Thursday, 2013-05-30

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Net147how would I make it so a recipe is never automatically added as a runtime dependency for another recipe?04:41
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Net147I guess I would use EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS to make sure other packages don't automatically depend on a package04:59
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Net147I get xterm: Cannot allocate color "rgb:5c/5c/ff" when opening xterm on target device. any ideas?06:46
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mckoangood morning07:52
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bluelightningmorning all08:11
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Net147for PACKAGECONFIG, if I want to add xcms to it do I just put PACKAGECONFIG += "xcms" in distro conf file?08:28
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rburtonno, because you need to specify what packageconfig you want to add to08:30
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rburtonuse PACKAGECONFIG_pn-[recipename]08:30
Net147I want to enable xcms in libx11 recipe08:30
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rburtonnot sure that you can do += with overrides like that08:31
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rburtonso you'll probably need PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-[recipe] = " xcms"08:31
Net147literally or do I need to replace "recipe" with something?08:31
rburtonyou need the put the recipe name there08:33
rburtonoh hang on, xcms in libx11?08:34
rburtonyou know that, well, doesn't work.08:34
Net147how so?08:34
rburtonwell, it's barely used. what did you want it for?08:36
Net147I am trying to work out why xsetroot -solid rgb:5c/5c/ff or xterm -bg rgb:5c/5c/ff doesn't work in my image08:36
Net147xsetroot giving unknown color and xterm giving unable to allocate color08:37
Net147it seems to fail on the XParseColor API call which is part of xlib08:38
Net147and I am thinking, maybe it has been disabled somehow08:38
rburtonthats not xcms08:38
rburtonmaybe you're missing rgb.txt08:38
Net147okay. how would I get it installed?08:38
Net147looks like I have /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt08:41
Net147I will try adding it to xorg conf08:41
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rburtonit should find it automatically08:42
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Net147I added rgbpath to xorg conf, it still doesn't help08:43
rburtoni thought you could only pass #hex values like html to X08:44
Net1475c/5c/ff is hex values08:44
Net147if I run xsetroot on a normal Linux distribution and point DISPLAY to the target device, it accepts the rgb value fine08:45
rburtontry #5c5cff08:45
Net147rburton: that works08:46
Net147rburton: but how come rgb doesn't work?08:46
Net147maybe it needs some locale support to know what "rgb:" is?08:47
rburtonah, that's handled by xcms08:47
rburtonjust use #5c5cff instead of enabling xcms just for that08:47
rburtonits a non-trivial lump of code, enable it if you want, but this is the first time i've seen someone want it :)08:48
Net147it's causing ls --color to not work in xterm08:48
Net147the directories are not colored purple-blue08:48
Net147they are set to the foreground color instead08:48
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Net147so I would like my directory listings to be properly colored08:50
rburtonluckily you can use packageconfig to turn it on :)08:50
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Net147if I have something_append = "a", and then something_append = "b", what will something contain?08:51
rburtonnote that you need a leading space for something like packageconfig08:52
rburtonor ba, depending on parse order08:52
Net147so can I technically do PACKAGECONFIG_append = " xcms" ?08:52
rburtonthat will probably add xcms to every packageconfig statement ever08:53
rburtonwhich is why i said to use _append_pn-libx1108:53
bluelightningagreed, no probably about it, it definitely will :)08:53
Net147PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-libx11 = " xcms" in my distro config then?08:54
Net147rburton: thanks =)08:56
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Net147rburton: you're right. xlib --disable-xcms was the reason why rgb: wasn't being recognized.12:04
Net147rburton: and also why the colors weren't working12:05
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ndechi. i was wondering what the license is on the various *.png file in yocto git. in the ./documentation. i think it's not obvious, as there is no mention of the documentation in LICENSE. and i'd like to know how i can reuse the images in a presentation.12:08
rburtonNet147: it might be worth a revisit and enabling xcms by default12:11
Net147rburton: I agree. I spent many hours trying to figure it out12:11
Net147rburton: was digging into xterm and xsetroot source code to trace the problem12:13
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Net147rburton: may I leave that in your experienced hands? or should I open a bug report? =)12:28
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rburtonNet147: open a bug so it doesn't get forgotten12:30
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Net147rburton: done -
yoctiBug 4576: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , libx11: Xcms should be enabled by default12:38
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Net147rburton: I would have thought it is  a regression because it was enabled by default previously for normal libx1112:52
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rburtonwhich wasn't the default libx11, the trim version was12:53
Net147I see12:53
Net147what about custom distros where people set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libx11 = "libx11"?12:57
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rburtonfor them, its been broken for about a year12:59
rburtoni'll sort it (or you can send a patch)12:59
rburtoni'm away next week so i may not get to it12:59
rburtonif you do send a patch, before/after binary sizes would be interesting12:59
Net147well I tested on my desktop Linux OS13:00
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Net147--disable-xcms: 12100710 bytes, --enable-xcms: 12112575 bytes13:03
