say there is a recipe with foo name and foo is DEPENDS in another recipe. how can I get this info?10:09
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landgrafalperak: bitbake -g10:24
alperaklandgraf thanks :)10:25
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JerryMRP: you made some changes to runqueue which are needed for the useradd dependencies, would this be appropriate to backport to kirkstone or is that likely to cause issues?10:38
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RPJerryM: very invasive and no really appropriate sadly10:49
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RPJerryM: the useradd issues are not yet all fixed either so it probably wouldn't fix everything10:52
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NonkelHow can I find witch device tree is used for my embedded device?10:57
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mckoanNonkel: see KERNEL_DEVICETREE in your machine file. However it depends on the u-boot environment settings though11:02
Nonkelthis variable doesn’t exist in my local.conf.11:03
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mckoanNonkel: machine file is in the layer providing your BSP. What's your MACHINE value in local.conf?11:04
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mckoanNonkel: find -name phyboard-polis-imx8mm-4.conf11:05
mckoanNonkel: look into the file phyboard-polis-imx8mm-4.conf11:06
Guest18Hi all,11:10
Guest18i am building Yocto image for stm32mp1 board with IMAGE_INSTALL += " packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh openssh-sftp-server " included in local.conf and able to build  without any issue.11:10
Guest18After boot up when i am trying to launch sshd service i am getting error as :11:10
Guest18root@mp1som:~# systemctl start sshd11:10
Guest18Job for sshd.service failed because the control process exited with error code.11:10
Guest18See "systemctl status sshd.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.11:10
Guest18root@mp1som:~# systemctl status sshd11:10
Guest18[[0;1;31m●[[0m sshd.service11:10
Guest18   Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/sshd; generated)11:10
Guest18   Active: [[0;1;31mfailed[[0m (Result: exit-code) since Fri 2024-01-05 16:22:27 UTC; 4s ago11:10
Guest18     Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8)11:11
Guest18  Process: 8728 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/sshd start [[0;1;31m(code=exited, status=2)[[0m11:11
Guest18Jan 05 16:22:27 mp1som systemd[1]: Starting sshd.service...11:11
Guest18Jan 05 16:22:27 mp1som sshd[8728]: /etc/init.d/sshd: /etc/init.d/functions: line 134: syntax error: unexpected "(" (expecting "done")11:11
Guest18Jan 05 16:22:27 mp1som systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39msshd.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=2/INVALIDARGUMENT[[0m11:11
Guest18Jan 05 16:22:27 mp1som systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39msshd.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.[[0m11:11
Guest18Jan 05 16:22:27 mp1som systemd[1]: [[0;1;31m[[0;1;39m[[0;1;31mFailed to start sshd.service.[[0m11:11
Guest18I have not modified any of the files related to anything. Can someone give me some pointer ?11:11
mckoanGuest18: please use pastebin for command output or long messages11:13
mckoanGuest18: /etc/init.d/sshd: /etc/init.d/functions: line 134: syntax error: unexpected11:14
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Guest18I have checked that script for error but that looks fine as per my understanding11:25
Nonkelmckaon I need tot change the imx8mm-phyboard-polis-rdk.dts file, when I run bitbake again my changes are tacking in the build?11:25
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JerryMRP: Alright, a bit unfortunate, but thanks for the clarification11:59
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kanavinJerryM, you should rather plan for upgrading to upcoming LTS release12:38
kanavinand set up rolling master builds in your organization12:39
MarioMariolliniRP: do you think a simple ' if "${DEFAULTTUNE}" in data.getVar("SDKPATH", False) '  would do for the sanity check, or should it be something that checks whether SDKPATH changes depending on the multilib12:40
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RPMarioMariollini: I was thinking more along the lines of the latter, it needs to be generic12:50
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JerryMkanavin: I am planning just that, but that is no solution for my current rebuilds unfortunately13:08
kanavinJerryM, one option is doing the backport yourself and maintaining a private branch. It's a slippery slope though.13:09
