Thursday, 2013-04-11

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ka6soxwhat port does bitbake-prserv run on if you have a public server?01:10
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ka6soxI understand this is the form: bitbake-prserv --host <ip> --port <port> --start ...but is there a convention on port?01:15
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mattniemorning @ all05:34
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qchen2Hi~ How bitbake setup the dependency for a specified task ?06:29
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qchen2I mean where is the python code to parse the addtask keyword.06:30
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mckoangood morning07:29
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mattniegood morning mckoan ;)07:49
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bluelightningmorning all08:21
mckoanhi bluelightning, mattnie, all08:22
mattniemorning ;)08:25
silviofbluelightning: morning -- you have read it?
bluelightningsilviof: yes saw that late last night08:26
panda84kdeHi everybody, hi otavio. I'm having a problem in X startup using the latest build from master for nitrogen. I get this log:08:51
panda84kdeIt's stays there on "VIVANTE(0): test Initializing EXA" and doesn't move.08:52
panda84kdeIt used to work after the patches to revert to xserver 1.11, but doesn't work from up-to-date master (even before moving to the boundary kernel)08:54
panda84kdeso I think there's nothing wrong in meta-fsl-arm08:54
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panda84kdeI meant meta-fsl-arm-extra08:55
panda84kdeI thing the problem might be between excluded and included (even I'd exclude that patch, as it's related only to sabrelite)08:57
panda84kdeCan anybody try to help me debug the issue?08:58
panda84kde(screen is blank)08:59
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mattnieis there an "easy" way to resolve dependency issues in kernel? e. g. with deactivating networking? at the moment it is boundless...11:02
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david-e_hi, I'm packaging tclreadline (recipe: but I can't get so shared libs in the resulting core-image-minimal11:37
david-e_the files are in the tclreadline-dev rpm but I'm not sure I have to explicitly add it in the IMAGE_INSTALL_append11:39
david-e_of course I'm a newbie, so I'd be happy to RTFM if you point me to the right direction:)11:39
rburtondavid-e_: the libs shouldn't be in the -dev, just the .so symlinks11:42
david-e_rburton: that's the way it ended up without any explicit rule. I've tried to FILES_${PN} = "${libdir}/*.so" with no success11:43
bluelightningdavid-e_: that's not correct though, .so symlinks should not be in the main package, that's on purpose11:44
rburtondavid-e_: as i said, .so symlinks are meant to be in -dev.  the main package should contain the library itself.11:44
bluelightning(applications are supposed to link to the versioned libraries so that things don't break)11:44
bluelightning(break on upgrades, I mean)11:44
david-e_ok about the symlink, but why /usr/lib/ is not there then?11:45
david-e_ rpm -qlp tmp/deploy/rpm/ppce500v2/tclreadline-dev-2.1.0-r0.ppce500v2.rpm shows it11:45
rburtonbecause its only for development. if you want development packages installed, then install them explicitly or use the dev-pkgs image feature to get all the relevant ones installed automatically.11:48
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david-e_I've changed IMAGE_INSTALL_append to " tcllib tclreadline tclreadline-dev" and I get dev files also from other packages11:51
david-e_things like ./usr/include/bits/stdlib-float.h are nor in the image11:52
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greakvhey, im trying to build a simple clutter application for the core-image-clutter but when i try to build it i get an error saying it cannot find some libraries ("cannot find -l*" (clutter-glx-1.0, cogl-pango, json-glib-1.0, cogl). pkg-config finds clutter-1.0 but it doesn't find these libraries. what am i doing wrong?11:59
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rburtongreakv: build on the target, or build in bitbake?12:19
greakvbut i think i managed to fixed the problem12:28
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Zagor looks broken13:02
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bluelightningZagor: thanks, I've filed a bug against the wiki13:06
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mcfriskIs subscribing open, broken and/or just slow?13:47
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rburtonmcfrisk: people have been saing that delivery is slow at times13:48
mcfrisktried to send patch, heard nothing, noticed subscriber only postings, tried to subscribe, still waiting :)13:49
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* Crofton|work beats halstead 13:50
Crofton|workHopefulyl he says this and checks into the mailing lists13:51
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Zagoris anyone else seeing spikes of really high sys load during builds? I took this nmon snapshot the other day:
ZagorI'm trying to figure out what it is. it doesn't appear to be context switches. sar doesn't show an unusual number when this happens.14:07
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mihaiSong_liu: that was Ema14:09
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mihaiSong_liu: 367214:10
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erenoh, 1.4 is coming, brace yourselves14:25
fraywell 1.4M5...14:26
fraySong_liu: No objections to what RP said here14:31
JaMaRP_: can yup please merge that icecc or should I send it for backport later?14:35
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RP_JaMa: ah, yes14:39
JaMathank you14:39
JaMaanother reason for me to propose upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 :)14:39
JaMabtw: did anyone benchmark scalability and performance of PR service?14:40
*** mitz <mitz!> has joined #yocto14:40
JaMaor is there some plan to provide "public" PR service at least to see how it will behave with 100+ builders start accessing it in parallel?14:40
RP_JaMa: have you a link handy to the icecc patch?14:41
RP_JaMa: I think this is why I keep forgetting :/14:41
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JaMa or do you prefer git hash from contrib?14:41
RP_JaMa: that is great thanks14:43
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halsteadmcfrisk, I'm happy to look into that for you. Can you please share which e-mail you used and if you subscribed via e-mail or the web form?14:55
Crofton|workhalstead, thanks14:56
halsteadCrofton|work, Any time. :)14:56
