Tuesday, 2024-02-27

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rboxi found list-packageconfig-flags.py but it seems to be listing everything... is there a way to restrict it to just the enabled packages?00:58
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kanavinRP: I'm not exactly sure what to do. I could add code to ignore such zombie files, but then this would mask the real issue and it may result in a completely different fail elsewhere if the calling code relies on the information about the file.09:05
kanavinbut if you're oka with that...09:10
kanavinI was also hoping there would be investigation from halstead first09:10
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kanavinRP: I'll write a patch that ignores the files, just so we have it available if needed10:55
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RPkanavin: thanks. There is also the question of the CDN issues. I think we're going to have to run the test twice, once to populate them and then secondly to verify them.11:11
RPkanavin: we think there is a bandwidth issue between the CDN nodes and the data centre. We're in the middle of planning a data centre move so resolving that is probably going to have to wait until after we've moved (May)11:12
kanavinCDN has been returning sporadic 5xx errors for bigger objects, I don't think that'll help11:13
RPkanavin: it is only on the first fetch, then it should work11:13
RPkanavin: it is because we can't get the data to the CDN nodes fast enough and the first one times out11:13
kanavinRP: patch sent11:16
RPkanavin: thanks11:30
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marexhalstead: hey, uh ... git clone https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky ... is again abysmally slow from Germany12:12
marexhalstead: could be isolated to Bavaria though12:12
marexhalstead: I am getting reports of 36 KiB/s , I can also reproduce it at 73 KiB/s12:12
marexit goes into the AMS datacenter per traceroute12:13
marexI am starting to suspect it is this f-ed12-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE12:15
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kanavinmarex, I have the same issue, except the machine is in Baden-Wurttemberg. No issues in Berlin.12:33
rburtonmcfrisk_: re "oeqa parselogs.py: load ignore files from sys.path", is there a problem with adding 'addpylib' to the layer that provides the tests?  It _does_ have a python library code in, as test cases.  I'm actively trying to move oeqa away from all the crazy and loading python code by hand is exactly the sort of thing i want to remove.12:36
rburton(i've an unsent patch to change the loader to use standard unittest discovery)12:37
mcfrisk_rburton: in my case there is no python library code to load, just oeqa tests. I can add this for sure, but the only need so far was to load the extra files needed by the oeqa test which were loaded differently.12:38
rburtonwell oeqa tests _are_ python code12:38
rburtonso you will need the change in the future when i rip out the next bit :)12:39
mcfrisk_yes, but have been loaded without addpylib. if you remove that, then they are python code and need it. I don't mind. debugging this was "interesting"12:39
rburtonyeah, for sure12:39
rburtonwriting it was 'fun' too as py 3.7/3.8/3.9/3.10 all behave slightly differently12:40
mcfrisk_yes, saw that. the APIs have changed a lot for file loading too.12:40
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RPmcfrisk_: I've held of merging that patch as I think we do need to move over to addpylib being the way to say "use these python bits"12:48
mcfrisk_RP: I don't mind. would be nice to have the paths somehow visible in "bitbake -e" output if users need to investigate why files are not found.12:50
mcfrisk_would be nice to re-use upstream poky etc tests but override some details like ignore list resource files12:51
RPmcfrisk_: I'd be happy to see some way to reflect the python path in a variable12:52
RPmcfrisk_: wasn't some of rburton's patches related to allowing layer changes to config like that?12:53
* RP fully supports rburton wanting to simplify the oeqa mess12:53
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mcfrisk_I don't strong opinions, just want things to work. currently addpylib details are not visible in bitbake -e output making errors in test and test resource loading a pain to debug12:55
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marexkanavin: I believe the problem is DT13:20
marexkanavin: telecom13:20
marexkanavin: mnet is fine from what I hear13:20
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kanavinmarex, yes, and I think I've seen that in daimler intranet too years ago which was connected via deutsche telekom as well if memory serves14:11
kanavinnot sure what to do about it14:11
kanavinthey're overpriced and arrogant anyway :)14:11
kanavinevery country seems to have one of those former government monopolists14:12
