Thursday, 2013-03-21

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pidge1.4_M5.rc1 is kicked and running.01:01
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kergothpidge: nice01:06
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pidgekergoth: yeah, and on the new ab code. which should, at least in theory, be much faster.01:24
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tasslehoffI have cloned poky and want to add my own layer. What is the normal way to do this? Add it as a git submodule?08:26
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mckoangood morning08:28
mckoantasslehoff: you can create your layer in local just for starting08:30
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tasslehoffmckoan: I already have my layer ready in a gitrepo on our server. I have based my work on the angstrom setup script until know.08:36
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rburtontasslehoff: an alternative is to have your layer use submodules to pull in poky08:43
rburton(which is what meta-guacamayo does)08:43
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mckoanhello mks, mattnie, all09:18
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tasslehoffrburton: ah. that's a good idea.09:22
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rburtontasslehoff: see
rburtontasslehoff: upstream/ is where submodules for poky, meta-oe, and various BSPs appear09:23
rburtonobviously its just one of many ways, but it does nicely split your upstream layers from your own09:24
rburtonthe downside is that you can't just go and change stuff in the other layers, you need to bbappend09:25
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tasslehoffrburton: yeah, but that is the practice I've been following until now anyway. I like that my other layers are pristine :)09:32
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rburtoncertainly makes upgrading them a lot easier09:40
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bluelightningmorning all09:44
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lyang0where are you bluelighting10:26
lyang0I will be off duty  I'm in china10:27
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bluelightninglyang0: I'm in the UK10:33
bluelightningLondon to be precise10:33
bluelightninglyang0: on IRC people generally follow UGT though:   :)10:34
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soldoKynHi all! Anyone knows if there is a bsp/machine configuration for i.mx6SoloLite EVK? Thanks!10:43
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rburtonsoldoKyn: have you looked in meta-fsl-arm already? that has some i.mx6* machines10:46
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soldoKynrburton: in meta-fsl-arm there are only machines for i.MX6Q unfortunately...10:53
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rburtonsoldoKyn: i've no idea what the differences are.  is one of those a good match?10:53
* rburton doesn't have any fsl hw, so can't really help more :/10:54
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soldoKynrburton: thank you anyway!10:57
mckoansoldoKyn: AFAIK there is not bsp for i.mx6SoloLite EVK10:58
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tasslehoffour image is !x11. Util now I have used angstroms as a base and added qt and other packages. which image would you recommend starting from in yocto?11:14
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bluelightningtasslehoff: depends on what you want.... honestly though image recipes are so trivial they can usually just be written from scratch11:17
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tasslehoffbluelightning: yeah. perhaps that is the best thing to do to really understand what I'm including11:30
tasslehoffesp. since one of my goals are to make sure our image is as small as possible :)11:30
negHi, i wish to include a python 2.7 package in my image but the only package I can find in poky is the python-nativ package. Can I include this package in my image or is that just used by yocto to create the image?11:32
rburtontasslehoff: if you want a tiny image then bitbake+oe-core and starting from one of the small images as an example is probably the right thing to do11:34
rburtonthe bigger distros like angstrom pull more in as they're more featureful, which isn't always what you want11:34
tasslehoffrburton: true.11:46
lyang0bluelighting good morning11:48
lyang0I'm at home11:48
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erbocan I overlay .inc files by simply having an .inc file in a bblayer with higher priority? the recipe just to a require and I want to do modifications to but not the .bb11:59
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bluelightningerbo: unfortunately no; you can only overlay recipes12:01
bluelightningor append them12:01
bluelightningerbo: however, an append just overriding the variables you want to override may be able to do the job12:01
