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pev_Have any of you guys had a random problem with "unknown package" when building an image? My recipe builds totally fine when bitbaking on its own, but when I add it to my image I get this "unknown package" error. Not sure where to start to debug...!14:29
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bluelightningpev_: could it be because the main package for the recipe is currently empty and thus an output package for it is never produced?14:59
pev_Ive just been trying a simple test case to see if I can work out what's going on15:06
bluelightningpev_: you've installed the library into two subdirectories; I think that will mean the default value of FILES_${PN} won't pick it up15:07
bluelightningpev_: you can check by looking in packages-split in the workdir for the recipe15:08
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pev_bluelightning: Two subdirectories? should just go into ${D}${libdor}/libtest/modules?15:25
pev_bluelightning: What am I lookinf for in packages-split? Sorry, not sure what you mean by that...15:26
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bluelightningpev_: that's where you can see which files ended up in each package15:26
pev_Thats why I was confued - the .so doesn't seem to be in there at all, just the .c file!15:27
pev_So I need to debug my .so until I see the .so end up in there correctly?15:27
pev_Sorry, debug the .bb rather15:28
bluelightningpev_: the default value of FILES_${PN} only includes "${libdir}/lib*${SOLIBS}" for libraries (where ${SOLIBS} is ".so.*")15:28
bluelightningpev_: so if you want the installed library to be picked up you need to add "${libdir}/libtest" or similar to FILES_${PN}15:29
bluelightningaren't you getting unshipped file warnings when building the recipe?15:29
pev_Ah, yes - I was but hadn't realised that was the meaning!15:30
bluelightningok, just checking :)15:31
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bluelightningpev_: btw in our discussion the other day I forgot to mention that $D (note though, not ${D}) is set when postinstalls run on the host15:32
bluelightningpev_: thus you can use $D in paths to make the script work in both places (or check where it is running if you need to)15:32
bluelightningbut maybe you already figured that out15:32
pev_Ah, cheers - not yet, I've been trying to get the full build working first (ie this error) before I can move onto debuggint the .conf file munging!15:35
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pev_So i added FILES_${PN} = "${libdir}/libtest"16:36
pev_and now i get16:37
pev_ERROR: QA Issue: non debug package contains .debug directory: lib-test path /work/armv7a-vfp-neon-amltd-linux-gnueabi/lib-test/1.0-r6/packages-split/lib-test/usr/lib/libtest/modules/.debug/lib-test.so16:37
zeckepev_: yes, you have a debug file in your package. debug files need to be in -dbg packages16:39
pev_zecke, Is that something that was created automatically? What should I do then? I'm just building from a trivially simple makefile!16:41
zeckepev_: maybe change your glob to "${libdir}/libtest/*.so" ?16:43
zeckepev_: or make sure the -dbg package is before your -libtest package in PACKAGES16:44
pev_sorry, glob?16:46
pev_On the package front I'm only wanting to make one thing...!16:47
pev_It's such a simple thing, how hard can it be! :-/16:47
zeckepev_: "man glob", we are building on the shoulders of giants.16:49
pev_zecke :
pev_It should be that simple?!16:49
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pev_zecke: Oh you mean the glob for the package.. Gotcha16:50
zeckepev_: I don't see the "FILES_${PN}" you apparently added. ;)16:50
bluelightningpev_: files are picked up in the order declared in PACKAGES16:51
pev_FILES_${PN}           = "${libdir}/libtest/modules/"16:52
pev_If i change to : FILES_${PN}           = "${libdir}/libtest/modules/*${SOLIBS}"16:52
pev_I get ERROR: Error executing a python function in /workdrive/projects/vibe/src/opt/amltd/poky/meta-vibe/recipes-skeleton/lib-test/
pev_and a load of nasty debug16:53
bluelightningpev_: can you pastebin it?16:53
bluelightningpev_: add this to remove the QA issue: FILES_${PN}-dbg += "${libdir}/libtest/modules/.debug"16:54
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pev_FILES_${PN} = "${libdir}/libtest/modules/"16:56
pev_FILES_${PN}-dbg += "${libdir}/libtest/modules/.debug"16:56
pev_Generates the python error16:56
bluelightningpev_: that is odd... try bitbake -c clean lib-test and then try again16:58
pev_would incrementing PR help the same? I've been doing that16:58
pev_same pyth error after clean16:59
pev_actually - given that I've incremented PR to r11 now - why does the python error say "Exception: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/workdrive/projects/vibe/src/vibe_p81_build/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-amltd-linux-gnueabi/lib-test/1.0-r4/packages-split/lib-test-dbg'"17:00
