Thursday, 2013-04-18

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #108 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all06:43
mihaimorning bluelightning06:45
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mattniemorning bluelightning06:48
bluelightninghi mihai, mattnie06:53
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mckoangood morning07:25
mattniehi mckoan :)07:28
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mcfriskHi, is there a way to build yocto images from the rpm repo alone? Like with meego image builder..07:35
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thaytandenix: no, no mention of TARGET_ARCH anywhere07:39
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thaytanI took out rm-work and it doesn't rebuild it now07:46
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bluelightningthaytan: rm_work behaviour has improved quite a bit recently07:48
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #77 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
Sputmcfrisk: hej :)08:54
mcfriskSput: hi08:55
Sputmcfrisk: I was wondering why you would ask the same question that I got this morning, and then figured out who you are :)08:55
Sputin any case, one can just execute the do_rootfs task, which *should* work, but in the end fails with some buildhistory exception08:56
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RPmcfrisk: It has worked in the past and I know people are looking at it in the 1.5 cycle but right now its not supported directly09:00
mcfriskRP, Sput: thanks. I guess it could also be possible to debootstrap and similar rpm package tools to unpack packages from a yocto output repository.09:05
Sputmcfrisk: or even use MIC directly, maybe?09:06
mcfriskyep, could be made to work09:06
mcfriskIn maemo world images were heavily configured with virtual packages and long dependency chains, I liked the rpm package build and image creation separation in meego. Now yocto has quite deeply merged these two integration steps.09:07
RPmcfrisk: They're not that tightly coupled, we generate the packages, the image creation code then builds images with them based on few inputs09:08
RPmcfrisk: the only tricky part is we have extra data around in the form of pkgdata which we use to make some choices at image construction time09:09
RPall the data is in the packages, its just hard to get at so we have an easier abstraction09:09
RP(particularly since we have to deal with three package formats)09:09
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otaviohow long danny will be maintained?12:03
otavioI didn't find this info in the wiki12:06
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panda84kdeotavio: it's me the of the mailing list, fyi. programming the fresh build right now12:25
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otaviopanda84kde: oh; cool12:32
otaviopanda84kde: let me know how it goes for you12:33
panda84kdeotavio: just tested. Fail.12:33
otaviopanda84kde: I have some more patches for rolling out today but does not affect this12:33
panda84kde[484343.712] (II) VIVANTE(0): test Initializing EXA12:33
panda84kdeand nothing more12:33
otaviopanda84kde: which machine?12:33
otaviopanda84kde: curious12:33
Crofton|workzedii, got a minute for hopefully a stupid problem?12:33
otaviopanda84kde: and which image?12:34
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otaviopanda84kde: and it does not show the dri init?12:38
panda84kdesame exact thing on a nitrogen6x rev2 board and an LVDS panel12:39
panda84kdeotavio: fulll log.
Crofton|workhow do the kenel tools work out KARCH?12:40
Crofton|workthat is the question!12:40
otavio[4112707.854] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri.so12:41
otavio[4112707.969] (II) Module dri: vendor="X.Org Foundation"12:41
otaviopanda84kde: this should have failed12:41
panda84kdeok, fixing manually to see if it works12:43
zediiCrofton|work, pong12:43
Crofton|workI've got a stupid issue12:43
Crofton|workusing linux-yocto-custom12:43
Crofton|workthis is git repo + defconfig12:44
zediiinteresting. can you pastebin the meta-series ?12:44
Crofton|workit seems to be missing things :)12:45
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* zedii smells a bug :P12:45
Crofton|workI have siilar stuff for the product that shall remain nameless that works :)12:47
Crofton|workwhich seems odd to me12:47
zediihmm. yup. way empty. but yet this was tested not three days ago.12:47
panda84kdeotavio: you are right. Wrong link :) Correct paste here:
Crofton|workthree days is an eternity12:48
Crofton|workI am not saying my configs are "corect"12:48 now fails, but result doesn't change12:48
zediiCrofton|work,  to answer your question. KARCH comes from the top level board description, which should be generated for a custom board on your behalf.12:48
Crofton|workbut the weird thing is I swear this worked recently12:48
zediiheh. I'm swearing.12:48
Crofton|workgenerated by who?12:48
* Crofton|work does not used automegical tools 12:48
zediithe tools themselves, just a small entry point, to prevent the masses from needing it :)12:49
zediiCrofton|work, without handing away anything I can't see, what's the easiest way for me to try this here?12:49
Crofton|worklet me update soemthing on github12:50
