Friday, 2013-04-12

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khemzeddii_home: there ?00:03
khemI am looking for packaging up initramfs into kernel itself, do we have support for such a thing in yocto/oe-core00:03
khemlast time I used it was with oe.classic00:04
khemit worked there00:04
khemkernel was built couple of time00:04
mranostayhi khem00:04
khemmranostay: man howdy00:04
khemyou won the cape prize00:04
khemwe should party00:04
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* mranostay looks at pollen chart and cries00:06
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khemoh so its the smog thats killing me00:10
khemI could not go to work today00:11
khemfelt so sick00:11
mranostaywb zenlinux00:11
zenlinuxit's good to be back ;)00:11
* zenlinux just switched computers00:11
mranostayzenlinux: how it up there on the farm? :P00:13
zenlinuxyou could say things are going swimmingly00:14
ftonelloim getting a sanity check problem... it says it cant download test data from network00:16
ftonellobut I checked the CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS variable in my distribution and I could download both files using wget00:17
ftonelloany thoughts?00:17
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CircuitsoftWhere can I find my target python binary?03:03
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mckoangood morning07:26
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bluelightningmorning all08:59
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mattniehi mckoan09:03
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mckoanhi mattnie09:11
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mattnieis yocto 1.4 releases on 4/26/2013 cause the stabilization milestone was not met?09:36
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rburtonkergoth: where did sub-bb go?09:53
rburtonoh you renamed it?09:53
bluelightningmattnie: AFAIK, it was always scheduled for that date09:54
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david-e_hi, I need to untar something after do_unpack (or before patch): is there a standard rule I can use inside my recipe?13:45
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rburtondavid-e_: unpack=113:57
rburtontbh, i thought it unpacked all tarballs by default13:58
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david-e_rburton: cheers. it gets automatically unpacked, but not where I want. Thanx for the tip though14:09
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david-e_I guess I have to play with $S . will read some docs before aking stupid questions though14:10
bluelightningdavid-e_: setting S is usually the right way to handle that, although there is also a subdir= parameter that can be used within SRC_URI14:12
bluelightningdavid-e_: subdir is generally only used when you have two archives extracting the same dir, or for archives with no directory structure at all14:12
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bluelightningthere are no stupid questions :)14:13
david-e_bluelightning: thanxh, I found the "striplevel" option too. still need some time to get used to all this new stuff:)14:14
bluelightningdavid-e_: if you haven't seen it, those parameters are all covered in the reference manual  -
rburtoni should stop reading the fetcher code and read the docs instead14:16
david-e_bluelightning: found it, thank you14:17
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JaMabluelightning: you were touching postinst scripts too, have you seen missing 'x' permission? I have it with opkg -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Apr  4 16:43 /etc/rcS.d/S98run-postinsts14:27
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bluelightningJaMa: I haven't, no... this is with ipk though I presume?14:38
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JaMabluelightning: yes it it and it seems to happen only with older opkg already installed on target (at least buildhistory now shows the file with +x)14:44
JaMabluelightning: I was just surprised to see that chmod only in postinst, but it makes sense as the postinst is creating that file14:45
JaMabluelightning: btw cannot you use tee in REDIRECT_CMD ?14:46
bluelightningJaMa: that REDIRECT_CMD shouldn't even be there14:46
bluelightningJaMa: I have entered a bug to reimplement the functionality14:47
bluelightningtoo late for 1.4 though14:47
JaMado you have bug number handy?14:47
bluelightningone sec14:47
JaMasome log would be nice to find out why systemd images hangs on run-postinsts14:47
bluelightningJaMa: 426214:47
bluelightningyeah, it's not that it's not useful, it just hasn't been done in the right way14:48
