Friday, 2013-04-19

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #78 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothhah. I don't know how I missed it, but the python standard library already provides a module for determining a python script's imports -- could use that to implement automatic python rdeps even more trivially02:24
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #111 of nightly-mips is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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mranostayhi Jefro05:02
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bluelightningmorning all#08:39
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david-e_while I can successfully "bitbake core-image-minimal" from scratch, it is not clear to me if you can do it using a pre-built toolchain, thus avoiding to recompile it09:39
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RPdavid-e_: prebuilt from sstate or using an external toolchain?10:22
RPdavid-e_: you can do both10:22
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SaurRP: Did someone screw what creating the release tar ball for 8.0.1, or did you consciously change the layout of it? In poky-danny-8.0.tar.bz2 there is a toplevel "poky-danny-8.0/" directory. However, in poky-danny-8.0.1.tar.bz2 there is no toplevel directory matching the name of the tar ball. Rather the contents is directly at the top...10:26
Saur*what => up10:26
RPSaur: I suspect someone screwed up10:26
RPSaur: could you file a bug for that please?10:26
SaurRP: Will do (after lunch)10:27
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david-e_RP: from sstate I guess: something like compiling it once and installing on a build machine so that others can use it11:14
SaurRP: Bug submitted:
yoctiBug 4351: normal, Undecided, ---, jeffrey.osier-mixon, NEW , No top level directory in tar ball for Yocto release 1.3.111:19
RPdavid-e_: just share the sstate cache directory between the machines11:20
RPSaur: thanks!11:20
david-e_RP: not top prio at the moment, but I'll certainly look at it. Any docs/tutorials/examples I can take as a starting point?11:21
RPdavid-e_: its covered in local.conf.sample, also more details in the manual
david-e_RP: cheers mate11:23
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errordeveloperwhat would be the reason for getting packages built with -dev and -dbg14:32
errordeveloperbut no base package being built?14:32
errordeveloperi had ${PN} at the start14:32
errordeveloperthat was ${PN}_git.bb14:32
errordeveloperand it didn't set PV14:32
errordeveloperthen I tried setting PV = "+git${SRCPV}"14:33
errordeveloperbut that broke it14:33
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errordeveloperthen I tried to pretend that it's ${PN}_0.0.1.bb14:33
errordeveloperand removed previous ${PN}_git.bb14:34
errordeveloperbut still cannot get it to produce the base package14:34
errordeveloperonly -dev and -dbg get emitted14:34
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errordeveloperalthough, I had successfully built an image with the original ${PN} which didn't set PVa14:35
errordeveloperah, I'm quite confused now14:35
bluelightningerrordeveloper: hmm, maybe leave it as _git and set PV = "0.0.1+git${SRCPV}" ?14:35
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errordeveloperbluelightning: tried that, didn't work14:41
errordeveloperlet me try again ...14:41
errordeveloperah, I can see one funny bug14:44
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errordeveloperwas about to gist the actuall recipes, but figured I had a very silly thing there14:53
errordeveloperyey, fixed now!!14:53
RPerrordeveloper: is this some kind of library called
errordeveloperno, I just had a attempt at having and x-header.inc14:54
RPerrordeveloper: glad you got it sorted...14:54
errordeveloperwhich was a bullshit idea14:54
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errordeveloperso okay, package is built and image is built14:57
errordeveloperbut I now see the consecuqnce of the warning message I have asked about here:
errordeveloperwhile bitbake only gave me a warning14:57
errordeveloperi get an error from opkg14:58
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errordeveloperi update the SO post now, cause that seems like a potential pitfal ...14:59
errordeveloperany clues?15:00
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rburtonerrordeveloper: what did you hope to achieve with that that do_install_append fragment?15:04
rburtonbecause it's removing /usr/share/share/, which seems a bit odd15:05
rburtonyou want something like rm -f ${D}${libdir}/python*/site-packages/* to delete the overlapping files15:05
rburton(python-requests shipping them is also wrong)15:05
errordeveloperrburton: no, i actually don't use that one15:14
errordeveloperrburton: I see ...15:15
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rburtonafaik, shouldn't be shipped15:16
errordeveloperthe do_install_append() was in pycurl15:16
errordeveloperrburton: ah, so ok then15:16
errordeveloperrburton: so I'm guessing it's a kind of a bug in distutils class15:22
errordevelopercause it's supposed to take care of these kind of thing15:22
rburtonerrordeveloper: yeah it probably should ensure that file doesn't get packaged15:23
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errordeveloperrburton: so you are quite sure that removing will not actually break anything?15:28
rburtonerrordeveloper: an optional module shouldn't be shipping it, python itself should15:30
rburtonso delete it from your package15:30
mcfrisksigh, I guess Ubuntu with encrypted home direcotry (ecryptfs) can not be used to build yocto since filenames are limited to 144 characters, sstate filenames can be longer..15:35
RPmcfrisk: don't build on cryptfs, its a world of pain, not just that15:35
mcfriskI've never had issues with encrypted lvm, performance is 10% worse but on a laptop I'm not that picky, but this ecryptfs thingy is too much.15:37
RPlvm may be ok, I know ecyrptfs isn't15:37
rburtoncan't have long filenames?!15:37
rburtonman, failtastic15:38
errordeveloperyeah, that's really #wtf15:38
errordeveloperoh it's called "The enterprise cryptographic filesystem for Linux15:39
