Wednesday, 2013-04-10

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khemthanks wmat00:04
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mattniemorning @ all06:39
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mckoangood morning07:47
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mckoangmacario: hello08:45
mckoangmacario: what is the user and password for foton-image?08:45
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bluelightningmorning all09:00
mckoangm bluelightning, all09:07
bluelightninghi mckoan09:08
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void-devmckoan: foton-image user/password is root/root09:42
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mckoanvoid-dev_: thx09:46
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mattnieis it normal if i just disable "network support" in menuconfig the kernel will not build? Should menuconfig not normaly also disable the dependencies?11:21
david-e_Hi, I'm a newbie trying to package tcllib for which I haven't found any existing recipe11:22
david-e_I've packaged it for Windriver (pre-yocto) and buildroot where I had to pass ac_cv_path_tclsh="$(HOST_DIR)/usr/bin\11:22
david-e_I've tried to set EXTRA_OECONF = "ac_cv_path_tclsh=${bindir}/tclsh" but I still get ;\ any help would be greatly appreciated!11:23
mcfriskmattnie: it's a bug if kernel modules don't declare that they depend on networking. guys fix these fast but vendors might not.11:31
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bluelightningdavid-e_: does your recipe inherit autotools?11:36
david-e_bluelightning: it does11:36
bluelightningkind of looks like the var isn't even being expanded11:36
david-e_bluelightning: just in case I did anything THAT stupid, here's my recipe
bluelightningdavid-e_: note that ${bindir} will just be /usr/bin ... if you want bindir within the native sysroot you would need to use ${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}11:40
bluelightninghopefully that path isn't also stored and used on the target...11:40
david-e_bluelightning: still getting the same error. I was looking for that var with no success... thanx!11:41
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bluelightningdavid-e_: likely to be some kind of bug in the autotooling for tcllib itself then11:44
bluelightningdavid-e_: it could be that it's not prepared to be autoreconf'd (which we always do)11:45
david-e_bluelightning: ok, thanx for the tip11:45
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david-e_bluelightning: as an ugly workaround I might try to avoid autoreconf by using a makefile11:47
bluelightningdavid-e_: if you want to disable the autoreconf you can supply your own do_configure that just calls oe_runconf11:47
david-e_bluelightning: great, thanx a lot\!11:48
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bluelightning(better than calling ./configure yourself because it'll still ensure all the right arguments get passed to configure including what you put in EXTRA_OECONF)11:48
schramaehi. i have a custom useradd package based on the useradd example. problem is that it does not get rebuilt when i change stuff, e.g. replace a binary file that simply gets installed within the recipe. i even tried "bitbake -c clean -C INVALIDATE_STAMP" with no success, the RPM still contains the old version of the file. what could be that cause of this and/or is there another way to completely clean the cache of a certain recipe?11:50
bluelightningschramae: which version of bitbake are you using?11:51
bluelightningalso INVALIDATE_STAMP is meant to be a placeholder for a command (task name without do_, same as with -c)11:52
schramaebluelightning: BB_VERSION = "1.16.0"11:54
schramaefrom 1.3 release11:54
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bluelightningschramae: ok, you probably don't have this fix then:
bluelightningat least, if you used -f or -C to try to make it do anything11:55
bluelightningthough changing a file pointed to by SRC_URI should always force a rebuild11:56
bluelightning(unrelated to whether that fix is applied or not)11:56
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schramaestrangely not. i added the binary via SRC_URI and then replaced it with a new version. it even does not get rebuild when changing other parts of the recipe and the resulting RPM has an old timestamp and seems to be completely reconstructed from cache. i will try "-f" and have a look at the patch11:59
mattniemcfrisk: thank you.. it is a hard and long way to get familiar with yocto and the embedded world :)11:59
bluelightningschramae: that is concerning...12:01
schramaebluelightning: sortof. no success with "-f", will try the patch12:02
bluelightningschramae: I'd try to reproduce it but unfortunately I'm debugging something else at the moment12:02
schramaebluelightning: np, i'm going to investigate a bit12:03
