Tuesday, 2013-04-16

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mattnieGood morining! I am searching for a Howto compile Kernel and U-Boot with FDT support. But I do not found anything. (First question where I enable/disable FDT in u -boot?) Regards MaTT06:24
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mckoangood morning07:05
erbogood morning07:05
mattniegood morning mckoan07:05
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ericbuttershello.. how to get lxde in yocto? is there a meta-lxde?07:46
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mckoanericbutters: AFAIK no07:50
ericbutterswhat about xfce?07:51
ericbuttersis there only matchbox?07:51
mckoanericbutters: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/07:52
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mckoanericbutters: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/layer/meta-xfce/07:53
ericbuttersmckoan perfect!07:54
ericbuttersthank you07:54
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mckoanericbutters: yw08:02
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david-e_to compile a 3rd party (ugly) package I had to pass $(STAGING_DIR_TARGET)/usr/lib/powerpc-poky-linux-gnuspe/4.7.2  ... is there an appropriate variable I can use to avoid specifying that?08:13
david-e_btw, it is needed for gcc to locate libgcc.a08:14
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RPdavid-e_: Can't the toolchain find that as needed?08:38
RPdavid-e_: ${STAGING_LIBDIR}/${TARGET_SYS}/4.7.2 is a bit neater08:39
david-e_RP: didn't dig too deep: I got "ld: cannot find libgcc.a"08:39
RPdavid-e_: ld *should* be able to find that :/08:39
david-e_RP: looks better, thanx08:39
RPdavid-e_: there is something broken in the compiler/linker for it to be saying that, default search paths must be broken somehow08:40
RPdavid-e_: a good place to start looking would be to strace it, see where it is looking08:40
david-e_RP: I wouldn't blame it on the toolchain, the package is huge and really ugly08:41
david-e_will try to strace that later on08:41
RPdavid-e_: It could be you're missing the --sysroot option to ld08:41
david-e_RP: I guess that is missing: thanx for the tip08:41
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bluelightningmorning all08:50
mattniemorning bluelightning08:52
RPhi bluelightning08:54
bluelightninghi mattnie, RP09:06
khemnew busybox mount is now useless with systemd09:06
bluelightningif what koen says is true so was the old one...09:06
khemcant mount loop devices09:06
khemI am on dylan09:06
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khemhave a initrd with busybox in it09:07
khemuse to work09:07
khema month or so ago09:07
rburtonkhem: didn't think we'd touched busybox mount since before then09:08
ant_workkhem: hmm.. iirc the one from klibc is ok09:08
ant_workbut I can't guarantee I was running systemd ...09:09
rburtonkhem: any errors?  saul did patch the automoutning behaviour recently09:09
khemrburton: hang on09:10
khemyes I was nearing to that commit09:10
khemmount: mounting /dev/loop0 on /media/isolinux failed: No such device09:10
khemsh-4.2# ls /media/isolinux/ -ld09:11
khemdrwxr-xr-x    2 root     root             0 Apr 16 09:10 /media/isolinux/09:11
khemsh-4.2# ls /dev/loop0 -ld09:11
khembrw-rw----    1 root     disk        7,   0 Apr 16 09:10 /dev/loop009:11
khemsh-4.2# ls -ltr /tmp/junos.img09:11
khem-rw-r--r--    1 root     root     1841299456 Apr 16 09:10 /tmp/junos.img09:11
khemso all artifacts are there09:11
khemmount -o rw,loop,noatime,nodiratime /tmp/junos.img /media/isolinux09:13
khemis what the cmd is09:13
khemaha btw. /bin/mount.util-linux -o rw,loop,noatime,nodiratime /tmp/junos.img /media/isolinux works09:14
khemso someone botched up busybox09:14
rburtonkhem: if you could try reverting saul's patch and my backport from upstream that would be great09:15
* khem looks at Sauls patch and thats definitely it09:16
khembb_perror_msg_and_die will die on first fail09:17
rburtonkhem: please file bug and mail list09:17
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khemis bug report still needed09:17
khemafter spending 3 hrs to wreslte with it :)09:18
rburtonkhem: bugs don't get lost as easily as mail09:18
*** mthalmei is now known as mthalmei_away09:19
khemprobably I should find some time to test patches atelast to the packages that affect me09:22
khemrburton: your patch does not impact me09:24
khemso no point in testing it09:24
khembut revert of that fail_on_no_media.patch09:24
khemI will test09:24
khemand your patch does not fix koen reported issue either09:25
khemso i would advise to hold off09:25
rburtonmy mega-patch is being held off09:25
khemknown bugs are better than unkown ones09:26
khemthis freaking box takes 10 mins to reboot09:27
khemOK confirmed its that patch09:29
khemlet me capture it in  a bug and sleep09:29
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ericbutterswhy there is no meta-lxde?10:01
david-e_would it be possible from within a package recipe to reference another package variable (i.e. EXTRA_OEMAKE of package B from A.bb)10:02
