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meritoh weird - the matrix and irc aren't linked10:00
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merithi - sorry to crosspost from matrix10:33
merithow would I go about using source from inside a tarbal inside a zip inside a zip that's hosted on a remote server in a .bb recipe?10:34
meritadding it in "SRC_URI" seems straightforward enough, but I'm stumped on how I should unpack each successive layer - a custom "do_unpack"? "do_unpack_append"?10:35
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rburtoni'd add a do_unpack postfunc that did the rest of the unpackging10:38
rburtonbitbake will fetch and undo one layer of compression, you'll have to do the rest10:38
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merittried this, but it crashes claiming "Variable do_unpack_append contains an operation using the old override syntax."10:53
alperakPIP_INSTALL_PACKAGE is no longer used, but it is still present in some recipes. is there something i don't know or does it need to be cleaned?10:53
meritdo_unpack:append() ?10:55
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rburtondo_unpack is python, you can't just throw shell on it11:02
rburtonwhich is why i said use a postfunc11:03
rburtongrep for postfunc, you'll find examples in meta/11:03
rburtonalperak: obsolete, remove11:04
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meritoh, this is kinda funny11:10
meritthe url is making the uri parser blow up in fetch because it's got a query that's not "k=v" but just a param11:11
meritlike ""11:11
meritso I guess I have to implement my own "do_fetch"?11:12
rburtonescape the ?11:12
rburtonyou _should_ be able to escape it enough11:12
meritlike, with backslashes?11:17
rburtonits a url so %11:19
merityou're talking urlencodings?11:19
rburton? is %3F11:20
rburtonits probably the ; that is breaking, escape that11:22
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meritescaping the ? made new stuff break instead11:23
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meritit never made it past looking for a = on the query parm11:24
rburtontry just escaping the ;11:24
meritnot sure why11:27
meritbut, changing it back to11:27
merit(escaping only the semicolon)11:27
meritthat's fun11:31
meritit's the same error either way - invalid syntax11:31
rburtonthats not where i expected it to fail, can you pastebin the entire recipe11:33
rburtonas i said above you can't append shell to do_unpack11:35
rburtoninvalid syntax because you're putting shell on the end of a python function11:36
rburton:append is literally string concatenation.  do_unpack is python code.11:36
meritohhh, dang11:36
rburtonuse a postfunc instead11:36
rburton(see my messages at 11:02)11:36
meritso that's why you end up with a chimera of functions11:36
meritthanks for the patience11:37
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meritI am _very_ new at this whole ecosystem11:37
meritdid not realize that an _append'd function is literally string appended into the function11:37
rburtonsomehow expressing a url with query strings in a format that takes urls and then having to triple-unpack a compressed file isn't the easiest thing to do11:37
meritthought it was merely some sort of abstract hook11:37
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meritstarting to think that the answer, today, is to unpack it by hand11:38
meritdo the stupid build11:38
meritsend firmware to germany11:38
meritand go to sleep11:38
KanjiMonsterdownloadfilename is a parameter for the fetcher, not the webserver URI, so I don't think you need or should escape the semicolon. At least for me the url only works without it when I throw it at wget11:39
rburtonah true yeah11:39
rburtoni didn't pay complete attention and thought it was a parameter for the server11:40
rburtondownload urls that are all magic parameters for the server are the worst11:40
KanjiMonsteralso nice matroshka archive you get there, a tar.gz in a zip in a zip11:40
meritthe main part is that there's a server param that's making the uri parsing barf in the fetcher code in python11:40
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meritor at least, that's the problem with the uri11:41
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meritgiven the uri;downloadfilename=EGPL-T101.zip11:42
rburtonif I were going to rewrite yocto i'd not use URIs like this, but hey that's where we are11:43
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rburtonwhat if you escape the ? with %3F11:44
meritsame error11:45
rburtoncursed thing11:45
rburtoni hate URLs11:45
meritURI wakes up screaming11:45
meritwell, same error, slightly different11:46
meritlet me confirm11:46
KanjiMonsterpurely guessing from the output, it seems the code trips up about no seconds (or more) parameter via & if it's a query11:48
meritthat's the primary issue11:48
KanjiMonsterand no amount of escaping will fix that11:48
meritI guess the uri doesn't cause crashing after that11:48
meritif I escape, it just makes everything wrong for varying reasons11:48
meritie - escape the semicolon, and it can't get the params11:48
rburtonright you need the ; to be literal as that's for bitbake11:49
meritescape the ? and it's no longer sending a query11:49
KanjiMonsteryou could try adding a & at the end, at least that does not break the url when throwing it at the webserver (but may trip up the fetcher at a later stage)11:49
