Thursday, 2024-01-18

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grmahello, has someone used meta-qt6 and call qmake in yocto ? qmake6 segfaults on my build, use qmake6 in the sdk works fine, any ideas ?08:35
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Xogiumis there an easy way to list machines currently provided by all the bsp layers ?09:52
rburtonXogium: specifically the machines available in your setup?09:52
rburtonit would be about five minutes work to add a command to bitbake-layers to do that09:53
rburtoniterate BBPATH looking for conf/machine/*.conf in each entry09:53
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Xogiumhmm not a bad idea09:59
rburtonpatches welcome :)10:00
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rburtonfour lines, i was right :)10:14
XogiumI wish I was good at programming :D I'm really not that great. Maybe one day10:14
rburtonsh is horrible, I have to look up how `read` works every time10:15
Xogiumpart of why I'm this bad is I have to rely on text to speech alone and that makes it awkward to program because most tts don't read most symbols10:15
rburtonthat must be painful10:15
Xogiumyep, very much so10:15
Xogiumpython's painfu,, C is, shell script is...10:16
Xogiumbut python in a way is the worst of them all, long with yaml and whatever other language there are that are very strict with indentation10:16
Xogiumscreen reader doesn't read indentation to you10:17
Xogiumbraille display is the best to program, but unfortunately they are EXPENSIVE as hell, and they require to be serviced every year or so because they get clogged with skin debris and dust and all maner of things10:18
Xogiumso like if it was to pay $8000 for a 80 characters display but it would last you 20 years, I'd maybe think about it. But you have to pay $8000 initially or more, then once a year you pay over $1000 to have it taken apart and each little piece cleaned in an ultrasonic bath10:19
Xogiumyeah it's no fun10:21
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Xogiumcan I somehow 'undo' a setp in a .bbappend file ?10:29
Xogiumst is very, very, very naughty10:29
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Xogiumthat makes the build crash if by any chance you haven't setup git username and email (I haven't, because I'm in a container)10:31
Xogiumand I'd rather not have to just for this ugly workaround10:31
kanavinXogium, it's better done with a new recipe (copy-and-tweak)10:31
Xogiumgah, okay10:32
kanavinif you need a different revision, or version, don't try to 'fix' that in bbappend10:32
Xogiumnah it's not a different revision I just kind of wanted to get rid of that configure step :p10:34
Xogiumbut not worth the hassle if I have to then maintain my own independent version of that file10:34
Xogiumwhat a dirty hack to avoid a dirty tat being added :p10:35
KanjiMonsterXogium: how about adding a patch for to just not add -dirty?10:43
XogiumKanjiMonster: what do you mean ?10:44
KanjiMonsterXogium: as far as I can tell, the -dirty is added by openocd's itself
KanjiMonsterso by adding a patch do remove those lines you can fix that with a simple SRC_URI append10:48
XogiumI like that option too10:48
KanjiMonsterand since that file was last changed 5 years ago, you likely won't need to update that patch very often ;-)10:49
Xogiumalso I'd argue that what st did would probably cause reproducibility issues, since it uses the external environment. But I don't know10:49
landgrafwhy adding python3-docker to the image_install triggers rust-llvm-native rebuild? o_O10:58
rburtonoh god that prepend is the worst11:29
Xogiumrburton: hm ?11:30
rburtondoing a commit to silence the dirty thing is _horrible_11:30
Xogiumhaha yes11:31
Xogiumso naughty santa will not like it11:31
XogiumI ran into another fun issue but heh, I'm kind of trying to use the bsp without using the full st distro, so putting the bsp on top of poky. It's off to a rocky start for sure11:32
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dvergatalguys If I want to instal native dependency i should call package[depends] += "package_a:do_populate_sysroot" ?13:01
dvergatalor can I call instead do_install ?13:03
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kanavindvergatal, what are you trying to do?13:18
kanavininstall native dependency where?13:18
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dvergatalkanavin: I'm trying to call curl command natively13:22
kanavindvergatal, DEPENDS = "curl-native"13:22
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rburtonthat actually adds the dependency to the configure task, so if you're trying to use it in a task that isn't after that it won't work and you need to manually add it with [depends]13:24
kanavinrunning curl natively sounds like a bad idea to begin with13:25
kanavinagain, what are you trying to do?13:25
* RP is trying to sort out things for M2. Anything anyone particularly wants to see in/out ?13:26
kanavinRP: I don't have any pressing matters13:26
