Wednesday, 2013-03-20

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mckoangood morning08:57
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matt___is there a howto, wehre and how I configure u-boot with yocto? I did't found something about that.. (Sorry I am new to yocto and embedded Linux)09:03
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mckoanmatt___: actually I prefer to play with u-boot out of yocto until it is not completely running09:05
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bluelightningmorning all09:20
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matt___hello there09:31
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mckoanhi bluelightning, all10:17
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bluelightninghi mckoan10:27
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schramaehi. is there a way to trigger a rebuild of the deploy sources? i changed some archiver options in local.conf and cleaned the directory by hand, but now it does not get rebuilt when building an image.14:05
matt___i think you are searching for "bitbake <name> -c compile -f; bitbake <name>14:06
schramaei'll try, thanks14:07
matt___matt@debian:~/yocto/build_fs$ bitbake virtual/kernel -c compile -f; bitbake virtual/kernel14:07
matt___for example14:07
matt___this works vor kernel reompilation14:07
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matt___here is the workaround for it:
matt___if this discribes your problem14:12
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schramaenot really unfortunately - i better don't try this now. i don't want a (complete) recompile of the whole image, i just need the sources already being present in the work dirs being repackaged to the deploy/sources dir by the archiver. this was done automatically during a clean rebuild, but it does not work after manually cleaning the deploay/sources dir14:15
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schramaematt___: bug #3449 seems to be the answer: it can only be done via complete rebuild by now :/15:23
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 1.4, kergoth, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , archiver doesn't interact well with sstate15:23
mckoanschramae: bitbake -cclean <singlepackagename>; bitbake <imagename>15:23
schramaemckoan: will try, thx15:25
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kergoththat bug was fixed, actually, shakeel took care of it15:27
* kergoth pokes him to resolve the bug15:27
yoctiBug 3449: normal, Medium, 1.4, kergoth, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , archiver doesn't interact well with sstate15:27
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schramaekergoth: nice. but i'm stuck to the release tarball of 1.3, so i'll go for the workaround for now15:53
* kergoth nods15:57
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kergothi just defined PREFERRED_VERSION_linux, and bitbake is tryiong to aply that version preference to stuff like m4-native16:06
* kergoth boggles16:06
rburtonis _linux being treated as an override?16:08
fraypn-linux will work16:08
rburtonthe alternatives being _darwin etc i presume16:08
kergothfray: that seems unlikely, given bitbake gets preferences from the config metadata.16:08
kergothafaik, anyway16:08
* kergoth also thinks its stupid that bitbake is falling back to the un-suffixed PREFERRED_VERSION at all16:11
kergothit's meaningless16:11
rburtonkergoth: agreed16:12
rburtonabout as silly as letting you set a un-suffixed SRC_URI in local.conf16:12
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otavioAny bitbake expert?16:39
otavioIt seems fray has helped me to uncover a bug and I found a way to get it working16:39
otaviobut I need someone to look at the patch and help me to finish it16:39
*** like2wise <like2wise!> has quit IRC16:39
frayI can look and give an opinion, but I'm not exactly an expert.. ;)16:40
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waynri am no expert but i do enjoy reading through the bitbake code and i am fairly experienced with python16:45
rburtonwaynr: you *enjoy* reading bitbake code?  I think you need help. :)16:45
waynrrburton: not saying I undertand it very well, but reading through it occasionally over the past year has been interesting and helped me learn python :P16:46
kergothotavio: I'd suggest emailing the bitbake-devel list16:46
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otaviothis is current patch17:13
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frayso _append/_prepend are flags?17:15
frayThe only other thing is this block:17:15
fray-            dest = self.getVarFlag(newkey, i) or []17:15
fray-            dest.extend(src)17:15
fray+            dest = self.getVarFlag(newkey, i) or ''17:15
fray+            dest += src17:15
frayI suspect the value of the flags are typed in some way...17:15
frayso this might be a problem for other things17:15
kergothi'm guessing you want flags to traverse override boundaries? not all flags are lists, so blindly concatenating them isn't going to make things happy, and will just break for the flags that *are* lists (apepnd/prepend), due to how += works for lists17:15
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kergotha = []; a += "foo"; a == ["f", "o", "o"]17:16
frayya.. that's my worry..17:16
otaviokergoth: yes; this broke my update-alternatives patch17:17
kergoththere's a reason we haven't fixed this behavior yet :) it's non-trivial17:18
otaviokergoth: great17:18
frayit really needs to get fixed.. :(17:18
otaviokergoth: but update-alternatives is broken without this fix17:18
