Wednesday, 2024-04-03

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moto-timoPeople do change employers and yet retain nicks.03:12
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thomas_34Good morning, does someone know whats the "safest" way to check if a variable is empty or not set? Does oe.utils provide a function for that?07:56
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mckoanthomas_34: do you mean in a recipe?09:07
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rudynotfoundhey there i am looking forward to be a yocto developer , how can i get started?09:14
usviget a devkit, good book and start hacking09:15
rudynotfoundhacking what09:16
usviwriting and changing code, compiling, running and debugging09:16
JaMarudynotfound: you can start with
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rudynotfoundahhhhhhhhhhh thanks09:17
rudynotfoundi use arch btw09:17
rudynotfoundalso making my own independent distro and using yocto in the kernel so i cannot take a risk of it not being secured so i planned to join the project itself to be sure of its security and stuff09:18
rudynotfoundchat has been really quiet09:19
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ldywickistrange ;-)09:20
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usviits the nature of this chat that there are sometimes more messages and sometimes less09:20
rudynotfoundirc very complicated09:20
ldywicki@rudynotfound I do use arch, but never really made any build of it beyond several packages. Do you use arch as a base for your distro?09:20
rudynotfoundno i would use lfs09:20
ldywickito be precise I use manjaro09:21
rudynotfoundgonna create its own base09:21
rudynotfoundi work at endeavour os community edition hyprland09:21
rudynotfoundbut i use vanilla arch09:21
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ldywickiI see, irc was a great place in the past, nowadays most of chats moved to more modern tools, but irc is still great. It is much less distracting than stuff with mobile apps.09:22
rudynotfounddiscord replaced it seriously09:23
rudynotfoundimma go install arch again lol09:24
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ldywickiper say you do not need arch, you can try to conduct build using container to spin bitbake09:25
ldywickiI use also a tool called kas which is quite handy to assemble build config09:26
ldywickianyhow, you probably know more about linux development than myself, throwing tooling just so you have idea :)09:26
rudynotfoundits what i use i do not wanna use windows but my school got ms office so i cannot even leave it09:26
rudynotfoundi sometimes feel like erasing disk and installing arch like i love linux and tux is friendly with me since my drivers are opensource even the gpu and the processor09:27
ldywickiyou can run, you can hide, ms office will find you09:28
rudynotfoundmy classmates even barely know how to update windows09:28
rudynotfoundi am like the hacker in the class09:29
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rudynotfoundfedora would be better for these stuff ig? because it got more options for development?09:29
rudynotfoundbecause thats what torvalds use09:29
ldywickinot sure, most of linux distros will provide you a way to pull development tools, and with bitbake you need mostly standard stuff as all heavy lifting (like cross compilation) happens inside of the build.09:32
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opalfruitHi, just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, i can see aarch64-poky-linux-gcc exists,  which i believe i'm using to build the kernel/rootfs programs, but i'm trying to also install arm-poky-linux-gcc so the host can also compile armhf programs, which i was trying to do using DEPENDS, but i keep getting close matches only listing  aarch64-poky-linux-gcc, anyone got any ideas?09:35
rudynotfoundwhat is your yocto env?09:37
opalfruiti'm using kirkstone, if that's what you mean?  i did just noticed it also lists virtual/arm-none-eabi-gcc-native, but not sure if that would be the right compiler to compile u-boot09:39
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rudynotfoundyou are doing everything right09:40
thomas_34mckoan, I mean in a config. For example to append something to OVERRIDES09:42
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ldywicki@opalfruit this might depend on MACHINE variable, the arm-poky-linux-gcc will require different target than aarch6409:52
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opalfruitldywicki:  thanks,  could i possibly add a different MACHINE variable to the particular .bb file i want to use armhf, rather than using multiple conf files  and multiconfig?10:00
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ldywicki@opalfruit this I don't know, but you can swap variable without changing checkout directory, it will cause recompilation to new architecture and re-use of some state (and downloads), the work directory is smart enough to distinguish both.10:02
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ldywickiyou will end up with another rootfs image, but work directory will contain also packages (if you configured package managed) to be deployed onto this architecture10:03
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alessioigorShould we stop to use tarballs?10:17
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Fahadcan yocto generated image use package repo of other linux distro having compatible format?10:53
Fahadfor example, if build system is configured to use deb package format, can Ubuntu's apt packages repo be used?10:53
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ldywickigenerated packages are compatible with other distros till some degree (their format is the same), however dependency paths often do not match. When I generated apt package with yocto I could use it with ubuntu/raspbian but had to force install due to "unresolved" dependencies. For me it was not an issue (package not bound to architecture), but for other cases it won't be that easy.11:42
