Friday, 2013-06-21

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #148 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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zeckeIs it okay to have files in tmp/deploy/images with AUTOINC?05:20
zeckein the filename?05:20
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mckoangood morning07:53
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bluelightningmorning all08:03
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ant_workzecke: isn't AUTOINC expanded in the packages? It's strange but it looks like it works like this...10:23
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zeckeant_work: yes, it is auto expanded but not all the time11:18
* zecke thinks kay sievers is a moron. :}11:18
RPzecke: I sent you email about AUTOINC which will hopefully fix this11:34
zeckeRP: thanks, I will have a look. I am kicking systemd a bit more (i finally want to upgrade from edison to dylan|master)11:37
zeckethis modern C stuff.. is so inefficient. And they feel like rockstars. :}11:37
RPzecke: I find it ironic that the optimised shell script boot process (with no fork and minimal execs) from poky written years ago is still faster than the current systemd implementation11:39
RPI'm told systemd needs to be optimised11:39
zeckeRP: echo "foo" | logger.. makes systemd mmap memory for 130MB for a 648kb ring buffer. :)11:39
zeckeRP: systemd is mostly open, malloc, strdup, memcpy. it can also start other applications but that appears secondary11:40
zeckeRP: the only reason I want to use it, is to replace some respawn shell scripts. :}11:40
zeckeRP: ah, i looked at kernel.bbclass but didn't know what to search for. I will add it to my bbappend but also send patches for u-boot11:43
RPzecke: thanks, if this works we can fix the file, patches very welcome :)11:47
zeckeRP: I will try without PKGV,PKGR right now. Would you put it into deploy.bbclass?11:47
RPzecke: good question. Not all deploy functions use PKGR/PKGV which is why I didn't do that originally I think11:49
RPzecke: I suspect you need the PKGV/PKGR change too11:49
RPzecke: Basically we moved from trying to change the version before we'd fetched the recipe to after we'd fetched/compiled it11:50
RPzecke: trying to do so before you'd fetched it caused all kinds of nasty problems :/11:50
zeckeRP: PR/PV doesn't work. Let's see about PKGR/PKGV now. :)11:52
zeckeRP: AUTOINC is replaced with '0' but after changing the SRCREV it is still '0'11:55
RPzecke: well, that would be a different problem. Did you enable the PR service?11:57
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zeckeRP: no, I did not (i am not aware of it). I re-enabled my original PV (which contains SRCPV) and I will see12:03
mkshello, can you please help me, I need to set DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR variables to a remote ssh directory ?12:03
RPzecke: see local.conf.sample.extended:# Set PRSERV_HOST to 'localhost:0' to automatically12:05
RP# start local PRService.12:05
RP# Set to other values to use remote PRService.12:05
RP#PRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0"12:05
RPmks: you can't do that12:05
RPmks: those are the directories files are locally copied to12:06
RPmks: you could probably make it pull files from a remote ssh location as a mirror though12:06
zeckeRP: okay, maybe you should pick a different name as it is not only influencing the PR?12:06
zeckeRP: so the code to store git revision (and id) in a local db is gone now?12:06
zeckeSo someone not using a pr server, needs to bump the PR when changing the SRCREV now?12:07
RPzecke: the PR service became the local db12:08
RPzecke: it seemed crazy to have two ways of doing the same thing12:08
mksRP: ok so what do you suggest me to share to files from several machine ?12:08
mksto share files*12:09
RPmks: NFS share for those directories?12:09
RPzecke: I guess "revision server" would be a better way to name it but its a bit  late to change now12:10
mksRP: thanks I will try that12:10
mksRP: sshfs could be a good way to make it12:11
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zeckeRP: As a plain user, I would appreciate a warning that I have a "reduced" service now. Maybe just forbid and enforce people to pick not have '0' or a PRserver?12:11
zeckeRP: in terms of 'late'. In WebKit I learned the philosophy that the future of the project is still ahead.12:12
RPzecke: its a balance, I don't the benefit in renaming the PR server would be worth it at this point12:22
RPzecke: this issue only affects people installing from package feeds, normal builds are now unaffected due to the way the hashes are used in the stamps12:23
zeckeRP: Naming: I would not have guessed that a PR server influences the PV. And in general I start to dislike "silent" choices, specially when they are different to the old behavior. These are my two cents. :)12:25
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Crofton|workzecke, have you tried making a recipe for gr-osmosdr?12:49
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erenyay! I got stickers of Yocto and Intel Open Source Technology Center from my friend13:13
bluelightningnice :)13:14
Crofton|workThere are also OE stickers around :)13:14
bluelightningyes, if you come to an ELCE or FOSDEM you can probably get all of those13:14
bluelightningyocto t-shirts at ELCE as well :)13:15
bluelightning(well, usually... not sure what's planned for the upcoming ELCE)13:15
ynezzpants, finally13:16
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zeckeCrofton|work: no, I have not13:17
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erenbluelightning: he was in America for embedded linux conference, I guess13:29
erenI couldn't find a familiar name in the conference though13:29
erenI expected some guys from OE and Yocto community :)13:29
erenah, ELCE, embedded linux conference europe13:30