frayI can live with the flag values themselves not being expanded (but I'd -love- to see that fixed!)17:18
fraybut having problems w/ variable key's not working right is a bug we need fixed17:19
otaviond this17:22
otavioand this?17:22
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otavioNicer version:
otaviofray: kergoth17:27
kergothagain, that's likely to break some flags. not all flags are lists, so concatenation isn't always appropriate17:28
* kergoth shrugs17:28
kergothagain, i think the bitbake list is the best place for this17:28
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otaviokergoth: I am not in bitbake ml17:32
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frayotavio definitely better.. I think the mailing list is open so you can send to it, might have to be accepted by the list maintainer..17:34
rburtonyes, it's moderated for non-members17:34
rburtonor, join but turn off delivery17:35
frayit's luckily a -very- low volume list..17:35
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rburtonsubing but turning off delivery solves the moderation issue without mail overload17:38
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otaviowhat is bb ml?17:51
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kergothwhy am i seeing sstate fetch failures.. failing ot fetch sstate from a mirror isn't supposed to be fatal.. hmm17:52
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JaMakergoth: something like ?18:02
yoctiBug 3250: normal, Medium, 1.4, richard.purdie, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, Fetcher errors when looking for sstate package in do_package_write_ipk_setscene18:02
bluelightningotavio: bitbake mailing list18:02
*** JDuke128 <JDuke128!~kadirbaso@> has quit IRC18:02
kergothhmm, the only fetch failures i see are siginfos, maybe it handles regular sstate fetch failure quietly but not the siginfo18:03
otaviobluelightning: did it18:04
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otavioAnother thing18:11
otavioI am trying to get rootfs done with pseudo so I can have proper user/perms18:12
*** roric_ <roric_!> has joined #yocto18:13
otavioBut it turns that rootfs dir is built with wrong parms/perf18:15
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ausxxhis cleanall=(clean+cleansstate)?18:16
ausxxhsomehow my cleanall removed the source I downloaded too18:16
kergothno, thats what cleanall *is*18:16
kergothcleanall is clean + remove sources18:16
ausxxhcleanall clean $WORKDIR and sstate-cache18:17
ausxxhclean(WORKDIR), cleansstate(sstate-cache), cleanall(clean+sources)18:18
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!~sgarman@> has joined #yocto18:19
evanpthe unpacked sources are in a subdir of $WORKDIR18:19
ausxxhsource I mean pkgs in DL_DIR here18:20
kergothclean+sources, it says right there what it does18:20
kergothyes, cleanall wipes downloaded sources for the recipe from DL_DIR, and empties workdir (clean)18:20
kergoththat's its entire purpose18:20
ausxxhi would expect cleanall removes sstate-cache, but not the downloaded tarballs...18:21
ausxxhanyway need remember that, thanks18:21
ausxxhcleanall = (clean+cleansstate) makes more sense to me :)18:21
*** tinti_ <tinti_!~tinti@pdpc/supporter/student/tinti> has joined #yocto18:21
evanpI actually thought it did all three, but I don't seem to use it ever so I'm not surprised I remember wrong18:23
ausxxhi normally use clean and/or cleansstate, i did a cleanall today and found I had to reinstall as the DL_DIR contains the package that is from an internal git18:23
ausxxhotherwise bitbake can't fetch, cleanall is dangerous for self-contained releases where all package sources are pre-cloned from some internal git18:25
evanpausxxh: We have some internal git repos, but our recipe SRC_URIs point at "git archive" tarballs. So we don't depend on DL_DIR being pre-populated with anything in particular.18:30
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mranostayhmm "QA Issue: Architecture did not match (20 to 3) " that is a new one18:41
sgw_mranostay: this can happen from time to time depending on the package and tooling, what recipe?18:42
sgw_mranostay: it might have built a native host binary along with the target, what's your target?18:43
sgw_mranostay: do you have a x86 or x86_64 host?  It looks like it built a x86 binary18:44
mranostayx86 host.. checking18:44
mranostaygah "ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386"18:53
sgw_mranostay: which file?18:53
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ausxxhask again, why isn't meta-oe included in yocto release19:10
kergothmeta-oe is an entirely different beast than the yocto content. oe-core is tightly controlled to ensure high quality19:13
kergoth(though we don't always succeed, that's the goal)19:13
kergothin some ways meta-oe tends to be the pile where recipes tha thave no other home go19:13
ausxxhthought meta-oe is something non-core, but essential, anyway, thanks19:15
kergothit completely depends on what you're trying to do. if what you're doing requires some recipe from meta-networking or meta-multimedia under meta-openembedded, then it would be essential for you :)19:16
kergothbut no, if you just want to build an image or something, it's not needed19:17
ausxxhcrazy as it sounds, i'm asked to run openstack on yocto, meta-virtualization is good, but i need so many more python modules19:18
*** scot_ <scot_!> has joined #yocto19:18
kergoth is your friend :)19:20
zeddiiausxxh, a lot more of openstack is coming meta-virtualization.19:20
zeddiiausxxh, so if you have development going on, feel free to contribute them there.19:21
