Thursday, 2013-03-14

-yocto-ab-bot- build #115 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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boost_how to use if condition in .bb  files07:15
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mckoangood morning09:45
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mcfriskin denzil at least, changing included files does not result in .bb recompilations. Is this fixed in newer yocto releases? Maybe I could cherry-pick the change..11:10
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otavioSomeone has any clue why this fails to build?
otaviomcfrisk: yes it does11:52
otaviomcfrisk: but you can only really use it in upcoming 1.4 (master branch actually)11:52
otaviomcfrisk: danny has initial work for it but it is not complete11:52
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mcfriskotavio: ok, thanks.12:17
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mcfriskhmm, I have image build failures with meta-ti where x-loader binary symlinks are not created by do_deploy from When should the do_deploy run when it has "inherit deploy" and "addtask deploy before do_package after do_install"?13:47
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waynrotavio: looks like the linker couldn't find the correct pthread libraries when building avahi (fails on do_compile: /srv/home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-slave/nightly-fsl-arm/build/build/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/avahi/0.6.31-r6.1/temp/log.do_compile.20324)14:07
waynrotavio: looks like the sam problem occurred when building rpm: /srv/home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-slave/nightly-fsl-arm/build/build/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/rpm/5.4.9-r61/temp/log.do_compile.135314:07
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waynrlooks like this build succeeded: might be a good place to start looking for problems14:25
soldoKynhi all! i've made a receipe where in do_install() I install a file with: "install -m 0755 swing-app.jar ${D}/${bindir}" and then change ownership with "chown -vR client:client ${D}${bindir}/swing-app.jar "14:25
soldoKynthe log.do_install stats that swing-app.jar changed from root:root to client:client, but in the rootfs is still root:root ownership...I'm doing wrong something?14:25
otaviowaynr: the problem this is not easy to reproduce14:26
otaviowaynr: for example I never been able to reproduce it in my build system14:26
waynrsoldoKyn: in the do_install task you are not yet actually in the rootfs that you are creating so running "chown" will not give you the result you are looking might want to try a post install task which should happen on first boot if i remember correctly14:27
waynrotavio: yeah i am running a similar build for one of my devices that does not fail. are you saying that if you were to re-run this build manually using the same configuration files and for the same actual image it might not fail?14:28
otaviowaynr: yes14:28
waynrotavio: that sounds like it could be a problem where the avahi package does not explicitly depend on eglibc somehow but i'm not sure...if this were true, then sometimes eglibc would finish building before avahi, sometimes not14:29
soldoKynwaynr: ok, I'll search for some documentation about post install features...thank you!14:32
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otaviowaynr: the problem is that we do not depends on libc in all packages, and all them work fine14:37
otaviowaynr: so something weird is happening there14:37
otaviowaynr: but I have no clue what14:37
mcfriskotavio: maybe linker script is overwriting CLFAGS?14:38
otaviomcfrisk: maybe; but when it happens sometimes?14:38
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mcfriskI've seen some bad inhouse code where only some CMakeLists.txt files were overwriting default CFLAGS, and this worked as long as default compiled options were ok. But not when soft/hard float changes came in.14:39
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mcfriskhow to set a deploy dependency? image creation needs x-load binaries under tmp/deploy/images/ but they are not there after build.15:18
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-yocto-ab-bot- build #278 of meta-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed shell_33 shell_47] Build details are at
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mcfriskhow can "inherit autotools" result in build failures, systemd configure script failing to find working <limits.h>. Are there some autotools dependencies to the build host?17:31
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Crofton|workhalstead, ping18:06
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-yocto-ab-bot- build #116 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed shell_33 shell_36 shell_38 shell_40 shell_42 shell_71 shell_74 shell_76 shell_78 shell_80 shell_109 shell_112 shell_114 shell_116 shell_118] Build details are at
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otavioHow I can use bitbake -S to dump the signatures of a package?18:43
kergothrun it. then look in the stamps directory18:44
JaMaotavio: maybe you'll find this useful too openembedded-core/scripts/sstate-diff-machines.sh18:45
JaMaI use it to create "backups" if I'm later wondering what invalidated a lot of checksums18:45
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otavioJaMa: I am checking why avahi is maybe rebuild18:50
otaviobut I fail to see why18:50
otavioJaMa: --tmpdir=tmp --machines="imx53qsb imx6qsabresd" --targets=avahi18:50
otavioJaMa: no output in the end of the processing18:50
JaMaotavio: see tmp/sstate-diff/*timestamp*18:51
otavioJaMa: so this should print it in the end ;-)18:51
JaMapatches welcome :)18:51
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JaMasomething does not like me today, a lot of do_package tasks fails with NameError: global name 'pkgfiles' is not defined, in debian.bbclass and I don't remember updating something which should cause this, anyone else seing those too?19:37
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-yocto-ab-bot- build #854 of nightly-mips is complete: Failure [failed shell_39] Build details are at
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waynrso i want to fill out this page:
waynrI have an idea of how to start but first i need to know what hashing algorithm passwd uses by default21:54
