Monday, 2013-06-17

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bluelightningmorning all08:24
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jonatanCan I make bitbake produce an ext3 image rather than a compressed root filesystem when building a core-image-minimal?11:57
bluelightningjonatan: output image type(s) are controlled by the IMAGE_FSTYPES variable12:00
bluelightningjonatan: if you do IMAGE_FSTYPES += "ext3" you'll get an ext3 image12:01
jonatanbluelightning, Thanks!12:02
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panda84kdebluelightning: Hi. Should I post this patch to openembedded-core instead of poky?
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bluelightningpanda84kde: yes, patches against the core metadata should be sent to the oe-core mailing list (see README for clarification)14:38
Crofton|work panda84kde it doess look like it shoudl go to oe-core14:38
panda84kdebluelightning: Crofton|work: thanks. I was a bit confused at first14:40
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bluelightningseebs: hi... do you think we can drop the pseudo 1.4.5 recipe from OE-Core?15:42
seebsFine by me. I think the "in case we suddenly have to revert" window is probably over.15:42
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bluelightningindeed :) upgrade was pretty smooth15:43
bluelightningI'll send a patch15:43
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sorvatohello all.17:50
sorvatoI've been playing around trying to add a couple dev packages to meta-toolchain-qte, to no avail so far17:50
sorvatohow should that be done?17:50
mr_sciencein the older oe-classic world i had to add the dev packages to the task-toolchain bb file rather than the meta-toolchain bb file17:53
mr_sciencei inherited it that way so i'm not sure what the rationale was...17:54
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mr_sciencethe previous guy made custom recipes files for both and task-foo-toolchain-target.bb17:55
mr_scienceour custom dev package files are listed in the latter recipe17:56
sorvatoah, good.17:59
sorvatothat gave me a better google search :)17:59
sorvatoadd it to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK :)18:00
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Garibaldi|workso I have a recipe A that depends on an artifact written by recipe B.  If I put within A DEPENDS += "B", it looks like it tries to build A and B at the same time.  Is there a way to say "B must be finished before A starts?"18:31
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Garibaldi|workI get a failure within A that the artifact written by B isn't there yet18:33
Garibaldi|worklater B finishes18:33
Garibaldi|workand if I rerun the 'bitbake A' it works18:34
Garibaldi|workany pointers?18:47
Garibaldi|workerr, I should say "if I rerun bitbake -k A" it works18:51
Garibaldi|worksince the original 'bitbake -k A' finished building/installing B18:51
Garibaldi|workis it possible to make the execution of a function dependent upon another recipe?18:54
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evanpGaribaldi|work: look at meta.bbclass and/or image.bbclass, both of which depend on similar ordering constraints19:00
Garibaldi|workevanp: thanks, I'll take a look19:01
evanpGaribaldi|work: also, don't forget about the case when B is "built" via sstate cache hit, and whether that drops your artifact in the right place too19:03
Garibaldi|workerr, yeah, I didn't consider that case19:03
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Garibaldi|workI'm fishing a file out of ${STAGING_DATADIR}19:04
Garibaldi|workI'm guessing that wouldn't be there in the sstate cache hit case19:04
Garibaldi|workmaybe there's a better way to go about what I'm trying to do19:05
evanpGaribaldi|work: I'd expect that to work, actually19:06
Garibaldi|workI have a source repository with a Makefile that has a target that builds a directory full of python code suitable for distutils.  I had one recipe runs thought and and builds the directory and creates a tarball of it, then another that inherits distutils that takes that tarball and processes it.19:07
evanpGaribaldi|work: looking for files in deploy/images is the kind of thing that probably won't19:07
Garibaldi|workah, yeah, this ought not be on the rootfs19:07
Garibaldi|workif A DEPENDS on B, s that only A's do_compile() that is blocked on B?  I have A's do_fetch() pulling the file out of ${STAGING_DATADIR}19:09
evanpGaribaldi|work: why the indirection? why go through a tarball, I mean?19:09
evanpGaribaldi|work: do_configure too. but not do_fetch.19:09
Garibaldi|workevanp: I don't own the content of the repository19:09
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Garibaldi|workand the logic for pulling all of the content together is in the 'release' target of the Makefile, which in turns builds the tarball19:10
evanpGaribaldi|work: no, I mean, once you have the directory suitable for distutils, why don't you just operate on it directly? why tar it up, stage it, and then have a different recipe grab it? why not all in one recipe?19:11
Garibaldi|workwell the Makefile from the repo generates the tarball.  I guess I could inspect the Makefile and reimplement the logic, but I'm afraid the logic would change19:12
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evanpGaribaldi|work: you could also extract the tarball immediately after the make command that generates it, all within do_compile or whatever19:13
Garibaldi|workyeah, I thought of that too, but then I'd have to re-implement what the 'distutils' bbclass is doing, no?19:14
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Garibaldi|workI guess if it's fairly simple, that'd work19:14
evanpGaribaldi|work: hmm. true.19:14
Garibaldi|workthis way seemed to let me keep the abstraction of the Makefile from the repo and the distutils bbclass, but alas I have the dep problem with my do_fetch19:15
Garibaldi|workeither I need a way to makde do_fetch block until dependencies are done, or I can move my do_fetch logic to a later stage19:15
evanpGaribaldi|work: you don't depend on distutils for your do_fetch stuff though...maybe just addtask some steps in between do_patch and do_configure?19:15
Garibaldi|workyeah, I agree19:16
evanpGaribaldi|work: to run the tarball-generating makefile rules and extract it?19:16
Garibaldi|workI'll take a look at that19:16
Garibaldi|workseems like a better way to do it19:16
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* mr_science votes for the addtask approach19:22
Garibaldi|workso I've never actually done an addtask19:27
Garibaldi|workwould it be something like 'addtask distutils_do_install after do_install'19:28
mr_sciencedefine your custom function19:28
mr_sciencethen addtask foo after do_install before do_package19:29
mr_scienceor whatever your ordering is19:29
Garibaldi|workso I need to re-implement the functions from distutils.bbclass?19:30
mr_scienceif you inherit in your recipe, you can just call them19:30
Garibaldi|workyeah, but if I inherit them, won't they provide implementations of the various functions?19:31
evanpGaribaldi|work: no, the way I'd do it you'd need to reimplement the function that currently calls your tarball-creating make target19:31
mr_sciencehaven't actually tried that, but it sounded good...19:32
Garibaldi|workevanp: right now I do that in 'do_compile()'19:32
Garibaldi|workso add a task after do_configure and before do_compile to build the tarball, then extrac it19:32
Garibaldi|workthen let do_compile pick up from there19:33
mr_scienceyup, sounds like a plan...19:33
Garibaldi|workok, that makes sense, I'll give it a shot19:33
evanpGaribaldi|work: yep, in your second recipe. also copy over the SRC_URI and stuff from your first recipe.19:33
mr_scienceis this more or less the "correct" way to enable hf/vfp from a generic armv6 config?19:40
mr_sciencefirst two files only; i already found the proper fix for empcd19:41
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Garibaldi|workevanp, mr_science: thanks!  I do believe this approach is working (and is a much nicer way to do it).  I appreciate your suggesitons!19:58
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mr_scienceGaribaldi|work: good deal, just don't take any wooden centuari nickels20:16
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