Thursday, 2013-06-20

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panda84kdehi khem. Regarding: I have a problem with Patchwork getting my name wrong: Should I ask an administrator to fix or should I request a new account?07:17
RPpanda84kde: khem is probably going to bed now :/07:25
RPmorning all07:25
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panda84kdeRP: thanks07:36
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khemstill have one eye open07:50
panda84kdehi khem :)07:50
khempanda84kde: there are two profiles07:51
khemDiego and Diego Rondini07:51
khemwhich one is you07:51
panda84kdei'm "Diego Rondini"07:51
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panda84kdeplease unify them07:52
khemwhich one do you prefer07:52
khemone has to go07:52
khemzoho dot com ?07:52
panda84kdemerge "Diego" into "Diego Rondini" and keep "Diego Rondini". Yes, diego.ml07:53
khemrefresh now better ?07:55
panda84kdekhem: perfect! Thanks!07:56
* khem -> sleep()07:58
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panda84kdegood night08:00
bluelightningcya panda84kde08:04
bluelightningmorning all08:04
panda84kdeit's not me who's going to sleep, it's khem08:05
panda84kdebluelightning: morning08:06
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bluelightningpanda84kde: ah, sorry :) morning08:09
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bluelightningzecke: you asked about docs the other day but I didn't reply, sorry14:45
bluelightningzecke: that page you linked to is ancient... the up-to-date manuals are available here:
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zeckebluelightning: yes, they are ancient but google finds them either than the url you posted14:57
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bluelightningzecke: we should probably redirect from those URLs I would have to agree15:15
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zeckebluelightning: but also try to find out why google does not find the other documentation15:25
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bluelightningzecke: what did you search for to find that?15:38
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zeckebluelightning: it is not in my history anymore.15:51
zeckebluelightning: but something like "poky environment-setup"15:51
bluelightningzecke: ok, thanks15:52
zeckebluelightning: okay "Yocto ADT setup" is finding somethings though15:52
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zeckebluelightning: "Aufgrund der robots.txt dieser Website ist keine Beschreibung für dieses Ergebnis verfügbar. Weitere Informationen". "no description because of the robots.txt.. though I looked your robots.txt a couple of minutes agao15:53
zeckeAh disallow: /15:54
bluelightningthat did look a bit odd to me yes, assuming it's recursive15:54
zeckegoogle, we don't want to exist. :)15:55
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mmlbhi everyone, im trying to release an internal sdk for a device, but the sdk generated with meta-toolchain does not contain gps.h and libs. How can I add target libs into the sdk?16:13
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rburtonmmlb: build a toolchain instead using bitbake [your image name] -c populate_sdk16:16
rburtonthat will use the contents of your image, instead of what the default toolchain+sdk is16:17
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mmlbrburton: thanks going to try that now16:20
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mmlbrburton: worked, thanks17:01
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mulhernI have a little question about missing dependencies. I'm working on adding a package for Snort and it turns out that snort requires daq, which in turn requires libdnet which isn't RPROVIDED by anything else. How should I handle this situation? Should I make a separate .bb file for libdnet but put it in the same location as the .bb file for snort? Should the .bb for libdnet go elsewhere entirely? Should downloading and configuring libdne17:05
mulhernhandled in the .bb file for snort?17:05
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rburtonmulhern: make a bb for libdnet, put it wherever is suitable17:17
zeckebluelightning: do you know if there is x86 grub or uboot support?17:19
zeckebluelightning: the issue for me with syslinux is that it is difficult to upgrade as part of opkg17:21
bluelightningzecke: we have grub yes17:21
zeckebluelightning: grub or grub-efi?17:21
zeckebluelightning: and which image type?17:21
bluelightningzecke: both17:21
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #146 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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zeckebluelightning: can you point me to the image class or the documentation?17:32
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zeckebluelightning: e.g. bootimg will use syslinux unless I have an efi system (which I don't have)17:36
bluelightningzecke: AIUI, if you build a live image and use the "install" option that should deploy grub on the machine17:36
bluelightningzecke: to be honest I do not know a lot about the booting side of things, but I understand we are planning to do a bit of work on image deployment for this release, so not everything may be automated at the moment17:37
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zeckebluelightning: i think the answer is that there is no support for a grub image right now17:45
bluelightningzecke: we do have the grub recipe itself, but you'd need to do the integration I believe yes17:46
bluelightningzecke: but dvhart has just joined and he is much better versed in this area than I am17:46
zeckedvhart: hi, I am building images for x86 and right now use the "directdisk" system with syslinux and a msdos partition.17:47
bluelightningdvhart: the question was about out-of-the-box support for creating images that use grub (non-efi)17:47
zeckedvhart: at the same time I install a package manager in the system. So right now I musn't upgrade the kernel (as otherwise installed modules and loaded kernel do not match)17:47
zeckedvhart: so ideally I would just like to have grub out of the box, then I can make the linux package update the grub cfg17:48
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dvhartone sec folks, finishing up a meeting in my cube and dialing into another... will catch up as I can17:59
zeckedvhart: thanks18:00
dvhartzecke, by "out of the box" I presume you mean the image generated by the recipe instead of the resulting installation?18:02
dvhartzecke, first question, is there a reason you want grub?18:02
dvhartmy preference would be to kill grub from oe-core entirely and use syslinux and gummiboot for x86 systems18:02
zeckedvhart: no, my basic requirement is to have "opkg upgrade" work for a kernel18:03
zeckedvhart: e.g. syslinux needs msdos.. which doesn't have symlinl. so update-alternatives for the kernel image will not work18:03
dvhartok... so how did we get on the grub subject?18:03
dvhartsyslinux does have extlinux18:03
dvhartyes, the update-alternatives is a very good point18:04
zeckedvhart: okay, extlinux would be okay for my need (assuming it knows symlinks)18:04
dvhartnot someting I've tried yet, but that would be someting to pursue18:05
dvhartresearch required ;-)18:05
zeckedvhart: next question. is extlinux on the roadmap for the yocto project? :)18:05
dvhartzecke, I think it just got added18:05
dvhartI was planning on using msdos with either syslinux or gummiboot18:06
zeckehaha, lovely!18:06
dvhartbut the update-alternatives throws a wrench in the works18:06
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dvhartzecke, would you please open a bug describing the situation and categorize it under "deployment" ?18:06
dvhartzecke, that will help keep that requirement from getting lost18:06
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zeckedvhart: created a bug. I am already a bit tired, so if something is not clear in my description pleae poke me and I will update the text tomorrow18:26
dvhartzecke, thank you kindly18:28
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Garibaldi|workDoes anything in the yocto framework adjust the default stack size?  Does it obey 'limit -s'?21:18
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evanpam I missing something, or does the license manifest stuff not work for the SDK too?22:11
pidgeevanp: I'm verifying that it does, but it should work for the sdk22:17
evanppidge: I could be wrong, but I don't see how...of course, I'm looking at 1.2....22:21
pidgeevanp: ah... I'm on HEAD. let me verify it works there and then I'll check 1.222:22
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