Thursday, 2024-01-25

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cslcmHello - how can i select dmesg from util-linux and exclude the one from busybox?01:36
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khemcslcm: Include util-linux-dmesg in you IMAGE_INSTALL this will use the utility from util-linux02:25
khembusybox is always a fallback if another package does not provide it in selected list for an image02:26
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khemhmm reverse dependency is what you are after DvorkinDmitry and I think toaster is easiest way to get it I can think of02:48
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mckoangood morning07:35
Xogiumhello folks07:37
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Guest15Hi I am using dunfell which has gstreamer 1.16.1 version. I want to have gstreamer 1.18 with dunfell is it possible? If yes what changes should I consider?09:10
* LetoThe2nd Guest15: maybe can help you. But in general, consider upgrading, dunfell will be end of life in a few months time.09:13
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* alessioigor waves all10:17
alessioigor 10:17
alessioigor 10:17
alessioigorIs it normal that after I have built a project several times, and without change it, bitbake still prints "Removing 2 stale sstate objects for arch x86_64_linux: 100%"?10:17
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RPalessioigor: it depends. If the recipe in question referred to the head commit for example and you committed changes, that would be normal10:26
RPalessioigor: if it referenced DATE, it would do it once a day10:26
rber|resis it still true that DISTROOVERRIDES includes the value of DISTRO?
RPrber|res: OVERRIDES contains DISTRO, it doesn't need to be in DISTROOVERRIDES10:38
rber|resI don't see DISTO in my OVERRIDES ;)10:38
rber|resI had to add DISTROOVERRIDES = "poky:${DISTRO}" to see both poky and resy10:42
RPrber|res: ok, I'm misremembering. bitbake.conf does DISTROOVERRIDES ?= "${@d.getVar('DISTRO') or ''}"10:42
RPrber|res: so DISTROOVERRIDES defaults to DISTRO10:43
rber|resOK so it kind of makes sense and the docu needs to be updated, I guess10:43
RPa patch to tweak the docs would be great10:43
rber|resone more question10:44
rber|resif someone wants to override poky and base on it their own distro is what I do (see pastebin) the right thing to do?10:45
rber|resso far I did not use DISTROOVERRIDES and there was only resy in the overrides list.10:45
rber|resbut I guess poky:resy would not hurt.10:46
RPrber|res: it just depends on whether you want to poky overrides to be active or not. The ordering is also significant in that you can have one "win" over the other10:48
RPthere is no right answer to that10:48
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Guest15I see that gstreamer 1.16.1 version does not have x265 plugin(dunfell yocto) , can I add it?11:01
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RPI don't suppose anyone fancies debugging an autobuilder qemu segfault?11:04
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Guest15I see that gstreamer 1.16.1 version does not have x265 plugin(dunfell yocto) , can I add it?11:08
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rburtondoes rust build for anyone else with master?11:23
rburtoni get 'error[E0460]: found possibly newer version of crate `std` which `libnghttp2_sys` depends on'11:24
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RPrburton: reused build directory? A clean had it work iirc11:39
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Tyaku_Hello, I have an issue with my image: When my image is used in the context of "linux-imx" (nxp), I have all my dev receipes, when the image is build from "renesas" context, somes recipes are simply not built, for exemple gdbserver, rsyslog and such things.13:04
Tyaku_I found that with renesas context, if I do "bitbake -c cleansstate rsyslog" I get a licencing error, so I bypassed it with WHITELIST_GPL-3.0-only += "rsyslog"13:05
Tyaku_(Set in the local.conf). Is it possible that there is something else blocking the IMAGE_INSTALL += "rsyslog"13:09
Xogiumhuh, speaking of that... Is it best to use += or append ? I don't quite get what is the difference between those, when both of them are available13:10
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rburtonXogium: see the bitbake docs for the explanation of the operators. += is preferred but there will be cases where you need to use append.13:11
Xogiumthanks !13:12
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Tyaku_Is there some cases where  IMAGE_INSTALL += "rsyslog" can be ignored13:30
landgrafrburton: Using IMAGE_INSTALL with the += BitBake operator within the /conf/local.conf file or from within an image recipe is not recommended.13:39
rburtonyeah don't do that13:39
landgrafrburton: It's from the docs and I learned this in hard way13:40
rburtonit depends13:40
rburtonin local.conf, use CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL. that defaults to ""13:40
landgrafin my case IMAGE_INSTALL += " sudo " made image unbootable. it was fun to debug )13:40
Xogiumlandgraf: why is it bad practice ? I read the doc, but I still don't get it13:40
landgrafXogium: because of the variable expantion order13:41
landgrafand CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL stuff as rburton mentioned13:41
Tyaku_Yesterday I found that "ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND:machine-name += "something"" is invalid and makes a lot of troubles (like breaking the content of the variable). I replaced it by "ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND:append:machine-name = "something""13:42
rburtonyes, the documentation should explain why that doesn't do what you might have expected13:43
Xogiumbut is it fine to use append instead of += if you find it difficult to wrap your head around when it is a problem and when it might not be ?13:43
