Wednesday, 2013-04-17

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waynrso the ADT Installer uses a PMS repo to build a sysroot for the installer?03:20
waynrer for the ADT/SDK*03:20
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RPkergoth: Roughly speaking, the plan was to figure out exactly the information we needed, double check we had all the right info, then add in generic data driven bits if that made sense. I didn't what to end up adding broken interfaces or interfaces we didn't need06:48
RPkergoth: of course we never did get back to adding in the generic pieces but the intent is still there06:48
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RPwaynr: yes07:00
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mckoangood morning07:04
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AlexGhalstead: ping07:09
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mattniemorning mckoan07:10
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halsteadAlexG: what's up?07:13
AlexGhalstead: let07:13
AlexGs talk on private please :)07:13
halsteadAlexG: sure.07:15
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mranostaypriv msgs!07:29
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bluelightningmorning all08:13
mranostaybluelightning: hey!08:15
bluelightninghi mranostay08:15
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mattniehi bluelightning08:18
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bluelightninghi mattnie08:31
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Sputhi guys, is there a nice way to import an environment variable into a bitbake recipe? In this particular case, I need to access JAVA_HOME from inside a recipe09:23
bluelightningSput: you just need to add the variable name to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE09:26
bluelightningthat will allow it into the internal environment09:26
Sputbluelightning: yeah, but it requires user configuration which I try to avoid09:27
Sputunless I can do that inside the recipe?09:27
bluelightningSput: you can't no09:28
bluelightningSput: typically we don't rely on host tools that require passing in paths from outside09:28
bluelightningso we don't hit this kind of problem often09:28
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Sputbluelightning: mmh. yeah, it's broken by design, but unfortunately I can't change that in this particular instance. I was playing around with BB_ORIGENV, but it's not working as expected10:10
bluelightningSput: I could only suggest supplying your own setup script which extends BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE as appropriate10:12
mattnieI have a question about kernel configuration.. Is it possible to configure the kernel with a _defconfig file? Or how can i configure the kernel without using Kconfigs10:14
RPSput: you should be able to query BB_ORIGENV and extract the data from there. How are you trying to use it?10:15
SputRP: failing hard at python :)10:15
RPmattnie: you can provide a defconfig for it to use, yes10:15
RPSput: you mean you need an example?10:15
SputJAVA_HOME = "${@d.getVar("BB_ORIGENV", True).getVar("JAVA_HOME", False)}"10:16
Sputis what I'm trying right now10:16
Sputbut of course I don't really know what I'm doing10:17
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mattnieRP: So if i edit e.g. "tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-imx-3.0.35-r32.10/git/arch/configs/imx6_defconfig" and build kernel new with "bitbake virtual/kernel -c compile -f; bitbake virtual/kernel" it uses the defconfig?10:17
RPSput: "BB_ORIGENV", True -> "BB_ORIGENV", False10:18
mattnieRP: or do you have a short howto if i am wrong10:18
SputRP: what does this parameter mean btw?10:18
RPmattnie: you need to put the new defconfig in SRC_URI so it knows where to find it10:18
RPSput: whether to try and expand the data or not10:18
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RPpython () {10:19
RP    origenv = d.getVar("BB_ORIGENV", False)10:19
RP    abc = origenv.getVar("ABC", True)10:19
RP    d.setVar("ABC", abc)10:19
RPwill set ABC from the environment. Your version is just the condensed one10:19
RPbluelightning: I guess I should mail scott this?10:20
bluelightningRP: I guess so, the question would be where to put it10:21
bluelightningit's also one of those limited use things, I suspect some people could abuse it :/10:21
bluelightningRP: I'd say enter a doc bug report, then it won't get lost10:22
SputRP: hmm, that seems to do something, but it now fails later. will investigate, thanks for the pointers for now :)10:22
RPbluelightning: right, its one of those double edged swords10:24
RPbluelightning: I've mailed Scott, cc'd you10:24
RPbluelightning: we can bugzila it if necessary10:25
RPSput: bitbake -e <recipe> | grep JAVA_HOME is a good debugging tool for this10:26
Sputoh nice10:27