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RPmcfrisk_: that is relatively easy to fix14:14
marexkanavin: heh14:25
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Ad0home + end and norwegian letters worked fine in dunfell, but not in kirkstone15:20
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Guest18Hi all16:23
Guest18I want to remove sshd@.service file from its default install path which is /lib/systemd/system to some other location,/home/root/testdir to disable loading of service. Can someone provide me example how to do that(may be by using pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} or pkg_postinst_${PN} ??  )16:23
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rburtonGuest18: if you want to disable a service set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE="disable" in the recipe16:25
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Guest18As far as i know this will just stop launching of service but not loading which systemd will do during boot16:26
rburtonyou can use a do_install:append() to just delete the service file16:27
Guest18Can you tell how i can use do_install:append() to delete if you dont mind ?16:28
Guest18i am really not sure how to do so16:29
rburtondo_install:append() { rm -f ${D}${systemd_system_unitdir}/ssh*.service } will delete all of the service files16:30
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Guest18ok and how about copying sshd@.service file from its default install path which is /lib/systemd/system to some other location,/home/root/testdir ?16:31
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rburtonwhy would you want them in some other directory?16:32
rburtontrying to understand what you're _actually_ trying to do16:32
Guest18As my boot time is getting affected due to this and hence i will have to launch that service manually later may be by another script when my firmware is up16:33
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rburtonleave the units where they are (as otherwise systemd won't find them), don't start them on boot, and use a timer or some other unit to start it instead16:35
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Guest18but having  sshd@.service  in the path itself creating a problem for me as systemd is loading it though it is not getting launched16:43
Guest18Which is why i am thinking of copying of these files to some other path and once device is booted launch them with firmware itself16:44
Xogiumtbh I'd use something like socket activation for this16:46
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rburtonsystemd loading the file won't be taking any time16:47
Xogiumit parses the units once during boot, that is what may take the most time16:48
Xogiumbut other than that16:48
Xogiumthis took at most one second on a relatively slow stm32mp157c16:49
rburtonarguably if systemd parsing units is taking too much time, don't use systemd?16:49
Xogiumthat too16:50
rburtonwe have socket activation for sshd, the big pause is the 'generate host keys on first boot' bit16:50
Guest18I couldnt able to find now why it is taking more for me but when removed sshd i noticed its booting within time16:51
XogiumI mean if you do like I did for an experiment and build a minimal systemd along with as few services as possible, then rely on ubifs/ubi because spi flash of 128 MB, then yeah it will take time to boot ;) it will, but it will be slow (64 MB of ram)16:51
Xogiumfirst boot took 2 minutes :D16:51
Xogiumsubsequent boots were down to 40 seconds, surprisingly enough. I expected way worse for spi, not even qspi16:52
Guest18rburton yes first boot i understand but with every boot same story (i am storing keys to a preserve path so it wont generate keys again )16:54
rburtoni'd be digging out a system-wide profiler at this point16:54
rburton no point guessing what the problem is16:54
Xogiumanyway yeah socket activation would do something a la xinetd and would launch a tiny unit that listens on port 22 or whatever port you want to use for ssh, then once something actually tries to connect to this port systemd would launch the actual sshd16:54
Xogiumhuh, was it xinetd or just inetd ? I always forget16:55
Xogiumno need to move units with this method, and the actual sshd daemon will not launch at boot. Solves your problem in one go16:56
Guest18Xogium How ?16:57
rburtonwe already do socket activation16:58
rburton_but_ the socket unit depends on the key generation16:58
rburtonso yeah either 1) your key preservation isn't working or 2) this isn't the problem16:58
Guest18rburton 1) I have tried with diff and timestamp so verified preservation was fine17:00
Guest182) If this is not a problem then removing ssh is reducing my time drastically17:00
Guest18● sshd.service17:00
Guest18   Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/sshd; generated)17:00
Guest18   Active: inactive (dead)17:00
Guest18     Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8)17:00
Xogiumrburton: hm, my bad, sorry ! I didn't realized you already did17:00