* eren needs immediate quit, see you later!13:31
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agherzanI have a question.16:36
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RPhi agherzan16:36
agherzanif i have a library with SONAME and the is already in the rootfs, when the build system wil run ldconfig the installed file will be erased right?16:37
agherzanis this normal?16:37
RPagherzan: Did you see my email about the two meta-rpi patches I sent that never merged?16:37
agherzanhow can i avoid this16:37
agherzanRP: nope16:37
agherzanwill check16:37
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RPagherzan: I'm not sure why the file would get erased, that doesn't sound right16:39
agherzanRP: Why did i miss these?16:39
RPagherzan: actually, I think it might erase them thinking they're symlinks to a versioned .so16:39
agherzanRP: this is soooo wrong16:40
RPagherzan: I would have thought it should check they are symlinks first...16:40
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agherzanhere's a think. i have 3 libraries with the same soname. and i create this soname before to make sure is one of these libraries (example graphics libraries with different backends). guess what?16:40
RPagherzan: I've never seen it do this, I'm just guessing about what might be happening since the is usually a symlink and ldconfig can create them16:41
agherzanin my case the erased library is a real binary16:41
agherzanand it gets erased.16:42
RPagherzan: probably need to check into the ldconfig code and only allow it to remove symlinks16:42
agherzanRP: yeah... that would have been my guess to.16:42
agherzanRP: thanks for hint16:42
agherzan(will take a log on your patches this weekend - cross my heart)16:43
agherzanRP: here's some breaking news.16:44
agherzanany idea why would ldconfig rm these on a host and leave it on another host (same sha's - same layers - same code)16:44
RPagherzan: ldconfig is doing some kind of check against the native system and getting a different result. Might be interesting to strace both systems and compare them16:46
RP(I'm just guessing)16:46
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agherzanRP: Do you have a sec (same ldconfig stuff17:23
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agherzanWHat happends if two rpms provide the same file17:53
agherzanhow is the req determined?17:54
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frayagherzan depends on the contents..18:09
frayif the contents are the same (md5/sha256) no error occurs..18:09
frayif contents are different, then if they are ELF, and we're in a multilib configuration.. the 'best' match is used..18:09
fray(currently that is usually the 64-bit version)18:09
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agherzanfray: yes you're right thanks18:17
agherzanone more question18:17
agherzanwhen is the buildhistory exported18:17
agherzan@rootfs time?18:17
agherzani mean it is erased and recreated everytime @do_rootfs time?18:18
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feydrautha80hello guys21:34
feydrautha80what is native packege ?21:34
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feydrautha80ex: python-native?21:34
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mr_sciencea native package is built as a normal "native" install for the build host21:41
mr_scienceit would typically be installed to the native sysroot, usually x86 or x86_6421:42
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mr_sciencelook under tmp/sysroots/ and you should see several install trees, at least one native, one machine-specific, one target-cpu specific21:43
eren'tree' is a good application for viewing directories21:44
mr_scienceon my x86 build host for oe-classic, i have these: armv7a-none-linux-gnueabi  dm816x-evm-none-linux-gnueabi  i686-linux21:44
erenapt-get install it if you don't have one :)21:44
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feydrautha80so .i have a x86_64 machine that is build code for arm21:45
feydrautha80i have 2 sysroots in tmp21:46
mr_sciencethen you should have one arm-foo sysroot, one x86_64 sysroot and one for your "machine" whatever that is21:46
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feydrautha80now which one is called "native"21:46
feydrautha80i see21:47
feydrautha80i think i got it21:47
mr_scienceie, whatever your build host is21:47
feydrautha80so native packet is one that is needed to build the target sysroot21:47
feydrautha80the build host is the machine that does the building ..21:47
feydrautha80and a native packet goes into sysroot for the build host21:48
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feydrautha80for example gcc will go there21:48
mr_scienceso native packages are typically needed to run during the build21:48
feydrautha80like gcc21:48
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feydrautha80so .. is it possible to create a recipe that has different build dependecies at build time that run time?21:49
mr_scienceoh yeah21:49
mr_sciencebut that's just RDEPEND vs. DEPEND21:49
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feydrautha80long story short .. i need a build some software qith qt .. but i don't want qt installed on the target .. but only 3 qt libs21:49
feydrautha80i see21:50
feydrautha80RDEPEND vs DEPEND in the main recipe21:50
mr_sciencethe recipes should more or less handle that21:50
mr_sciencethe recipes that build qt libs and applications21:50
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bluelightningfeydrautha80: this may help:
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feydrautha80thank you22:34
feydrautha80sorry for that22:34
feydrautha80i got abserbed by the link22:34
feydrautha80i forgot to say thank you22:34
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bluelightningfeydrautha80: no problem :)22:46
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