Sputyeah, it seems to get the correct value now, but somehow the recipe fails where it didn't yesterday. but it also fails when I just hardcode the path, so something else is amiss10:28
erenwhat happened to beautiful bitbake-env utility?10:32
erenis it still developed?10:32
bluelightningeren: it hasn't moved; I'd like to look at how we can integrate it in the coming development cycle10:35
bluelightning(assuming bitbake-env is kergoth's utility)10:35
erenbluelightning: yeah, it's kergoth's10:44
erenIt's nice to hear that it would be integrated in the future10:44
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mattnieRP: can you help me? Do I have to add SRC_URI to conf/local.conf? If i am right I have found an example SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=git;tag=v${PV}" but i am t stupid to transfer it for my use..10:55
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bluelightningmattnie: you would set that in a recipe11:02
bluelightningspecifically, the recipe for the piece of software you want to build (if it's something new you would create a new one)11:02
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RPmattnie: I'd suggest reading that manual11:06
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mattnieRP & bluelightning: thx I will read and try it :)11:15
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erbocan I build a 32-bit sdk on a 64-bit hosts?11:31
zeckeerbo: yes11:35
erbozecke: do you know how I do it? By default bitbake -c populate_sdk myimage just builds a 64-bit version11:36
zeckeerbo: I think the local.conf has documentation for that. just study it11:37
erbozecke: will do, thanks11:40
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gizerohi! what is the package/class responsible for creating initial files in /dev? I mean those that are statically present in an image's rootfs12:08
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mckoangizero: initscripts12:25
gizeromckoan: hi! thanks... investigating on a missing /dev/ttyS2...12:26
mckoangizero: udev didn't set it?12:36
gizerostrangely enough ttyS0 is there while ttyS2 is not... even if the kernel is correctly using ttyS2 as its console12:38
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gizeromckoan: noticed that my image was even missing the udev init script. Hence udevd was not running at all. Due to wrong mixture of meta-layers here13:09
gizeromckoan: fixed now13:09
Sputhm. I keep getting this backtrace, does that look familiar to anyone?
SputI have no idea why it would want to launch any UI13:20
fraynever seen anything like that before13:20
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frayyou need a UI to see what is happening.. the knotty UI is the text console13:20
Sputand I'm pretty sure it worked before, I already cleaned my build dir and state cache13:20
Sputhow would I debug this?13:20
frayI've never encountered a bug like this, so I'm not sure..13:20
frayit looks to me like something is failing in bitbake itself... but I have no idea how or why..13:20
frayare you using master or a release?13:21
Sputlatest dylan13:21
Sputbut it also fails with 3b2713684e which is a bit older13:21
* fray goes to look to see if there have been any recent bitbake changes13:21
bluelightningSput: how are you invoking bitbake?13:21
Sputjust bitbake <image-name>13:21
Sputafter setting up the usual build environment, of course13:22
frayya, I don't see anything that would suggest this kind of failure.. sorry13:22
bluelightningSput: I'm just wondering how I would go about reproducing the issue13:22
Sputstill trying to determine if it really always fails with the same recipe (which worked properly yesterday)13:23
frayeven if you have a faulty recipe, you should never get a failure like this13:23
Sputunfortunately, I can't share our layer13:23
bluelightningsure, but if you can boil it down to a simple test case that would really help a lot13:23
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bluelightningI definitely agree with fray, no backtraces should ever be printed13:24
SputI was hoping you'd seen something like this before and could point me in some direction for further investigation13:24
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bluelightningunfortunately no... not sure if RP or kergoth have ( for reference )13:24
jackmitchellSput: enough diskspace?13:25
Sput75G should be sufficient :)13:25
RPSput: It the use of BB_ORIGENV13:25
jackmitchellit's caught me out before :(13:26
RPSput: the variable is not pickleable and you're upseting the signature generation code13:26
SputRP: well, mayybe it started with me playing around with the python stuff, but even if I remove the line it still fails13:26
Sputunfortunately I don't even know what "pickleable" means :)13:26
RPSput: you might have to manually force the dependencies or something13:26
frayRP, is there any way we can catch that condition and print a better error?13:27
RPfray: yes13:27