RPkanavin: py 3.12 ran through the AB ok?13:27
dvergatalkanavin: trying to call curl within swu image creation13:27
dvergataljust like rburton mentioned13:27
kanavindvergatal, call curl to do *what*? grrrrrrr13:28
dvergataland that is why i had do_swuimage[depends] += curl-native:do_populate_sysroot13:28
rburtonthat's correct13:28
XogiumI'm trying to make a recipe for espeak-ng, and I finally got recipetool to create the .bb file. However in espeak-ng building instruction, it is stated that one must build a native espeak-ng binary before cross compilation can be made, because it relies on espeak-ng binary to compile the voices, phonemes and such things. How do I go about this in yocto ?13:28
dvergatalkanavin: that grrrrrrr on me13:29
dvergatalkanavin: btw. to call curl within SWUPDATE_SIGN_TOOL13:30
rburtonXogium: easiest is to BBCLASSEXTEND="native" the recipe and then DEPEND on espeak-ng-native. that will build it natively and throw it in the sysroot, so then you just have to figure out how it wants to know where the existing binary is.13:30
kanavinRP: it did, yes13:31
dvergatalrburton: so this approach is correct?13:31
rburtondvergatal: that is how you add dependencies, yes13:31
Xogiumrburton: thanks a bunch !13:31
RPkanavin: thanks. I thought it likely had :). There are probably a few things it makes sense to get in now...13:31
RPdvergatal: some of the concerns about using curl are that it may mean you pull in things outside SRC_URI and this can lead to license or software manifest issues. That is why it makes people nervous13:32
dvergatalrburton: ok thx13:32
dvergatalRP: ahhh OK I just need to call it for signing swu firmware with this command13:33
dvergatalwhich is actually provided by swupdate13:33
kanavinthat doesn't explain what the curl does13:34
dvergatalconnects to hashicorps vault and generates the signature13:34
dvergatalwhich is then being used by swupdate for creation of firmware image13:36
kanavinthis is what you should've said at the start13:36
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dvergatalkanavin: question, what for? is that knowledge necessary for you somehow?13:37
dvergatalkanavin: please explain because I may not know...13:37
kanavindvergatal, see what RP said. Fetching things from the network in tasks other than do_fetch is problematic, as it bypasses all licensing and checksumming and caching that fetch does for you. So that creates possibilities for license compliance issues, supply chain attacks, and simply broken builds if the artefact disappears from the network.13:39
dvergatalok now i get the picture I was not aware of it13:39
kanavindvergatal, this is serious enough that recent versions of yocto disable network access in all tasks other than fetch, so if you try using curl in e.g. do_compile, it's not going to work.13:40
kanavin... unless you set a special flags for that task, and hopefully explain it well in code review.13:40
dvergatalno I'm not using it in _do_compile13:40
dvergataljust in do_swuimage13:41
kanavinI'm not sure if it's going to work in do_swuimage, it might not13:41
dvergatalbut it is13:41
kanavinit can be overridden, just don't be surprised if curl times out in the task and works well in command line13:41
rburtondvergatal: what kanavin is trying to say is: read
dvergatalahh ok13:44
RPdvergatal: if your host distro supports it, bitbake will disable network access outside of do_fetch tasks13:44
dvergatalso curl will not work?13:45
RPdvergatal: it has the potential not to for sure13:45
RPdvergatal: what we're being cautious about is setting you up for failure at some point in the future13:45
dvergatalok but for the moment I'm using kirkstone still and I haven't noticed any issues13:45
dvergatalRP: kanavin: rburton: thx13:46
dvergatalbtw. who of you is attending to openembedded workshop on february the 5th?13:47
dvergataloooohh I already had this part do_swuimage[network] = "1" which I even haven't noticed as it was given to me by swupdate guys...13:48
LetoThe2nddvergatal: I will be there, Crofton also.13:49
dvergatalLetoThe2nd: so we can meet up :D13:49
CroftonI am13:49
LetoThe2nddvergatal: indeed!13:50
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RPdvergatal: you do want to understand the implications of that setting though...13:52
dvergatalRP: not entirely13:52
LetoThe2ndRP: /me clasps hands over ears and starts singing random metal tunes13:53
kanavinLetoThe2nd, how's the new metallica album? still not as good as master of puppets?13:54
LetoThe2ndkanavin: no idea, never been a big Metallica fan13:54
dvergatalLetoThe2nd: \m/13:54
dvergatalRP: but I get the picture13:55
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dvergatalRP: kanavin: btw. question regarding curl because it depends on ca-certificates with --with-ca-bundle=${sysconfdir}/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt but when it is being used by swupdate than curl complains about missing build/tmp-glibc/work/x86_64-linux/curl-native/7.82.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt as it is harcoded14:33