meritya - assumed bitbake stripped the ; stuff at the very top of the *init*11:49
meritI could add nonsense value and see if the server cares11:49
KanjiMonsterit does11:50
meritit cares if the value has a value11:52
meritbut bitbake survives when I add the trailing =11:52
KanjiMonstermerit: there's a hidden __VIEWSTATEGENERATOR parameter where you can pass anything, e.g. "" works11:52
KanjiMonstermight trip up their statistics, but who cares ;D11:53
meritnow, to actually add some unpacking11:54
rburtonthat feels like a bitbake fetcher bug trying to come out11:56
rburtonlooks good12:00
meritstill not seeing any .ko nuggets in my rootfs12:01
rburtonoe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -r [recipe name]12:03
rburtonverify it actually build stuff and put it in a package12:03
meritjust blew everything away in case bb doesn't know to do that12:04
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rburtonso yeah the url parser assumes that a query string is a key-value mapping12:06
rburtonbut that's not actually required and typically URLs you fetch don't have them12:06
rburtonso congrats you found a bug, i have a test case12:07
meritlol yay12:08
rburtonhm interestingly enough the last change to this code was me, three years ago, fixing what sounds like the same issue12:09
rburtonah no different issue12:10
meritthought it was working, then ran bb against the recipe standalone12:16
meritnow I'm running into stuff like license requirements12:16
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KanjiMonsterthere is one at the end of the README.txt12:18
KanjiMonsterI'm positively surprised, the driver files have SPDX tags12:19
KanjiMonstermerit: btw, the code here is identical to what's contained in the zip12:23
KanjiMonsterI checked out the repo, copied over all files, and git only showed an untracked file "release_notes.txt", but no file changes12:24
KanjiMonstermight be a bit less hassle12:24
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meritnot quite _everything_12:32
meritthe readme on the zip file has the license replaced with "uhh, we totally do GPL2"12:33
meritvs "this is not free software but it doesn't cost money" on the official12:33
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merit"/bin/sh: 1: unzip: not found"12:37
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rburtonmerit: do_fetch[depends] += "unzip-native:do_populate_sysroot"12:49
rburtonbut i'd definitely be grabbing the git repo!12:50
KanjiMonstermerit: huh? both README.txt files in the zip file are identical to the one in the github repo12:55
KanjiMonsterand all (build relevant) files in the zip and repo have a GPL-2.0-only SPDX tag, so claiming GPL 2.0 seems to be correct12:59
KanjiMonstermerit: though I guess you mean this:
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meritok... finally got it running13:23
meritnot sure where this has my actual OS build, but the recipe cooks13:24
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meritthanks for everything13:34
meritit's so far... building13:34
meritso at least it's not broken yet13:34
meritand I've still got like... a few hours I might even be able to sneak in for sleep13:34
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rburtonmerit: what's your email? I'd like to cc you on a patch if that's okay.13:47
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rburtonmerit: never mind. would be useful if you could test that solves your problem if you remove the url bits you added14:21
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meritcrap, just decided to give up and sleep for the "night"14:24
meritsystem image finished building with no sign of my ko14:24
rburtonmerit: did you add it to your image?14:24
rburtonbuilding a recipe != putting it into image14:25
meritI dropped it into the spot where the vendor said to drop the recipe14:25
rburtonyou add a package to an image by using IMAGE_INSTALL in the image recipe14:25
rburtonhaving a recipe available just means you can build that recipe. having built a recipe just means you _can_ put the packages into an image.14:26
vvnis there a best practice for DISTRO_VERSION? single word vs semantic numbers, etc.14:33
rburtonyour choice, it just gets written out in various places14:34
vvnis it ok to follow the yocto project version? e.g. mickledore/4.2 in order to give a clue on which yocto version you're based on witout needing to providing a compatibility table?14:35
rburtoni guess nobody can stop you :)14:36
vvnjust talking about conventions and best practices here rburton :)14:36
* vvn is wondering what the industry does regarding distro versioning14:38
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rburton"it depends" i guess.  if you've got an actual product you might want to bump major version when you want to, not when yocto does.14:38
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vvngood point14:39
vvnone should refer to VERSION_ID= from os-release(5) then14:40
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johnro1987Hello guys, I have yocto enviroment(dunfell) with  external toolchains.For development I am building an SDK (to run in docker and do smaller projects compilation).In this generated SDK I am missing some files compared to that external toolchains install. I am mostly interested in ASAN suport.My compilation against the generated SDK  fail because15:07
johnro1987is missing libasanpre_init.o . Is there are any fix for this?15:07