waynrI think it might be DES, at least on the image i have built so far21:54
waynrI see in base-passwd-3.5.26 that there is no root password initially21:57
waynrand then if debug-tweaks or whatever is not installed it gets replaced with "*" which leaves the root user inaccessible on first boot21:58
waynri suppose i could just use a post install function for base-passwd that replaces /etc/passwd in the destination dir with a custom one that i create21:59
frayuse a post install function that sed's the passwd file (or shadow) and changes the root PW.. that's what I've done22:00
waynrdoes the hash function used to do this matter?22:01
frayit can..  but what I've done in the past is just cleared it.. booted the taget.. set the pw to something I wanted.. and then captured the result for the sed..22:01
fraya bit of a roundabout way of doing it, but it worked22:01
waynryeah that is what i will do but it seems like it might be better in the long run and for documentation purposes to create a function that does this22:02
frayat one point we had discussed it (on the oe-core list) but I'm not sure if it was ever implemented..22:03
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frayI know adduser/addgroup can be done w/o a sed.. but I don't know about the password change22:03
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waynri am thinking of a variable, say ROOT_PASSWD, that if present during base-passwd post install will be hashed and sed'd into /etc/passwd22:05
frayshould be fairly easy to implement..... but you should check if the 'passwd' program supports the --root argument.. if it does.. it is -really- easy to implement22:05
frayotherwise, updating passwd is needed so both shadow and non-shadow are easily supported22:06
waynryeah i am logged into the filesystem now and I don't see the "--root" option22:06
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fraynot in the filesystem.. it's in the shadow-native22:08
frayAdd a --root command option to the following utilties:22:08
fray* useradd22:08
fray* groupadd22:08
fray* usermod22:08
fray* groupmod22:08
fray* userdel22:08
fray* groupdel22:08
fray* passwd22:08
fray* gpasswd22:08
fray* pwconv22:08
fray* pwunconv22:08
fray* grpconv22:08
fray* grpunconv22:08
frayso yes.. passwd and gpasswd are already patched..22:09
frayquestion is what is the right argument set to set the passwd..22:10
fraylooks like:22:10
frayecho <passwd> | passwd --root $D root22:10
frayas a post-install will work22:10
frayI knew we discussed this, just wasn't sure how to do it..22:11
frayoops.. the args are wrong.. try:22:11
frayecho <passwd> | password --root $d --stdin root22:11
kergothah, that's way better than patching passwd/shadow. that'd be nice to have a var that enables that easily22:11
fray(make that -$D)22:11
frayend of the day and apparently I can't type22:12
frayecho <passwd> | password --root $D --stdin root22:12
fraythere that should work as a post-image scirpt22:12
waynrmust be the carpal tunnels22:12
*** sgw1 <sgw1!~sgw@> has joined #yocto22:12
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fray(you can also set group passwords and such in the same way, I think)22:13
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC22:16
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto22:17
*** kmacleod <kmacleod!> has joined #yocto22:24
waynris there a way to specify a function in base-passwd that runs after the full image sysroot has been populated?22:30
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*** lh <lh!lhawthor@osuosl/staff/lh> has joined #yocto22:33
waynrfray: i tried running the command you specified from both the do_install which is wrong because $D here does not have etc/passwd but usr/share/base-passwd/passwd.master and base_passwd_sstate_postinst which is wrong because passwd attempts to chroot into the directory specified by '--root'22:33
waynrwhen you said "post-image" script is that what you were referring to? I suppose this does not have to be done from the base-passwd recipe, it could be done from an image22:34
*** puffin <puffin!> has quit IRC22:38
fraysorry.. ya, under do_install it's $IMAGE_ROOTFS  that always trips me up22:41
waynrdo_install for base-passwd?22:41
fraylook at meta/classes/image.bbclass22:42
frayyou should be able to do something like: IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append = " echo password | password -root ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} --stdin root ;"22:42
fray(may have to be prepend..)22:42
frayBTW that goes in your local.conf file -- or you custom image recipe22:43
frayand not do_install, I -meant- do_rootfs22:43
frayman, I am just not awake today22:43
mranostayfray: WAKE UP!22:44
fraynot working.. :P22:45
mranostaybeen up since 4:30a here..22:45
fraynot here.. drove the kid to school this morning at 7.. went back to bed at 7:30 and woke up late for my 10am meeting..22:46
waynrcool, i think I understand :) maybe22:46
fraybeen in a fog ever since22:46
kergothshouldn't that be a rootfs postprocess, not an image postprocess?22:47
* kergoth yawns22:47
frayHmm.. you may be right..22:47
frayit needs to run against the rootfs before anything else has mangled it..22:47
fray(but after the package post install scripting has run)22:47
frayya.. ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND looks like it'll work22:48
frayya.. he's right.. IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is too late..22:48
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kergothI'm pretty sure today is really a Monday in disguise.22:52
mranostaykergoth: every day since i've started working.... :)22:55
kergothis each one worse thaan the one before it?22:57
mranostayoh yea22:57
mranostayso today is the worst day of your life?22:57
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waynr:\ no --stdin option for passwd, the build just hands23:10
waynrback to the drawing board23:11
halsteadCrofton|work, pm?23:13
waynrokay so hashing the contents of $ROOT_PASSWD then conditionally sed the $D/usr/share/base-passwd/passwd.master seems likely...only problem is, will need to use some hashing function available in the sysroot23:14
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kergothwaynr: i'd think it'd be better to just patch the native passwd to allow stdin password input :)23:26
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waynrkergoth: i just came to that conclusion myself x.x gonna work on it now23:38
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