RPwe should file a bug (with a way to reproduce it) and we should fix it13:27
RPright now, the rc2 release build is due in hours and I have a more pressing issue I need to look at though :/13:28
SputRP: so what would be a proper workaround/fix in my recipe? which dependency I need to add?13:28
Sputsorry that I'm so incompetent here :)13:28
RPSput: Off the top of my head I don't know, I'd need to write up the example I deleted earlier, then try some things13:29
RPSput: I need to look at something else right now :(13:29
Sputunderstandably :)13:29
Sputcould it happen that a python snippet I commented out with # in the recipe still gets evaluated somewhere?13:30
Sputthat might explain why it still fails13:30
RPSput: commented out it shouldn't be the issue13:31
Sputok. I'll try out some more stuff once the prerequisited have finished building13:31
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SputRP: so apparently, this python stuff is actually evaluated even in a commented line. after removing it completely, I can at least build without a crash (although of course that doesn't solve the actual problem that I'd like to be able to import a variable from the environment)15:30
SputI wish that had occured to me before wiping my build directory twice :)15:31
RPSput: you mean a commented line in something like a shell function don't you? :/15:32
RPSput: you didn't say that earlier15:32
RPSput: bitbake expands the python in shell functions before it tries to understand the shell15:32
SputRP: oh, I didn't know that15:33
Sputtoday I learned :)15:33
Sputactually. I wonder if I can somehow set that in global scope then15:33
RPSput: it will still try and parse it if you use it somewhere15:33
Sputbitbake's variable handling is so confusing :/15:34
SputRP: hm okay15:34
Sputwell, then maybe all that's left is whitelisting in my local conf... although I think there should be some official and working way of importing random env vars into a recipe15:35
kergoththe main source of confusion in this regard is the fact that bitbake's variables and shell variables use the same syntax. ${}.15:35
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RPSput: are you using danny?15:40
gkiagiahm, where is the right place to report a bug for the meta-raspberrypi layer?15:41
RPgkiagia: what does the layer README say?15:41
gkiagiawell, it doesn't say15:42
RPgkiagia: it really should. I'm email the listed maintainer and suggest they add that information15:43
SputRP: dylan15:43
RPSput: hmm, I didn't get the error here with the anonymous python15:44
SputJAVA_HOME="${@d.getVar("BB_ORIGENV", False).getVar("JAVA_HOME", True)}"15:46
Sputis the exact phrase I'm using, maybe I have some syntax error in there?15:46
Sputit works in the sense that the variable has the correct value afterwards15:46
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kergothisn't BB_ORIGENV a dict, rather than a DataSmart object, or am I remembering wrong?15:48
RPkergoth: its a datasmart15:48
kergothah, okay, cool15:49
RPSput: do JAVA_HOME[vardepvalue] = "${JAVA_HOME}"15:49
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RPSput: that should make it happier, I could reproduce here and it sorted it15:49
RPSput: if you'd tried the anonymous python I showed you, that didn't have this problem15:49
Sputcan I just use this snippet in a shell function?15:50
RPSput: do this outside the shell function, then use the variable in the shell function15:52
Sputok, lemme try15:52
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Sputthis shell/python mix is also I still need to fully understand :)15:52
RPSput: i.e. both the JAVA_HOME assignment and the vardepvalue15:52
RPSput: then in the shell just do JAVA_HOME=${JAVA_HOME}15:53
RPI know this looks ugly but it should work15:53
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Sputdon't care about the looks :)15:56
SputI would like to mention that I really love how helpful people in here are. bitbake can be pretty confusing for a relative noob, and I've had my problems solved by you guys more than once already15:56
fraySput, that's part of the goal of the YP.. a community where you can get answers to issues like this15:57
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Sputand now I got it to work indeed \o/15:58
Sputthanks a lot!15:58
JaMainteresting, latest rebuild from sstate-cache was failing with "Fatal error: invalid -march= option: `armv5te'" in every target image, rebuilding toolchain fixed that15:58
rburtonSput: bitbake is pretty confusing for a grizzled expert too15:59
Crofton|workfray, of course, I must point out the community pre-dates the yocto project :)16:01
rburtonback in the good old days you got mocked for not understanding bitbake! ;)16:02
Sputmaybe this particular issue would make a good addition for utils.bbclass? import_env_var() or something?16:03
Crofton|workand depending who is on, you might get mocked again :)16:03