* errordeveloper loves all things enterprise15:39
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mcfriskyep, gory details at and
rburtonthat SX answer isn't entirely accurate though15:41
rburtonthe guy talking about normal vs cjk is all confused15:41
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errordeveloperhm, so this doesn't work as expected:16:10
errordeveloperdo_install_append() { rm -f ${D}${libdir}/python*/site-packages/[oc]16:10
errordeveloperthere is a new line after {16:10
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rburtonyou'll want to drop the too?16:17
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errordeveloperah, i sort of see what you mean, this doesn't actually match for site.py16:20
rburton*.py* will16:20
errordeveloperah, sure ... but actually it was wrong path16:21
errordeveloperhm, there are /usr/lib/python2.7/* and /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/*  by the looks of it ...16:22
errordeveloperanother thing, how do you force package rebuild properly?16:23
errordeveloperah, I see it's `bitbake -c cleansstate` and then `bitbake -c package`16:26
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errordeveloper_not really_16:28
errordeveloperthat didn't actually give the package16:28
errordeveloperi was doing find . -iname '*python[-_]requests*' | xargs rm -fr16:28
errordeveloperbut that's a bit nasty16:29
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otavioCould someone help me with hob? How can I add a fstype in advanced settings16:33
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otaviobluelightning: ^16:39
bluelightningotavio: it's controlled by IMAGE_FSTYPES I think16:40
bluelightninger, I mean IMAGE_TYPES16:40
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otaviobluelightning: right16:56
otaviobluelightning: it is not picking the sdcard image I added16:56
otaviobluelightning: how it fetches this value?16:57
bluelightningotavio: I'm not entirely sure, but the IMAGE_TYPES value is set in the image_types*.bbclass files and hob apparently reads that value16:57
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bluelightningfor some reason I don't understand it does not show up in bitbake -e, and you can't extend it from local.conf16:58
bluelightning(as an experiment)16:58
otaviobluelightning: so it seems as a bug to me16:59
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bluelightningotavio: maybe... but does your image type class add to IMAGE_TYPES?16:59
otaviobluelightning: I think so17:00
otaviobluelightning: IMAGE_TYPES? not defined17:00
bluelightningotavio: then add to it with += in your class17:00
feydrautha80is anybody using yocto/bitbake with jenkins ?17:02
bluelightningfeydrautha80: JaMa is17:03
otaviobluelightning: doing it17:03
feydrautha80do you know if he is "alive" more often than less ? :)17:04
JaMaI'm right now, if the question is quick17:06
otavioJaMa: do you have a place with the setup/scripts?17:07
otavioJaMa: and how is your cycle to test things? use an internal GIT tree to push stuff for building?17:07
JaMaI use the same scripts I'm using for shr17:18
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otaviobluelightning: didn't work17:27
bluelightningotavio: I would suggest filing a bug in that case17:30
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errordeveloperthe distutils seems quite painfull17:40
errordevelopermy packages seem to be missing some thing, need to figure it out17:41
errordeveloperhopefully I will end-up submitting some pull-request to fix this :)17:41
errordeveloperactually, any idea why python 3 is not in poky?17:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #112 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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errordeveloperhm... are there logs for this channel?19:42
errordeveloperah, but it doesn't have stuff from today19:47
errordeveloperI just wonder if anyone responded to me while I was offline19:48
wmaterrordeveloper: scroll down on the main listing, it's at the bottom19:48
errordeveloperpretty sweet :)19:49
errordeveloperok, so nobody commented on distutils being sucky19:49
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errordeveloperi need to figure out why I only get one directory19:52
errordeveloperas in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests-1.2.0-py2.7.egg/19:52
errordeveloperand python doesn't seem to like it that way19:52
errordeveloperso here what it's supposed to look like19:53
errordeveloperbut I get just the egg dir ;919:54
errordeveloperah ... may I just try to hack it19:54
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #110 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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errordeveloperok so replacing `inherit distutils` with `inherit setuptools` seems to work20:45
errordevelopersetuptools is some tiny little class that passes different flags to destutils20:45
errordeveloperi'm all confused with this python stuff now20:45
errordeveloperanyhow, seems like I got the right dir structure now! wow!20:46
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CircuitsoftHello - I'm getting an "Unable to resolve package <myapp>" error when I build.23:37
CircuitsoftAt the moment, <myapp> only lists dependencies and doesn't build anything.23:38
CircuitsoftDo I need to do something special on a dependency-only package?23:38
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sgw1Circuitsoft: do you list them as DEPENDS or RDEPENDS23:52
sgw1So are you trying to be like a packagegroup?23:53
CircuitsoftFor now. The app is written in python, and this is listing all the dependencies. At the moment it's easier to install it directly to the target than to go through Yocto.23:54
sgw1Circuitsoft: ie, just creating a recipe to group other packages together?23:54
CircuitsoftI do intend to have this recipe be the app, but not just yet.23:54
sgw1you may want to mark it with ALLOW_EMPTY then23:55
sgw1Circuitsoft: ALLOW_EMPTY = "1"23:55
CircuitsoftAwesome. Thanks.23:56
sgw1Circuitsoft: actually ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" (I always for the ${PN}23:56

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