bluelightningJaMa: can you file a bug for the +x issue?14:49
JaMayes if I find some way to reproduce it or confirm it was like that in older images14:50
JaMabecause right now I have seen it only in 1 from 10 (old) images I was testing14:50
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rburtonJaMa: i've never seen a systemd image hang on postinst :/  is there a bug?14:59
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JaManot from me, but some other guys were reporting the same on ML15:01
rburtonhm must have missed that15:02
JaMaand at least one more I cannot find now15:05
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void-devhow much memory do I need to bake webkit-efl ?15:15
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void-dev4GB + 4GB swap seems to be too little15:15
JaMarburton: this is also sysvinit/systemd related
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rburtonvoid-dev: you probably want more than that, and be prepared for a 30 minute compile even so15:19
rburtonJaMa: right, we just spoke about that in the general case15:20
JaMavoid-dev: 4G should be enough15:20
JaMavoid-dev: I'm building it on one machine with 2G RAM + 3G swap15:20
void-devrburton: yeah, I figured that it is not enough, just was looking for some rough estimate re. size. and compile time isn't the problem (I like coffee), and the OOM is during link stage15:21
JaMavoid-dev: is it for x86-64?15:21
rburtonvoid-dev: you can probably turn off the link optimising?15:21
void-devJaMa: hmmm, wasn't enough for me, and yes, x86-6415:21
JaMavoid-dev: ah right, 64bit needs more15:21
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!> has joined #yocto15:21
JaManot sure how much, I'm building 64bit only on machine with 16G or more15:22
rburtonpresumably the problem is that its trying to do a whole-object link to optimise15:22
void-devJaMa: rburton: swapon huge swapfile "fixed" it.... need a bigger machine for this15:24
JaMavoid-dev: it's only short peak in mem usage, swapfile is good enough for that15:25
rburtonvoid-dev: is 4G a limit imposed by your mobo, or can you go shopping?15:25
JaMabut yes if you can get better machine then good for you :)15:25
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC15:26
*** hwinkel <hwinkel!> has joined #yocto15:26
*** andyross <andyross!> has joined #yocto15:27
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void-devrburton: I am currently had the plan for just a small trial run, to confirm it was pilot error (of mine), so I used my laptop15:29
rburtonah, fair15:29
* void-dev thinks building Tizen IVI / AGL with Yocto take a little longer than expected ;)15:30
rburtonvoid-dev: apart from webkit, it's not that bad :)15:31
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!> has quit IRC15:31
rburtonfor me, adding webkit almost doubles the build time of a typical image15:31
JaMavoid-dev: are you building webkit-efl from meta-efl layer or some other recipe?15:31
* JaMa is building 3 webkit versions :/ (gtk/efl/qt)15:32
rburtonJaMa: not blink?15:32
void-devJaMa: meta-efl15:32
rburtonJaMa: does webos still build several then?15:33
JaMarburton: webos only webkit-webos (qt based)15:33
*** hwinkel <hwinkel!> has quit IRC15:33
rburtonah, good. i thought it was qt and something else.15:33
JaMagtk and efl for SHR (midori and eve browsers)15:33
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto15:35
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC15:35
void-devJaMa: btw. the docu (on the web site)  on how to build SHR is kind of broken15:36
void-devJaMa: but I guess you knew that already15:36
JaMano, what's wrong?15:37
* void-dev checks if enough RAM's left to start webbrowser15:38
void-devJaMa: something about setup script looks for meta-openembedded, but git clone should be made into meta-oe15:40
*** hwinkel <hwinkel!> has joined #yocto15:40
void-devjust before15:40
JaMavoid-dev: you mean the manual setup or Makefile way?15:40
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-tynccexazngkuhqv> has joined #yocto15:41
JaMaI don't see meta-openembedded mentioned in
void-devJaMa: yes, the one on
void-devwhich the other one you mention points to15:42
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has quit IRC15:42
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has joined #yocto15:43
JaMavoid-dev: I still don't see meta-openembedded there, do you mean that bblayers.conf from common repo expectes meta-openembeded but checkout is in meta-oe?15:44
void-devJaMa: or it was the other way around, clone meta-oe from github and setup-env does reference meta-openembedded15:46
void-devlet me double check15:46