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DvorkinDmitryI found that i need to manually disable a couple of classes in openembedded-core/meta/classes/ by moving they filenames names to because some other layer is replacing them unsuccessfully. Is there are any other possibility to do the same in OE/Yocto settings variables?11:59
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SaurDvorkinDmitry: If you  want a bbclass to actually not do anything, you can put an empty version of it in a layer you control. Do note that the order bbclasses are searched for is based on BBPATH so typically your layer needs to be specified earlier in BBPLAYERS than the layer which bbclass you want to override.12:06
DvorkinDmitrySaur, there are rust* and cargo* classes are redefined in additional layer. I need to switch off the same classes from OE completely.12:07
SaurDvorkinDmitry: bitbake will only read a bbclass once, so either it will read it from the additional layers or it will read it from OE. Which one is read depends on the order in BBLAYERS.12:09
DvorkinDmitrySaur, aha! and... is there are any mechanism to avoid reading several .bbclass files from OE layer?12:10
SaurDvorkinDmitry: If the classes are read from your additional layers, they will not be read from OE.12:14
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DvorkinDmitrySaur, ok. so only layers order12:14
JaMadoesn't BBMASK work for bbclasses as well?12:15
SaurDvorkinDmitry: Well, technically the order in BBPATH, but since most layers append to it, it mostly matches the order in BBLAYERS.12:16
DvorkinDmitrythank you, Jama and Saur! I'll try12:16
SaurJaMa: No idea, I had not considered that. If it does, that is great.12:17
Guest80This is my first time here - I am seeking a place to ask a yocto build question...Do I just post it here ? what is the correct protocol12:17
JaMaI really don't know, but someone used that in one of our layers (to my surprise), trying now12:18
JaMaand looks like BBMASK doesn't work for bbclasses12:18
SaurGuest80: You are in the correct place. Just go ahead and ask.12:18
SaurJaMa: :(12:19
SaurGuest80: If you want to post longer stuff like logs, then make sure to use pastebin or similar.12:20
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JaMaDvorkinDmitry: Saur: yes the documentation and code is quite clear that BBMASK is only for recipes and bbappends, sorry for confusion12:22
Guest80I am learning and very very new.... I was to able to build the poky distribution without issue. I then want to build a 3.1 Dunfell version in support of the IMX6 from Variscite. So I am following the build procedures from them...  I am using a VM on Mac and Ubuntu as the host OS.   I am receiving bitbake errors and I think I am missing something12:22
Guest80very basic. Any chance someone may know how to point me in the right direction.   here are the errors.....12:22
DvorkinDmitryJaMa, ah!12:23
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Guest80parallels@ubuntu-linux-22-04-02-desktop:~/var-fslc-yocto/fslc-framebuffer_build$ bitbake core-image-minimal12:23
Guest80Traceback (most recent call last):12:23
Guest80  File "/home/parallels/var-fslc-yocto/sources/poky/bitbake/bin/bitbake", line 19, in <module>12:23
Guest80    import bb12:23
Guest80  File "/home/parallels/var-fslc-yocto/sources/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 75, in <module>12:23
Guest80    import bb.msg12:23
Guest80  File "/home/parallels/var-fslc-yocto/sources/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 19, in <module>12:23
Guest80    import bb.event12:23
Guest80  File "/home/parallels/var-fslc-yocto/sources/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 22, in <module>12:23
Guest80    import bb.compat12:23
Guest80  File "/home/parallels/var-fslc-yocto/sources/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 7, in <module>12:23
Guest80    from collections import MutableMapping, KeysView, ValuesView, ItemsView, OrderedDict12:23
Guest80ImportError: cannot import name 'MutableMapping' from 'collections' (/usr/lib/python3.10/collections/
mckoanGuest80: please use pastebin12:24
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mckoanGuest80: as you may read here the distro for '3.1 Dunfell' is Ubuntu 18.04
JaMaGuest80: it was fixed in newer bitbake, check git log and backport necessary commit (or better upgrde to supported version of OE)12:28
JaMae2be6defb remove file since it no longer actually implements anything12:29
JaMaincluded since bitbake 1.48.012:30
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Guest80Ok I created a pastebin account for next time - thanks12:31
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Guest80Ok I will try it with a docker container and 18.04 - thanks for the guidance.12:37
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thomas_34A short question: Why is always "=." used, when OVERRIDES or MACHINEOVERRIDES are modified? Why not OVERRIDES:append = "foo" ?14:04
mckoanthomas_34: in case "=." is a prepend14:12
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thomas_34Okay... I thought maybe the variable expansion time matters here14:21
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Guest12Can someone explain to me why the variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the reproducible_build.bbclass class is added to the BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST? -> In the recipe for systemd, the variable is used to set the time epoch for the package during the configure task. Since the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH variable is added to the BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST, the systemd recipe14:50