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bluelightningdavid-e_: no, you'd need to set a variable globally and have both recipes read from that10:02
david-e_bluelightning: great, thanx10:03
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bluelightningericbutters: there is https://github.com/adam-lee/meta-lxde but it doesn't look like it's being kept up-to-date and the author hasn't bothered to get it listed in the index10:03
david-e_bluelightning: of course I guess that applies also to build directories (${S} of another package)10:05
bluelightningdavid-e_: you definitely want to avoid that10:06
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bluelightningdavid-e_: if you were to enable rm_work for example the work directory will be gone by the time the second recipe tries to look at it10:06
bluelightningdavid-e_: the solution is to stage whatever files from the first recipe that the second recipe needs and then the second recipe can find them in the sysroot10:06
bluelightning(and "stage" these days just means you need to install them into ${D} within do_install; the staging code should automatically pick up files installed to standard locations and stage them)10:08
bluelightningif you need to stage files in non-standard locations that's also possible, we have examples of how to do that10:08
david-e_bluelightning: I did not think about rm_work. Unfortunately I have to package a couple of 3rd party packages with sick dependencies (to compile B you need to unpack it inside A)10:09
ericbuttersbluelightning thank you, i already tried that one and that is not really working.. bitbake warns with: WARNING: task-lxde-base: task.bbclass is deprecated, please inherit packagegroup instead10:09
ericbuttersi think lxde is really good for embedded.. wondering why yocto does not have it10:10
rburtonericbutters: because nobody's packaged it.  feel free to update that meta-lxde10:10
bluelightningdavid-e_: that's probably a case where you need to just do that inside one recipe I suspect then10:11
ericbuttersrburton if i find time i will do that..10:11
david-e_bluelightning: indeed10:11
ericbuttersso what do most of yocto users when building a desktop device? they put meta-openembedded and use meta-xfce or meta-gpe? is there a roadmap for yocto?10:17
bluelightningI suspect a lot of users aren't building devices that need a traditional desktop UI10:18
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rburtoni'd expect a desktop UI to be a rather small use-case10:20
ericbuttersi understand and i agree..10:20
rburtonsato is "good enough" that it's been deployed in several commercial products10:20
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ericbuttersbluelightning, rburton is there a roadmap for yocto?10:28
bluelightningericbutters: I don't think we have anything beyond the next release no10:29
rburtonericbutters: if there's anything you want, feel free to suggest it10:30
ericbuttersi think you guys do a great job..10:33
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rburtonJaMa: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=ross/dbus <-- can you pre-review this quickly?14:24
JaMait's not entirely quiet when testing with wrong user, but otherwise looks ok to me14:26
JaMamartin@jama ~ $ killall -q -HUP dbus-daemon14:27
JaMadbus-daemon(1811): Operation not permitted14:27
rburtonoh, right, well, you'll be root doing the postinsts.14:27
* rburton sends14:27
JaMayes not an issue for package manager upgrades14:27
JaMaI assume that killall from busybox does the same14:27
rburtoni got the syntax from busybox14:28
rburtonjama: your patch to dbus to work around this was talking about udev14:29
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rburtonJaMa: was that some meta-oe thin?14:32
JaMawhich patch do you mean?14:35
rburton" fixes udev configure in run-postinsts failing with:14:35
rburton  update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/dbus-1: file does not exist14:35
rburton  because dbus-udev is installed only with sysvinit in features14:35
rburton  but update-rc.d was always called from PN postinst"14:35
rburtonis what you said14:35
JaMaah sorry it looks like copy&paste from http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=b1dca3a693bb439181a155c5248a2c6a900f729d14:37
JaMabut it was different issue then this with reload14:37
rburtonthat makes more sense14:38
JaMathere is also issue with prerm, seen that on ML?14:38
rburtoni know of koen's mentionof systemctl --system daemon-reload14:39
JaMano prerm without sysvinit in DISTRO_FEATURES14:39
JaMain "[PATCH 1/2] systemd: set INHIBIT_UPDATERCD_BBCLASS without sysvinit in features" thread14:39
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rburtonJaMa: surely that stops if we merge that inhibiting patch?14:49
*** tomz1 <tomz1!~trz@c-68-53-177-94.hsd1.in.comcast.net> has joined #yocto14:49
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rburtonoh, its's merged already, so the prerm postinst from update-rcd won't exist14:50