pev_knickers == twisted17:01
pev_Is there any more heavy cleaning I can do than -c clean thats a step down from rebuilding everything as I don't want to wait 30 mins...!?17:02
bluelightningpev_: bitbake -c cleansstate lib-test17:03
bluelightningbut we're already getting into quite odd behaviour, this shouldn't be happening17:03
bluelightningFWIW I am trying your recipe here17:03
pev_cleanstate : still gives same pyth error after!17:03
pev_Thanks - it's appreciated! Still mindboggled Im tripped up by something so apparently simple! :-D17:04
bluelightningpev_: you're sure you only have one copy of this recipe accessible from this build configuration?17:07
pev_bluelightning,  find . -name "lib-test*.bb" says yes17:08
bluelightningok, I just built it here and it built fine17:10
bluelightningyou could try bitbake -e lib-test | less and see what the values of PR and PKGR are17:12
pev_both at r1117:13
pev_So you tested the version I pastebinned plus the two FILES_lines as above?17:15
bluelightningpev_: yep, exactly that17:15
bluelightningpev_: what about PKGDEST? what does it say that is at?17:16
pev_too late - ive just run through deleting all the dirs manually...17:16
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bluelightninghmm, I was hoping we could debug it17:17
bluelightningoh well17:17
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pev_No doubt I'll manage to break it again before too long...17:18
bluelightningpev_: are you using a custom DISTRO, poky, or something else?17:19
pev_Its a version of poky - came from some developer here. Its yocto 1.4 with what looks to be a load of stuff from current git put in as well17:20
bluelightningah ok17:21
bluelightningreason I asked is I wonder if the PR server is enabled17:21
pev_Thats waaaay out of my depth... Easy to check?17:21
bluelightning(just trying to think how PR could not be the value you expect it to be)17:21
bluelightningI think bitbake -e | grep ^PRSERV17:22
pev_that shows no matches17:23
pev_OK, so while that now seems to build the recipe ok17:24
bluelightninghmm ok... that's what I'd expect if it was not enabled17:24
pev_I still cant get it into the image....17:24
bluelightningpev_: if you look in packages-split does the main lib-test package have any files in it?17:24
pev_Hm, no the .so, no17:25
pev_so back to the original supposition then! :-D17:25
bluelightningFILES_${PN} must still be incorrect hen17:25
bluelightninghere the main package does have the file in it17:26
pev_I'd used the *{SOLIBS} but it seemed not to match. Gone back to just the dir17:27
bluelightningright, ${SOLIBS} is designed for versioned libraries, which this isn't17:27
pev_Aha. Gotcha17:28
pev_Yep, that looks like it's now working, thanks. Now try that with my actual recipe!17:29
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brickriskI'm receiving this when attempting a build of meta-toolchain-qte I have bzip built so I'm confused?19:57
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brickriskoops pastebin didn't get the whole thing19:59
brickriskends on cannot satisfy the following dependencies libz2 (>= 1.0.6)19:59
brickriskI can do bitbake bzip2 -c devshell and I verified that it is building the 1.0.6 version20:01
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dnilIs there a common recommendation for handling configuration of package features? I'm trying to lean how to write recipes by packaging linphone, this software however has the option to enable or disable video calls. How should that be handled?20:29
dnilAlways including the video feature would add quite a list of dependencies, which I guess is not always OK.20:31
zeckednil: e.g. if the video functionality is just a plugin.. always build it but put into a different package20:35
zeckednil: when it influences the core.. then it is more difficult20:35
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dnilzecke, it influences the core as well as libs that linphone depends on.20:36
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zeckednil: then it is a difficult call. If you need video right now, enable it, otherwise not? but that is just my opinion.. maybe there are more specific rules nowadays20:38
dnilzecke, Yes, that is what I have done for now. Just curious if there exist any existing best practice how to handle this. One idea I had in this case was to check the machine features for the existence of a screen and allow that to decide video on/off.20:43
bluelightningdnil: we have a mechanism called PACKAGECONFIG which can be used on a per-recipe basis to enable/disable functionality particularly where it might add additional dependencies20:53
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dnilbluelightning, OK thanks. Found it in the manual now. I will look into that , sounds like what I need20:55
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