erbobluelightning: I can probably to everything I want that way, thanks for the hint12:14
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mcfriskhi, how to add a sanity test script to yocto? I'd like to add a test for git tags so that I don't have to fix them to hashes manually,
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mcfriskhow repeatable are yocto builds? Compilation order seems be pretty difficult to handle. Various packages succeed if build from scratch or if rebuild after a successful build. I'm afraid that there's plenty of things like headers that go unnoticed if build order is changed.16:48
mcfrisk/succeed/succeed or fail/16:48
rburtonmcfrisk: that's why i submitted wipe-sysroot to oe-core, so when adding a new package you can wipe your sysroot and check it build cleanly16:49
rburtonany problems with repeatable builds is a genuine bug16:49
kergoththat's unlikely. very few build order issues are likely to remain after all the parallel builds we've done and wwith sstate reuse issues16:49
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mcfriskyes, I see the genuine bugs and am fixing them. There just seems to be alot of them. And by fixing I mean cherry-picking fixes from git.16:51
kergothah, you're on danny or denzil i presume?16:51
mcfriskhopefully we can move to newer release or git master soon..16:52
fraydenzil is nearing retirement..16:52
kergoth1.4 is about to release16:52
rburtoneven danny/1.3 would be a big step forward16:52
kergothI really like how oe-lite resolves build order problems -- per-recipe sysroots16:52
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mcfriskaha, that's how OBS works, per package build environments.16:53
rburtonkergoth: there are plans to add that to oe-core16:53
* kergoth nods16:53
bluelightningas an option16:53
kergothI had a oe based prototype at one point, but it was prior to shared state even existing, not much of use anymore16:54
rburtoni suspect you'll get quite a performance dive from it though16:54
bluelightning+ extra disk usage16:54
kergothoh I'm sure. though we can probably cache based on the set of deps in use16:54
kergothand do something vaguely rm_work like16:54
bluelightningwell, hardlinking might help there16:54
frayw/the shared state (ignoring disk usage) it shouldn't be hard to enable per-recipe sysroots16:54
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rburtonbluelightning: i'd expect hard links to be involved, yes16:54
mcfriskI'm also wondering how much the build host affects the end result. On my Debian wheezy I'm seeing many more failures which others are not seeing on Ubuntu. For example the broken <limits.h>.16:54
fraymcfrisk, again.. if you can identify a problem with that, it's a bug..16:55
fraywe're take a lot of effort to avoid host contamination issues.. but there were some in Denzil..16:55
kergothmcfrisk: those are probably only with native builds, the stuff we build on the host to run to build the target stuff.. e.g. glibc 2.16 required a lot of fixes / native recipe updates16:55
frayya.. in 1.4, the native (and nativesdk) packages are significantly more robust16:56
mcfriskmaybe I need to refrase: denzil has many issues but most of the are fixed in poky-git danny/master. So thank you for that!16:57
kergothmcfrisk: i've found the best results with building old yocto are on old build hosts, i do most of my old release builds in aa centos5 vm personally16:57
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! just poking yocto a bit, bitbake -k core-image-sato eeks out with "Failed to fetch test data from the network"... is this a false positive?19:10
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sgw_LetoThe2nd: could indicate a problem with a proxy or firewall if you are in a corp environment19:12
LetoThe2ndsgw_: not at all, and i'm pretty sure connectivity is fine.19:13
sgw_LetoThe2nd: then it might be a false positive as you suggest19:13
LetoThe2ndsgw_: how to ignore it, then?19:14
sgw_LetoThe2nd: which part is failing can you tell?19:16
LetoThe2ndsgw_: i only get
sgw_LetoThe2nd: checking something back in a minute19:18
LetoThe2ndsgw_: no need to hurry.19:19
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sgw_LetoThe2nd: Just to verify, can you try going to the 2 links in the CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS19:25
sgw_    \19:25
sgw_   "19:25
LetoThe2ndsgw_: in the browser, both seem to work. want me to curl them?19:27
sgw_Try setting the CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS = "" in your local.conf, what version of poky btw (git master or a version)?19:28
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LetoThe2nddanny-8.0 as suggested in the quickstart19:28
LetoThe2ndok, after unsetting that in local.conf, it proceeds.19:29
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waynrthis is strange, over the weekend when i was working on this image, the modified passwd utility from shadow-password was working fine and the build would end up with the password from the variable ROOT_PASSWORD but today the build fails19:58