david-e_bluelightning: managed to compile by overriding do_install() with  "oe_runmake install DESTDIR=${D} TCLSH_PROG=${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/tclsh"12:05
david-e_not too happy with it but is ok as a starting point:)12:06
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bluelightningdavid-e_: ah ok... that's probably fine I guess12:07
david-e_bluelightning: don't see why setting ac_cv_path_tclsh worked with buildroot and not with oe but that's another story12:08
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bluelightningdavid-e_: I'm not sure either I'm afraid12:34
bluelightningbut the answer will be somewhere in the autotooling of tcllib, of that I am fairly confident12:35
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schramaebluelightning: i can't apply the patch as is because there are too many changes and i'm afraid i'm going to break sth. else when replacing the whole make_stamp function. so now i did "-f" and manually deleted all cached files in the build dir containing the package name. "funny" thing is that it still gets reconstructed from cache. is there sth. else i can delete to really wipe the cache?12:58
bluelightningschramae: bitbake -c cleansstate recipename12:58
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schramaebluelightning: ERROR: Task do_cleanstate does not exist for target useradd13:00
bluelightningschramae: cleansstate not cleanstate13:00
schramaebluelightning: that works, it gets rebuilt and the timestamps changed to current date, but the binary is still the old one. now i really feel being mocked... o_O13:03
bluelightningcan I see your recipe?13:04
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schramaeof course, mompl13:04
JaMaI cannot find it now, but does RDEPENDS_(virt)class-native make sense? IMHO no, but still some recipes have it13:07
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bluelightningJaMa: I think there is some handling of "runtime" dependencies for native packages; I don't fully understand it myself13:09
mattnieDoes someone tested this patches with yocto?13:13
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bluelightningschramae: hmm... you don't have two copies of the file under different paths by any chance?13:19
bluelightningschramae: you can look at log.do_fetch to see the list of paths it looked in to find the file13:20
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bluelightningJaMa: any suggestions re the busybox bbappend in meta-oe?13:25
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JaManot really, I don't know much about that one13:26
bluelightningJaMa: few people do it seems :(13:27
schramaebluelightning: i checked, the custom installer is only present once and this is the newer version. it does not show up in do_fetch.log, only in do_install.log. but it does not exist within the tmp/work path, so install should fail at all. and the rest of do_install() from the .bb still contains old code as well13:27
bluelightningschramae: and you're positive this is the recipe that's being built? there isn't another copy somewhere else?13:28
bluelightningthe way it's apparently behaving doesn't make a lot of sense...13:28
schramaei checked, the recipe only exists once. and i was wrong about it showing up in do_install.log, that was an old one. but the installer shows up in build/.../useradd-1.0-r1/image/... and is contained in the RPM as well13:31
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rburtonanyone got any tips for buying a cheap but fast usb3 memory stick?13:52
rburtondiscovered my build machine has usb3 slots at the back13:52
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Zagorrburton: I recently bought a Corsair USB 3.0 Voyager S. crazy fast.13:58
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rburtonand only a tenner for the 8gb model13:59
mattniei use a corsair flash voyager gt.. very fast and robust.. i am using it since about one year every day and it is still working :)13:59
kergothAnyone run into gettext version issues with m4 vs when doing a non-gplv3 build? it seems there may be an issue using 0.18 gettext-native and gettext-minimal-native but 0.16 gettext, but I'm not certain13:59
* kergoth is a gettext noob, mostly13:59
Zagorapparently the "GT A" models are even faster13:59
Zagorbut quite a bit pricier13:59
Zagoror, uh, seems to vary a lot. oh well..14:00
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rburton"Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 is even faster, with data transfer rates of up to two times the speed of standard USB 3.0 drives, "14:01
rburtonwell that doesn't actually mean anything14:01
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rburtondamn, they get a lot faster as they get bigger14:01
rburtonso the 8gb only writes at 12mb/s, where as the 32gb writes at 40mb/s14:01
Zagor64 GB is listed as 110 MB/s ...14:02
mattniei have the 32gb version14:03
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Zagoryikes, 250 MB/s. for real?