* rburton checks14:50
waynrhmm is it a problem for multiple layers to share the same BBPRIORITY?14:53
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rburtoni wonder if the TI UK bridge is back up14:55
*** Song <Song!8686894b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:55
*** Song is now known as Song_Liu14:55
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Song_LiuYPTM: Welcome to the technical team meeting. Please let me know who's on the bridge. Thanks!15:00
scottrifYPTM: Scott Rifenbark joined the call15:00
ZagorYPTM: Björn Stenberg is here15:00
tomz1YPTM: Tom on the call15:01
CorneliuYPTM: Corneliu joined15:01
*** tasslehoff <tasslehoff!~tasslehof@> has quit IRC15:01
strassekYPTM: Kevin Strasser is here15:01
scottrifscott R also15:01
scottrifyou skipped me15:01
jmpdelosYPTM: Polk joined15:02
*** jzhang-laptop <jzhang-laptop!jzhang16@nat/intel/x-btelkxxjmvzenram> has joined #yocto15:02
jzhang-laptopYPTM: Jessica's on the call15:02
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belenYPTM: Belen's on the call15:02
RPSong_Liu: YPTM, Richard is here15:03
* rburton lost the new UK number15:03
rburtonRP, what's the new uk number that works?15:03
RPrburton: 0190835559915:03
cristianiorgaYPTM: cristian joined15:03
rburtonYPTM: ross joined15:03
Song_LiuYPTM: Any opens?15:04
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bluelightning_YPTM: Paul Eggleton has joined15:04
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning15:04
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nitinkYPTM: nitin is joining the bridge15:06
Corneliuhere is a preliminary report: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/1.4_QA_Status15:08
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JaMarburton: not sure why I've seen those issues with prerm, because as you say they shoudn't be there but were15:17
*** tasslehoff <tasslehoff!~tasslehof@147.84-49-231.nextgentel.com> has joined #yocto15:18
rburtonJaMa: i've just done a build of dbus without sysvinit, and there was no prerm15:18
JaMarburton: maybe it from upgrading from package without update-rc.d inhibited to one with inhibited15:18
*** dbfi <dbfi!~juha@85-23-12-26.bb.dnainternet.fi> has joined #yocto15:18
rburtonthat would mean opkg was running the old prerm *after* doing the file extraction15:19
rburtonwhich is wrong15:19
rburtonbut hey, isn't that the motto of opkg? :)15:19
rburton"opkg - doing dpkg wrong since 1989"15:19
darknighteYPTM: Sean Hudson joining late...15:20
darknighteSong_Liu: ^15:20
frayYPTM: Mark joining late..15:21
* zedii joins into the YPTM: joining late15:21
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-dcayrwpdassixggv> has joined #yocto15:21
* darknighte laughs at not being the last one in15:22
darknightedon't forget Bruce...15:22
zediidarknighte, we just make an entrance15:22
darknighteheh… extra attention...15:22
darknightebelen: oh, come on, it's fun too!15:26
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darknightebelen: the screenshots look pretty nice...15:27
darknightedvhart: you get my email about the fri2?15:28
belendarknighte: good to hear15:28
dvhartdarknighte, I did indeed, also replied15:28
darknighteSong_Liu: lots of people are probably at collab summit15:28
* darknighte digs in email15:28
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darknightehah… dvhart, you are *spam*!15:29
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rburtonjust had a scam call guy swear blind he was "calling from the world wide web"16:07
fraydid you ask how the weather was?16:08
rburtonfray: my approach this time was to deny that he was calling from the world wide web, and wait for him to insist that my Windows machines were insecure.  no windows here blaa blaa and oh yes STOP CALLING ME16:09
rburtonthird time in three days they've called here :(16:09
frayMy ISP (actual call even) was calling me at one point because their automated intrusion detection shit kept telling them that my Windows machines were insecure.16:10
frayI asked them which IP address, they first said they couldn't tell me over the phone, and then finally told me my main server..16:11
fraywhich is Linux based..16:11
frayapparently their little software experiment decided that since they got an odd response on a port.. I must be vulnerable...16:11
frayI was port forwarding something over a strange, low number..  and they considered that insecure behavior16:11
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kergothseebs: we should really get your bitbake patch to improve the error for a set -e failure merged, or something equivalent18:06
* kergoth just got bit by one of these18:06
seebs<badly dubbed voiceover> I heartily endorse this product and/or service.18:08
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-zvgolhxynkrejmis> has joined #yocto18:09
kergothi actually don't really like set -e, and don't use it for my own scripts, but given the quality fo recipes sometimes, best to retain it..18:10