Guest12is not rebuilt when the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is changed.14:50
neverpanicSOURCE_DATE_EPOCH changing alone is typically not considered enough to trigger a rebuild of a package. If none of the other inputs changed, why rebuild just because SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH changed?14:54
neverpanicOn the other hand, SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH should usually be derived from the source tree, so if SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH changes, didn't your source tree also change, which should trigger the rebuild?14:54
RPneverpanic: SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH clamps the output timestamps so it can and does affect the output15:09
Guest12SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set globally in the reproducible_build.bbclass and I want to use the variable to set the time globally for a build of an image. My problem is that in a build with a changed SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH systemd is not rebuilt and is used from my sstate cache.15:09
Guest12if the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH changes and systemd is configured with a different time epoch, then this affects the systemd application, i.e. the binary and behaviour changes15:10
neverpanicRP: I never claimed it doesn't. I'm just saying, it shouldn't be an input on its own.15:11
RPneverpanic: right, agreed. I think I misread some of the context15:11
gmorell.w 215:12
RPGuest12: for a given set of inputs, the output should always be deterministic (reproducible). In general we automatically set SDE to something that is deterministic so it isn't used as an input. It isn't intended to be set manually15:12
neverpanicGuest12: Sounds like you'reholding S_D_E wrong, then. The entire point is to avoid a dependency on the current build time by using the value from S_D_E instead. If you are changing S_D_E, but the other inputs to the systemd build do not change, that breaks the entire purpose of S_D_E.15:13
neverpanicAlso, it would be a major footgun if changing SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH caused systemd to rebuild, which then in turn caused every dependent of systemd to rebuild. You'd be recompiling half of your userland for a timestamp.15:14
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Guest12For me, a reproducible build means exactly that for a given set of inputs, the output should always be deterministic (reproducible). Which is clearly violated by changing S_D_E or time_epoch of systemd. Wouldn't it make sense, if S_D_E is not suitable, to use another variable so that the build of systemd is deterministic?15:23
Guest12The rebuild of systemd and recompiling half of userland recipes is a logical consequence of this and also happens with every other minor change to systemd.15:24
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neverpanicFortunately there's a great definition of what it means for a build to be reproducible alrady, which I know because I helped write it:
neverpanicNote that it says "given the same build environment", and "The relevant attributes of the build environment […] are defined by the authors or distributors."15:27
RPGuest12: The key thing is the SDE isn't a user set input, the system deterministicly determines it15:27
neverpanicYocto (and everybody else) just happens to be defining this as SDE is part of the build environment, if you want to reproduce a build, you'll have to use the same SDE.15:28
neverpanicMaybe if you want an image with a newer /etc/timestamp, you should write a systemd.bbappend that deletes it from systemd and add a separate recipe that creates it from scratch, one that will always be rebuilt.15:30
neverpanicThat would solve your problem, while still leaving the systemd recipe reproducible, and at the same time, you'll avoid the userspace rebuild.15:31
Guest12Ok all right thanks, then I misunderstood the definition of SDE. I will make a workaround for my "problem"15:32
JaMameta/classes/image-buildinfo.bbclass is also useful to provide timestamp of the image build and even there it's questionable if the image should re-run do_rootfs just because of the timestamp (if you're using reproducible build artifacts names which don't want to rebuild kernel and images every second)15:45
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thomas_34Sorry for that noob question: What is the correct approach to put the image in a subfolder? According to this ( I should not modify it within my image recipe.15:50
thomas_34I would like to do something like this: DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE = ${DEPLOY_DIR}/images/${MACHINE}/{PN_of_my_image}15:50
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khemlike some story -
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yudjinnhello, I'm having an issue while trying to setup the layerindex on an internal network, can someone help?18:32
yudjinnwe have some protected repos that we'd like to use in it, and I've added an ssh-key to the container, but it still gives a permissions issue. I've gone and attached to the layerapp container using docker exec and ran the exact same commands (just importing the utils.runcmd that the fetch_repo uses) and it works as expected, but it fails when run from within the web-ui with "Could not read from remote18:34
* ldywicki @khem nice story, do we have a patch in oe? ;)18:35
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RPIf anyone wanted to help with a likely deterministic selftest failure, probably from a recent upstream git repo change:
RPldywicki: we didn't upgrade to that version thankfully21:06
RP"oe-selftest -r devtool.DevtoolAddTests.test_devtool_add_git_style2" should reproduce that21:11
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