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waynrthe command run is: passwd --root /opt/oe/builds/y1.4-M4_som3517/tmp/work/som3517-emac-linux-gnueabi/emac-image/1.0-r0/rootfs -p emac_inc root, the fail is 'passwd: unable to chroot to directory /opt/oe/builds/y1.4-M4_som3517/tmp/work/som3517-emac-linux-gnueabi/emac-image/1.0-r0/rootfs'19:59
waynri guess that makes it unreliable20:00
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waynri'd like to know what made it work over the weekend but not today...i am running the build as the same user (i know i have never run it as root)20:02
frayyou need to run that command w/in pseudo20:06
frayyou can't just run it on the command line...  since you won't have permission to chroot20:06
fraypseudo will "fake it" and make it work20:06
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waynrfray, is there an example of doing this somewhere? I am greping through poky/meta right now looking for one20:09
waynrah, just "psuedo [command]"20:11
frayyou have to set the environment..20:11
fraypseudo is already running if you are in the do_rootfs context20:11
waynrohh...hmm, maybe i am? i am running the generated temp/do_rootfs.#### command to test it20:12
fraybitbake -c devshell <image>20:13
frayPSEUDO_DISABLE=0 bash20:13
frayshoud return 020:13
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waynrno, returns my development user's UID and GIDs20:15
waynri mean, not saying "no it shouldn't" just "no it doesn't"20:15
frayjust a sec.. I have to be in a context I an run the commands20:15
waynrwell in any case running the run.do_rootfs.# command does work from there20:17
frayok.. then that is fixing it20:18
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Garibald1I have an .. unusual problem.  Sometime when I build I get an error out of binutils-crosssdk that I need a different version of autoconf. error: Please use exactly Autoconf 2.64 instead of 2.69.20:38
Garibald1it doesn't happen every time -- I'm not exactly sure what the trigger is20:39
Garibald1any ideas?20:39
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Garibald1As far as I can see, 2.69 is the only version I have a recipe for20:41
waynrthanks for the help fray20:45
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #44 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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Garibald1I'm open to any ideas anyone might have21:00
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Garibald1this was working on a different machine21:02
Garibald1I'm not sure why moving from machine to machine would make a difference21:02
waynrGaribald1: what OS does each machine use?21:06
Garibald1waynr: one was Ubuntu 12.10, the other is some Red Hat variant21:07
Garibald1I think I may have tracked down at least part of the problem -- it didn't like my machine name21:08
waynryou said it doesn't happen every time, does it happen every time on one machine but never on the other?21:08
Garibald1err, not machine name21:08
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Garibald1it's possible it happens every time, that I just tried something this time that had the dep21:09
Garibald1it tried to run /bin/sh .../ x86_64-foo-pokysdk-linux and failed21:09
Garibald1but I tried running that manually with x86_64-foo_pokysdk-linux and it worked21:09
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Garibald1seems it's sensitive to the number of hyphens and what the pieces mean21:10
Garibald1I'm going to try modifying my distro.conf and see if that helps21:10
Garibald1waynr: thanks21:10
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hollisbbitbake -g + dot is one of the more useless visualizations I've run across22:48
kergothjust massive22:48
hollisbkergoth: what do you use instead? text editor?22:49
kergothyep. grep and vim22:49
kergothor depexp22:49
kergothbitbake -u depexp -g foo22:49
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kergothor the whatdepends subcommand of my work-in-progress 'bb' tool22:50
kergoth(though it's limited at the moment)22:50
hollisbah, I should probably look at that22:50
hollisbwhere do I get bb?22:50
kergoththe readme has usage and examples for most of the subcommands22:51
kergothwhatdepends -r is pretty awesome22:51
kergothi need to teach it to handle runtime and task level dependencies though22:51
kergothyou'll love bb-log too, much thanks to rburton for that and bb-contents :)22:54
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waltersis there any way to override selected bbappends?  I am using meta-selinux, but there's slight version drift between its .bbappend and what's in my tree;  so I made a clone of the repo and patched it, but that's less ideal since i have a micro-fork23:38
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