Monday, 2013-04-22

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halsteadpidge, /root/1.3.1_badipk is too big on ab01. Are you working there?06:57
halsteadpidge, It just vanished. :)06:57
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pidgehalstead: I know.07:14
pidgehalstead: Yeah, I was working.07:15
halsteadpidge, It looks like you took care of it in the nick of time. Congratz.07:15
halsteadpidge, I just got paged and then saw you weren't idle.07:17
pidgehalstead: sweet07:18
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mckoangood morning07:22
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alex_kaghello, I have to use git repo, which is accessible only by ssh and http (login / pass). what should i wrote in SRC_URI?   SRC_URI="git://;protocol=ssh" don't work07:54
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mcfriskalex_kag: at least with http, just use the correct git url for that and password can be in the url (e.g. http://user:passwd@host/path) or in ~/.netrc08:02
bluelightningmorning all08:10
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alex_kagmcfrisk, i try : git clone - it work, but  SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=http" - no. it wrote  qttest27-0.0.1-r4 do_fetch (pid 2873) and now i wait 10 minute :(08:42
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mcfriskalex_kag: use SRC_URI = ""10:50
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rburtondoes anyone apart from sato use the settings-daemon in oe-core/recipes-sato?10:57
* rburton looks at JaMa / otavio10:57
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alex_kagmcfrisk, in if i use http://  i shoud add SRC_URI[md5sum] and SRC_URI[sha256sum], but it change after every commit....11:12
mcfriskalex_kag: shouldn't you point to a single commit in a git tree anyway?11:20
alex_kagmcfrisk, i create .netrc file, and now it work SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=http"11:23
alex_kagbut does it realy not work over ssh?11:24
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roricsorry wrong window :)11:34
mcfriskalex_kag: well, if you provide protocol=ssh and your credentials like public keys are available, then it should work. It does not automatically prompt for passwords, for that use case I would still use tar balls.11:39
alex_kagand what should i wrote in src_uri?11:41
* mcfrisk looks at bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/git.py11:46
mcfriskalex_kag: SRC_URI = "git://;OptionA=xxx;OptionB=xxx;protocol=ssh"11:47
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alex_kagmcfrisk, It work :) thanks.11:53
alex_kagand now i have next question:  I compile my program by bitbake,  when i make commit, my source  code on server is new, i don't  change recipe.  and then i try to compile next time, but i got previous rpm. it doesn't fetch source from server..... (when i change pr, it fetch  and all good)12:02
alex_kagthat mast i change?12:02
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bluelightningalex_kag: set SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"12:05
roricalex_kag, is the old commit pointed out by your recipe? In that case update the recipe...12:05
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alex_kag set SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"   - it was in recipe12:06
bluelightningalex_kag: that should query the latest available revision from the server on every parse12:07
JaMarburton: I think I don't use settings-daemon, but it's possible that something I've included in feed depends on it12:12
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CircuitsoftDoes bitbake support any advanced variable expansion like bash?15:35
CircuitsoftSpecifically, ${VAR:start:len} for a string slice?15:35
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andyrossCircuitsoft: not bash-compatible, but ${@...} will expand a python expression15:38
CircuitsoftSo, I can do ${@VAR[:1]} to get the first character of a string?15:39
andyrossShould be d.getVar("VAR", true), but yes15:39
andyrossYou can grep for examples in the tree15:39
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feydrautha80 good morning17:01
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feydrautha80hello guys how can I clean the sstate only for one packet?17:16
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feydrautha80where can I read how sstate works?17:17
bluelightningfeydrautha80: bitbake -c cleansstate recipename17:18
feydrautha80thank you very much sir17:18
bluelightningyou're welcome :)17:18
feydrautha80thanks for the link17:18
feydrautha80i'm have been googling ..but I'm not fully awake yet17:19
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dvhartnitink, what do you have in your license whitelist? my builds are failing on linux-firmware-rtl-license20:24
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nitinkdvhart: replied in the other room20:34
dvhartyup, thanks20:34
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GaribaldiSo I'm trying to add an autotools package that contains a user-defined aclocal.m4.  I've managed to add a function to my recipe to rename that file, but now I get issues about 'AC_LANG: unknown language:' (it's blank)21:27
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GaribaldiI'm by far _not_ an autotools expert.  Any guidance would be appreciated.21:28
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GaribaldiIn testing, I tried adding AC_LANG('C'), but then I get stuff like 'error: m4_defn: undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion'21:29
Garibaldi(btw, what I'm trying to build is traceroute:
GaribaldiI realize busybox provides one, but clients want this version explicitly21:31
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CircuitsoftGaribaldi - Looks like there's already a recipe in meta-openembedded21:49
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Garibaldibah, that's what I get for not looking.  I'll take a look now :-)22:02
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Garibaldihum.. I'm not seeing it22:05
GaribaldiI see a traceroute in meta-networking, but it's not the same version22:06
Garibaldiah, that's the one I think you're suggesting22:07
Garibaldiyeah, I'm stuck with the one I referenced; client want that specific version22:07
Garibaldithanks though22:08
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CircuitsoftYou can probably start with that recipe and modify it to point to the traceroute you need.22:23
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eddy2winhi, the Yocto JF default build has only mkfs.cramfs mkfs, how can I add mkfs.ext2?22:34
CircuitsoftTry adding e2fsprogs to core-image-yourproject22:34
eddy2winthanks Circuitsoft22:35
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