Crofton|workzeddii, ping16:04
Crofton|workis there a wuick answer to this16:05
Crofton|workgah, I need to check one more thing16:06
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makaniI needed to move my yocto directory to another hard disk and bitbake now tells me I need to rebuild. But how to do this?16:11
makania simple bitbake -c clean does not resolve my situation16:12
Crofton|workalso, do not forget to specify the defconfig if you are using linux-yocto-custom without the kconf stuff16:12
frayyou move the 'sstate-cache' directory to the new machine, along with your downloads..16:12
fraythen start a build..16:12
frayit will re-use as much as it can.. which SHOULD be around 95% or more fo the build16:12
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fray(ohh and of course the configuration needs to be the same..)16:13
frayif the host type has changed, the reuse will be closer to about 80% in my experience16:13
fraythe key though is the sstate-cache holds all of the reusable components16:13
makaniok thanks for your fast reply16:15
makanii am currently testing it16:15
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Sputhow robust is the sstate-cache for sharing between multiple simultaneous builds (in different build directories of course), possibly for different targets too?16:17
frayit should 'just work'16:18
RPSput: tried and tested in that scenario16:21
Sputthat's good to know :)16:21
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Sputfor integrating a Yocto setup in a CI system that supports various build configurations that should save lots and lots of  rebuild time16:24
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jkridner|workgm all17:02
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jkridner|workJefro: I'm listening in on mute.17:03
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jstashlukI have a kernel config fragment that is not making it to the .config; How do I figure out why?19:21
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jstashlukok, I have a funny do_configure_prepend included by my kernel recipe....19:27
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RPCrofton|work: This mailing list problem is now seriously hurting the release of the project21:26
RPCrofton|work: I'm not seeing things from people and am having to ask them to send me the messages off list21:26
Crofton|workpeople are supposed to be working on this21:26
RPCrofton|work: I just want to make it clear this is killing things for me :(21:26
RPcan't work effectively with this lag, its stupid21:27
Crofton|workto be fair, I've also heard issues with yp lists and lag at times21:27
Crofton|worklet me check the last email I received on the subject21:27
RPCrofton|work: which got investigated and fixed within hour s afaik21:27
bluelightningyes it has been a problem there lately too21:27
Crofton|workall the people who need to be working together know they need to proceed21:28
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* mranostay waves from Collab21:32
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mranostayhi Crofton|work21:35
mranostaywhy are you not here?21:35
Crofton|worksave some time21:37
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thaytanhmmm, I wonder why this build always wants to rebuild the kernel every time I run bitbake?22:23
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bluelightningthaytan: does the kernel version include DATETIME by any chance?22:29
thaytanbluelightning: no - linux-ti81xx-psp-2.6.37-r122:34
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bluelightningthaytan: hmm not sure, I would suggest asking on the meta-ti list22:54
bluelightningthaytan: kernel.bbclass does use DATETIME but it is supposed to be set up so that doesn't cause a rebuild when that value is different22:55
rburtonthaytan: ti? presumably this isn't work, right? :)22:55
thaytanbluelightning: yeah, it seems weird that it's just that recipe. I'll keep poking23:00
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thaytanrburton: evaluating some hardware23:01
bluelightningthaytan: I'd suggest using bitbake-diffsigs, but that may not be easy to use with denzil (you are using denzil right?)23:01
thaytanbluelightning: no, this is danny23:03
bluelightningthaytan: I can't see a linux-ti81xx-psp recipe in meta-ti on danny, but I guess it's possible you're not pulling that from meta-ti I guess23:04
*** seebs <seebs!> has quit IRC23:04
thaytanbluelightning: it was deleted about a month ago23:04
bluelightningI see23:05
thaytananyway, I'll either figure it out or tolerate the rebuilds :)23:05
bluelightningwell bitbake-diffsigs ought to be able to tell you what changed that altered the signature and triggered the rebuild23:06
denixthaytan: do you have TARGET_ARCH in the machine config, by any chance?23:06
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