Xogiumablu: thanks for explaining this. I do admit I have a hard time imagining an image where one can toggle thedevelopment system on and off given I plan to use erofs for the rauc upgradable system13:10
kanavinJerryM, in my previous product organization there was a strict policy of not forking layers or poky, or any of the open source components (custom recipe patches to them were ok)13:10
abluXogium: One could overlay it with some writable partition (potentially from a different disk). But yeah, erofs or dm-verity make it a bit more complex.13:11
Xogiumyeah and most of the boards are short on storage13:11
Xogiumthey come with a 4 gbyte eMMC and that ends up cut in half since wenhanced user area gets enabled, along with write reliability13:13
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JerryMkanavin: I would do the backport if it was upstreamable, or potentially in a mixin, however if the changes are 'very invasive and not appropriate' I'd rather wait a few months and spend my effort elsewhere13:14
JerryMkanavin: we don't fork any layer/component either and I'd rather keep it that way too :)13:17
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mckoanNonkel: you have to modify the dts creating a .bbappend for the u-boot recipe13:17
mckoanNonkel: the best practice in this case would be to create a new machine, mut is more complex13:18
mckoanGuest18: you should figure out whether you are using a custom layer providing that13:19
Nonkelmckoan: do you have any example how to create a .bbappend flle?13:20
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JerryMI just noticed the IRC logs on have not been updated for this year, in case that is not as intended13:26
rburtonhalstead: irc logs failed to rollover to 202413:28
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MarioMariolliniis there a function in the bb module to expand a variable, when possible using a certain suffix? like for example try to expand:14:47
MarioMariollini"/opt/sdk/${DEFAULTTUNE}/${VERSIONTAG}" but checking if each of the variables is defined for virtclass-multilib-lib3214:47
MarioMariolliniSo it would first try DEFAULTTUNE:virtclass-multilib-lib32, if None, then just give DEFAULTTUNE14:47
MarioMariolliniSame for VERSIONTAG14:47
MarioMariolliniI have read data and data_smart code but didn't find this14:47
yoctonMarioMariollini: isn't that "just" getVar() from data_smart ?14:59
MarioMariolliniyocton: but that does not take a second parameter for the suffix, does it? I would like to do it from outside the context of the virtclass-multilib-lib32 in this case15:01
yoctonsorry, I don't understand "suffix" in this context :/15:02
yoctonDo you mean an override? like "virtclass-multilib-lib32" in "DEFAULTTUNE:virtclass-multilib-lib32" ?15:03
MarioMariolliniYes, meant an override sorry15:03
MarioMariolliniso, to apply overrides while expanding if they exist15:04
MarioMariollinibut the override is a parameter to the function15:04
yoctonok, d.getVar(X) will give you the value of X respecting the overrides present in d15:05
RPMarioMariollini: the standard way of doing that is to create a copy of the data store, set OVERRIDES as needed, then run getVar()15:06
halsteadrburton: ahh, it's not automatic at all. I'll fix that15:07
MarioMariollini        overrides = localdata.getVar("OVERRIDES", False) + ":virtclass-multilib-" + multilib15:07
MarioMariollini        localdata.setVar("OVERRIDES", overrides)15:07
MarioMariolliniLike so? So before that code, localdata.getVar will not use the overrides, and afterwards it will?15:07
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yoctonRP: Oh, I remember doing this now! MarioMariollini =>
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yoctonMarioMariollini: that's the idea but you need to copy the localdata to avoid poluting the OVERRIDES for everyone15:12
MarioMariollinigotcha, now it's working like I expected, many thanks15:17
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yoctonRP: shouldn't this "standard way" be refactored in a function somewhere?15:21
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rburtonRP: in helper's config.json can a build override the revision/branch for a repository?15:36
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alessioigorOn Kirkstone It seems that liblsan and libtsan are empty (libasan and libubsan instead are poperlu populated). Is it normal?16:28
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NonkelHas anybody some experience with the configuration of UART4 to the A53 core from IMX8mm?16:44
NonkelI followed already this documentation:
NonkelI add this to my dts file:
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