Friday, 2013-03-15

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waynrokay, compiles just need to verify works00:34
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waynri went with adding an optional parameter "--password" since that seemed simpler than --stdin00:34
kergotharg could be slightly more dangerous, as it could be seen in a ps if it was run at the right time, generally speaking00:35
kergothnonissue in this case, but potentially a concern if you want to usptream00:35
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waynrthis doesn't seem like the kind of functionality that upstream would want00:44
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waynr(or maybe i am lazy)00:47
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waynrah works01:30
* waynr eats a celebratory spoonful of peanut butter01:31
rburton__waynr: good choice01:31
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waynri just realized .... passwd --root /path/to/other/root --pass `/path/to/password_generator` would not reveal the password in ps03:21
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boost1automatic de-ANSI-fication support has been removed05:10
boost1configuaration error05:10
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boost1when we build any module ,cloned source will be stored in downloads folder (in archieve format)...when i build the same module again after some days, will it fetch the latest source ??07:07
zeckeboost1: for sources from SCMs like git, subversion it depends on your SRCREV07:17
zeckeboost1: e.g. if you use a fixed SRCREV it will use that one07:17
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boost1@zecke...Thanks for ur info09:28
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neghi, what is the best way to modify the deafult PACKAGECONFIG for a recepi that have it defined as PACKAGECONFIG ??= "...." add it in a .bbappend file or something else?11:48
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otavioneg: yes a bbappend12:07
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jukkarI wonder how widely people are using systemd in their distros. I have a problem, described here I have managed to debug this so far that NameOwnerChanged dbus messages from various daemon startups like connman, ofono, avahi are not received by systemd so these daemons are promply killed by systemd. Any idea what is going wrong here?12:45
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waynrshould i submit the base-shadow patch that modifies passwd to allow command-line parameter password in yocto or in meta-oe?14:05
kergothI'd say submit to oe-core, personally, I think there's clear value. but if anyone disagrees, they'll reply to your email as such. so i'd say start there, and go from there14:06
* kergoth yawns and goes to get breakfast14:06
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waynrokay, in the case do you think it would be a good idea to include a modification of image.bbclass such that do_rootfs will use this utility if the variable "ROOT_PASSWD" is not empty? probably right around the same location where ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is run?14:08
kergothi'd make the modfication actually add it to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND directly, rather than modifying do_rootfs, but yes, that sort of thing would be nice. most likely as a separate commit, however14:10
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waynrwell yesterday i ran into some problems when writing the script for rootfs_postprocess_command, maybe you have a suggestion to get around it. specifically, i couldn't seem to escape double-quotes when adding the 'if [ "${ROOT_PASSWD}x" != "x" ] ...' to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND; this led to ExpansionError during the recipe parse portion of the build14:15
waynreven if not doing this conditionally, being able to quote the ${ROOT_PASSWD} variable itself in the 'passwd' command is important in case it contains spaces14:16
kergothfirst, i'd suggest creating a shell function which can be added to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND the way all the other shell functions can be14:16
kergoththen, use python to conditionally add it to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND based on ROOT_PASSWD, rather than unconditionally appending an if statement14:16
kergothpretty sure there's already an example of this in image.bbclass14:17
waynrokay, i'll take a look14:17
frayya..  I'd agree, if it's an issue (spaces and whatnot).. it's much easier to add a function..14:17
frayyou can create a custom class and use inherit to add it to the name space.. then just call it via the ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append = " my_passwd_func ; "14:18
fray(new file, myclass.bbclass):14:19
fraymy_passwd_func() {14:19
fray   if [ -n "${ROOT_PASSWORD}" ]; then14:19
kergothtrue, good point re separate class14:19
fray     echo "${ROOT_PASSWORD}" | passwd -D ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} --stdin root14:19
fray   fi14:19
fray(I'm sure I typoed something in there.. but that's about all that is needed)14:20
fraymyclass.bbclass should be put into the 'classes' directory of your custom layer.. and then your custom layer be added to the bblayers.conf file....14:20
mckoanI'm using yocto (master) and I have a weird behaviour with core-image-sato, the system boots, but after "Freeing init memory: 144K" there are no messages and the daemons in /etc/rc5.d/ are not executed (no psplash no xinit). Am I missing anything?14:20
waynr>.> i went with passwd -R ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} --pass $ROOT_PASSWORD instead14:20
mckoanafter a while the prompt appears: Poky 8.0 (Yocto Project 1.3 Reference Distro) 1.3+snapshot-20130315 ttyS014:21
mckoanif I launch the daemons manually they are working  S09xserver-nodm14:22
waynrfray, kergoth i was thinking it would simplify giving others access to using  the variable ${ROOT_PASSWD} if this code was patched into image.bbclass directly14:22
fraymake it work externally first..14:23
fraywaynr, I believe the --pass requires the prehashed password14:23
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waynractually the modification i made to the passwd utility takes the plaintext password on the command line and converts it as if it had been given at the new password prompt14:24
frayahh ok..14:24
frayI just noticed it doesn't look like our passwd has the --stdin feature... hmm..14:25
fraywonder if that is Red Hat specific14:25
waynryeah i couldn't find the --stdin feature on any of the debian or ubuntu machines that i use14:25
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waynrand it was simpler to grab it as an optional argument than to correctly interpret stdin14:26
waynrand I have confirmed that my image builds correctly just by using ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append in my image recipe14:27
waynri guess i still need to verify it works correctly when booting14:28
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soldoKynhi all! is there a way to specify a jar file in the SRC_URI variable, so that it will not be uncompressed under the ${S} direcotry in the fetch phase? maybe simply deleting the file extension? Thanks!14:36
waynrsoldoKyn: try this, file://whatever.jar;unpack=014:37
waynrhere is some documentation on it:
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soldoKynwaynr: thanks a lot!14:42
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mckoanwaynr: I never heard about the 'mega manual' is it more updated than YP reference manual?
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waynrmckoan:  well they are both in docs/current so I think they are both current14:49
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waynrit looks like they contain much of the same content, except the mega manual does not seem to have a nifty table of contents14:50
waynrsometimes when i am looking for documentation in end up on the mega manual, other times i end up on the poky reference manual14:50
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mckoanwaynr: ;-)14:56
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waynrtoo bad oe.utils.contains does not use regex against the contents of the the split string :(15:08
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waynrokay if i add a function to both classes/utils.bbclass and lib/oe/ is there something special I need to do to get the build system to recognize this change? for example i created a regex version of "base_contains" called "base_contains_regex" that uses oe.utils.contains_regex which uses python's re.match function to check for a given regular expression in the contents of the given variable15:31
waynrbut this leads to "Error during finalize of ..." for all the parsed image recipes, which might be due to a typo or something but more likely due to my lack of understanding of how all this works15:34
waynralso, i understand something like this might be overkill but it certainly is helping me understand a little better bitbake/oe/yocto work together15:35
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kergothhmm, why didn't I push my tmux Terminal for oe.terminal yet18:47
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-yocto-ab-bot- build #279 of meta-intel-gpl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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waynrkergoth: what is oe.terminal used for?21:24
kergothdevshell and the user patch resolver21:24
kergothit has screen today, but not tmux21:24
waynrthumbs up for tmux, i use it everywhere :D21:25
* kergoth too21:25
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kergothk, will find some time to polish and push one of these days21:25
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