JaMathat's why Makefile way is recommended, I don't want to maintain the same information on 3 places :/15:47
void-devJaMa: true, luckly I did count myself (at that time) as advanced user and found a workaround15:49
*** sgw1 <sgw1!> has quit IRC15:51
*** void-dev is now known as void-dev_15:54
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kergothAnyone looked into license-filtered sstate distribution?16:11
kergothI'm thinking that it'd be good to avoid issues with binary redistribution for certain licenses by also avoiding inclusion of their sstates in any shipped or deployed sstate archives16:12
kergothpidge: thoughts?16:12
*** lh <lh!~lhawthor@osuosl/staff/lh> has quit IRC16:14
RPkergoth: I'd be tempted to (ab)use the mechanism we use for the native lsb string insertion16:15
kergothah, shove it into the filename? interesting idea16:15
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC16:16
RPkergoth: then you'd get clear directory separation and could do policy as necessary based on that16:16
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto16:16
*** lh <lh!> has joined #yocto16:18
*** lh <lh!~lhawthor@osuosl/staff/lh> has joined #yocto16:18
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kergothHmm, I need to remember to throw together a patch to remove the OVERRIDES mangling from PACKAGES. Think it's still possible to get recursions due to FOO_<pkg> referencing ${FOO}16:25
kergothRP: it's a good idea, will hav e to play with it if I find the time, thanks16:25
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!> has quit IRC16:42
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*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #yocto16:52
bluelightningkergoth: so, I'm trying to figure out why a function defined in one class inherited at the global level might not be visible from another class also inherited at the global level (both with INHERIT += ) ... any suggestions?16:53
bluelightningI can push the changes as a patch if that helps16:53
*** walters <walters!~walters@> has quit IRC16:54
bluelightningbit of a difficult patch to look at without context I know...17:05
*** imolit <imolit!edwardd@nat/axis/x-haceasbhtowzqait> has quit IRC17:12
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bluelightningkergoth: nm - issue was the function name ending with _poky meaning it treated that as an override17:20
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*** darknighte is now known as darknighte_znc18:12
JaMaany idea why linux-yocto-3.8.do_populate_sysroot seems to take forever now?18:19
JaMastrace of python process doing it is full of ESPIPE (Illegal seek)18:20
JaMaand is running for 5-10 minutes already18:20
*** hwinkel <hwinkel!> has quit IRC18:29
JaMaand still running...18:32
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC18:38
otavioIt seems dylan and master are not in sync anymore18:45
*** mitz_ <mitz_!> has quit IRC18:47
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has quit IRC18:48
JaMahurray, just finished18:51
JaMa35minutes still looks wrong18:52
JaMaheh and I probably know why...18:52
JaMa   /OE/shr-core/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/spitz/usr/src/kernel/ipc/util.h18:52
JaMa   Matched in manifest-spitz-linux18:52
*** mitz_ <mitz_!> has joined #yocto18:53
JaMaI've changed PREFERRED_PROVIDER and it was looking for sstate owner of every single header and file staged by kernel18:53
JaMadoing that 18439 times probably takes like 35 minutes18:54
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JaMakhem: do you remember me reporting that RPROVIDES didn't work for openssh-sshd-systemd?19:52
*** sgw1 <sgw1!> has joined #yocto19:52
JaMakhem: new warning seems to explain that ;) WARNING: Variable key RPROVIDES_${PN}-sshd (sshd) replaces original key RPROVIDES_openssh-sshd ( openssh-sshd-systemd).19:52
*** waynr <waynr!> has joined #yocto19:53
waynrokay i have a distro which needs to work for both x86 and arm boards but when i add the "kernel" and "kernel-" packages only to the x86 builds it does not seem to respect the PREFFERED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto" line in th emachine configuration--that is, it adds both the kernel recipe i am working on which uses a different SRC_URI and does not inherit from linux-yocto19:53
frayAhh.. RP merged the patch..19:53
bluelightningwaynr: you'll need to use machine overrides or set the value from the machine config in that case19:54
bluelightningwaynr: i.e. the former would be PREFFERED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_yourx86machine = "linux-yocto"19:55
bluelightningand similar to set the provider for the arm machine19:55
