Wednesday, 2013-05-29

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Net147how would I get the target sysroot from a native recipe?04:24
Net147instead of native sysroot04:24
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Net147is there any documentation on the crossscripts mechanism?05:43
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mckoangood morning07:06
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ericbenstrange issue with gdk-pixbuf trying to build a cache on the build host fs : (using dylan & oe-core)07:24
ericbenthat's on a ubuntu server 12.04 LTS. Not reproduced on a Debian SID.07:24
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Net147anyone tried getting mesa llvmpipe to work?07:30
mckoanhi ericben, all07:35
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bluelightningmorning all08:25
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Net147sgw1: how's the conference going?12:02
rburtonNet147: re your question about llvmpipe.  no, but patches very welcome :)12:03
Net147rburton: I have got it to compile but I had to manually modify a wrapper script in llvm and a generated .la file in mesa 9.1.212:05
Net147rburton: when I fix it properly I will post a patch12:05
Net147llvm-config was using native sysroot, mesa .la was linking against target libstdc++ when it needs to link against native  libstdc++ for glsl builtin_compiler12:06
Net147swrast without llvmpipe in mesa is really slow on atom board12:07
Net147after that I might try porting cedartrail driver to newer kernel12:08
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Net147I currently depend on linux 3.8+ for online resizing of MBR root partition (new ioctl) and specifying root by MBR disk identifier12:11
newb-guyhi, I am trying to make a bsp layer in dylan 9.0. I get this error:" ERROR: Function failed: split_kernel_module_packages". I have no idea.12:13
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newb-guyin log this comes up: ERROR: does not exist...12:15
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Net147rburton: remember this bug? ;)
yoctiBug 44618: was not found.12:18
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sgw2Net147: just got back from dinner, conference is going well, made my presentation to about 50 people with good reception13:57
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rburtonNet147: so my mesa 9.1.1 just failed as it was linking against host stdc++14:05
rburtonNet147: 9.1.2 even.  do you have a good patch for that? :)14:05
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ericbenhi, has anyone an idea of how to really fix this problem : ?14:30
bluelightningericben: I think the best thing would be to create a bug report in the yocto project bugzilla for this14:40
bluelightningericben: unfortunately Laurentiu (who worked on this) is away at the moment however so it may not get looked at immediately14:41
ericbenbluelightning: OK I though mailing list was useful to discuss this kind of problems before opening a bug. I'll wait for feedback, not a big issue at the moment for me14:41
bluelightningericben: the mailing list is fine, it's just that creating a bug means the issue is tracked and can get assigned to someone14:42
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ericbenbluelightning: ok, which component seems fine for this ? there is nothing concerning classes or recipes-gnome. should I put it under graphics ?14:49
bluelightningericben: I think this should be probably go under core14:50
bluelightningsince it's to do with the postinstall code14:50
bluelightningif you get the option to it would be worth assigning it to Laurentiu Palcu14:51
bluelightning(or I can do it afterwards)14:51
ericbenok for core, bug 4572 posted14:51
yoctiBug major, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , update_icon_cache host access14:51
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bluelightningericben: thanks14:57
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RPericben: I'd guess we need to set PATH properly in that environment15:09
rburtonoh, i meant to reply about that15:10
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Net147rburton: I managed to fix Mesa 9.1.2 cross compilation. I will test it on real hardware tomorrow if llvmpipe works with it.15:11
ericbenRP: ok, I don't have time to look at this now, will try later unless someone else find the fix before15:12
rburtonNet147: noticed there was a patch on the bug you linked too, appears to work here. not ideal though.15:12
rburtonhm, the path is absolute already15:12
rburtonoh, wrong one15:12
rburtoni wonder if we can just remove that line entirely15:13
Net147rburton: my patch -
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Net147rburton: feel free to test it out15:14
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Net147rburton: oh there is duplicate assignment there. will remove it...15:16
rburtonNet147: like it15:18
Net147rburton: thanks, I like it too =)15:18
Net147rburton: compared to the other one15:18
Net147rburton: I try to make it not affect the non cross compiling code path15:19
rburtonNet147: you should put it in the bug15:20
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Net147rburton: ok, I will do that now15:20
Net147rburton: done15:23
Net147then I can fix the llvm-config script tomorrow15:24
Net147I don't know if mesa in oe-core should have llvmpipe enabled, because llvm is in meta-openembedded15:25
Net147unless we move llvm to oe-core15:25
rburtonNet147: personally, moving llvm is fine.15:25
Net147rburton: default llvm on or off?15:25
rburtonthat's a good question15:26
rburtonits such a big dependency its temping to bite the bullet and make mesa machine-specific.15:26
rburtonthen certain machines can enable llvm easily15:26
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Net147I don't know if it works on architectures other than x86 and x86_6415:27
rburtonafaik at the moment it doesn't15:27
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rburtonbut x86 machines that target stuff with modern gen hw don't need llvm pipe anyway15:27
Net147I want it because there are no accelerated open source drivers for cedartrail that work on latest kernel15:28
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Net147and it's really slow at the moment15:28
Net147though it may not be needed if I port the cedartrail driver to the new kernel15:29
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Net147LLVM may be used as a shader compiler for some graphics chipsets15:34
Net147LLVM 3.3 + AMD Radeon R600 for example15:35
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zeddiikhem, ping17:52
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khemzeddii: yes20:38
zeddiiheading out. but I was just looking for a pastbin of your gcc 4.8 crash. Just to be sure I'm working on the same one :)20:39
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khemzeddii: yes20:46
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khemthe crash is on x86_64/kvm20:46
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khemanother issue I am seeing is that qemu itseld dies20:47
khemon qemumips6420:47
khemkeep in mind that qemu-native is compiled with gcc 4.820:47
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mranostayhowdy khem21:21
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ericbenscripts/postinst-intercepts is interesting ... but every native binary used in thos scripts creates a dependency for image.bbclass :-(21:32
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