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paulg"WARNING: Host distribution "ubuntu-18.04" has not been validated with this version of the build system"15:41
paulgsplitting hairs, but that is factually not true.15:41
paulgit may not be officially supported, but I guarantee you there are clowns like me still "validating" it works.15:42
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roussinmIs it possible to have 2 target sdk from one shar? Or do we have to deploy 2 different sdk?15:47
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RPpaulg: it isn't in our test matrix so it isn't officially tested16:11
paulgI know - I get it, and I'm largely being a jerk (imagine that?) - just sayin our message doesn't say what you just said - that release/distro XYZ isn't officially supported.16:15
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JaMapaulg: you don't test it often or deep enough as I haven't seen you reporting or fixing issues when patchelf got broken for 18.04 or when qemu-native stopped building16:34
JaMabeing able to finish some small build from time to time isn't validation (and that's me being a jerk :))16:38
RPpaulg: I'm open to patches to change it to something different16:44
paulgApparently I'm just a sponge/leech and I don't send patches.  :-P16:45
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RPpaulg: sucker? :)16:46
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mischiefis there a nice way to make perf use my unpacked source tree from `devtool modify` for the kernel? it seems STAGING_KERNEL_DIR isnt overridden..19:16
mischiefalso, why doesn't yocto build systemd-native for things like systemd-sysusers, systemctl?19:28
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rburtonmischief: because for the limited systemctl we need its easier to reimplement a small script than manage to build a minimal systemd.  last time i tried it wasn't possible to build _just_ the tools.19:52
mischiefrburton: well, i think the 'sysusers' code is somewhat broken, in kirkstone at least20:06
rburtonfile a bug then :)20:07
rburtonpresumably that's the logic in meta/classes-recipe/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass20:07
rburtonthough the point of sysusers is that it doesn't actually do much at build time surely20:08
mischiefah, i guess that got fixed in 2023 for the main branch.20:08
mischieftho it still appears to be some python goo, instead of shell goo now :-)20:09
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merit < this was my yocto20:55
vvnIs mediamtx packaged somewhere?21:02
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meritok, rburton, I've tracked down where I think the image is being put together and appended onto the IMAGE_INSTALL21:20
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vvnI guess I'll have to write a recipe for mediamtx. Does someone recommend a go-based recipe I could use as a reference?21:54
mischiefprepare for sadness - with go modules, tracking down the dependencies is rather difficult, and you require network access at compile time unless you are careful21:56
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vvnmischief: luckily there are standalone precompiled releases to download22:07
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mischiefif that is acceptable to you, that might be easier.22:10
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meritwell,s hoot23:06
meritI think I'm getting closer23:06
meritnow I've got the module building and failng because it's grabbing kernel headers from my system instead of the device root23:06
rburtonif your following the guide for building an out of tree module that should just work, so you might have makefiles which hardcode /usr or something in them23:13
merittried this: "arager@churchill:~/src/fsl-auto-yocto-bsp/build_s32r45evb$ bitbake -e fsl-image-auto  | grep -e '^KERNEL_.*='"23:13
meritit's giving me "bitbake -e fsl-image-auto  | grep -e '^KERNEL_.*='23:14
meritmight have overshared a little23:14
rburtonfollow that if you're not already23:14
rburtonif you are then congratulation you've found broken makefiles, and you need to fix them23:14
* rburton -> bed23:14
meritI'm following that, but I get this in my build log as the makefile line called:23:15
meritmake -j4 -C /lib/modules/5.15.0-97-generic/build M="/home/arager/src/fsl-auto-yocto-bsp/build_s32r45evb/tmp/work/s32r45evb-fsl-linux/egpl-t101-mod/0.1-r0/git" modules23:15
meritI'll figure it out23:15
merit < says I need to add kernel headers to sdk23:15
mischief/lib/modules/5.15.0-97-generic is your host kernel?23:16
meritthanks for all the pointers23:16
meritit's been invaluable23:16
merit"Linux LOCALHOST 5.15.0-97-generic #107~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 9 14:20:11 UTC 2024 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"23:16
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has joined #yocto23:17
mischiefi *think* its supposed to be pointing into .. build/tmp/work-shared/$MACHINE/kernel-source23:17
mischiefperhaps your module makefile hardcodes /lib/modules/$(uname -r), or you forgot to pass it in in your recipe..23:18
meritnot much to the module recipe23:22
meritnobody hardcoding against any headers in particular23:23
meritKDIR isn't being set23:24
mischiefperhaps you can stuff it in EXTRA_OEMAKE23:55
mischiefwe have a class in our layer that just replaces do_compile for out of tree modules, since most of ours have broken makefiles23:59

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