waynrwell the PREFERRED_PROVIDER is already being set from the machine configuration19:56
waynrmy brain is turning to mush right now...19:56
waynrokay trying the build over in a clean build directory20:01
JaMafray: it's quite useful, thanks for that20:07
JaMafray: sending 5 patches to fix issues found by that20:08
*** jbaxter <jbaxter!> has quit IRC20:14
frayJaMa -- when we figured out what was wrong..  I was at least happy that oe-core didn't have a huge number of them20:19
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waynrokay i got just the yocto kernel installed but i had to remove the "kernel" and "kernel-image" from the x86-specific packagegroup20:23
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC20:25
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waynrsomehow the packagegroup "Depends:" in var/lib/opkg/lists/oe-all was getting dependencies named "kernel-<customkernelversionnumber>" and "kernel-image-<customkernelversionnumber>" where customerkernelversionnumber happens to be 3.2.2120:25
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JaMafray: I've found most of them in meta-systemd, which makes sense, it's easier to use different key format in .bbappend then in the same .bb file20:38
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JaMarburton: still interested in hunting upgrade-path issues?20:47
JaMa * check_data_file_clashes: Package busybox-syslog wants to install file /etc/default/busybox-syslog20:47
JaMa        But that file is already provided by package  * busybox20:47
JaMarburton: nvm, looks like caused meta-oe .bbappend20:48
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RPJaMa: sorry it merged as late. I thought it was worth merging as it does warn about real issues21:39
*** feydrautha80 <feydrautha80!> has quit IRC21:41
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JaMaRP: np, I'm glad you did21:51
JaMastill in time to fix other layers before branching dylan there21:51
*** mitz_ <mitz_!> has quit IRC21:55
bluelightningJaMa: RP: what happened?21:55
RPbluelightning: the bitbake expandkeys warning patch I merged relatively rencently21:55
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bluelightningRP: just wondering if we need to add a note in the migration info...21:58
frayIt would be a good idea to explain to someone what that warning means.. and of course how to fix it21:59
fray(i.e. a release note)21:59
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #113 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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*** pidge_ is now known as pidge22:12
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pidgehalstead: ping22:43
pidgethe korg mirror isn't updating :/22:43
bluelightningfray: the migration section of the manual is kind of an extended set of release notes (but excludes known issues)... I'll talk to scottrif about adding that22:44
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-tynccexazngkuhqv> has quit IRC22:45
fraysounds good to me22:45
Daemon404i see x32...22:45
Daemon404did anything come of that after the trolling died down?22:46
bluelightningnitink: ^22:46
frayI believe the code got checked in.. but the way it's been explained to me, it's still too experiemental for 'real' world use22:46
fraybut my take is that with a bit more work, it should be usable22:47
fray(I don't know the YP status though)22:47
Daemon404well ive been interested in adding a x32 yocto buildbot / support to a different foss project, but everythings been to unusable for a long time22:47
Daemon404for supposed "gains"22:47
* Daemon404 goes back to keeping an eye out from the sidelines22:48
frayMy suggestion (if it's not in 1.4).. ask in a couple weeks at the beginning of the 1.5 work..22:48
frayI think it's at the point where it can be stabilized and at least brought to a usable.. even if not product ready capability22:48
Daemon404well i dont specifically mean poky or oe22:48
Daemon404but x32 in general22:48
Daemon404its env22:48
Daemon404libs, etc22:49
frayI was under the impression that kernel, libc and compiler support were all there --if-- you use the absolute latest versions of each22:49
Daemon404we'll see22:49
Daemon404with a new enough kernel i can probably chroot to poky's x32 sysroot fairly easily22:51
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JaMaRP: sorry I haven't noticed it's in multilib.conf23:31
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC23:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #101 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #74 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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