Guest18Now, my service is just loaded and not started but still taking too long with this17:01
rburtonerm why is that saying its an init script, ssh has its own units17:02
Xogiumrburton: I smell a fork from some vendor17:02
Guest18rburton i am not sure why that is so, but i am able to see the sshd@.service in /lib/systemd/system which i believe responsible for loading of this ?17:05
rburtoni'd try adding DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED += "sysvinit" to your local.conf and seeing if that changes things17:06
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Guest18sure, thanks17:07
halsteadmarex: thanks, let's take another look.17:08
Guest18But still request you to tell me if anyway by which we can copy this file from  /lib/systemd/system to testdir as a last option17:09
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rburtonwell what we've discovered here is that the units are not being used anyway17:10
rburtonyou can use a do_install to copy the files, just like i showed you how to delete a file17:10
Guest18ok, thanks17:11
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simonewmarex: Do you also face issues with sstate fetching? That is also abnormal slow for me since the weekend...17:31
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marexsimonew: I have my own sstate locally, so I cannot tell18:03
marexsimonew: also in DE and going to AMS via DTAG ?18:03
marexhalstead: maybe there is just borked peering or DT does something to the traffic ?18:04
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simonewmarex: DE yes, DTAG no via kabel18:18
halsteadmarex: perhaps. It doesn't look like the host is overloaded at all.18:23
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pdlloydHi everyone. I am currently working on a Yocto-based project at my job that I inherited and I'm finding it pretty difficult to keep organized -- specifically with features and packages that get added, then removed, then added again, etc. on different layers, especially by vendors whose layers we don't have control over. Are there any established18:33
pdlloydways of managing problematic upstream layers or inspecting an equivalent "final" layer with all the overrides all in one place?18:33
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vmesonsqlelf is a somewhat interesting tool, even it it goes against my shell pipeline preference: sqlelf  explore Linux ELF objects through SQL   https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/21x/presentations/sql-approach-exploring-elf-objects  https://github.com/fzakaria/sqlelf18:43
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marexpdlloyd: bitbake-layers might help ?19:30
marexit can list overrides I think, and then bitbake -e I guess19:30
vmesonpdlloyd: Also, yocto-check-layer might help in that it should point out some vendor layer problems  https://docs.yoctoproject.org/test-manual/yocto-project-compatible.html19:32
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pdlloydgreat, thanks19:35
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Saurzeddii: I see you have an update to 1.1.11 staged for runc-opencontainers in meta-virtualization. Do you think 1.1.12 will make it in as  well in time for Scarthgap? It solves CVE-2024-21626, which is announced as a high-severity vulnerability. I can send a patch, but since you already have 1.1.11 staged I thought I'd ask first.20:07
zeddiiI'm updating them all right now, so I'll pick it up in the next couple of days20:13
Saurzeddii: Thank you, that sounds good.20:13
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pdlloydmarex, vmeson: I never knew about `bitbake-layers flatten`. This is something I can use to merge vendor changes into our company layers so we don't have to keep appending to their garbage20:15
pdlloydIn a related vein, I also want to encourage the company to more aggressively try to push changes upstream so we don't have to maintain mostly parallel forks of certain recipes forever.20:16
rburtonTIL that libcheck has a "make timeouts longer" button: https://libcheck.github.io/check/doc/check_html/check_4.html#Test-Timeouts.  Should we just integrate this into ptest-runner? Or the ptest test case?20:17
mischiefi think there is a weird bug in python3+libedit20:22
mischiefif one uses editline but not readline, then do_configure:prepend will just disable the module and it won't get build, even if we asked for editline. :( https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/python/python3_3.12.1.bb#n11620:24
rburtonsounds like a bug, you should fix it :)20:25
mischiefnow i am wondering if this is only a problem in our kirkstone tree, since it seems the default packageconfig in master is now editline :|20:29
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marex... or pick a vendor that maintains their layers well :)21:07
mischiefit is a bug in poky21:12
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