rburtonthe usual problem is that += will assign, so if a variable is set with ?= then that default is replaced13:44
Xogiumappend seems kind of safer anyway ;)13:44
rburtonie FOO?="1" FOO+="2" will result in 213:44
Xogiumyeah. It's confusing though for me += means append, but that doesn't do this in bitbake13:46
Tyaku_your discussion is very interesting.13:47
Tyaku_what about mixing ':machine-name' and '+=' you confirm it's a problem ? Like:  'VARIABLE:machine-name += "xxx"'13:49
rburtonshort version: that doesn't work13:49
Tyaku_Because yesterday, this line 'ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND:machine-name += "something"' was breaking the content of ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND in our project,13:49
rburtonit actually emits a warning if you've a modern release13:50
landgrafTyaku_: bitbake -e output will explain you why the variable has that value and where it came from13:50
Tyaku_We are on hardknott13:50
rburtonin that case the += turns into =13:50
rburtonhardknott is eol but i'm sure you've been told that right13:50
Tyaku_We don't see any warning about it.13:50
rburton <-- dead since april 202213:50
Xogiumhuh, cool website13:52
RPWonderful. webkitgtk builds with qemu staging-8.1 but faults with staging-8.2 and master of qemu13:52
RPso it is probably an unknown regression13:52
RPanyone fancy bisecting qemu? :/13:53
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Xogiumoh, by the way, is poky the only repo with the entire reference manual and all of that ? I searched, but I didn't bind it anywhere else13:55
XogiumI struggle to refer to the all in one manual, and page by page isn't really ideal either in some cases. Turns out my screen reader can't handle the monstrous size of the mega manual13:56
rburtonXogium: poky is just other repos glued together13:57
rburton is the actual docs repo13:57
Xogiumso I was thinking maybe using it in txt format, if there is a way to output the whole thing into one giant txt file, then searching with nano. The console screen reader is much more resistant to big documents than the GUI one13:58
Xogiumooh, thanks :D13:58
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rburtonyou might be able to use sphinx to transform it to something more useful for a screen reader13:59
rburtonyeah sphinx has plain text output so shouldn't be difficult to make that happen13:59
Xogiumoh, that is nice. I'll check that out. Thanks so much :D13:59
XogiumI also found a minimal layer that bootlin has made for the simplest yocto setup possible, and while I definitely don't agree with their statement that stuffing everything inside one layer is fine in most cases and you shouldn't need to split the bsp from the rest, it seems good enough for me to use as a minimal base14:01
Xogiumand I lucked out because one of the two supported machines of this layer is stm32mp1 based :p14:02
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Xogiumso I'm not stuck with the vendor layer anymore14:04
Xogiumor well, entire bsp should I say14:04
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RP - I've created a bug for the qemu issue14:47
RPabelloni: ^^^14:47
abelloniok, thanks!14:48
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zeddiiconfigure:16298: error: Unable to detect path to OpenSSL trusted certificates16:01
* zeddii fixes his configure16:01
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simonewHi all16:13
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smurrayRP: having a discussion with some folks about how they're managing releases, and I'm wondering if there's something explicit in the documentation advising that needing nobranch is less than ideal?16:22
thomas_34Hi Guys. Could it be that the kernel of yocto build does not show anymore WHEN it has been built? (uname -a). Rather when the commit has been done of the source repo which is used to build the kernel?16:23
RPsmurray: are you saying that we need to add something? I'm sure we'd consider patches16:24
simonewSounds reassonable wrt of reproducible build to not display that16:24
RPthomas_34: that is configurable and is the issue around reproducible builds iirc16:26
thomas_34Ah okay. I got little heartattack because the kernel on my testing board says it has been build in december last year. That would mean my yocto is somehow broke, and I test wrong stuff for 2 weeks16:27
thomas_34RP, do you have any keyword which I can use to search for it? Some bitbake variable or something the kernel uses to fetch the time, which bitbake is faking?16:28
smurrayRP: no, perhaps not, I had mentioned in a discussion that "the community" recommends SRCREV commits be on a branch, was just checking if that was explicitly documented.  I can respond with statistics around how little nobranch is used16:28
RPsmurray: there was a lot of discussion when we mandated branch16:31
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smurrayRP: okay, I can look back in the mailing list archives in daisy timeframe16:32
RPthomas_34: SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in kernel.bbclass16:32
Saursmurray: For what its worth, we use nobranch=1 for all our recipes. We use Gerrit, and it is needed to be able to do SRCREV:pn-foobar = "refs/changes/..." to build a recipe with an open review.16:35
simonewthomas_34: set KERNEL_DEBUG_TIMESTAMPS to 116:36
smurraySaur: ouch, that sounds kind of nasty to me, tbh.  We use Gerrit in AGL, but I can't imagine doing that16:37
Saursmurray: How do you build with open reviews then?16:38
thomas_34Oh wow, thanks RP and simonew16:39
smurraySaur: for CI, you mean?  I don't know, actually, that's a dl9pf question16:40
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Xogiumis there any nice tool like kas to setup a nice bibtake/oe env ? I kind of like the simple approach of kas, but I struggle with using it orperly since yaml configuration is very, very easy to mess up with a screen reader since it does not care or warns about indentation16:55