dvergatalwith expanding of ${sysconfdir}14:33
kanavindvergatal, you need to see where it is hardcoded to an absolute path, and change it to one relative to the executable14:34
dvergatalwhen do_install is called for target curl the it is being changed but for native one it is not14:34
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rburtonyeah known bug14:34
rburtonthere's a env var you can set, iirc14:34
dvergatalrburton: yeah this is what we have been discussing on my patches14:35
dvergatalrburton: env var for curl?14:35
rburtonthe ca-certs-native patches were wrong14:36
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dvergatalrburton: I agree14:36
dvergatalrburton: so you mean that wiser is to use this SSL_CERT_FILE?14:36
rburtonexport CURL_CA_BUNDLE before calling curl, point at your native sysroot14:37
dvergatalrburton: OK thx14:37
rburtonthe proper fix is but that's more complex14:39
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dvergatalrburton: hehehe you want me to fix that?:P14:42
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rburtonjust saying, that's one solution for the underlying general issue14:47
dvergatalrburton: I can think of solving that but for the moment I have plenty of other tasks and stil waiting for ubuntu and others to have this stupid tar 1.35 finally to make this acls merge possible14:47
dvergatalrburton: for the moment this14:48
dvergatal15:42 < dvergatal> rburton: hehehe you want me to fix that?:P14:48
dvergatalsorry stupid 3rd button14:48
dvergatalI was typing that for the momment this CURL_CA_BUNDLE fixes the issue for me14:48
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jclsnHow to append something to EXTRA_OEMAKE using a PACKAGECONFIG?15:38
jclsnBefore the first comma doesn't seem to cut it15:39
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jclsnYeah just found that out15:49
jclsnIt is a handy tool, but a bit complicated at first15:49
rburtonjclsn: before the first comma is exactly what youre meant to do16:00
rburtondid you actually enable the config?16:00
jclsnYes, I did16:00
jclsnIt is in EXTRA_OEMAKE now16:01
rburtonoh sorry can't read16:01
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dvergatalRP: btw. will you have a moment today evening?18:31
khemlandgraf: you might try bitbake -s printdiff18:31
dvergatalRP: because I wanted to asking something in regards of these fixes for useradd18:32
RPdvergatal: I'm sort of around18:33
Xogiumkhem: hiya :) just wanted to let you know that I found how to ask recipetool to do nobranch=118:34
Xogiumyou have to add \;nobranch=1 to the url you fetch from18:34
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dvergatalRP: OK I need to put my daugther to sleep and will be back to you18:35
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dvergatalRP: OK I'm back so coming back to my question19:23
dvergatalRP: I have noticed that when I have cleaned package from tmp and I'm building from sstate only postinst scripts are installed for ${PN} and others from depends are missing19:25
dvergatalRP: shouldn't these files be pulled from dependencies?19:27
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khemXogium: cool19:52
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RPdvergatal: it depends what is being installed. The postinsts will only be present for the things which get re-installed from sstate20:29
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dvergataldvergatal: what do you mean what is being installed?20:41
dvergataldvergatal: because I'm using this new USERADD_DEPENDS and for some reason if I'm removing tmp and rebuilding the whole image using sstate cache20:43
dvergatalRP: ^20:43
dvergatalRP: I'm getting such an error
dvergatalRP: btw. this staging.bbclass contains this fix from us20:47
dvergatal21:44 < dvergatal> RP: I'm getting such an error
dvergatalnot this stupid mouse20:47
dvergatalthis one20:48
dvergatalto preserve order during build without tmp and sstate cache20:49
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RPdvergatal: We've already agreed the ordering is broken in master so I don't know what you want me to say :/21:36
dvergatalRP: currently I'm not talking about the ordering21:36
dvergatalRP: I'm talking about extraction from sstate cache into tmp-glibc21:37
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dvergatalRP: what I mean is if package which depends on packages within this new USERADD_DEPENDS variable is suppoused to have not only its own postinst scripts extracted from sstate cache?21:38
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dvergatalRP: let me rerun the issue to tell you properly what is goin on exactly because I don't recall right now the proper names of directories and for that I want to be precise21:39
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RPdvergatal: at this point the best thing we can have is test cases in master which reproduce the issue22:50
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