rburtonnon-trivial but not massive13:03
rburtontoggle it to enabled then people can turn it off if the 12k bothers them :)13:04
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Net147more actually if I recompile both with same compiler/libs13:08
Net147--disable-xcms: 12100710 bytes, --enable-xcms: 12184174 bytes13:08
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Net14783464 bytes13:08
Net147I guess newer GCC must be adding bloat13:09
rburtonis that stripped?13:09
rburtonthe best way would be to do the change in oe-core and then use buildhistory-diff13:09
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Net147rburton: I haven't got llvmpipe to work yet. swrast driver fails to load. something about not being able to find an llvm ostream symbol13:16
Net147rburton: I could try a newer LLVM. was using LLVM 2.9 but it's up to 3.2 now.13:17
Net147is there any reason crossscripts is placed after the native sysroot bin instead of before?13:18
Net147in PATH13:18
Net147I have llvm-config native version in native sysroot bin, and I also have an llvm-config script in crossscripts.13:20
Net147so it picks the native one when I am building a recipe for target that depends on llvm13:21
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Net147maybe it should be if building native recipe then native sysroot bin comes first, otherwise the crossscripts path comes first?13:23
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Net147rburton: isn't Mesa at 9.1.3 now?14:09
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rburtonNet147: they need to update their web site more often14:12
Net147rburton: yeah. their website does lag behind14:12
Net147rburton: I have noticed that in the past too14:13
Net147rburton: I only know that it's at 9.1.3 because of package updates on my desktop Linux distribution14:13
Net147rburton: I noticed in the release announcement they use --with-llvm-shared-libs. maybe I should build LLVM with --enable-shared. perhaps that would solve my problem14:16
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ivaliIs there an option to make yocto build stripped version of vmlinux?14:39
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ivaliI want to build with no debugging symbols14:46
Net147is bitbake broken? 'tuple' object has no attribute 'quit'14:56
Net147I reverted to 5cb59cc6910d8f3165528c4a71e29e4de897d242. seems to be working.14:58
Net147who broke bitbake?14:58
kergothuse git-bisect14:59
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Net147kergoth: 0fc3a1eddfbab5cbf61c028cf8bc0d6b27b6c42015:04
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Net147fails when I doing clean build, PRSERVER localhost15:07
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rburtonanyone seen "undefined reference to yywrap" when trying to configure a package that uses AC_PROG_LEX?16:11
zeckerburton: yacc vs. bison? flex not installed?16:12
rburtonits there16:13
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rburtongenerates the C and compiles it, then fails16:14
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fraythe newer version of flex and bison seem to be more demanding..16:14
fraysome of the deprecated items people have been using for years appears to have finally gone16:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #122 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
rburtonoh, that's not the failure16:19
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rburtonoh goddamniut16:19
rburtonis very much not "^flex "16:19
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kergoththere was a recent mail thread where someone got bit by that sort of version check due to the wrapper use, not sure if it was ever resolved, though16:20
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frayahh.. ya thats a fun one..16:20
rburtonit wasn't16:21
frayI don't think you can exec from shell w/o being forced to change arg0..16:21
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rburtonyou can do it with bash16:22
frayI didn't realize you could..16:23
rburton$ cat mwhaha16:23
rburtonexec -a mwhahaha ./myname16:23
rburton$ cat myname16:23
rburtonecho Hello.  I am $016:23
rburton$ ./mwhaha16:23
rburtonHello. I am mwhahaha16:23
frayahh nice16:23
* rburton will try16:23
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frayso that might be a fix for some of the 'real' wrappers.. use bash and the exec -a16:23
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rburtonhm, the ones that bounce though env lose the -a16:32
rburton(because env does another exec)16:35
* rburton thinks he has a fix16:36
rburtoninstead of env, use "eval $@"16:36
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rburton$ flex --version16:38
rburtonflex 2.5.3516:38
* rburton cheers16:38
frayI think most of the wrappers are generated using the wrapper class (might be wrong though).. so if there is a better way, that'd be the place to make the initial change16:39
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rburtonyeah, fixed it in the class16:39
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rburtonoh, eval won't work16:41
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rburtonbecause it won't export them to the subshell16:41
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mranostayhi Jefro18:02
Jefromranostay heya18:03
* mranostay curses proxies18:04
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kergothhmm, oe-core has a different systemd version than poky does, afaict. oe-core has 204, poky has 197, both master. this doesn't seem quite right22:04
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fraythat seems odd..  they're normally in sync22:07
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mranostayhi fray!23:20
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Net147I wonder if Yocto/OE should be using its own built perl for pod2man, text2html, etc. instead of the host perl. perl 5.18 on host is causing documentation build breakages.23:42
kergothmeta              = "(detachedfromecb30a9):ecb30a910b8c2f3d39ab4d3bf5f3eb1898097b76"23:43
* kergoth scratches head23:43
Net147kergoth: did you just do a git bisect or something?23:43
kergothno, having floating checkouts is what i intended, but clearly that formatting is wrong and redundant23:44
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