ausxxhzeddii: sure, it's now more of a python issue, thinking about building all the python modules I need natively instead19:22
ausxxhinstead of recipe-cross-compiling them one by one19:22
zeddiiausxxh: agreed .. the need for the missing modules is known. I'd think that within a month or two they'll be available, so check back, and if you do have anything to add .. you know where to find the layer :)19:23
*** davest1 <davest1!dcstewar@nat/intel/x-haezmfvoegbpibup> has joined #yocto19:24
ausxxhnot sure if this makes sense, yocto builds up a framework with a full blown sdk for the target(qemu/hardware), then let the rest be built by qemu / hardware, instead of writing all packages as a recipe?19:25
ausxxhby sdk I mean the sdk running natively, on qemu or target hardware19:26
ausxxhnot sure how capable is the existing native sdk yet19:27
zeddiiyou can definitely do something like that with enough effort. recipes are the end game for reproducible, multi arch builds of course. you'll end up adding to the target side build with packages being built and installed, etc.19:27
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kergothso, anyone know why package_deb installs glibc-localedata-i18n explicitly in addition to the image linguas bits, but the other package formats dont? (re: do_rootfs package installs)19:38
kergothwhew, goodbye BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY, meta-mentor doesn't need it anymore19:41
fraypackage_deb is broken?19:42
kergothhaven't actually tried it in years, just noticed the package_linguas steps were different between the different package classes19:43
kergothi was going to submit a patch to drop this logic that disables linguas install when TARGET_OS has specific non-uclibc values, since tclibc-uclibc empties IMAGE_LINGUAS anyway, it seemed pointless, but then spotted this difference in behavior i didn't understand19:44
frayI'd say deb hasn't had enough love to be fixed19:45
kergothheh, fair enough19:46
kergothneglected stepchild19:47
rburtonkergoth: i think you're now the new maintainer of package_deb, congratulations19:49
kergothi was the one that wrote it in the first place when i was at ohand :)19:50
kergothit wasn't fun then, i doubt it'd be fun now :)19:50
kergothwell, made it work, that is19:50
* kergoth wanders off to find some coffee19:51
rburtonkergoth: yes, i remember.  neglected *child*. :)19:51
* kergoth chuckles19:51
kergothI really was not operating at 100% productivity during that contract, antidepressent dose was off19:52
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* kergoth mutters and actually wanders off this time19:52
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ausxxhi added a patch to kernel(yocto 1.3), bumped PR, launched bitbake image-core, why the hack it recompiles pretty everything including eglibc-2.13? they're all in sstate!20:51
ausxxhdoes bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel removes those sstate other than kernel itself?20:52
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pidgeotavio: meta-fsl-arm is failing: see
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otaviopidge: known; I am on it21:18
pidgeotavio: ty21:19
otaviopidge: yw21:21
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otaviopidge: fixed mx53 one21:38
otaviopidge: Gary is preparing a new version of patch for vivante driver21:39
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pidgeotavio: ok. I want to run M5.rc1 soon from master. I'll let you know when I need to Mr branch21:48
otaviopidge: I hope to have it fine for tomorrow21:48
otaviopidge: works for you?21:49
pidgeok. it'll miss my M5 then.21:49
pidgerc1 at least21:49
pidgewe can rebuild for later in the week then.21:49
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kergothausxxh: bitbake automatically rebuilds based on dependencies. if A depends on B and B's metadata checksums change, A will get rebuilt, unless they're in the whitelist which marks specific exclusions. one would think the kernel would be one of those exclusions, but I don't really know offhand22:02
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kergothHmm, I'm thinking we could probably drop the build-time update-alternatives dependency. we already add to the rdepends, we could just move that to parse time and drop the build dep entirely -- we don't need upd-alt to compile, after all22:07
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otaviokergoth: did the e-mail got bb ml?22:19
kergothlooks like it, yes22:20
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RP_otavio: meas-dri is failing in current fsl-arm builds:
RP_otavio: not sure why but its looking at the native sysroot for expat23:20
RP_otavio: ah, you already know., sorry. Scroll was stuck for some reason :/23:21
RP_kergoth: we'd need to ensure the sstate "acceleration" code knows that postinsts might use it23:22
kergothnot sure what you mean by that. anonymous python would add the runtime bits to the rdepends for the packages which use it23:23
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kergothhmm, wonder why this qemu-native build fails with a relocation failure only for this one machine. /me sanity checks its layer23:25
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RP_kergoth: there is acceleration code which for example doesn't bother populating the target sysroot if you're building an image23:47
RP_kergoth: - need u-a in that list too23:47
RP_kergoth: the interface is suboptimal I know...23:48
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