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seebsWe've been keeping it merged in our tree because we got bitten by it.18:14
seebsTook us TWO WEEKS of very very sporadic failures to find a particular problem. It was a case where the lack of fsync() was, on some filesystems, causing tar to emit "file changed while we were reading it" messages.18:15
seebsIn the middle of a tar -v.18:15
seebsSo we'd see a few thousand lines of file names, then a script aborting with no diagnostics that looked at all like error messages in sight.18:16
kergothfile changed during a tar, I've definitely seen that one before18:16
seebsEventually someone browsed through carefully enough to see the messages, and realize that tar exits 1 when it prints that message, even though it doesn't print a diagnostic after the file list.18:16
seebsBTW, if you see it more now, it may be because of pseudo suppressing fsyncs.18:16
kergothwill keep that in mind in case it comes up18:17
seebsWe have had problems on, I think, one family of systems, in which a prelink done on a rootfs without fsync enabled will result in that happening.18:17
seebsOur prelink calls fsync().e18:17
seebsfsync() even.18:17
kergothwe're using a release recipe that archives up downloads/sstate/layers/bitbake/etc into separate artifacts for creation of installers18:17
kergothah, interesting18:17
seebsBecause if it doesn't, a du before and after a prelink are uninformative because the one after can report tons of files at 0 size.18:17
seebsBecause apparently, someone maintaining some Linux filesystem doesn't think the filesystem is obliged to report the size and modification time of files accurately.18:18
seebsI am fine with "the data may not have been flushed to disk yet".18:20
seebsBut I am really convinced that at *least* the size in bytes and mtime are obliged to be stable.18:20
seebsI can grudgingly tolerate the count of blocks used being meaningless until the writes are flushed, although I dislike it.18:20
mranostayhi from collab18:21
bluelightningmranostay: hi not from collab... ;)18:22
Croftonmranostay, who let you in there, or did you sneak in18:23
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kergothokay, do_populate_lic is sstate, so ends up doing an exec_func of sstate_create_package. sstate_create_package does not define a 'dirs' flag. as a result, bitbake sets its dirs to ${B} (ugh, this is so broken), which of course by default is ${S}, whcih means do_populate_lic ends up cd'ing into ${S} unnecessarily, and if any tasks set cleandirs=${S} or equivalent, as do_rootfs does (unnecessarily, it seems, IMAGE_ROOTFS is what's used, not ${S}), it cn18:45
kergothlooks like multiple questionable behaviors interacting here18:45
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seebsI vote that explanation be put up on the Twiki under the heading "bitbake in a nutshell"19:04
* kergoth chuckles19:08
kergoththere's definitely a love/hate relationship involved19:08
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC19:09
kergothpossibly more hate than love19:10
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kergothHmm, think I just found a problem with how INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE is handled for binary packages20:00
* kergoth sighs20:00
kergothLets say you have a binary package ${PN}-foo, and this package includes ${bindir}/foo. then LICENSE_foo is GPLv3. unless you override the default FILES_${PN}, the removal of ${PN}-foo from PACKAGES will just result in shipping the foo binary with the ${PN} package instead of ${PN}-foo20:01
kergothmeaning you end up shipping gplv3 content anyway20:02
kergothit needs to leave the packages in PACKAGES, but skip their actual creation, potentially just removing the files instead of moving them when populpating packages-split, or just let it split but don't emit the actual binary packages.20:02
frayskip == remove and don't package.. or package and remove result20:03
fraybut ya..20:03
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* kergoth nods20:07
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mranostayhi kergoth21:04
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JaMaRP: ping22:18
JaMav2 was wrong, sending v2-v3 fix22:18
JaMaah you did it22:19
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-dcayrwpdassixggv> has quit IRC22:20
RPJaMa: yes, I saw your v3 and thought I'd better fix22:22
JaMaI'm sorry for that, I should have waited for build to finish or send v0 where I had those exports in system recipe22:23
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RPJaMa: it happens, I'm just very worried about the release now, particularly with systemd :/22:24
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kergothRP: question, why are the lists in setscene_depvalid hardcoded?  particularly isSafeDep and isPostInstDep seem like they could be data-driven. i just noticed touching the external toolchain recipe rebuilds the universe.23:14
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