Zagormy "crazy fast" corsair appears quite slow in comparison :-)14:06
rburtoni doubt 250mb/s14:06
mattniecan be possible :) there is no limitation by the actual technology usb3/ssd ... so why not?14:07
rburtonbut that's a great website!14:07
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Zagorkingston claims it. "Max Sequential Read/Write speeds: 250/250 MB/s"
ZagorI agree it sounds a lot14:08
rburtonwell just ordered the lexar at 150mb/s14:10
rburtonlets see what it can actually do when writing a 500mb image14:10
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denisATeukreahmmm I wonder about SSDs, are they afordable nowadays like for 1TB?14:16
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denisATeukrea(that much space is needed for building stuff)14:16
rburtondenisATeukrea: if you want SPEEEEED put tmpdir in a tmpfs14:17
rburton(with the sstate and downloads on persistent media)14:18
denisATeukreaI've already 7200RPM *  214:18
rburtonyou'll want rm_work14:18
denisATeukreaah yes what about rm_old_work?14:18
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denisATeukreaI know putting everything in ram does work and is way faster14:20
denisATeukreabut since there is filesystem cache14:20
denisATeukreaI wonder why filesystem cache isn't that fast14:21
rburtondenisATeukrea: pseudo will even turn off sync operations for performance14:22
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rburtondenisATeukrea: i notice my fs cache, because it will build several packages without any IO and then suddenly write frantically for several seconds14:23
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mattniedoes anyone here have a imx6qsabresd?15:00
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JaMadylan branched now? :)15:19
* JaMa first to be there... 15:20
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mattnie :)15:26
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denisATeukreait's the next branch like danny and denzil?15:32
mattniebut it is still in stabilization .. isn't it?15:36
rburtonbranching pre-release isn't unusual15:37
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RP_The branches will probably remain in sync for now15:42
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bluelightningkhem: ping15:53
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* kergoth sighs at gettext16:00
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bluelightningkergoth: don't just sigh, stab it :p16:05
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kergothif only that helped16:06
otavioRP_: If those are going to be kept in sync, why to branch?16:06
otavioRP_: (curious)16:06
kergothgettext-minimall-native and gettext-native are both 0.18, but gettext is 0.16, in this context, and some things seem to be unhappy about this16:08
* kergoth digs16:08
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bluelightninghmm, I wonder why they aren't the same version?16:13
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JaMaBTW: is anyone still seeing bitbake hangs with bitbake/master?16:36
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has joined #yocto16:37
rburtonJaMa: nope16:39
RP_JaMa: no and nothing major has changed in there recently...16:43
RP_otavio: means we can test building the branch in its final location, lets the docs people test the final naming etc16:43
RP_It shouldn't matter much however reality can be different16:44
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JaMaRP_: I was seeing them before you fixed PR service logging, then it was fine for some time and at least since I see them from time to time (1 build from 10 or something like that) unfortunatelly also with pool changes reverted16:52
yoctiBug 3978: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, RESOLVED FIXED, Infinite hang in bitbake parse if you have certain types of parse errors16:52
RP_JaMa: I don't understand the cause of this :(16:53
JaMait doesn't seem very related to metadata (I see it in 4 completely different setups)16:54
JaMabut because it's not very often I don't know how to find reliable reproducer for it16:55
JaMait's like that "Argument list too long" error with only one argument when trying to build world-image :/16:55
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has joined #yocto16:59
RP_JaMa: right, it makes it hard for others to help since we can't reproduce locally :/17:02
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SlashVdoes anyone know of a way to stop bitbake from dumping error logs to the console?18:48
kergothdo you mean the tail of the task log when a task fails?18:49
kergoththat's controlled by BBINCLUDELOGS18:49
SlashVIt doesn't really appear to be a tail. My problem is that it takes forever for really big logs.18:50
SlashVBut I'll have a look at BBINCLUDELOGS. thx18:50
kergothBBINCLUDELOGS_LINES, iirc, is a fixed # of lines to display from the end18:50
kergothcan probably use that to limit it18:51
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khemis someone using yocto on large systems e.g. 256 cores+ I would be interested in19:09
khembasically not a typical resource constrained embedded system19:09
SlashVkergoth: thx, that worked.19:09
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pidgeotavio: want to do a dylan branch for me? I want to get an rc built out starting in about 10 minutes.19:26
otaviopidge: sure19:26
pidgeis Luo around? I don't remember his irc nick?19:28
otaviopidge: yw19:28
otaviopidge: never talked to him by IRC19:29
pidgeok. sending an email. I'll pull from his master for now.19:29
otaviopidge: done19:29
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JaMaoe-core/LICENSE says Poky :/ "Different components of Poky are under different licenses"20:07
JaMashouldn't it be changed to something else?20:08
JaMait also lists bitbake and meta-extra directories which are not there..20:08
JaMabitbake/COPYING (GPLv2)20:08
JaMameta/COPYING.MIT (MIT)20:08
JaMameta-extras/COPYING.MIT (MIT)20:08
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thaytandenix: argh @ ti81x disappearing22:46
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denixthaytan: yeah, sorry22:47
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thaytandenix: I'm not sure what to do with it23:04
thaytanthe old meta-ti snapshot we had works well enough23:04
thaytanso we could probably just keep using that23:05
denixthaytan: see the commit description -
thaytandenix: *nod*, I found it23:06
thaytandebating whether I'm a) up to the task of maintaining or b) if we need it kept up to date at all or can go with a snapshot23:06
denixthaytan: if you are willing to maintain it, feel free - either in your own layer or even ask to get it back to meta-ti. it's just we don't have resources here for that platform23:07
denixthaytan: understood. let me know if you decide one way or another23:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #66 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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