Xogium*bitbake sorry for typo16:55
Xogiumor, maybe kas can take other input format like json ?16:56
simonewAlternatives could be repo or combilayer16:57
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simonewXogium, json is supported by kas16:59
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Xogiumsimonew: huh, where'd you see ? I searched and I somehow managed to totally miss that :D16:59
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simonew here first sentence :D17:01
Xogiumwell, darn17:02
XogiumI'd say I'm blind, but that is actually true17:02
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XogiumI probably accidentally skipped over it17:02
Xogiumoh well17:02
Xogiumthanks :D17:02
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Xogiumand here's why one shouldn't rely on chatgpt to do anything correctly even when asked :D17:09
XogiumI experimented and asked it to convert the yaml file I got from bootlin into json17:09
Xogiumit left the comments from the yaml format in the resulting json17:10
RPvmeson: I think the make load number we're using on the autobuilder might be a bit too low. I see it not starting jobs when it has system idle :/17:13
RPXogium: I'd not trust anything from chatgpt, it is dangerously inaccurate!17:14
XogiumRP: quite so17:15
simonewAnd it is becomming dumber with time even as studies show, lets see what it will retrun  in 6 months :D17:15
XogiumI guess I'll have to bother a sighted friend for them to translate the yaml to json... Unless there's a software that can do this somehow :p17:16
Xogiumsimonew: I agree17:16
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simonewxogium how about yq/jq have you checked if they will do the trick?17:18
XogiumI didn't know either of those XD learning something new every day17:19
simonewyq -p yaml -o json yamlfile or such might suffice17:21
rburtonthat should do the job17:22
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SaurRP: Have you thought any more about my patch for insane.bbclass? I have not seen any comments after my last mail on Monday.17:25
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RPSaur: I have, quite a bit :/17:25
RPSaur: I'll probably end up merging it and it will probably come back to haunt me :(17:26
RPSaur: the trouble is this could block us making other improvements/changes17:26
RPSaur: at such a time the fact I've taken the patch will be held against me17:26
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Xogiumsimonew: that is really weird. This command you gave to me does not seem to work on my end, there is neithe -p nor -o option in yq17:29
Xogiumbut that is all I can also find on internet :O17:29
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SaurRP: Assuming you accept the patch, what I would do is to let it be a warning for a while, e.g., until 5.0 is released. After that, move it to ERROR_QA. While it is of course still possible to turn off errors, it is much harder to do so and still be able to, e.g., send patches upstream as you then risk sending something that does not work.17:39
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simonewXogium, echo "hu: hach" > test.yaml, yq . test.yaml  gives me the expected json17:55
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Xogiumthis is weird17:59
Xogiumyq kept the comments too ! :D18:00
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Xogium"meta-kiss": "# Some useful lines you may want to copy to your site.conf for development\n# INHERIT += \"rm_work\"\n# EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = \"debug-tweaks\"\n"18:05
Xogiumthat got horribly mangled18:05
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* RP updates with the bisect results19:37
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landgrafoh. that's qemu-user...20:06
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RPlandgraf: yes, its a pain :(20:48
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landgrafI've got YP related job finally! Not sure if it's good or bad news for the project though :)20:51
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khemCongrats landgraf21:37
khemHopefully it will allow you time to contribute more to the upstream project21:37
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RPlandgraf: congrats :) Can you say more about anything you'll be doing out of interest?22:38
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landgrafRP: BalenaOS-like setup for computer vision on edge devices.22:48
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RPlandgraf: Sounds interesting, YP has gone to some interesting places!23:07
RPlandgraf: in due course we should see if we can add them to ?23:08
landgrafnote taken!23:12
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landgrafRP: another project user:
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RPlandgraf: interesting, I hadn't seen that23:23
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RPlandgraf: were you helping with that?23:33
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* RP just put a patch in master-next for qemu. The trouble is I have no idea what I'm doing, no clue what that code actually does23:35
landgrafRP: Not with this one. We had another (similar) project idea/PoC for automotive.23:37
RPlandgraf: this was always the weird contention point for the traditional distros vs YP23:37
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landgrafRP: Some of this came from simple misunderstanding IMO. I heard "Yocto is unmaintainable/unsupportable stuff for hobbists" or "It's so complex, we'll create 'Yocto killer' with bells and whistles" many times. The fact that bitbake builds RPMs under the hood and even uses dnf shocks Yocto-haters...23:51
RPlandgraf: that is probably true, there is a lot of misrepresentation out there23:52

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