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Crofton|workbacially, I am trying to get some old stuff working again12:53
Crofton|workI fear I missed some small but critical detail12:53
zediinp. I'm cloning it now.12:53
Crofton|workhowever, hopefully my failings help you harden the code :)12:53
zediiheh. no doubt. I always say "thanks" to bug reports .. but it always feels wrong :P12:54
ant_workCrofton|work: heh, poor Bruce is pestered by us abusing of kernel-tools in unproper ways...12:55
* zedii is just pestered by his crappy assumptions as he removes years of cruft :P12:55
Crofton|workI am tryin gto work in such a way that in ten years when lnux-tocto uses a linux version that supports vendor hardware without a million patches, the kconf frags just work12:58
zediiCrofton|work, so it's the e100-updates branch ?12:58
ant_workoh, I'm almost there with devices now out-of-production12:58
Crofton|workant_work, rofl12:59
Crofton|workant_work, btw how easy is it to buy sim cards in Italy12:59
ant_work..but regulatly broken by upstream changes untested on old hw12:59
panda84kdeCrofton|work: really easy13:00
panda84kdeyou can have one for free generally :)13:00
ant_workCrofton|work: hm.. rechargeable is easy but I don't know if foreigers need to show id-card like we do13:01
ant_workit's all registered....13:01
Crofton|workI saw something on needing an id card13:02
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silviofI have some problems to compile qt4. I have paste it here: -- have someone a solution for this? Saerching with google brings me only to gcc-bugs from 2007.13:07
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zediiCrofton|work, I launched a build .. it's fetching. I'll let you know when I find the problem.13:09
Crofton|workI have to run an errnad for my wife13:11
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mattnieI started with developing own applikations and read the dev-manual, I want to add a simple helloworld.c to my image, but now I have 2 questions. It requires a recipe that has the file listed in the SRC_URI variable. Do I have to ad e. g. in meta-yocto-bsp/recipes-core/packagegroup-core-base.bbappend and insert SRC_URI to it?14:00
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mattnieI did not get familiar with the documentation in my opionen there are missing some steps for beginners14:03
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mattnieI am at 5.3.1 @
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zeddiiCrofton|work, good news. and bad news. your board configures and works perfectly for me. Can you pastebin me your layer hashes ?14:34
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panda84kdeotavio: are you working on the issue by being able to reproduce the problem on the Nitrogen6x board, or are just working on it?14:35
otaviopanda84kde: I am finishing a new build to start checking it14:35
panda84kdeperfect. if you want me i'm here.14:36
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panda84kdeotavio: I'm leaving but I'll take a look at the mailing list.15:51
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Crofton|workzeddii, bother16:41
Crofton|worklet me try dropping layers first16:41
Crofton|workmaybe there is some weird conflict16:41
zeddiiFWIW: here's my configure log:, I'm not up to date as of a few hours ago, I'll pull again and retry as well.16:43
Crofton|workI removed all layers but oecore and ran cleansstate build16:44
Crofton|workand it had the issue, so starting from completely clean now16:45
*** rburton_ <rburton_!~ross@> has quit IRC16:45
Crofton|workmeta              = "master:2453504004cfb6c9b5030b557f421e580802a280"16:45
Crofton|worke100-bsp          = "e100-updates:a380993e2a4dfa89b8e49313ff5cb6e5baa6e778"16:45
Crofton|workit iwll be a while, but I have a call in a few minutes16:45
Crofton|workneed to get sip on again16:45
* zeddii nods16:45
*** alex_kag <alex_kag!~alexei@> has quit IRC16:47
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Crofton|workblew up again16:49
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-txchedychyzipqfp> has quit IRC16:49
Crofton|workon those revs16:49
Crofton|workmaybe I should go backwards on oe-core16:49
* Crofton|work curses sip16:49
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:51
*** alex_kag <alex_kag!~alexei@> has joined #yocto16:51
zeddiithere was a bug in linux-yocto custom, but it was fixed. hmm.16:55
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Crofton|workzeddii, I ran some build on random checkouts and still fails17:27
Crofton|workweird wierd wierd17:27
zeddiiargh. I need a way to see it.17:29
zeddiiCrofton|work, here's the meta-series that was produced for my build:
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~jjm@> has quit IRC17:30
zeddiiyou can see that I have the important missing parts.17:30
Crofton|workthis is on F1717:30
Crofton|workhow are they generated?17:31
zeddiirandom ubuntu here.17:31
zeddiihmm. could definitely be a host thing then.17:31
zeddiiI need to dig up a F17 box.17:31
Crofton|workthat is what worries me17:31
zeddiigive me a few minutes. I'll see what I can find.17:31
* Crofton|work grasps at straws17:32
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC17:36