mcfriskhalstead: used web interface to subscribe, email is mikko.rapeli@iki.fi14:57
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mcfriskhalstead: also did not receive any bounces or such when sending to yocto@ without being subscribed, I also send email about this to yocto-owner14:59
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JaMarburton: would you mind maintaining also on OE wiki? I think many users search "releases" there too and the results are not very accurate :/15:01
halsteadmcfrisk, I see one post from you caught for moderation and a notice sent to yocto-owner. The issue is with our DNS and the record. Fixing that.15:01
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RP_Zagor: that is interesting. We have made some parts more efficient and that could mean we're starting to see points where it does hammer the system15:31
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RP_Zagor: All sys load I notice which is interesting15:33
RP_Zagor: any idea which tasks are triggering it?15:34
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Zagorit's during heavy times of building, when multiple devs are hammering the machine with wide parallell builds. the top cpu users are usually gcc and python15:34
ZagorI am clueless what the kernel is busy doing15:35
RP_Zagor: io?15:35
Zagorbut does io really show up as sys time like that?15:35
Zagorshouldn't it rather be "wait" time?15:35
RP_Zagor: right :/15:36
RP_Zagor: could it be gcc piping data between processes?15:36
RP_Zagor: python is probably something different too15:36
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RP_Zagor: obviously gcc is do_compile, any idea what python was doing? do_package?15:37
RP_I know when we've tested do_package with -P, you see it spending a lot of time in stat calls15:37
Zagorno. probably just general bitbake running15:37
ZagorI'm struggling with ways to measure/log/instrument this15:38
fraymessage passing (log data) to the UI?15:39
ZagorI can't see it being something so trivial. we are talking 64 2.5GHz processors spending 90% of their time in the kernel. it's... a lot of work15:40
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fraywhen pseudo is being used over large data sets, it can generate a huge number of messages..15:51
fraylarge data sets, i.e. 100,000 files+ ..  lots of 'stat' operations.. etc15:51
kergothugh, I think bitbake's repochanged handling in bb.fetch.git is broken. it sets a flag when it updates the repository, and uses that to deterimne when to write the tarball, but what if the task gets interrupted between those two steps?15:59
kergothnow you have an updated git2 repo but an out of date mirror tarball15:59
kergothi have a setup in that state now, the repo is updated but the tarball is not15:59
kergothAlso seems potentially racy when you have multiple bitbake builds sharing a DL_DIR, unless that entire block is protected by a lock (haven't checked)16:02
frayI was under the impression it -was- protected...16:02
* kergoth shrugs, if so there's just the interruption to worry about16:03
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kergothI suspect that there's also issues with switching the value of BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS. if the repo was updated in a prevoius build with it disabled, but you had a tarball from the past existing, then the build after enabling it wouldn't recreate the tarball even though its out of date16:11
kergothso, yeah, multiple problems with this logic afaict16:12
zeckeOT: Is there a page for end products that use Yocto/Poky or any Yocto compatible product? Any possibility to have my sysmoBTS added to this page?16:12
* kergoth adds todo to open bug16:12
kergoths/bug/a bug/16:12
frayzecke, there is YP compliance program.. part of that program allows you to be a registered "participant".. you can then register your usage/products that use it16:13
* fray goes to find hte link16:13
halsteadmcfrisk, I've tracked it down to a problem with our DNS forwarders and DNSKEY on
mcfriskhalstead: great, should I repost or try subscribing?16:15
halsteadmcfrisk, Probably not. It will go out once this is resolved.16:15
zeckefray: thanks16:16
mcfriskhalstead: thanks!16:16
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halsteadmcfrisk, Confirmation e-mail was accepted for delivery.16:21
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mcfriskhalstead: thanks, received all the emails now16:34
*** blitz00 <blitz00!stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC16:37
rburtonhalstead: i'm being moaned at when i push to poky-contrib to run "git prune"16:38
halsteadrburton, That is supposed to happen automatically on the server. I'll see what's up.16:38
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ka6soxis there a port convention for prserv?17:20
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-vrizyfcbakyvmkpx> has joined #yocto17:21
JaMaka6sox: are you goint to set that public instance?17:21
ka6soxJaMa, I was thinking about but wanted to be standard and not go off and setup things that break other builds.17:22
*** pidge <pidge!pidge@nat/intel/x-veaubzritbyckvte> has joined #yocto17:23
JaMaka6sox: ok, good17:23
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ka6soxpidge, is there a prserv standard port?17:25
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has joined #yocto17:33
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pidgeka6sox: I don't believe so. It's whatever is set in PRSERV_HOST.17:38
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ka6soxpidge, since we are going to use a public server I'd like to have a standard port (usable outside too)17:40
ka6soxwould you like me to find a suitable port?17:40
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has joined #yocto17:41
pidgeka6sox: ping halstead on port numbers. What are the details on this? I'm not in the loop and I'm curious what the plan is.17:43
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halsteadka6sox, Please let me know what port number you'd recommend.17:45
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ka6soxhalstead, will do...let me do some research.17:46
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rburtonI'd really appreciate anyone with a centos 5 build host testing the fix in this bug:
yoctiBug 4245: normal, Medium, 1.4 M6, laurentiu.palcu, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , wayland fails to compile on Centos 5.x18:18
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halsteadrburton, poky-contrib should be all clean now.18:36
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ant_homezedii: online?22:23
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