zeddiiCrofton|work, I have a machine to use here. will let you know once I'm setup.17:37
Crofton|workafter i get off this call, I'll either dig further, or do a test build of gnuradio next :)17:38
zeddiigo for the latter, until I come back with wild claims it works :P17:38
Crofton|workI owe17:38
zeddiiCrofton|work, 32 or 64 bit ? I have a choice here, might as well make it exaclty the same.17:38
Crofton|workthere is a gnuradio release coming up and I haven't run it through the recipe lately to look for pain inflicted17:39
Crofton|workby devs :)17:39
zeddiinever! pain by devs ?17:39
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alex_kaghello. does bitbake can download git repository on ssh Protocol?18:10
*** rburton_ <rburton_!> has quit IRC18:11
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~jjm@> has joined #yocto18:13
khemcan bitbake handle '@' in directory name ?18:14
khemi am seeing interesting problem18:15
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zeddiiCrofton|work, F17 worked here. W.T.F.18:32
Crofton|workI build only against oe-core18:33
*** mitz <mitz!> has quit IRC18:35
zeddiiI'll clone that then!18:35
Crofton|workthat should work18:36
Crofton|workI suspect I am one of the few people doing minimal builds18:36
zeddiino worries. easy for me to clone and rebuild on this VM.18:37
Crofton|workI figured you had something like that18:38
Crofton|workI ahve the gnuradio build going18:39
Crofton|workI need to clean off the old machines and update them for this purpose18:39
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Crofton|workzeddii, you can't think of anything stupid I could do to make this happen?18:43
zeddiinope. everything you have is fine.18:45
zeddiiso I want to hunt this down, since the dumb probably lies between my keyboard and chair :P18:46
* zeddii clones bitbake18:46
Crofton|workis what I have18:47
Crofton|workat the very least a better message would help :)18:52
zeddii414fe98fe367ba44ea0fd20d8fe1296bcef58ea6 ?18:56
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Crofton|workzeddii, bitbake version19:24
zeddiiaha. ok. let me confirm that here. I'm still waiting for the kernel to fetch. not sure why it's taking so long.19:27
kergothCrofton|work, zeddii: what issue are you hitting ,out of curiosity?19:33
Crofton|workissue building with linux-yocto-custom19:36
Crofton|workor do you need more details?19:36
kergothno, was just curious, and i've never used that, so not going to be of much help :)19:37
zeddiiCrofton|work, *still* works for me.19:37
Crofton|workI won't be able to look hard until Monday19:38
zeddiiseriously. I just want to see it break, so I can poke at the wreckage.19:38
Crofton|workI need to not work tomorrow19:38
zeddiiI'll keep looking at it, I don't want to be in your way.19:38
zeddiiheh. I planned on not working tomorrow too :P19:38
Crofton|workBB_VERSION        = "1.17.1"19:38
zeddiithere shouldn't be any hooks between the two, I just reset mine to the commit you mentioned.19:39
zeddiiand started another.19:39
zeddiistill works!
*** zeddii is now known as zeddii_afk19:48
Crofton|workin the good news department, I downloaed my dive computer into subsruface19:51
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* mranostay waves20:32
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darknighteanyone tried to use a PREMIRROR for a file:// SRC_URI before?21:13
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mranostayhowdy darknighte22:04
darknightehow's it going mranostay?!  been a bit...22:05
darknighteyou at collab?22:05
mranostaysnuck in on Tuesday and Wedneday22:06
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mranostayka6sox: well back to land of the living^H^H^HHnerds22:08
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kergothGah, this gettext madness is biting me hard23:40
kergothwhen you have GPLv3 in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE, you end up with new (0.18) gettext-minimal-native and gettext-native, but old (0.16) target gettext23:40
kergothbut of course the aclocal paths for both native and target end up in the aclocal search path23:41
kergothso it's possible for it to pick up the 0.16 macros and try to use that with projects whose po/ came from 0.17 or 0.1823:41
kergothand thats assuming that 0.18's tools are compatible with 0.16 on the target23:42
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has quit IRC23:42
kergothand i have no clue when it is and when it isn't safe to run autopoint vs gettextize, and when to use one vs the other23:42
kergothAnyone know more about gettext around that can advise?23:42
* kergoth thinks there isn't a great deal of testing happening with INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE usage23:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #77 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Images_1] Build details are at
*** zz_ka6sox-farfar is now known as ka6sox23:47
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bluelightningkergoth: I think we explicitly say you're not meant to change INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE with the same tmpdir23:59
bluelightningin the manual, that is23:59

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